Summer 2016 - The Bacon Theatre, Cheltenham

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Well hello there!Nonumbum Theatre CompanyBride Before A FallFILMSTUDIO STYLENational Theatre Live (Encore)Woman in Gold [12A]A View from the Bridge [12A]We warmly welcome you to the Bacon Theatre this summer with a fullprogramme of events for the whole family to enjoy - both indoors and out.The new season is brimming with fantastic shows. Live musiccomes from Voodoo Room and Cotswold Clapton, plus SummerDreaming celebrates the iconic music from the movies, musicals andpop sensations of the 50s & 60s. Event cinema screenings includeastonishing performances in Hamlet and The Audience. The Bacon filmseason boasts the award-winning Brooklyn and multi-award nomineeThe Danish Girl. And all the alfresco fun of the Open-air TheatreFestival returns for another year in the secluded Tuckwell Amphitheatre,packed with exciting live theatre plus the Cinema Under the Stars.We look forward to seeing you,Team Bacon xPickof theSum season.Dre meramiThungrs 23In theBaconJuneTheatre“Friday 29 & Saturday 30 April 10.00 ( 5.00)7.30 pmMirren’s performance gains in depth and pathosas the film progressesIndependentTuesday 3 May7.45 pmThursday 12 May7.00 pm 7.00 ( 6.00) 16.50 ( 14.50) Student 12.50Local troupe Nonumbum present anevening of theatrical antics in two halves.The evening will open with Love Cabaret, aneclectic mix of love poems, monologues andditties, and will conclude with the premiereproduction of Robert Scott’s disarmingnew one-act comedy Bride Before A Fall.This fantastic new play journeys from thehumorous to the homicidal and back again,keeping the audience laughing from the veryedge of their seats.Woman in Gold is the remarkable truestory of one woman’s journey to reclaimher heritage and seek justice for whathappened to her family. Sixty years aftershe fled Vienna during World War II, anelderly Jewish woman, Maria Altmann(Helen Mirren), starts her journey toretrieve family possessions seized bythe Nazis, among them Klimt’s famouspainting The Lady in Gold.Following its smash-hit original broadcast,the Young Vic’s ‘magnetic, electrifying,astonishingly bold’ production returns tocinemas due to audience demand. Thegreat Arthur Miller confronts the Americandream in this dark and passionate tale.This tragic masterpiece won a trio of 2014Olivier Awards including Best Revival,Best Actor for Mark Strong and BestDirector for Ivo van Hove.Cast #1: Friday Cast #2: SaturdayDir: Simon Curtis UK 2015 109minsRecordedRunning time: 160minsLOCAL TALENTwomaningoldmovie.comp. uk1

VenuesFILMVoodoo RoomFILMLove & Mercy [12A]A Night of Hendrix & CreamRSC LiveBrooklyn [12A]Hamlet [12A]at Dean Close School“Credit: Maya HuthThey sound fantasticBBC RadioSaturday 14 MayComfortable, elegant venuesavailable to hire for weddings,conferences and away daysPlus sports facilities andboarding [email protected] 2580237.30 pm“An eloquent tribute to a great AmericaninnovatorThe GuardianTuesday 17 May7.45 pm“Beautifully subtle a graceful comingof-age taleEmpire MagazineTuesday 7 June7.45 pmWednesday 8 June7.00 pm 17.00 ( 15.00) 7.00 ( 6.00) 7.00 ( 6.00) 16.50 ( 14.50) Student 12.50The welcome return of the mighty, retro,rocking machine that is Voodoo Room.Together, Peter Orr, John Tonks and AndyTolman form this high-energy, power-trio,having worked with music giants SteveWinwood, Duran Duran and Ben E Kingto name a few. With standing ovations thenorm, their mission is to deliver the all-timegreat Cream and Hendrix numbers with thetrue passion and energy worthy of theseclassic masterpieces.The amazing true story of Brian Wilson,the legendary leader of the Beach Boys.This innovative, acclaimed biopic flitsbetween the 1960s and the 1980s. In the1960s the band’s future is thrown intodoubt when Wilson (Paul Dano) suffers adebilitating panic attack and, twenty yearslater, a now middle-aged Wilson (JohnCusack) is a broken, confused man whofinds love and sanctuary in the companyof car saleswoman Melinda Ledbetter.BAFTA winner for Outstanding BritishFilm, Brooklyn centres on Eilis whomoves from a sleepy town in Ireland toBrooklyn, New York in search of a brightfuture - and love. When family tragedybrings her back to Ireland, she findsherself absorbed into her old communityand confronting a heart-breaking choicebetween two men and two countries.Hamlet has the world at his feet. Young,wealthy and living a hedonistic lifestudying abroad. Then word reaches himthat his father is dead. Returning homehe finds his world is utterly changed,his certainties smashed and his homea foreign land. Struggling to understandhis place in a new world order he faces astark choice: Submit or rage against theinjustice of his new reality. Simon Godwindirects Shakespeare’s searing tragedy.Dir: Bill Pohlad USA 2014 121minsDir: John Crowley UK 2015 111minsvoodoo-room.comloveandmercyfilm.combox office 01242 iveRunning time: N THEATREVoucherTreasto t soma greeat nioneght outAvailbac able froonthm theatre.tic e Box Oketsolve ffice or.comat/products3

National Theatre Live (Encore)FILMThe Audience [12A]The Danish Girl [15]SUMMER SCHOOL1 - 4 August10.00am – 5.00pm 150 drama training in the BaconTheatre, culminating in a public,staged performance as part of theOpen-air Theatre Festival 2016Suitable for ages 6 – 18 yearsLr.olSchomawtenhChel ama Shortof D 4 Augus phitheatreAmrsThu uckwellp. 10Tt foouookeIn th“Thursday 9 June7.00 pmBeautiful, humane and movingThe Daily TelegraphTuesday 21 June7.45 pm“Trumbo [15]The singing & dancing were faultless Somerset GazetteThursday 23 June7.30 pm“Cranston is a powerhouse as Trumboin his gloryRolling StoneTuesday 5 July7.45 pm 16.50 ( 14.50) Student 12.50 7.00 ( 6.00) 20.00 ( 18.00) 7.00 ( 6.00)For sixty years Queen Elizabeth IIhas met with each of her twelve PrimeMinisters in a private weekly meeting.This meeting is known as The Audience.The smash-hit broadcast of the originalWest End production, featuring HelenMirren’s multi-award-winning performance,returns to cinemas in celebration of themonarch’s 90th birthday. These specialscreenings include an exclusive Q&A withHelen Mirren and director Stephen Daldry.The remarkable love story inspired bythe lives of Lili Elbe (Eddie Redmayne)and Gerda Wegener (Alicia Vikander)and directed by Academy Award winnerTom Hooper (The King’s Speech, LesMisérables). Lili and Gerda’s marriageand work evolve as they navigateLili’s ground-breaking journey as atransgender pioneer. Nominated for 4Academy Awards , 3 Golden Globes and 5 BAFTAs A fully choreographed homage to abygone era when Elvis was king and all agirl dreamed about was becoming PromQueen. Celebrate iconic music from themovies, musicals and pop sensations ofthe 50s & 60s: Peggy Lee, The Drifters,Patsy Cline, Ben E King, The Temptations,Cliff and more. Summer Dreaming is aninteractive extravaganza, so be prepared tofind your inner Teddy Boy, or Girl - come infancy dress and sing along.In 1947 Dalton Trumbo (Bryan Cranston)was Hollywood’s top screenwriter;blacklisted for his political beliefs. JayRoach’s film recounts how Dalton usedwords and wit to win two AcademyAwards and expose the absurdityand injustice under the blacklist, whichentangled everyone from gossip columnistHedda Hopper (Helen Mirren) to JohnWayne, Kirk Douglas and Otto Preminger.RecordedRunning time: 180minsDir: Tom Hooper UK 2015 119minsReacha newaudience7,500 direct mail15,000 county-widedistributionFor further details giveJess Waterman a call on01242 258058 or [email protected]: Jay Roach USA 2015 Dreamingbox office 01242

Open -Air TheatreFestival 201620 July - 5 AugustWelcome to another festival of live theatre andcinema in the idyllic setting of the TuckwellAmphitheatre.Gates open 1½ hours before each performance for picnics. Please bringlow-backed seating and prepare for all weathers. Free parking available.Hot and cold beverages, wine, beer and cider, plus ice-cream, snacksand confectionary will be available from the Festival Café.Performances always go ahead. In the event of unsafe weather the event will be transferred tothe Bacon Theatre. In this instance tickets are transferrable but not refundable. Any decisionto move the event will be made on the day of the event itself and updated information will beavailable from the website. Tuckwell Amphitheatre sat nav GL51 6HE.6Open - Air Theatre Festival 2016HEARTBREAK PRODUCTIONSFOLKSY THEATRE“A thoroughly authentic company.impressiveand absorbingPlays InternationalWednesday 20 JulyJENNY WREN PRODUCTIONSMurder on the TerraceAs You Like It7.30 pm“ELEVENTH HOURRobin HoodThe Importance of Being EarnestA buoyant and joyful interpretation GloucestershireThursday 21 July7.30 pmFriday 22 July7.30 pm 14.00 ( 12.00) 14.00 ( 12.00) 14.00 ( 12.00)Rosalind, in love with Orlando andbanished from court, takes on theappearance of a boy and travels with hercousin to the Forest of Arden where herfather and his friends live in exile. WillRosalind ever marry her Orlando? Will theDuke change his ways? Shakespeare’scomedy about love, life, faith, betrayaland death will be filled with Folksy’sbold characters, live music, audienceinteraction and plenty of laughs.A respectable garden party is throwninto disarray following the discovery ofa dead body: Charles, poisoned andclutching Percival the beloved pet parrot.The sardonic Inspector Back arrives toinvestigate and the twists and turns of awhodunit both puzzle and entertain. Thisoriginal murder-mystery by David KerbyKendall will be interactive with referencesto Downton and Agatha Christie - partromp, part farce and a whole lot of fun.“Beware outlaws! They are a plague, apestilence, and a blight.” Jenny Wren andher Merry Men take on the infamous Sheriffof Nottingham in this new adaptation ofRobin Hood by Joe Hackett. As he strivesto win the Golden Arrow and the hand ofthe valiant Maid Marian, Robin and hismotley crew entertain the whole family.Action, adventure, astonishingly attractiveactors and appalling green 23 July 14.00 ( 12.00)7.30 pmLOCAL TALENTOscar Wilde’s sparklingly timeless comedyof manners. When young John Worthingsets his marital sights on the HonourableGwendolen Fairfax, he unleashes a chainof events that chase him across the mostfashionable parts of London and all theway to his country retreat. Meanwhile, hisrascally ‘brother’ Ernest has been causinghavoc on the continent, his best friendAlgernon has developed an unhealthyinterest in Cecily Cardew and Gwendolen’smother is set to arrive without warning.7

CINEMA UNDER THE STARSRAIN OR SHINE THEATREMan Up [15]““Immensely satisfying screwball rompLos Angeles TimesTuesday 26 July9.00 pm7.30 pm“Exuberant, whole-hearted funThe StageFriday 29 July7.30 pmSaturday 30 July7.30 pm 14.00 ( 12.00) 14.00 ( 12.00) 14.00 ( 12.00)Meet Nancy (Lake Bell): single, hungover and exhausted by the endless futileset-ups foisted upon her by well-meaningbut clueless friends. As Nancy travelsacross London, freshly-hatched divorceeJack (Simon Pegg) mistakes her for hisblind date. What follows is a chaotic,unconventional, hilarious night neither ofthem will ever forget.Join the lovers Hermia, Helena, Lysanderand Demetrius this summer as Rain orShine follow them into the intoxicatingdream world of fairy queen and king, Titaniaand Oberon. With well-loved characterssuch as Bottom and Puck in tow, join themfor a rip-roaring, fast-paced jaunt throughShakespeare’s best loved comedy. Filledwith magic and mischief, inspired by warmnights, young love and the ElizabethanCarnival, this show is sure to delight.Join Lemuel Gulliver on a fantastical andhilarious voyage into the unknown. Meetthe tiny people of Lilliput and the giants ofBrobdingnag. Visit the floating island ofLaputa and a country peopled (or horsed?)entirely by talking horses. The Pantaloonspresent a delightfully innovative adaptationof Jonathan Swift’s classic satirical story,loved by adults and children alike. Justplease don’t step on any Lilliputians in therush to get tickets.Eleventh Hour Theatre present a newadaptation of Oscar Wilde’s sinisterGothic tale. In the yellow fog of 1890,the beautiful Dorian Gray slips throughLondon society in hedonistic selfishness.Whilst his portrait becomes more andmore disfigured with each unspeakableact of brutality or deviancy; his own faceretains its youth and innocence. That is,until his past begins to catch up with - Air Theatre Festival 2016Chicago [12A]Dotty the Dragon 7.00 ( 6.00)Dir: Ben Palmer UK 2015 88minsCINEMA UNDER THE STARSBLUNDERBUSThe Picture of Dorian GrayGulliver’s TravelsA delight from start to finishSoGlosWednesday 27 JulyELEVENTH HOURTHE PANTALOONSA Midsummer Night’s DreamLOCAL TALENTSunday 31 July5.00 pmChicago has so much razzle-dazzleTime MagazineTuesday 2 August9.00 pm 11.00 ( 9.00) Family 36.00 7.00 ( 6.00)Dotty is a baby fire dragon. When herdad is fast asleep, she climbs through thecastle window and flies down to the villagein search of friendship. But not everyoneloves dragons, not even cuddly, fluffy, babyfire dragons. This big-hearted tale is toldwith magical songs, enchanting musicand exquisite puppetry. There are plentyof laughs, lots of surprises and even a lifesized fire-breathing dragon! Little peopleaged 3yrs will love this funny, friendly tale.Roxie Hart (Renee Zellweger) is a smalltime chorus dancer who would kill forfame. After doing just that, she landsbehind bars alongside vaudeville starVelma Kelly (Catherine Zeta-Jones) who,with the help of hotshot lawyer Billy Flynn(Richard Gere), has spun her crime into amedia frenzy. And so the stage is set for asinging, dancing catfight between the sassyand all-too-willing Rob Marshall USA 2002 113mins9

THE PANTALOONSCHELTENHAM SCHOOL OF DRAMARomeo and JulietSummer School ShowComing soonPromenade ProductionsBOXTREE PRODUCTIONSThe King and IAround the World in 80 DaysThe““Lively and funnyBath ChronicleWednesday 3 August7.30 pmThursday 4 August6.30 pm 14.00 ( 12.00) 8.00 ( 6.00)Romance. Swordfights. Potions.Tragically slow messengers.Following four days of intensive dramatraining in the Bacon Theatre with theCheltenham School of Drama, youngperformers aged 6 – 18 yrs present anenchanting stage production in the TuckwellAmphitheatre to showcase their talents.As with all open-air events, audiences arealso invited to come along 1½ hrs beforethe show for a picnic with family and friendsin the beautiful surroundings.The critically-acclaimed Pantaloons giveShakespeare’s tale of ill-fated love a freshtwist; a delightfully inventive take, featuringlive music, audience interaction and thatfamous bit with the balcony.You’ll laugh until you cry.LOCAL 5 AugustandGreat inventive theatreAudience member7.30 pmThurs 15th – Sun 18th SeptI 12.00 - 16.00Race against the clock with Phileas Foggand his valet Passepartout as they travelaround the world by any means necessaryand in just 80 days! Will they do it? Willthe misguided Detective Fix arrest them?Has Passepartout left the gas on? All thesequestions and more will be answered in thisexciting adventure, featuring original songs,trains, boats, romance, sword fights andeven an elephant - there is something forthe whole family to enjoy.This large and dedicated cast of localthespians invite you to join them at thecourt of the King of Siam. With an exoticsetting and a full orchestra, award-winningPromenade Productions promise acolourful production of The King and I.Join them for a fantastic musical with amemorable score, including great numbers,Getting to Know You, Shall We Dance? andEt cetera, et cetera, et cetera.Tickets available via Showcase 01242 224144,at or via the Bacon TheatrePlease note: matinees are Saturday & Sunday ng.com10Open - Air Theatre Festival Live: King Lear12 OctoberLadies of Swing6 NovemberUltimate Bowie12 November7.30 pmw/end 2.30 pm 14.00 ( 12.00) Festival Ballet9 OctoberCelebrating 25years of theBacon Theatrethis autumnOperaUpClose18 NovemberLiving Spit18 DecemberJoin us for abumper season oflive music, ballet,event cinema,opera, comedy andDean Close Drama.11

BOX OFFICE INFORMATIONCONCESSIONSThese apply to over 60s, students,under 18s, registered unemployed andregistered disabled patrons. ID may berequired.GROUP DISCOUNTS10% discount applies to bookings of 10tickets together. Please call the box officefor full details of discounts available.BOOKING FEEAll advanced bookings are subject to abooking fee: 1 for a single ticket, 2 fortwo or more tickets. There is no bookingfee for films or on-the-door purchases.There are no additional charges forpostage or credit card payments.12REFUNDS / EXCHANGESWe are not able to refund tickets unlessa show is cancelled. We can try to re-sellthem for you if an event is sold out.Our fully licensed bar is open for pre- andpost- performance drinks and intervaldrinks which may be ordered in advance.CARThe Bacon Theatre is accessed via theHatherley Road entrance to Dean CloseSchool. Simply follow the brown tourismsigns from either end of the Hatherley Rd.For satellite navigation purposes only,enter the postcode GL51 6EP. For theTuckwell Amphitheatre enter GL51 6HE.There is ample free parking on both sites.Coffee, tea and a wide selection of icecreams and confectionery are on salepre-show and during the interval.2223BalconyS K122L122M1N221418BUSBus D from Cheltenham stops onShelburne Road. Buses 97 and 98 fromGloucester stop on Hatherley Road.Bus 94 from Gloucester stops on theLansdown Road. Local bus informationline 08706 082608.18STAGEP QAudio or large print versions of thisbrochure are available on request.1esbtleThis lHQHote GC1 1121A121B122C122D122E1121TewkH J1 11277FG65To MandGresteloucPetrolStationA40Dean CloseSchoolTHEATREbox office 01242 258002oadGBACON1rRstecelouA40THE16Registered disabled patrons areentitled to concession tickets with acomplimentary ticket for a companion.14coTesL KWe welcome patrons with disabilitiesand we will do what we can to ensurethat your visit is as straightforward aspossible. If you need assistance, pleaselet us know when booking your tickets.Facilities include: designated parking,level access, adapted toilet, wheelchairspaces in the auditorium and a hearingloop facility. Guide dogs are welcome.BICYCLECycle parking spaces are available onthe top car park.TRAINCheltenham Spa railway station is a15-minute walk away.SEATING PLANStallsDISABLED FACILITIESHatherley ouryA4019QudnRGlencairOPENING TIMESMonday - Friday 9.00 am - 12.00 pmPAYMENTSWe accept cash, credit/debit cards andcheque payments (payable to DeanClose Services Ltd).HOW TO FIND USShelburneRoadPhone 01242 258002Online [email protected] The Bacon TheatreDean Close SchoolShelburne RoadCheltenham, GL51 6HEREFRESHMENTSeen’s RoadTHE TUCKWELLAMPHITHEATREeentrwn CTo Ton adLansdowDeanClosePrepTownPetroStatio lnTo Stroud(A46)The Bacon Theatre is proud to supportperformers from the local community andwe are always pleased to hear from anygroups or individuals seeking affordableperformance space or local businessesand organisations requiring facilities forconferences, functions and away days.Please note that although changes to theadvertised programme are rare, someevents may be subject to change at shortnotice.13

MAYSun 1JUNEJanet Cram AwardsHIREAdmission by programme on the doorTues 3Film: Woman in Gold [12A]10.00 amto 5.30 pmThur 237.45 pmSat 25 Sun 26Tickets: 7.00 ( 6.00)Sat 7Ambitions Does Fashion 2016HIRE6.30 pmTickets & info: 07854 740494Thur 12NT Live: A View from the Bridge [12A]Sat 14Tue 5Sat 9Film: Love & Mercy [12A]Sun 17Cotswold ClaptonHIRE7.30 pmTickets: 15.00Tue 7Film: Brooklyn [12A]Wed 20- Fri 5RSC Live: Hamlet [12A]7.00 pmTickets: 16.50 ( 14.50) Student 12.50Thur 9Film: Trumbo [15]7.45 pmMy Stage SchoolHIRENT Live: The Audience [12A]7.00 pmTickets: 16.50 ( 14.50) Student 12.50DanceworksFri 17 Sun 19Tickets & info: 01242 233338Tue 21Film: The Danish Girl [15]Tickets: 7.00 ( 6.00)HIRE7.00 pm& 3.00 pm7.45 pm12.00 pmEmma Ward Dance and Performing Arts2.30 pmHIREOpen-air Theatre Festival 2016VariousShakespeare, comedy, drama, film and familytheatre all presented in the Tuckwell AmphitheatreTickets 6.00 - 14.00 Gates open 1½ hrs before7.45 pmTickets: 7.00 ( 6.00)Wed 87.00 pmHIRETickets & info: 01452 714909 or 07510 571809JUNEFri 3Janet Marshall Dance: Extravaganza 2016Information: 0208 64235067.45 pmTickets: 7.00 ( 6.00)11.00 am& 4.00 pmTickets: 16.00Tickets: 7.00 ( 6.00)7.30 pmTickets: 17.00 ( 15.00)Tue 17Anneli Dance Studios Summer ShowTickets & info: 01242 2212967.00 pmVoodoo Room7.30 pmJULYSun 3Tickets: 16.50 ( 14.50) Student 12.50Summer DreamingTickets: 20.00 ( 18.00)Bring low-backed seating, picnics and warm layersAUGUSTSat 6Corraine Collins Dance StudioHIRE2.00 pmTickets & info: 01242 582904The Bacon TheatreDean Close SchoolHatherley RoadCheltenhamGL51 6EP01242[email protected]

clutching Percival the beloved pet parrot. the sardonic Inspector back arrives to investigate and the twists and turns of a whodunit both puzzle and entertain. this original murder-mystery by David kerby-kendall will be interactive with references to Do