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WWW.MATHSTIMES.COMMULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONSCLASS VIITOPIC: INTEGERSTIME: 30 MINUTESTOTAL QUESTIONS 40Q1. In addition and subtraction of two integers , sign of the answer depends upon(a) Smaller number (b) Their difference (c) Their sum(d) Greater numerical valueQ2. Sum of two negative number is always(a) Positive(b) Negative(c) 0(d) 1(b) Positive(c) 1(d) 0(b) 65(c) ̶ 7(d) 7(b) 40(c) 2(d) ̶ 2Q3. Sum of two Positive number is always(a) NegativeQ4. Sum of – 36 and 29 is(a) ̶ 65Q5. Sum of ̶ 19 and ̶ 21 is(a) ̶ 40Q6. Which of the following statement is false:(a) ̶ 7 (̶ 6 ) ̶ 13(b) ̶ 5 1 4(c) 2 (̶ 1 ) 1(d) 8 (̶ 9 ) ̶ 1Q7. The pair of integers whose sum is ̶ 5(a) 1, ̶ 4(b) ̶ 1 , 6(c) ̶ 3 , ̶ 2(d) 5, 0Q8. What integers or number should be added to ̶ 5 to get 4(a) 1(b) ̶ 1(c) ̶ 9(d) 9(c) 3(d) 5Q9 . What will be the additive inverse of ̶ 5(a) ̶ 6(b) ̶ 4Q10. What will be the additive inverse of 7(a) ̶ 7(b) ̶ 6(c) ̶ 5(d) ̶ 4Q11. Predecessor of ̶ 9 is(a) ̶ 8(b) 8(c) ̶ 10(d) 10(b) 0(c) 1(d) 2Q12. Successor of ̶ 1 is(a) ̶ 2WWW.MATHSTIMES.COM1

WWW.MATHSTIMES.COMQ13. The value of 6 ̶ ( ̶ 3 ) is(a) 3(b) ̶ 9(c) ̶ 3(d) 9(c) ̶ 56(d) 56(c) 7 ̶ 4 4 ̶ 7(d) 7 ̶ 4 ̶ 3Q14. The value of 26 ̶ 30 is equal to(a) 4(b) ̶ 4Q15. Which of the following statement is true(a) 7 ̶ 4 4 ̶ 7(b) 7 ̶ 4 4 ̶ 7Q16. Choose appropriate number for blank: ̶ 7 ̶ ( ) 2(a) 5(b) ̶ 5(c) 9(d) ̶ 9(c) ̶ 12(d) 7(c) ̶ 140(d) 90(c) ̶ 10(d) 7Q17. Multiplication of 3 and ̶ 4(a) ̶ 7(b) 12Q18. Multiplication of ̶ 2 , ̶ 7 and ̶ 10 gives(a) ̶ 34(b) 19Q19. Multiplication of 2 , ̶ 5 and 0 gives( a) 10(b) 0Q20. Identify the property used in the following:(a) Commutative(b) Closure213 813 ( 2 8 )(c) Associative13(d) DistributiveQ21. Which number is multiplicative identity for the whole numbers(a) 0(b) 1( c) 2(d) 3Q22. What will be multiplicative inverse of – 8(a) 8(b)(c) ̶Q23. Which property is reflected in the following:(a) ClosureQ24.(d) 075 57(b) Commutative(c) Associative(d) Distributive(b) 9(c) ̶ 9(d) ̶ 16(b) 2(c) ̶ 2(d) 3(c) ̶ 5(d) 5̶ 18 2 gives(a) 36Q25. – 6 ( ̶ 3 ) gives(a) ̶ 9Q26.15 divided by ̶ 3 is equal to(a) 12(b) ̶ 12WWW.MATHSTIMES.COM2

WWW.MATHSTIMES.COMQ27. 0 10 gives(a) 0(b) 10(c) 1(d) ̶ 10(c) 12 0 12(d) 4 1 4Q28. Which of the following is not true(a) 0 2 0(b) – 25 5 ̶ 5Q29. Which of the following is true(a) 5 7 7 5(b) 0 3 0 5(c) 2 ( 3 ̶ 1) 2 3 ̶ 2 1(d) 4 1 1 4Q30 . Which of the following does not represent pair of integer (a, b) such that a b 2(a) ( ̶ 6 , ̶ 3 )(b) ( ̶ 2 , 1)(c)( ̶ 10 , ̶ 5 )(d)(8 , 4 )Q31 . On dividing a negative integers by other negative integer the quotient will be(a) Always negative (b) Always positive (c) Either positive or negative(d) 1Q32. Which of the following statement is true(a) 7 0 7(b) 7 0 0(c) 7 0 0 7(d) 0 7 0Q33. Product of two negative integers is always(a) Always negative (b) Always positive (c) Either positive or negativeQ34. The integer whose product with(b) ̶ 20(a) 20(d) 0̶ 1 is ̶ 40 is(c) ̶ 40(d) 40(c) 11(d) 0(c) ̶ 720(d) 720(c) 52(d) 320(c) 16(d) ̶ 16(c) ̶ 5(d) 100Q35. Absolute value of ̶ 11 isQ36.(a)̶ 10̶81010 2 is equal to(a) 162Q38.̶ 16(b) 17125 ( ̶ 25 ) is equal to(a) 1Q40.(b) 192( ̶ 1) is equal to(a) ̶ 17Q39.9 is equal to(b) ̶ 27(a) 27Q37. 16(b) 10(b) 5( ̶ 50 ) ̶ 1 , number in the blank will be(a) 49(b) 50(c) ̶ 50(d) 51WWW.MATHSTIMES.COM3

WWW.MATHSTIMES.COMANSWER KEYQ. No.Answer Q. No.Answer Q. No.Answer Q. No.Answer Q. CEPTS6Use of number ,32,34,36,37,38,39,40Basic operationwithout usingnumber line11,12Successor ,Predecessor(Skill)2,3,20,23,30,31,33Properties onoperationsAdditive inverse ,Multiplicativeinverse9,10,221,21,35,Other BasicconceptsWWW.MATHSTIMES.COM4

WWW.MATHSTIMES.COMMULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONSCLASS VIIFRACTIONS AND DECIMALSTOPIC:TIME: 30 MINUTESTOTAL QUESTIONS 401. Which of the following fraction has numerator 5a)25b)57(c) 157(d) 783(d)152. Which of the following fraction has denominator8.a)83b) 138(c) 1383. What fraction does the shaded portion in the adjoining fig. represents.a)5235b)(c)25(d)53(c)47(d)434. Which one of the following is proper fraction?a)75b)325. Which one of the following is improper fraction?a)236. What is the value ofa)5147. What is the value ofa)512b)57(c)74(d)1257(c)67(d)35142935(c)31352 3 7 7b)3 2 5 7b)(d)535WWW.MATHSTIMES.COM5

WWW.MATHSTIMES.COM8. What is the value of2 1 7 3 3 3103b)9. What is the value of2 1 7 3 3 3a)a)103b)10. What is the value )438(c)215(d) none of these5 38 8b)11. What is the value of1094 2̶5 3b)141512. Which of the following drawing shows 215a)b)c)d)13. Which of the following drawing shows 3 a) c)b) 14. The value ofa) 121231 244 d) None of theseof 24 isb)112(c) 48(d)148WWW.MATHSTIMES.COM6

WWW.MATHSTIMES.COM15. The product of(a)14gives320(b)512(c)16. Which of the following product gives the value15(d) None of these(a) 32517. The product of(a)(b)5512125(d)20378513(c) 35261gives4(b)2110(c)1110(d)1510(b) 132(c)53(d)35(c) 9(d)116218. The reciprocal of 1 is3(a)3219. The value of 12(a) 16(b) 120. The value of 312(a) 421. The value of 4(a) 4283(c)94(d)2116(b) 13(c)139(d)913(c)12(d)21(b)133 is22. Which of the following is the least form of(a)36(b)918183623. What is the sum of 5.300 and 3.250(a) 8.550(b) 85.50(c) 5.6250(d) 8550WWW.MATHSTIMES.COM7

WWW.MATHSTIMES.COM24. What is the value of 29.35 ̶ 04.56(a) 23.75(b) 16.35(c) 16.25(d) 24.79(c) 0.005(d) 0.05(c) 0.2301(d) 23.01(c) Rs0.707(d) Rs 770(c) 0.0005(d) 0.05(c) Tenth(d) Hundredth25. Which one of the following is greater(a) 5.0(b) 0.526. Which one of the following is smaller( a) 2.031(b) 2.30127. 7 Rupees 7 paisa can be written in rupees as(a) Rs7.07(b) Rs7.7028. 5 cm in Km can be written as(a) 0.0005(b) 0.0000529. The place value of 2 in 21.38 is(a) Ones(b) Tens30. Which one of the following represent the expansion2 0 0 3(a) 20.0331. The value of 2.71(b) 2.03(c) 200.03(d) 2.034(b) 1355(c) 13.55(d) 1.355(c) 153.7(d) 1537(c) 43.07(d) 430.7(c) 0.003(d) 30(b) 0.403(c) 4.03(d) 0.0403(b) 0.16(c)is(a) 135.532. The product of 153.7 and 10 is(a) 1.537(b) 15.3733. The value of 43.07is(a) 4.307(b) 430734. The value of 0.03is(a) 0.0000335. The value of 1.3(b) 3is(a) 40336. The value of 0.80(a) 1637. The value of 52.5(a) 5.25is116(d) 1.6is(b) 0.525(c) 525(d) 5250WWW.MATHSTIMES.COM8

WWW.MATHSTIMES.COM38. The value of 0.78(a) 780039. The value of 26.3(a) 0.026340. The value of 7.75(a) 31is(b) 0.0078(c) 0.78(d) 7.8(c) 26300(d) 26.300(c) 0.31(d) 3.1is(b) 0.2630is(b) 0.0031WWW.MATHSTIMES.COM9

WWW.MATHSTIMES.COMTopic: Fractions and decimalsANSWER KEYClass – ISConceptsBasic concepts of fractionsAddition and subtraction of fractionsMultiplication of fractionsDivision of fractionsBasic concepts, addition and subtraction ofdecimalsMultiplication of decimalsDivision of decimalsTally ,,17,1819,20,21,2223 to 3031 to 3536 to 40WWW.MATHSTIMES.COM10

WWW.MATHSTIMES.COMMULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONSCLASS VIITOPIC:DATA HANDLINGTIME: 15 MINUTESTOTAL QUESTIONS 20Q.1. The mean of the first five whole number is .a.2b. 5c. 3d.4c. 200d.100c. 31d.54c. 0d.3c. 1d.2c. 2d.none of theseQ.2. A cricketer scores the following runs in eight innings :58 , 76 , 40 , 35 , 46 , 45 , 0 , 100What will be their mean score ?a. 400b. 5 0Q.3. What will be the range of following data ?32 , 41 , 28 , 54 , 35 , 26 , 33 , 23 , 38 , 40a. 25b. 23Q.4. The tally markshows frequency .a. 4b. 5Q.5. Which observation in the following data has maximum frequency ?1,1,2,4,3,2,1,2,2,4a. 4Q.6. The tally markb. 3shows frequency .a. 5b. 3Q.7. The mode of the data 2 , 2 , 2 , 3 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 5 , 5, 6 , 6 , 8 is .a. 2b. 5c. 8d. 2 & 5 bothc. only 3d. more than oneQ.8. A data can have mode .a. Only oneb. only twoQ.9. Median of the data 13,16,12,14,19,12,14,13,14 is .a. 1 4b. 19c. 12d.13WWW.MATHSTIMES.COM11

WWW.MATHSTIMES.COMQ.10. Mode and median of the data 13,16,12,14,19,12,14,13,14 are:a. 13 & 1 4b. 14 & 13c. 14 & 14d.19 & 13Read the following bar graph which shows the number of books sold by a bookstoreduring five consecutive years and answer the question given bellow (Q11-Q16)Q.11. How many books were sold in 1989 ?(a) 100b. 200c. 300d. 600Q.12. In which year were 400 books sold ?a. 1990b. 1991c. 1993d. 1989Q.13. In which year were fewer than 200 books sold ?a. 1989b. 1991c. 1993d. 1992Q.14. What will be the difference of number of books sold in 1993 and 1990 ?a. 600b. 200c. 400d. 100Q.15. How many books were sold from 1989 to 1991?a. 600b. 900c. 400d. 800c. 900d. 800Q.16. How many books were sold from 1991 to 1993?a. 1300b. 1000Q.17. There are 6 marbles in a box with number 1 to6 marked on each of them . What is theprobability of drawing a marble with number 2 ?a.b.c.d. 1WWW.MATHSTIMES.COM12

WWW.MATHSTIMES.COMQ.18. A coin is flipped to decide which team starts the game . what is the probability of yourteam will start ?a.b.c. 1d. 0Q.19. A die is thrown once . What will be the probability of getting a prime number ?a.b. 0c. 1d.c. 6d. 4Q.20. Median of the data 9,8,1,2,3,6,7,5,4 is ---a. 5b. 9WWW.MATHSTIMES.COM13

WWW.MATHSTIMES.COMANSWER KEYQ. No12345678910AnswerabcbddddacQ. ES.COM14

WWW.MATHSTIMES.COMMULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONSCLASS VIITOPIC: PERIMETER AND AREATIME: 30 MINUTESQ.1.The perimeter of regular polygon is(a)(c)Q.2.Q.5.(b)decrease(c)remains same(d) none of these1 m2(b)4 m2(c)2 m2(d)3 m29000 cm227 cm2(b)90 cm2(c)9 cm2(d) 900 cm2is isosceles AE 6 cm , BC 9 cm, the area of(b)54 cm2(c)22.5 cm2is(d) 45 cm2The area of parallelogram is(a)Q.8.increaseIn the figure(a) of sides lengths of one sideno. of sideslengths of one sideWhich figure encloses more area : a square of side 2 cm ; a rectangle of side 3 cm &2 cm ;An equilateral triangle of side 4 cm(a) rectangle(b) square(c) triangle (d) same of rectangle & squareThe area of rectangle whose length is 15 cm & breadth is 6 m(a)Q.6.(b)(d)The area of a square whose perimeter is 4 m(a) of sides lengths of one sideno. of sides – lengths of one sideIf the area of rectangle increases from 2 cm2 to 4 cm2 the perimeter will(a)Q.3.TOTAL QUESTIONS 40base height (b) baseheight (c) basebase(d)heightbase(d)(d)areaheightThe base in the area of parallelogram is(a)(b)(c)areaareaheightQ.9.The height in the area of parallelogram is(a)(b)(c)Q.10. Which of the following has the formula Base(a)(c)area of parallelogramarea of triangleareabaseheightHeight(b) area of quadrilateral(d) area of trapeziumWWW.MATHSTIMES.COM15

WWW.MATHSTIMES.COMQ.11. The area of triangle is(a)base(c) ½height(b) ½ x base(base height)(d)heightbase heightQ.12. The height in the area of a triangle(a)(b)(c)(d)Q.13. If the area of the triangle is 36 cm2 and the height is 3 cm, the base of the triangle will be(a)12 cm(b)39 cm(c)108 cm(d)24 cmQ.14. The base in the area of triangle is(a)(b)(c)(d)Q.15. The distance around a circular region is known as its(a) area(b) diameter of circle(c) circumference(d) radiusQ.16. The perimeter of square of side 2.5 m is(a)10.2 m(b)10.2 m2(c)6.25 m2(d)6.25 m(d)3.5 cmQ.17. The perimeter of rectangle of length 1.5 cm & breadth 2 cm is(a)3.4 cm(b)7 cm(c)6 cmQ.18. The area of parallelogram whose base 6 cm & altitude 7 cm is(a)18 cm2(b)18 cm(c)9 cm2(d)9 cmQ.19. The height of parallelogram whose area is 35 cm2 and altitude 7 cm(a)5 cm(b)5 cm2(c)245 cm(d)245 cm28 cm(d)14 cm2(d)(8Q.20. In fig. the length of the altitude DF will be(a)14 cmQ.21. In fig. area of(a)(82) cm2(b)56 cm(c)will be(b)(32) cm2(c) (842) cm23) cm2Q.22. Area of triangle whose base is 15 cm and corresponding altitude is 6 cm will be(a)45 cm2(b)90 cm2(c)45 cm(d) 90 cmWWW.MATHSTIMES.COM16

WWW.MATHSTIMES.COMQ.23. Find the area of a right triangle whose base is 3 cm, perpendicular is 2 cm andhypotenuse is 5 cm.(a)3 cm2(b)7.5 cm2(c)5 cm2(d)6 cm(d)3.14 x 7 cm2Q.24. What will be the area of circular button of radius 7 cm(a)154 cm2(b)49 cm2(c)154 cmQ.25. The circumference of circle whose diameter is 14 cm will be(a)44 cm(b)(c)44 cm2(d)88 cm2circumference (c)radius(d)diameter(d)one-third of radius88 cmQ.26. The perimeter of circle is its(a)area(b)Q.27. Diameter is .(a)twice radius(b) half radius(c) equal to radiusQ.28. ᴫ (pi) is(a)(c)ratio of circumference to diameter (b) diameter to circumference21/17(d)3.41Q.29. If the area of circle is 44 cm2 , the are of shaded portion will be(a) 11 cm2(c)22 cm2(b) 11 cm(d) 22 cm2Q.30. If the radius of pipe is 1 cm , the circumference of pipe will be(a)62.8 cm(b) 6.28 cm(c)62.8 cm2(d) 6.28 cm(c)ᴫ(d)ᴫ 2r(c)2 ᴫ r3(d)ᴫ r2(c)a cup(d)a table(c)ᴫ r2(d)ᴫd(c)10000 m2(d)10000 cm2Q.31. The circumference of a circle is(a)ᴫr(b)ᴫr22rQ.32. The diameter of a circle is(a)r2(b)2rQ.33. Which of the following is an example of circle?(a)a chair(b)a bottle capQ.34. The area of a circle is(a)Q.35. 1 m2(a)2ᴫr(b) 2 ᴫ r2 .100 cm2(b)1000 cm2WWW.MATHSTIMES.COM17

WWW.MATHSTIMES.COMQ.36. One hectare is equal to(a)100 m2(b)1000 m2(c)10,000 m2(d)10,000 m(d)49 cmQ.37. The circumference of a circle with radius 7 cm is(a)11 cm(b)22 cm(c)44 cmQ.38. The value of constant ᴫ is(a)31.4(b)(c)(d)314Q.39. In fig. the area of larger rectangle is 1750 m2 and the area of smaller rectangle is 1350 m2(a)3100 m2(b)400 m2(c)750 m2(d)350 m2Q.40. In fig., the area of rectangular sheet is 50 cm2 and the area of circle inside the sheet is15 cm 2 cut from the sheet, then the area of remaining sheet will be(a)35 cm2(b)65 cm2(c)35 cm(d)65 cmWWW.MATHSTIMES.COM18

WWW.MATHSTIMES.COMANSWERKEYMENSURATIONCLASS a)(d)(b)(c)(a)(b)(b)(a)(a)QUESTIONSCORRECT )(c)(c)(b)(b)(a)ANALYSE YOUR PERFORMANCEQUESTIONS1, 3, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12,14, 27, 31, 3415, 26, 28, 32, 36, 382, 4, 6, 10, 21, 23, 24,29, 33, 35, 39, 405, 13, 16, 17, 18, 19,20, 22, 24, 30, 37TALLY MARKSREVISE THESE CONCEPTSKnowledge of formulaeConcept of termsUnderstanding of conceptsApplicationsCLASS VIIWWW.MATHSTIMES.COM19

WWW.MATHSTIMES.COMTIME: 30 MINUTESMULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONSCLASS VIITOPIC: ALGEBRAIC EXPRESSIONTOTAL QUESTIONS 40Q1: Write the expression for the statement: the sum of three times x and 11(a) x 3 11( b) 3x 11(c) 3 11x(d) 3x-11Q2 : Write an expression : Raju s father s age is 5 years more than 3 times Raju s age . If Raju sage is x years , then father’s age is(a) 3x 5(b) 5-3x(c) 3x-5(d) 15xQ3 : Identify the coefficient of x in expression 8-x y(a ) 0(b) 8(c) -1(d) 1Q4: The number of terms in 4p2q -3pq2 5 is(a) 7(b) 3(c) 1(d) 4Q5: The expression for sum of numbers a and b subtracted from their product is(a) a b –ab(b) ab-a b(c) ab-(a b)(d) ab a - b.Q6: The sum of mn 5-2 and mn 3 is(a) 2mn 3(b)6( c) 2mn 8(d) 2mn 6.Q7: What is the statement for the expression 3mn 51of product of m and n3(b) number 5 added to product of number m and n(c) number 5 added to 3 times the product of m and n.(d) 5 more than 3 times the product of the numbers m and n(a) 5 more thanQ8 : The constant term in the expression 1 x2 x is(a) 1(b) 2(c) x(d) x2Q9: The coefficient of y3 in the expression y – y3 y2 is(a) 1(b) y(c) -y3(d) -1Q10: The number of terms in the expression 1.2ab – 2.4 b 3.6a is(a)1.2(b) -2.4(c) 3.6a(d) 3Q11: What is the numerical coefficient of y2 in the expression 2x2y – 15xy2 7y(a) -15x(b) -15(c) 2(d) 7WWW.MATHSTIMES.COM20

WWW.MATHSTIMES.COMQ12: The expression x y – xy is(a) Monomial(b) Binomial(c) Trinomial(d) Quadrinomial(b) Binomial(c) Trinomial(d) Zero polynomialQ13: The expression xyz is(a) MonomialQ14: From the following expressions 10pq, 7p, 8q, -p2q2, -7pq, -23, ab,3a,b.The like terms are(a) 3,7p(b) 10 pq, -7pq(c) ab,3a,b(d)10pq,7p,8qQ15:From the following expressing 3ab,a2,b2,a,5ab,-2ab,2a2 the three terms are(a) 3ab,5ab,-2ab(b) a2,a,2a2(c)3ab,a2,b2(d)2a2,a2, a(b) 3m 2n(c) 5m(d) 5n(c) 2xy x y(d) 2xy x 2y(c)8b - 32(d)28b -52(c) 2b(d) 2a-2b(c) 4 y2(d) -6 y2Q16: Sum of 3m and 2n is(a)5mnQ17: Sum of xy, x y and y xy is(a) 2xy 2x y(b) 3xy 2yQ18:The value of 21b-32 7b – 20b is(a) 48b- 32(b) -8b - 32Q19:Subtract a –b from a b the result is(a) 2a 2b(b) 2aQ20:Subtracting -5y2 from y2 ,the result is(a) -4y2(b) 6y2Q21: The value of expression 5n – 2, when n -2 is(a) -12(b) 8(c) 1(d) -8(c) 21a-8b(d) 29Q22:The value of expression 7a-4b for a 3,b 2 is(a) 13(b) 7a-6bQ23: When x-0,y -1,then the value of expression 2x 2y is(a) 4(b) 0(c) -2(d)2Q24:Factors of the term 15x2 in the expression 15x2 -13x are(a) 15,x,x(b) 15,-13(c) 15x2,-13x(d)15Q25:Factors of the terms -4pq2 in the expression 9p2q2 -4 pq2 are(a) 9 p2q2 ,-4 pq2(b)9,-4(c)-4,p,q,q(d) -4Q26:If the length of each side of the equilateral triangle is l, then the perimeter of theequilateral triangle isWWW.MATHSTIMES.COM21

WWW.MATHSTIMES.COM(a) 3l(b) 3 l(c) 3-l(d) l/3(c) 4x 2y 3(d) 4y 5x z ̶ 1(c) 5a ̶ 7(d) a b c ̶ 3Q27:Which of the following is monomial(a) 2x 3(b) 2xQ28:Which of the following is trinomial(a) 2a 6b-1(b) 1Q29: Terms with factors y in the expression 8 xy xyz are(a) xy, xyz(b) x, xz(c) 8, xy, xyz(d) y, xzQ30: Identify the terms in the expression x y 1 which are not constant(a) x,y,1(b) x, y(c) x,1(d) y,1(c) 4(d) 2Q31:The value of expression 4x ̶ 3 at x 2 is(a) -4(b) 5Q32: The value of expression 5n2 5n ̶ 2 for n ̶ 2 is(a) 13(b) 3(c) 8(d) 12Q33: The value of expression 2a2 2b2 ̶ ab for a 2, b 1is(a) 2(b) 8(c) 6(d) 10(c) 12(d) 37Q34: The value of x 7 4(x ̶ 5) for x 2(a) ̶ 3(b) 31Q35: The value of expression 2a ̶ 2b ̶ 4 ̶ 5 a at a 1, b -2(a) 10(b) ̶ 2(c) 12(d) ̶ 4Q36: What must be subtracted from 2a b to get 2a ̶ b(a) 2b(b) 4a(c) 0(d) 4a 4b(c) x ̶ 2y(d) x 2y(c) 2b(d) ̶ 2a 2bQ37: What must be added to 3x y to get 2x 3y(a) 5x 4y(b) ̶ x 2yQ38: Subtract a 2b from sum of a ̶ b and 2a b(a) 2a ̶ 2b(b) 4a 2bQ39: On simplifying (a b-3) – (b –a 3) (a ̶ b 3) the result is(a) a ̶ b 3(b) a ̶ b ̶ 3(c) 3a ̶ b ̶ 3(d) 3a b 3Q40:What should be value of ‘a’ if y2 y – a equals to 3 for y 1(a) ̶ 1(b) ̶ 5(c) 5(d) 0WWW.MATHSTIMES.COM22

WWW.MATHSTIMES.COMANSWER CT .Q.40.aacacabcabbcbababacaKEY FOR ANALYSISBasic ConceptsFormation of algebraic expressionConcept of terms , factors and coefficientAddition and subtractionvalue of an expressionQuestion no.1, 2, 7, 26,3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15,24, 25, 27,28, 29, 306, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 36, 37, 38, 3921, 22, 23, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 40WWW.MATHSTIMES.COM23

WWW.MATHSTIMES.COMMULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONSCLASS VIITOPIC: GEOMETRYTIME: 30 MINUTESTOTAL QUESTIONS 401. A line that intersects two or more lines at distinct points is called(a) Parallel(b) transversal(c) intersecting(d) none of these2. If two adjacent angles are supplementary, then they form .(a) Corresponding angles (b) vertically opposite angles(c) a linear pair of angles (d) a ray3. If two angles are supplementary then the sum of their measures is .(a) 90o(b) 180o(c) 360o(d) 45o4.If two angles are complementary, then the sum of their measures is .(a) 45o(b) 180o(c) 90o(d) 360o5.If

CLASS VII TOPIC: FRACTIONS AND DECIMALS TIME: 30 MINUTES TOTAL QUESTIONS 40 1. Which of the following fraction has numerator 5 a) 5 2 b) 7 5 (c) 7 5 1 (d) 5 1 7 2. Which of the following fraction has denominator8. a) 3 8 b) 8 3 1 (c) 3 8 1 (d) 8 3 3. What fraction does the shaded portion in