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AGREEMENT BETWEEN CLIENT AND SURVEY CONSULTANTFOR BOUNDARY AND TOPOGRAPHICAL SURVEY (U.S.)Corporation of the Presiding Bishop of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a Utah corporation sole,(“Client”) and(“Consultant”) hereby enter into this Agreement Between Client and Survey Consultant forBoundary and Topographical Survey (“Agreement”) and agree as follows:Property/Project Number:Property Address (“Property”):Project Type:Project Name (“Project”):Stake Name:E1. Property/Project.PL2. Client’s Responsibilities. Client will make available to Consultant:a. A current title report for the Property.b. Access to Property to be surveyed, adjoining properties, and off-site easements or person to contact inorder to obtain such access.3. Surveyor’s Responsibilities. The land surveyor will:a. Be licensed by the state or other licensing authority in which the Property is located.b. Exercise reasonable precautions to prevent property damage.4. Services. Consultant agrees to provide all labor, materials, equipment, tools, transportation,communications, printing, copies, and work necessary to perform the following services (“Services”):Ma. A boundary and topographical survey for the Property based on the current Minimum Standard DetailRequirements for ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys and plot the required details and information on theplat.b. Provide Table A items 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7a, 7b(1), 7c, 8, 9, 10a, 10b, 11b, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20a from thecurrent Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys as a part of thesurvey for the Property.c.Tie the survey to a minimum of two physical monuments for the Property that have been occupied.SAd. If the monuments that are occupied are not the basis of bearing, show the bearing and distance betweenthe monuments with a tie to the Property or basis of bearing.e. Locate the measured monuments within an established, corrected network. Establish the network from aVirtual Reference System, NGS Data points, OPUS correction or other corrected system.f.List on the plat the corrected survey coordinate system used for the survey i.e. State plane coordinates,County coordinates, or UTM. The submitted AutoCAD file’s coordinate system should match thecorrected survey coordinate.g. Publish the coordinates for the occupied monuments using the selected corrected survey coordinatesystem on the plat for internal GIS purposes.h. Plot the contours to:1) Provide for the Property, including 10’ beyond all property lines, and to the far side of adjacentstreet(s).Agreement Between Client and Survey ConsultantFor Boundary and Topographical Survey US 140731Page 1 of 5

2)3)4)5)Show any rapid change in grade on adjacent properties.Show 1’ – 0” intervals for slopes under 10%.Show 2’ – 0” intervals for slopes over 10%.Provide spot elevations of existing structures, curbs, crown of road(s), etc.Plot other substantial features on or adjacent to the Property observed in the process of conducting thesurvey such as above and below ground storage tanks, wells, ditches, canals, springs, seeps, swamps,other structures or foundations, etc.j.Plot the following items that are on or adjacent to the Property:1) Water lines: size and approximate depth2) Natural gas lines: size and approximate depth3) Sewer lines: size and invert elevation4) Storm drainage lines: size and invert elevation5) Fire hydrants: locationk.Plot the driveway(s) and street(s) adjacent to the Property or on the opposite side of the street(s).l.Plot the location of trees 4” diameter or larger on or adjacent to the Property showing description andsize.PLEi.m. Provide the plat drawing at a scale of 1” 20’ maximum.n. Provide the title block of the plat drawing to include:1) Project name2) Stake name3) Property address4) Property/Project numberMo. Submit the plat drawing as:1) Five (5) - 24” x 36” (60 cm x 90 cm) paper copies2) One pdf electronic copy3) One AutoCAD (latest version) electronic copy. The submitted AutoCAD coordinates should match thecoordinate system listed in 4.f.5. Compensation. Client will pay Consultant in full payment for performance of the Services and obligationsherein a stipulated sum ofDollars ( ).This fee includes all costs and expenses of Consultant andits subconsultants in performing the Services. Client will pay Consultant within thirty (30) days after receipt ofpayment request and required copies of the survey.SA6. Independent Contractor Relationship. Consultant is not an agent or employee of Client but is anindependent contractor.7. Comply with Applicable Laws and Regulations. Consultant, its agents, employees, and subconsultants willcomply with all applicable laws and regulations.8. Indemnity and Hold Harmless. Consultant will indemnify and hold Client and Client's representatives,employees, and agents harmless from any and all liability, demands, liens, causes of action, or claims of anykind, including the costs and expenses of defending the same (including attorney fees, consultant fees, expertfees, copy costs, and other expenses), arising out of: (1) Any negligence, error, or omission of Consultant orits subconsultants; (2) Any injuries, harm, or damages to Consultant, Consultant’s employees, Consultant’ssubconsultants, and/or Consultant’s contractors; (3) Any liens or claims for payment of Consultant’semployees, Consultant’s subconsultants, Consultant’s suppliers, or Consultant’s contractors; (4) Any claimasserted against Client and/or Client’s representatives, employees, or agents by any other party resultingfrom any negligence, error, or omission of Consultant or its subconsultants; and/or (5) Losses due to injury toClient’s property, and/or to the Property caused by the negligence of Consultant or its subconsultants.Agreement Between Client and Survey ConsultantFor Boundary and Topographical Survey US 140731Page 2 of 5

9. Time of Performance. Consultant will complete Services withindays from the date hereof.10. Work Restrictions. Consultant will ensure that Consultant, its agents, employees, and subconsultants:Ea. Do not consume alcohol or illegally use drugs on the Property or enter on or perform any Services on theProperty while under their influence.b. Do not smoke anything on the Property. Do not use tobacco in any form on the Property.c. Do not perform Services on the Property on Sundays except for emergency work.d. Refrain from using profanity or being discourteous or uncivil to others on the Property or while performingServices under this Agreement.e. Do not play obnoxious and/or loud music on the Property. Do not play any music within existing facilities.f. Refrain from wearing immodest, offensive, or obnoxious clothing, while on the Property.g. Do not bring weapons on the Property.11. Consultant's Insurance. Prior to performing any Services, Consultant will obtain the following insurancecoverages, which Consultant will maintain during the term of this Agreement:MPLa. Workers’ Compensation Insurance.b. Employers Liability Insurance with minimum limits of the greater of 500,000 E.L. each accident, 500,000 E. L. disease-each employee, 500,000 E.L. disease-policy limit or as required by the law ofthe state in which the Project is located.c. Commercial General Liability Insurance, Insurance Services Office (ISO) form Commercial General (CG)00 01 (12/07) or equivalent Occurrence policy which will provide primary coverage to the additionalinsureds (the Client) in the event of any Occurrence, Claim, or Suit with limits of the greater of: (1)Consultant’s actual coverage amounts or (2) One Million Dollars ( 1,000,000) per occurrence and TwoMillion Dollars ( 2,000,000) in the aggregate. Consultant’s insurer will add Client as an additional insuredon this policy using ISO endorsement CG 2010 (07/04) or its equivalent.d. Automobile Liability Insurance (1) having a combined single limit each accident in the amount of OneMillion Dollars ( 1,000,000) or in the amount of Consultant’s actual coverage, whichever is greater, and(2) coverage applying to “any auto.”e. Professional liability insurance which covers liability arising out of any negligence, error, mistake oromission in rendering or failing to render professional services with limits of the greater of: (1)Consultant’s actual coverage amounts or (2) One Million Dollars ( 1,000,000) per claim and One MillionDollars ( 1,000,000) in the aggregate.SAConsultant will give evidence of these insurance coverages to Client by providing an ACORD 25 (2010/05)Form or its equivalent: (1) listing Client as the Certificate Holder and Additional Insured on the general liabilityand any excess liability policies, (2) listing the insurance companies providing coverage (all companies listedmust be rated in A.M. Best Company Key Rating Guide-Property-Casualty and each company must have arating of B Class VII or higher), (3) attaching the endorsements set forth above for the Certificate of LiabilityInsurance, and (4) bearing the name, address and telephone number of the producer and signed by anauthorized representative of the producer. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Client may, in writing and at its solediscretion, modify these insurance requirements.12. Termination. Client may terminate this Agreement at any time for any reason on written notice to Consultant.In that event, Client will pay Consultant a part of the Compensation hereunder in proportion to the Servicesperformed through the date of termination.13. Attorney Fees. Should either party commence litigation to enforce or rescind any provision of thisAgreement, the prevailing party will be entitled to recover its attorney fees and costs, including withoutlimitation all copy costs and expert and consultant fees and expenses, incurred in that action and on allappeals, from the other party.14. Ownership / Confidentiality. Client will retain ownership and intellectual property rights in all materialsprovided by Client to Consultant and to all work products of Consultant for Services performed under thisAgreement, such products and Services of Consultant constituting works made for hire. Consultant will notreuse any portions of the materials provided by Client or developed by Consultant for Client pursuant to thisAgreement Between Client and Survey ConsultantFor Boundary and Topographical Survey US 140731Page 3 of 5

Agreement, or disclose any such materials to any third party without the prior written consent of Client. Clientmay withhold its consent in its’ absolute discretion.15. Entire Agreement. This Agreement contains the complete agreement between the parties regarding theServices described herein.16. Assignment. Consultant will not assign any rights or obligations under this Agreement without the priorwritten consent of Client.PLE17. Governing Law. The parties acknowledge that this Agreement has substantial connections to the State ofUtah. This Agreement will be deemed to have been made, executed, and delivered in Salt Lake City, Utah.To the maximum extent permitted by law, (i) this Agreement and all matters related to its creation andperformance will be governed by and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Utah, excludingconflicts of law rules, and (ii) all disputes arising from or related to this Agreement will be decided only in astate or federal court located in Salt Lake City, Utah and not in any other court or state. Toward that end, theparties hereby consent to the jurisdiction of the state and federal courts located in Salt Lake City, Utah andwaive any other venue to which they might be entitled by virtue of domicile, habitual residence, place ofbusiness, or otherwise.SAM18. Effective Date. The effective date of this Agreement is the date indicated by the Client’s signature.Agreement Between Client and Survey ConsultantFor Boundary and Topographical Survey US 140731Page 4 of 5

CLIENT:CONSULTANT:Corporation of the Presiding Bishop ofThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,a Utah corporation sole.By:Title:Title:Print Name:Print Name:Address:Address:Facsimile No:Email:Effective Date:PLTelephone No:EBy:Telephone No:Facsimile No:Email:Fed. I.D. or SSN:License No:Date:SAMReviewed By:Agreement Between Client and Survey ConsultantFor Boundary and Topographical Survey US 140731Page 5 of 5

Agreement, such products and Services of Consultant constituting works made for hire. Consultant will not reuse any portions of the materials provided by Client or developed by Consultant for Client pursuant to this . Agreement Between Client and Survey Consultant For Boundary and To