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Insects for DinnerWould you eat crickets for dinner? Itmight not sound good to you, but around2 billion people worldwide eat insects!Eating insects is called entomophagy andthere are many good reasons to do it.First off, insects are really good foryou! They are packed with protein. Byweight, crickets and termites have moreprotein than beef.Second, raising insects cost less and isbetter for the earth than raising cowsand other livestock. Insects take upmuch less space and need much lessfood and water than cows. Also, you caneat more parts of an insect than otheranimals. Insects also reach their adultsize quickly. It does not take much timeto raise insects to eat.Third, insects taste good! Many typesof insects taste a little nutty. Somekinds of bugs taste like bacon, whileothers may taste like fish, or even fruit.Some insects, such as meal worms, don’thave much of a taste at all. They pick upthe flavors of whatever they arecooked with. So, what are you waitingfor? Why not try a beetle today?!IT: vocabulary, author’s purpose, evaluationNameDateTEXTTIMEShow What You Know71. What is entomophagy?2.Give three reasons why raising insects is better thanraising livestock."""""""""1) """ "2) """"" "3) "" "3. What is the author’s purpose?a) to persuadeb) to informc) to entertainGive evidence from the text to support your answer:"""4. Would you try eating insects?Why or why not?"Text Time Created by Rachel Lynette 2015 all rights reserved

The Gorilla and the MonkeyGorilla sat under a tree eating bananas.Gorilla was thirsty. He wanted to go tothe river to get a drink, but thensomeone might steal his bananas. Babooncame and sat beside him. “May I haveone of your bananas?” asked Baboon.“No, you may not!” replied Gorilla. “Ipicked all these bananas myself. If youwant some bananas, go get your own.”“But the bananas are all gone. You havepicked them all and they are all there inyour big pile,” said Baboon.“That is not my problem,” Gorilla saidgrumpily. “Now go away and leave mealone.”A few minutes later, Monkey came tosit beside Gorilla. “I won’t give you abanana,” said Gorilla. “So don’t even ask.”“Oh no,” said Monkey. “I just thoughtyou might like some cool water from theriver.” Monkey gave Gorilla a coconutshell full of water.Gorilla took the shell and drank it all.He felt much better. “Thank you,” he saidto Monkey. “Please, take one of mybananas for your trouble.” Monkey gladlyaccepted.!L: genre, summary, main idea, moral (theme)NameDateTEXTTIMEShow What You Know81. What kind of story is this?a) fableb) fairytalec) tall taled) mythHow do you know?""""2.Why did Gorilla give Monkey a banana?"""""""""" """""3. Summarize the story:""""" """"""""" """""4.What is the moral (or lesson) of this story?a) You should always share.b) Monkeys are smarter than baboons.c) Give something to get something.d) You can trade water for bananas."Text Time Created by Rachel Lynette 2015 all rights reserved

Alligator or Crocodile?People often confuse alligators andcrocodiles. Alligators and crocodiles areboth reptiles. They both live in the waterand they both have sharp teeth.Crocodiles live in salt water. They havespecial glands on their tongues to get ridof the extra salt. Alligators don’t havethese glands, so they live in fresh water.Alligators have wide, U-shaped snouts.A crocodile’s snout is longer and morepointed, like a V. Also, crocodiles haveteeth on their lower jaws that stick out.You can see them even when thecrocodile’s mouth is closed. Alligators donot have any teeth that stick out.NameDateShow What You Know1.TEXTTIME9What do alligators and crocodiles have in common?""""2.How are alligators and crocodiles different? """"3.Which text structure did the author use?"""""""""a) descriptionc) problem and solutionb) cause and effectd) compare and contrast"4.Is the animal closest to the bottom of the page analligator or a crocodile?How do you know?"""The easiest way to tell an alligator froma crocodile is by looking at the snout.! IT: compare and contrast, interpreting an illustration"Text Time Created by Rachel Lynette 2015 all rights reserved

Why I am Afraid of BalloonsSome people are scared of spiders,or snakes, or high places. But, me, I’mafraid of balloons. I am not the onlyperson who is afraid of them. I readabout it on the internet. It’s calledglobophobia.It started when I was little. My momgave me a balloon to play with. I was solittle, I didn’t know what it was. It wasbright red. I thought it might be good toeat, like cotton candy. It popped when Itried to take a bite. After that, Iwanted nothing to do with balloons.It’s not usually a problem. Butsometimes it’s embarrassing. Last weekI went to my friend Lila’s 10th birthdayparty. Of course, there were balloons. Iwas so nervous! I covered my earswhenever I thought one might pop. Ipretended I had to go to the bathroomso I could leave the room. The othergirls probably thought I was bananas,but I just couldn’t help it!Maybe when I grow up, I will invent akind of balloon that does not make noisewhen it pops. Then I will have balloonsat my parties too!! L: point of view, figurative language, inferenceNameDateTEXTTIME10Show What You Know1. From which point of view is this passage written?a) first personb) second personc) third personGive evidence from passage the to support your choice:""2.What caused the narrator have globophobia?""""3.What does the word, “bananas” mean at the end ofparagraph 3?""""""""4. Besides being afraid of balloons, what are two otherthings you can infer about the narrator of thispassage? Explain how you know.""""""""1) """"""""""because """""" 2) """"""""""becauseText Time Created by Rachel Lynette 2015 all rights reserved

Author Louis SacharAuthors often get story ideas frompeople they meet in real life. Children’sauthor Louis Sachar says that his firstbook, Sideways Stories from WaysideSchool, was based on students he metat Hillside Elementary.Sachar was going to school at theUniversity of California when he foundout that he could earn college creditsby working as an aid at a nearbyelementary school. He helped out in theclassroom and supervised lunch recess.“It became my favorite college classand a life changing experience,” saidSachar.Sachar graduated in 1976 and decidedto write a children’s book using hisexperience at Hillside. “All the kids atWayside School were based on kids Iknew at Hillside,” Sachar said. The bookwas published two years later in 1978.Later, Sachar married an elementaryschool counselor named Carla. Carla wasthe inspiration for the school counselorin Sachar’s fifth book (1987), There’s aBoy in the Girl’s Bathroom.!IT: genre, main idea/supporting details, analysisNameDateShow What You KnowTEXTTIME 111. What genre is this passage?2.a) mysteryb) historical fictionc) biographyd) science fictionWhat is the main idea of this passage?""""" Give two details from the text to support your choice."""""""""1) """"""""""" """"" 2) """""""""""" """""3.Why does Sachar describe working at HillsideElementary as a “life changing experience”?""""""" """"""4. Write a question you have after reading this passage."""""""Text Time Created by Rachel Lynette 2015 all rights reserved

A Boy’s Summer SongPaul Laurence Dunbar'Tis fine to playIn the fragrant hay,And romp on the golden load;To ride old JackTo the barn and back,Or tramp by a shady road.To pause and drink,At a mossy brink;Ah, that is the best of joy,And so I sayOn a summer's day,What's so fine as being a boy?Ha, Ha!With line and hookBy a babbling brook,The fisherman's sport we ply;And list the songOf the feathered throngThat flit in the branches nigh.At last we stripFor a quiet dip;Ah, that is the best of joy.For this I sayOn a summer's day,What's so fine as being a boy?Ha, Ha!!P: setting, figurative language, mood, analysisNameDateShow What You KnowTEXTTIME 121. Where does this poem take place?" "What makes you think so?"""2.3.Which two types of figurative language are used inthe second line of the second stanza? "a) alliteration, simileb) onomatopoeia, idiomc) metaphor, idiomd) onomatopoeia, alliterationWhat is the mood of this poem?What are some of the words and phrases the poet usesto convey this mood?"""4.Would this poem have to be different if it were calledA Girl’s Summer Song?Why or why not?""""Text Time Created by Rachel Lynette 2015 all rights reserved

1. What genre is this passage? a) mystery b) historical fiction c) biography d)