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USA Clay Target League COVID-19 Season UpdateThe USA Clay Target League thanks all of our athletes, parents, coaches, andsponsors for their patience and understanding during these unprecedented times.Due to survey responses and suggestions from high school Head Coaches that participated in a 2020 Modified Season(s)and the current/future uncertainty for federal, state, and school regulations related to COVID-19, the League is announcing aModified 2021 Spring Season that will provide the safest and best opportunity for teams and student athletes to participate.The League is hopeful that it can return to “normal” when COVID-19 concernsand restrictions are minimized as determined by leading health organizations.Modified 2021 Spring Season changes include: Extended team and athlete registration period. Student athlete league registration fee is paid by the athlete at registration. No team payment option is available. Teams can complete weekly events at any time per their discretion prior to the score submission deadline. Year-to-date submitted scores will be published at mid-season and at the end of the season rather than weekly. Registered athletes without firearm safety certification will not be removed from rosters. Athletes will be added to the scoring roster after firearm safety certification is completed. In-person tournaments or a virtual tournament option will be decided at a later date. Fun Squad cancelled. Minimum number of athletes on a conference team has been reduced from 5 to 2.For the most recent information regarding the League’s COVID-19 situation, visit:http://www.usaclaytarget.com/covid19/Policy & Procedure Changes For 2021 Spring SeasonDeletions: Indicated in red and strikethroughChanges/Additions: Indicated in green

More InformationWebsite: www.usaclaytarget.comWe BelieveModified 2021Spring SeasonPolicies & ProceduresThe LeagueState High School Clay Target Leagues are members of theUSA High School Clay Target League, a division of the USAClay Target League – a non-profit corporation. The League is theindependent provider of clay target shooting sports to secondaryand postsecondary schools. The League’s priorities are safety, fun,and marksmanship – in that order.The USA Clay Target League’s Board of Directors and/or theExecutive Committee reserves the right to make alterations in, oramendments to, these Policies & Procedures at any time withoutnotice, whenever it is deemed to be in the best interest of theLeague.These Policies & Procedures apply to all League-sponsored eventsand participants.Table Of ContentsPageGeneral Policies. 2Priorities. 2Fair Play. 2Conduct. 2Clay Target Shooting Sport Options. 2League Season. 2Penalties. 2Insurance. 2Privacy. 2Eligibility. 2High School Eligibility. 2Homeschool Eligibility. 2Team Eligibility. 3Athlete Eligibility. 3Special Need Athletes. 3Competing For Financial Gain. 3Organizing A Team. 3Team Setup. 3Non-Profit Organization. 3Shooting Range. 4Extreme Travel Distance Option. 4Remote Shooting Range. 4Registration. 4Team Registration. 4Athlete Registration. 4Different School Team Participation. 4Team Resources. 5Donations, Sponsors & Fundraising. 5Other Memberships. 5Cost. 5Athlete Recruitment. 5Coach Education & Support. 5Emergency Management Plan. 5Scholarship. 5Lettering & Yearbook. 5League Logo Use. 5PullUSA Magazine Subscription. 5Technology. 6ClayTargetGo! . 6Safe and responsible handling and storage of firearms andammunition is the first priority.Everyone should have fun.Participation is a privilege and not a right.Sportsmanship needs to have a constant presence.Students should have an equal opportunity to participate.Ethical behavior, dignity and respect are expected.Participants will be chemically free.Collaborative relationships with schools and students create apositive experience.Academic priorities must come before participation.Adults must serve as a positive role model to students.The success of the team is more important than individual honors.Shooting ranges are critical to the success of the League and arepositive business leaders in their community.Compliance with school, community, shooting range and Leaguerules are mandatory for all participants.Shooting sports strengthens connections within families andcommunities for life.Everything the League does will always be in the best interest ofthe students.Team Management System . 6Athlete Management System . 6Shooter Performance Tracker . 6Certification. 6League Approved Certification. 6State-Approved Hunter Certification. 6SAFE Certification. 6CLASS Certification. 7Safe Sport Policy. 7Background Screening. 7Team Staff. 7Head Coach. 8Assistant Coach & Volunteers. 8Team Manager. 8Range Safety Officer. 8Safety & Courtesy. 8Firearm & Ammunition Purchase. 8Safe Firearm Handling. 8Safety & Courtesy. 8Foot Pads. 9Equipment & Gear. 9Shotguns. 9Ammunition. 9Eye Protection. 9Hearing Protection. 9Attire. 9Equipment Inspections. 9Clay Target Shooting Procedures. 9Preparation. 9Ready. 9Start. 9Scoring. 9Lost Target. 10Disputed Call. 10Refused Target. 10No Bird Target. 10Stop. 10Shotgun Malfunction. 10“Out” or “End of Round”*. 10Modified 2021 Policies & Procedures Page 1Trap Shooting. 11Trap Field. 11Ammunition Recommendations. 11Targets At Each Station. 11Skeet Shooting. 11Skeet Field. 11Ammunition Recommendations. 11Targets At Each Station. 11Optional Shot. 11Sporting Clays. 12Sporting Clays Course. 12Ammunition Recommendations. 12Targets At Each Station. 125-Stand. 125-Stand Field. 12Ammunition Recommendations. 12Targets At Each Station. 12Practice & Competition Events. 13League Play. 13Inclement Weather. 13Practice. 13Submitting Scores. 13Absent Athlete Scoring. 13Reserve Score. 13Uncompleted Reserve Week. 14True Team Scoring. 14Class Designation. 14Conference Designation. 14Conf. True Team Points Calculation. 14Conf. True Team Point Assignment. 14Earning True Team Points - Athlete. 15Earning True Team Points - Team. 15Published Scores. 15Awards & Recognition. 16Awards. 16Team Recognition. 16Individual Recognition. 16Patches. 16Fun Week. 16Tournament. 16

General PoliciesInsuranceActs by coaches, volunteers, student athletes of using abusiveor profane language, displaying unsportsmanlike conduct(includes but not limited to: Policy & Procedure violations; arguingwith referees; unsafe handling/use of shotguns; distracting acompetitor; cheating, etc.), consuming alcohol, or using drugsbefore or during any League event are prohibited and are groundsfor suspension and/or expulsion from the League.Student athletes are strongly encouraged to be respectful of thetime constraints for all coaches, volunteers and shooting range staff.All registered participants in the League are insured by the League.The General Liability Insurance Policy provided to team staffmembers provides a 1,000,000 per occurrence liability limit permember from claims made due to negligent acts accidentallycommitted resulting in bodily injury, personal injury or propertydamage to others. See the insurance policy for complete details.The Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance for registeredstudent athletes pays an athlete or an athlete’s beneficiariesup to 250,000 of medical expenses if an athlete’s death ordismemberment is the direct result of an shooting-related accident.Coaches may request to receive the insurance policy from theLeague to view complete details.The names of all registered athletes, coaches and other staffmembers must be included in the team’s profile in ClayTargetGo!– the League’s exclusive online application suite – prior to the firstpractice event to qualify for the insurance. Staff members mustagree to League terms of participation to receive insurance.A team’s shooting range may have an insurance policy that maycover athletes from the League while shooting during scheduledLeague events. Ask your participating shooting range for theirinsurance policy details.Clay Target Shooting Sport OptionsPrivacyPrioritiesThe League’s priorities, in order of importance, are safety, fun, andmarksmanship.Fair PlayThe League’s success is dependent on the trust it instills in everystudent athlete, coach, shooting range member, parent and schoolofficial. The assured reliance on character, ability, and truthfulnessfor each person will create a safe environment that everyone will enjoy.ConductThe League offers two different clay target shooting sport “virtual”leagues. “Virtual” means that teams shoot at their local shootingrange(s), submit the scores online, and then those scores arecompared against all other teams in their respective conference.There is no need to travel to other shooting ranges to compete inhead-to-head competitions. Conferences are determined by thetype of clay target sport and then by similar team sizes.The clay target shooting sport league offerings include trapshooting, skeet shooting, sporting clays and 5-stand. Teams cancompete in one or more leagues as determined by their preferredclay target sport(s).League SeasonsThe League organizes a spring clay target competition seasonand in some select states, a fall clay target competition season.Although examples used in these Policies & Procedures are inreference to the League’s spring season, the League’s Policies &Procedures apply to both seasons.The League’s season schedule is defined as the first day afterstudent athlete registration ends and the final League-sponsoredevent for the season is completed. For the complete schedule andlist of season events, please visit the League’s website.PenaltiesAll student athletes, team leaders and shooting range officialsmust be familiar with the League’s Policies & Procedures and mustensure that these Policies & Procedures are enforced. It is theresponsibility of each student athlete to comply with thePolicies & Procedures. Any violation of Policies & Proceduresshould result in the following Two Strike Penalty Rule:Strike 1: Upon a first violation the student athlete will be sent homeimmediately and it will be the coach’s responsibility to contact theparents of the student athlete and address the concerns before thestudent athlete can return to the team.Strike 2: If a second violation occurs the student athlete will beremoved from the team with no refund and will not be able to returnfor the remainder of the season.The League must be informed immediately of any roster changes.Individual teams may include alternative penalties and enforcementactions.School conduct, academic or chemical abuse policies and penaltiesand federal Gun-Free Zones Act laws will always supersede anyLeague policies.The League has strict rules and regulations regarding disclosureof athlete and parent contact information, including but not limitedto names, phone numbers, email addresses, house addresses orany other information allowing a third-party to identify or contactany League participant or parent. Coaches, assistants, staff orany other personnel with access to contact information may notcopy, distribute, sell, share, or make available in any manner, toany other person, entity, or third-party. In the event of unauthorizeddisclosure of any contact information, the individual(s) responsibleshall be deemed in violation of this privacy rule, and the Leaguemay resort to any remedy available to it, through its internal Bylawsor at law.EligibilitySchool EligibilityAny high school or incorporated homeschool association that isusually comprised of grades 9-12 located within the League’s stateare eligible to participate. Teams require: Written approval from the school (Board, Principal, AssistantPrincipal, or Activities/Athletic Director) to use the school namefor the team, AND A minimum of two (2) student athletes, AND A school-approved adult Head CoachAll teams require a letter or email from the school authorizingparticipation of the team and Head Coach.Example approval letter: This letter serves as an approval for ourstudents to represent Example High School and to utilize the nameExample High School for their clay target team representation inthe State High School Clay Target League. The team’s Head Coachwill be John Doe and his email address is [email protected] are strongly encouraged to allow use of the schoollogo, offer a lettering program, and include the team photo in theschool’s yearbook.Homeschool EligibilityIf state or school district policies do not allow homeschool studentto participate on a school team, unincorporated homeschooleducational institutions or groups of homeschool students areeligible to participate in the USA Homeschool Clay Target LeagueVisit usahomeschoolclaytarget.com to learn more.Modified 2021 Policies & Procedures Page 2

Team EligibilityCompeting For Financial GainIn the spirit with which this League was formed, the Leagueencourage all athletes who meet student athlete eligibilityrequirements to be included on a team based on submission ofregistration (first come, first serve) and not by tryouts. Different schools within or adjacent to a school districtmay combine student athletes to form a single team. A minimum of one coach for every 10 team members is required. An unlimited number of student athletes may be on a teamif the athlete-to-coach ratio complies. The number of members on a team will be determined by acombination of coach/student ratio and shooting range capacity.It is important that the Head Coach and the shooting range worktogether to determine the number of students the coaching staffand facility can safely and efficiently accommodate. If additional coaches are required to conform to the coach/student ratio requirements, ask parents or shooting rangemembers to assist with the team. If additional shooting time is needed at the shooting range toaccommodate more members, consider adding an additional dayor extending participation hours. If a shooting range has reached capacity or team size limit isimposed, returning student athletes and seniors should beprovided the first opportunity to participate. Teams may utilize different shooting ranges to accommodatelarger team sizes and/or to reduce travel for participants. Teams may add another clay target sport through the Head Coach.The League promotes participation in clay target sports emphasizingsafety, fun, and marksmanship and does not encourage youthcompetition for a financial benefit. The League also does notsupport motivating youth to participate in this sport throughfinancial gain and, therefore, the following conduct will disqualify ateam or athlete from participation in League sponsored events:A student shall remain eligible to participate in League activitiesunless any of the following occur:A student accepts one or more of the following associated with theparticipation in clay target events occurring during the League’sseason: Monetary compensation for participation in clay target competition; Gifts or promotional merchandise valued at 100 or more; A share in the season profit of a team; An expense allowance; An exclusive financial benefit that includes an ancillaryadvantage or benefit to a for-profit business; A tangible prize or award having a value exceeding 100; or Monetary prize, purse, reward or other winnings exceeding 100.Gifts or scholarships received by the athlete, either directly orindirectly, that are not conditioned upon continued participation inclay target events shall not be construed as a disqualifying event.A team shall remain eligible to participatDear ammunitionmanuracturers,e in League activities unless any of the followingoccur:A team, or entity benefiting the team, accepts one or more of thefollowing associated with the team’s participation in clay targetevents occurring during the League’s season: Promotional merchandise, goods, or services valued at 1,000or more; A team prize or award having a value of 100 or more; or A monetary prize, purse, reward or other winnings exceeding 100.Monetary contributions received through fundraising, donations,grants, scholarship or like kind that are given and remain in thepossession and control of the team, or in the possession andcontrol of an entity that is organized for the benefit of the specificteam, shall not be construed as a disqualifying event.A student or team who fails to comply with these requirementsshall be disqualified from further participation in the League.Athlete EligibilityAny student enrolled in school at the time of the student athleteregistration deadline date is eligible to participate if he/she: Is in grades six through twelve, AND Has completed a League-approved firearmsafety certification program, AND Meets all sch

Clay Target League – a non-profit corporation. The League is the independent provider of clay target shooting sports to secondary and postsecondary schools. The League’s priorities are safety, fun, and marksmanship – in that order. The USA Cl