Journey To Chartered Membership (CMIOSH)

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Virtual (Zoom)IOSH UAE CPD Event13 July 2020 at 04:00 PM (UAE time)Journey to Chartered Membership (CMIOSH)“Initial Professional Development and Skill Development Portfolio (IPD / SDP) ’’Sami UllahCMIOSH I CRSP I CSP I SMS IOSH UAE BranchProfessional Development Officer

Event rulesMics will be mutedYou may turn your camera on/offTurn your view to speaker viewFeel free to type your questions/ feedbackinto the chat boxOnly 1 speaker at a timeBe on timeMeeting will be locked after 20 minutes (noattendance certificate if unable to attend fullsession)Respect, Liston, Learn & share knowledge

Agenda for the PD Event IOSH UAE branch - Professional Development team and focus. IOSH Membership grades / proposed new grades IOSH Membership benefits & How to Join IOSH Membership How to apply for Category / Membership transfer. Moving towards different IOSH Membership Levels CSP and CRSP to CMIOSH Initial Professional Development and Skill Development Portfolio (IPD / SDP) CPD and its part in your Journey Q & A session.

Key Focus of Today PD EventInitial Professional Development (IPD) Skill Development Portfolio (SDP) Electronic Open Assessment (EOA) CSP and CRSP to CMIOSH CPD and its part in your Journey Q & A session.Journey Towards CMIOSH

IOSH UAE Branch - PD team

IOSH UAE Branch - PD focus Monthly Virtual Zoom - PD events On Call assistance & WhatsApp Group sessions for CPD / IPD workshops. (4-5 members) Face to Face - assistance and support (when required) E-mail support - [email protected] Connect with LinkedIn and send PD queries Mentoring support IOSH Website tools, documents and links. IOSH - CPD / IPD webinar, videos, YouTube links.

IOSH & Membership Benefits Enhance your career prospects Enhancing your skills, knowledge and expertise. IOSH stamp of excellence / Expand your network Gain access to news and policy updates Become an IOSH trainer / IOSH CPD

IOSH Membership CategoriesThe seven membership categories are: Student Member. Affiliate Member. Associate Member (AIOSH) Technical Member (Tech IOSH) Graduate Member (Grad IOSH) Chartered Member (CMIOSH)Joins as an affiliate (non-students),at a fee of 191,Alternatively, you may be interestedin Student Membership full-time student; free! Part time student, there is a oneoff fee of 50.Joining IOSH and fees Chartered Fellow (CFIOSH)

IOSH New Grades change proposal

Moving on to different grades

Applying for Category transferYou’ve joined as an affiliate or student and believe you are qualified to begranted technical or graduate status.Moving to any higher grade, known as ’category transfer,’ is on application toIOSH membership. IOSH will request a copy of your certificates/qualification. Check that your CPD development plans and activities are recorded and up todate. (In MYIOSH – MYCPD) IOSH may request a CV or clarification of your role and responsibilities.You are advised to research carefully as to what each grade requires and geteverything in place before application submission.

Moving from Grad IOSH to CMIOSH When your graduate status is confirmed, IOSH will invite you to join the IPDprocess to move toward (not transfer) to chartered status. Members shouldenroll for IPD and pay 160 fee IPD is activated in 24hours. 2 years to complete the IPD assessment process. Depending on the qualification at graduate level, those with vocationalqualifications (NVQs at level 5 or 6) will follow a route commencing with anopen assessment and then concluding with a peer interview. Those with a degree, diploma (NEBOSH, NCRQ) will follow a routecommencing with a skills development portfolio and then a peer interview.

Moving from Grad IOSH to CMIOSH

CSP and/or CRSP to CMIOSHAs a CSP or CRSP, you have the choice of two different ways of progressing to Chartered membership.Option 1 join as an Affiliate Member. Once IOSH approve your application, you’ll be transferred to Graduate membership. You can then use the letters ‘Grad IOSH’ after your name. Next, IOSH invite you to complete an open assessment. Once you’ve successfully completed the assessment, you’ll become a Chartered Member.Option 2 complete the open assessment first, successfully completed the assessment, apply for membership. Again, you’ll join initially as an Affiliate. Once IOSH approve your application, will grant you Chartered status.NO: PRI

IPD – Skill Development Portfolio (SDP)

IPD – Skill Development Portfolio (SDP) Evidence based assessment process similar to an NVQ level, assessment takesapprox. 3 weeks per assignment. Completed online via MYIOSH-MYIPD. Select 7 criteria from 5 elements (out of 27 criteria in all). Criteria can be submittedindividually Each criterion requires: An outline or summary of proposed work and intended outcomes An activity log and Indexed evidence A reflective account Members to upload evidence of their work electronically. Evidence can go back up totwo years.

Guide to the Skills Development PortfolioVersion 5 IOSH will provide guidance, explanation on minimum requirements. There is SPDdetailed guide on the IOSH website (66 pages) to the process. You must select 1 performance criterion from elements 1 to 3, and 2 performancecriteria from elements 4 and 5, to address. For example, Element 1 – 1.4Element 2 – 2.1Element 3 – 3.3Element 4 – 4.1 and 4.5Element 5 – 5.2 and 5.3

Guide to the Skills Development PortfolioVersion 5 Activity sheets1. Activity column2. Description column3. Dates column4. Outcome5. Evidence column6. Upload column

Guide to the Skills Development PortfolioVersion 5

IPD – Skill Development Portfolio (SDP)Here are a few items for you to download to help youcomplete your SDP: Criteria Summary Guide to the Skills Development Portfolio Deficiency codes Example of a reflective account Evidence and confidentiality issues FAQs -What happens once your criteria havebeen assessed and passed? How to change evelopment/ipd/route-1/

IPD - Electronic Open Assessment (EOA)

IPD - Electronic Open Assessment (EOA) Review guideline applicable to the process and when ready book and pay your IPD 160 fee and register for session dates. 9 ‘monthly’ sessions in any year. Each session is open for 14 days. Open book assessment lasts for 2 years and maximum of four attempts will beallowedPart A 48 multi-choice Qs, online computer exam in 3 hours (no longer) result, pass or fail instant resultsIf you pass Part A you can attempt Part B. If you fail Part A, you must re-register.

IPD - Electronic Open Assessment (EOA)Part B - you will have 7 days to complete the exam which will starts once you passedpart A.Part B 2 Qs (no choice),two scenario-based questionsSubjected to more than once parts of each question700 words count on each questionmarked by an IOSH approved examiner.Result in approx. 21 days.If you fail Part B, pays 95 fee and re-register but you do not have to re-take PartA again

IPD - Electronic Open Assessment (EOA)Here are a few items for you to download to help you complete your pment/ipd/route-2/

IPD - Electronic Open Assessment (EOA)

IPD - Electronic Open Assessment (EOA)

IPD – Peer Review Interview (PRI) Pay your fee 95 fee for international venue and 80 fee for UK IOSHOffice. Get available dates from IOSH (and locations dependence on Covid-19)otherwise ZOOM interview. Interview is 1 hour – usually 3 ‘peers’, all CMIOSH / CFIOSH volunteers.Interview requires you to do a presentation on overview of your career for10 minutes PR Questions from peers will cover a range of topics, some technical somerelating to career and others to the requirements of a chartered memberand the code of conduct etc. Outcome can be from the next day up to 21 days. If unsuccessful you haveto wait 12 months.

IPD – Peer Review Interview (PRI)Interview Venues BristolEdinburghGlasgowLeedsLeicester-IOSH HQLondonManchesterNewcastleSheffieldIreland (Dublin)Middle East (Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Doha)Virtual/Online interview via ZOOM

Moving from CMIOSH to CFIOSH Must be a chartered member for 5 years, 50 fee applies Process is by way of a structured application A review of your portfolio/application before selection for interview. Interview lasts 1hour & 10 mins presentation is optional. ‘The pinnacle of the profession’ ‘Demonstrate outstanding dedication to the OHS profession’ ‘Role models for other members’

CPD and its part in your Journey You must record your CPD from Tech IOSH onwards. As a minimum CPD should consist of a development plan and a minimum of 6activities over a year Your CPD can be audited by IOSH at any time Your CPD will be audited if you apply for any category transfer. i.e. fromaffiliate to Technical and Grad IOSH. When you have completed your EOA & SDP before proceeding to peerinterview. When you submit an application for chartered fellowship CPD at affiliate grade is discretional, though there are very good reasons toestablish a CPD record at the earliest opportunity!.

IOSH ExtrasBeing an IOSH member brings a vast array of benefits and services that offer youcontinuous support in everything you do Career HubMy CPDMy IPDYour membership profileCompetency frameworkIOSH MentoringIOSH ExtrasStudent MembershipIOSH Benevolent FundMember DirectoryIOSH BlueprintCommittee mailerCorporate manualVolunteer portalDiscussion forums

IOSH Career Hub.

IOSH Mentoring.

IOSH UAE – LinkedIn page

IOSH UAE – Have you started your journeyof progression?Let us celebrate with IOSH UAE Branch Your astoundingachievement in becoming a Chartered Member of IOSHIf you're a UAE Branch Member and newly awarded CMIOSH, then send a 50-60 secquality video expressing your journey to Communication Coordinator (MohammedFaisal); then we will publish it through our social media pages.

Updates on Next PD events:Nos.Virtual Professional Development Events – IOSHUAE Branch.Focus Member Presenters /categorySpeakersEvent Month1Journey to Fellowship (CFIOSH)CMIOSHMansoor - IOSHUAE7th August 20202Your Journey with IOSH for aspirant HSEProfessionals and Continual ProfessionalDevelopment (CPD) - WorkshopEntry levels /New members.Vinoth -IOSH UAE 12th Sept 2020

UAE Branch PD event – PhotoLet us we turn on our Cameras

Q & A [email protected] The Grange Highfield Drive Wigston Leicestershire LE18 1NN UKt 44 (0)116 257 3100www.iosh.comThank You

Those with a degree, diploma (NEBOSH, NCRQ) will follow a route . Review guideline applicable to the process and when ready book and pay your IPD 160 fee and register for session dates. . Pay your fee 95 fee for