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ST. GEORGE’S GIRLS’ SECONDARY SCHOOL-NAIROBIFORM 2 AUGUST HOLIDAY HOMEWORK 2018ENGLISHOral literature (20 Marks)After a brief struggle I got myself a job;There was my wife conversingMy food was meat at banana flourWith her loversA hundred cents a month and soonI had some moneyI sat and silently wept;People are not trustworthy andSoon afterwards I bought myself a beautiful girlWill never beMy heart was telling me this was a fortune,Girls are not trustworthy and will never be!So, heart you were deceiving me IQuestionsbelieved you.On Saturday morning as I wasLeaving work;I was thinking I was beingAwaited at homeBut on arrival, I couldn’t findMy bride.Nor was she in her parents’ homeI ran fast to a river valley;What I saw gave a shock –a) Classify the following song (2mks)b) Who is likely to be the singer (2mks)c) Briefly explain the message of the song(2mks)d) What features qualifies this to be an oralsong(4mks)e) Mention one economic activity of thecommunity in the poem (1 mark)f) Briefly explain what the following linesmean(2 marks)“Soon afterwards I bought myself abeautiful girl”g) What does the poem reveal about howwomen are viewed in marriage by thiscommunity (2mks)h) Describe the character of the girl mentionedin the poem (2mks)

I)Suggest a suitable tittle for this song(1 mark)j) What I saw gave a shock (change topresent perfect aspect)(2 marks)KISWAHILINunua diwani ya TUMBO LISILOSHIBA naHadithi nyingine kisha usome hadithi zifuatazo nakuandikia muhtasari wa hadithi hizo:MameBakari,Mapenzi Kifaurongo,Mtihani waMaisha,Ndoto ya Mashaka na Mkubwa.Maswalikwenye mtihani wa kiingilio yatatoka kwenyehadithi hizo (alama 5 kila hadithi)MATHEMATICS1. The sides of a triangle are in the ratio 3:5:6. Ifits perimeter is 56 cm, use the Heroes formulato find its area2. The figure below is a triangle XYZ. ZY 13.4cm, XY 5cm and angle xyz 57.7oCalculatea. Length XZ.b. If a perpendicular is dropped frompoint X to cut ZY at M, Find theratio MY: ZM.c. Find the area of triangle XYZ.3. Given that 35x –2y 243 and 32x-y 1,calculate the values of x and y.4. Evaluate1i.125 3( 8 )3 16 2(25)1 625 2( 64 )5. Find the value of x and y if 5(x-2y) 25 and32x 3y 346. The angle of elevation of the top of a treefrom a point P on the horizontal ground is24.5 .From another point Q, five metresnearer to the base of the tree, the angle ofelevation the top of the tree is 33.2 .Calculate to one decimal place, the height ofthe tree7. A block of wood in the shape of a frustrumof a cone of slanting edge 30 cm and baseradius 10cm is cut parallel to the base, onethird of the way from the base along theslanting edge. Find the ratio of the volumeof the cone removed to the volume of thecomplete cone.8. Given sin(90 - a) ½ , find without usingtrigonometric tables the value of cos a249. If tan ,find without using tables or45calculator, the value oftan cos cos sin 10. At point A, David observed the top of a tallbuilding at an angle of 30o. After walkingfor 100meters towards the foot of thebuilding he stopped at point B where heobserved it again at an angle of 60o. Find theheight of the building11. The area of a rhombus is 60cm2 .Given thatone of its diagonals is 15cm long, calculatethe perimeter of the rhombus.12. The two sides of a kite are 30cm by 40cm ifthe length of the longer diagonal is 50cmcalculate the length of the shorter diagonal13. Calculate the area of a regular heptagon ofsides 10cm14. Two containers one spherical and onecylindrical have the same volume. Theheight of the cylindrical container is 50 cmand its radius is 11cm.Find the radius of thespherical container.15. A cylindrical solid whose radius and heightare equal has a surface area of22154cm2Calculate its diameter (take )716. The figure is a model representing a storagecontainer. The model whose total height is15cm is made up of a Conical top, a

hemispherical bottom and the middle Part iscylindrical. The radius of the base of thecone and that of the hemisphere are each3cm.The height of the cylindrical part is8cm.a. Calculate.Its surface area and volume8cmi.The total surface area of the prismii.The volume of the prism22. The base of a rectangular tank is 3.2m by2.8m. Its height is 2.4m. It contains water toa depth of 1.8m. Calculate the surface areainside the tank that is not in contact withwater.23. Draw the net of the solid below andcalculate surface area of its faces. Calculateits surface area and volume15cm24. A container of height 30 cm has a capacityof 1.5 litres. What is the height of a similarcontainer of capacity 3.0 m3?17. The figure below, shows a net of the curvedsurface of a circular solid cone.Find:a) Radius of the base of the cone.25. The ratio of the lengths of the correspondingsides of two similar rectangular water tanksis 3: 5. The volume of the smaller tank is8.1 m3. Calculate the volume of the largertank.26. Use logarithms to evaluate10cm216o 0.07284 230.0619527. Use logarithms to evaluate3b) The total surface area of the solid cone.21. The diagram shows a right glass prismABCDEF with dimensions as shown.EFD5.25.2A7.4CalculateC14.B36.15 0.025731.93828. The line y 3x 3 meets the line L1 at thepoint (2, 9) and at a right angle.(a) Find the points at which the two linesintersect with the x – axis(b) Hence calculate the area bound by the twolines and the x – axis.29. A line with gradient -3 passes through thepoints (3, k) and (k, 8). Find the value of Kand hence express the equation in the formax by c where a, b and c are constants. (4mks)

a) i) State what is observed when heating begins.(1mk)ii) Explain your observation in part (a) above.(2mks)b) The Bunsen burner was removed and theflask was placed in a cold water bath.i) State what is observed when it was placed inthe water bath.(1mk)ii) Explain your answer in (a) above. (2mks)7. A paper wrapped partly on a metal bar andpartly on a wooden bar was heated at themiddle for a short time as shown below.Explain what is observed.(2mks)PHYSICS1. Write down the readings shown by thefollowing diagramsa) b) .8. An experiment was set up as shown below.2. Give three examples of contact andnoncontact forces(3mks)3. State two factors that affect surface tensionof a liquid(2mks)4. State two advantages of mercury as athermometric liquid.(2mks)5. When a Celsius thermometer is inserted in acertain boiling liquid, the mercury threadrises above the lower fixed point by 16cm.find the temperature of the boiling liquid ifthe fundamental interval is 20cm.(2mks)6. A round bottomed flask was filled withwater. It was fitted with a cork and a tubeand the heated as shown below(a) State what was observed after sometime.(1mk)(b) Explain the observation in (a) above. (1mk)(c) What is the purpose of the wire gauze in thisexperiment?(1mk)(d) Explain what would happen if the water washeated at the bottom of the boiling tube andice was floating on top.-4-(2mks)

9. Complete the ray diagram and determine themagnification.(3mks)is applied to it. Calculate the force applied.(2mks)17. The set up below shows arrangement ofidentical springs. What is the extension ineach case given that the load makes a singlespring extend by 3cm10. An object is placed 40cm from a concavemirror of focal length 15cm. calculate :(a) The image position(b) The magnification11. Determine the position of the object .if animage is formed 12cm from a convex mirrorof focal length 18cm.(3mks)12. Give two defects of a simple cell and theremedies(2mks)13. Indicate the polarities on the iron nail. (1mk)18. Define the following terms:(a) Amplitude(b) Frequency(c) Period19. Give and explain three factors that affectspeed of sound in air.20. A girl standing at a distance of 160m from ahigh wall clapped her hands once but heardtwo claps.(a) explain why she heard two claps(b) Find how long it took her to hear thesecond clap.(speed of sound in air is330m/s)21. A policeman standing between two parallelbuildings fired a gun. He heard the first echoafter 1.2 s and the second echo 1.2 s later.(a) What is the distance between the twobuildings?(b) When did he hear the third echo?(c) What is meant by the termreverberation?22. What is the mass W given that the area ofthe plunger is 20cm2 and F 100 N and theram is 4times the area of the plunger. (3mks)14. determine the force indicated on the springshown below.(2mks)15. State Hooke s law.(1mk)16. A spring with spring constant 0.06N/mmproduces an extension of 2mm when a force-5-

a) Complete the diagram to show how a dry sample ofhydrogen gas can be collected (3marks)b) Write an equation for the reaction, which takes placewhen hydrogen gas burns in air. (1mark)c) State two industrial uses of hydrogen gas. (2marks)3. The diagram below represents a set-up thatwas used to react lithium with water study itand answer the questions that follow:CHEMISTRY1. A student set up the experiment below tocollect gas K. The glass wool was heatedbefore heating the Zinc powder.(a) Why was it necessary to heat the moist glasswool before heating zinc powder? (1mark)(b) The flow chart below shows the variousstages of water treatment. Study it andanswer the questions that followFiltrationUnit 1Waterreservoira)Write an equation for the reaction that takesplace. (1 mark)b)Why would it not be advisable to usepotassium in place of lithium in theabove set-up?(1mark)Process YFiltrationunit II4. A student set up the experiment below toTap Watercollect gas K. The glass wool was heatedAddition of Sodiumhypochloritebefore heating the zinc powder.(i) Which substances are likely to be removed infiltration unit I? (1mark)(ii)What is the name of the process Y? (1mark)(iii)What is the purpose?I.Process Y (1mark)II.Addition of sodium hypochlorite (1mark)2. The set – up below was used to prepare hydrogengas(a)Why was it necessary to heat the moistglass wool before heating the zinc powder(1mark)(b)What observation were made in the testtube5. a) i) What is an acid?(1mark)(1mark)ii) Give TWO examples of acids commonlyfound in the laboratory.(2marks)iii) Define a base.-6-(1mark)

iv) Give ONE example of a (1mark)SOLUTIONpH VALUEb) What do you understand by the termneutralization?(1mark)B0.5C6.06. Study the set-up of apparatus shown belowandDiluteDilutePureHClNaOHH2 OD14.0YellowBlueClassify the solutions in the table above using thestated classifications.(1½)Green8. An indicator gives the following colourswhen added to dilute hydrochloric acid,dilute sodium hydroxide and pure water.answer the questions that follow.a) What colour would you expect if a few dropsof indicator solution were added to;i)Juice of an orange or lemon? (1mark)ii) A solution of ammonia in water? (1mark)iii) Lime water?(1mark)a) State and explain the observation that wouldiii) A solution of sulphur (iv) oxide in water(1mark)be made in tube L as the experimentprogress in the first few minutes. (2marks(b) i) Define pHb) How would the observations in tube Lii) Name a chemical means by which pHcan be measured(1mark)change if the experiment is carried out for along time. Explain using a chemicalequation.9. The following experiments are carried out inseparate beakers and the beakers are keptuntil any chemical reactions are complete.(1mark)c) State and explain two observations madewhen liquid S is reacted with sodium metalBeaker A- A little sodium is added to water(2marks)Beaker B- Hydrogen Chloride gas is passedinto waterd) State the use of the aspirator in thisexperiment.(1mark)(1mark)Beaker C - Copper (II) Oxide is added todilute sulphuric acid.7. Solutions can be classified as strongly basic,weakly basic, weakly acidic and stronglyacidic. Study it and answer the questions thatfollow:Beaker D- Hydrochloric acid is added tosolid sodium carbonatea) Which of the beakers will contain liquidsthat arei) Neutral to litmus(1mark)ii) Alkaline to litmus-7-(1mark)

iii) Acidic to litmus(1mark)GEOGRAPHYb) Name the gas that is produced inAnswer all Questionsa) Define the term “Photography”b) Identify and explain various types ofphotography.2. a) Using a well labeled diagram, explainvarious parts of a photograph.b) What are the limitations in the use ofphotographs?c) Explain how you would interpretphotographs under the following titles:i) Determining the scale.ii) Estimating the time, season anddirection.iii) Estimating the size of features.iv) Identifying physical and humanactivities.v) Suggesting the location where thephotograph could have been taken.i)Beaker A (1mark)ii)Beaker D (1mark)c) What are the products formed if thecontents of beaker A and B are mixed?(1mark)10. In an experiment, rods of metals P, Q and Rwere cleaned with sand paper and placed in abeaker containing water. Another set of rodswas also cleaned and placed in a beakercontaining dilute acid. After placing the rodsin the two liquids bubbles of gas were seenaround some of the rods as shown in thediagrams below.1.HISTORYa) Why is it necessary to clean the rodswith sand paper before dipping them intothe liquids?(2marks)Constitution and Constitution making1. Define a constitution2. Identify types of constitutions.3. State the merits and demerits of a writtenand unwritten constitution4. Compare the main differences between thewritten and unwritten constitution5. Outline the features of the independentconstitution of Kenya. (1962)6. Outline the main features of the constitutionof Kenya. (2010)7. Briefly explain any five constitutionalamendments in Kenya since independence.8. Outline the major steps in constitutionaldevelopment of Kenya between 1954 and1960.9. Discuss the constitution developmentprocess after independence to 2010.10. Outline some of the key changes that arereflected in the new constitution of Kenya2010.b) Arrange the three metals in order of theirreactivity starting with the most reactive.(1mark)11. Study the diagram below and answer thequestion that follow.Write an equation for each of the tworeactions that take, place in the experimentrepresented by the diagram above (2marks)-8-

7. Name four data types used in spreadsheets.8. Outline any three main features that makeword processor popular.9. List any three sources of graphics that can beused in MS Word.10. What is disk partitioning?CRE1. Identify five main divisions of the Sermonthe plain.2. What are the teachings of Jesus on thequalities of true discipleship from theFRENCHsermon on the plain?DEVOIR POUR LES VACANCESFORM 2 AOUT 20183. Mention seven ways in which Christiansdemonstrate true discipleship todayUse your dictionary/ internet to get the followinginformation4. Explain Seven teaching of Jesus onwatchfulness and readiness for the Kingdom1. VOCUBULAIRE :Write down 10 nounsand 10 verbs associated with the followingareasof God in Luke 12: 35-595. State the reasons for choosing of disciplesby JesusLa France6. Identify the conditions Jesus set for hisLe KenyafollowersLe Sport7. Describe the call of the first disciples ofJesus according to Luke 5:1 -11Les vacances8. How did Jesus demonstrate the teachings inLa maisonthe sermon on the plain in his ministry9.Why do Christians find it difficult to applyLa Famillethe teachings of the sermon on the plain inL’écoletheir livesExemple: L’ECOLE10. What were the four major challenges facedNomsby John during his ministry?COMPUTER1. What is a template?2. Explain the difference between overtype andinsert mode in word processing.3. What is document formatting?4. List any five document formatting in a wordprocessor.5. Give two advantages of previewing adocument before printing it.6. What is a cell reference?VerbesLes matièresApprendreLe ProfesseurEnseigner2. CONJUGAISON: Make 20 sentences usingIRREGULAR VERBES- Au Present- Au Futur Proche-9-

PRENDRE8.Exemple: Nous prenons le diner à huit heures dusoir.9.Nous allons prendre le diner à huit heures du soir.10.3. EXPRESSION ECRITE : LE WEEKENDPROCHAINAGRICULTUREBONNES VACANCES!1. Define crop rotationART AND DESIGN2. State and explain the importance of croprotationCOLLAGE1. State and explain factors influencing croprotationDefine the term collageName two adhesives used in collageList 5 tools used in collageState the characteristics of a collageDescribe the process of making a mixedmedia collage.4. Differentiate in detail :a) Mono-cropping and intercroppingb) Mixed cropping and mulching5. What is the importance mulchingPROJECT1. Make an imaginative pictorial compositiondepicting a young person hooked in drugsusing the collage mixed with painting. Useany appropriate surface of an A3 size.6. State and explain types of mulchinga) State the advantages anddisadvantages of mulching7. Write short notes onBUSINESS STUDIES1. limitations of using containerizationin transport.Explain benefits that may accrue to acountry for the extensive use of pipeline fortransport.Explain features of an efficient roadtransport.a) ThinningState ways through which the governmentprotects consumers.Outline reasons why a government may findit necessary to protect consumers.Explain the business malpracticesconsumers need to be protected against.Explain reasons why government may find itnecessary to nationalize an industry.Mention limitation of using consumerinitiated methods in consumer protection.Outline circumstances under which abusiness man would choose to transportgoods by air.Give reasons why a manufacturing firmwould be located in an area well served bygood road network.b) Gappingc) Roguingd) Pruning8. State and explain different methods ofpruning field crops9. State and explain various reasons forpruning field crops10. Explain in detail different ways of peggingin tea- 10 -

MUSICINTRUCTIONS: Answer all the questions usemanuscript paper for melody, scales and triads.a) Write a four bar tune to the following lyrics.‘’Watoto wanacheza darasani’’Write the scales of a minor melodic andharmonic minor in the treble clef.b) State four importance of transposition to acomposer of music.c) Identify four musical terms related to tempo.d) Give four musical terms related todynamics.e) Name four musical terms related toexpression.f) Write the primary and secondary triads of aminor on the staff.g) List four well known composers of theBaroque Era.BIOLOGY1. Discuss the mechanism of opening andclosing of a stomata. Using the starch sugarinterconversion theory.10marks.2. Describe the structural adaptations of guardcells for gaseous exchange. 6marks3. Describe the adaptations of tracheal systemsto its function.10marks4. Describe the composition, structure andfunctions of mammalian blood. 20marks5. a) Define the term immunity.2marksb) With relevant examples describe varioustypes of immunity. 18marks6. Explain the mechanisms of carbon (iv) oxidetransport in the mammalian blood. 10marks- 11 -

Nunua diwani ya TUMBO LISILOSHIBA na Hadithi nyingine kisha usome hadithi zifuatazo na kuandikia muhtasari wa hadithi hizo:Mame Bakari,Mapenzi Kifaurongo,Mtihani wa Maisha,Ndoto ya Mashaka na Mkubwa.Maswali kwenye mtihani wa kiingilio yatatoka