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BEDI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, BAREILLYCLASS: VIISUBJECT: COMPUTERChapter-1(Computer Hardware – Internal & External)I. Fill in the blanks.1. External hardware are the physical parts that are outside the computer.2. Internal hardware are the physical parts that are inside the computer.3. Keyboard is a typewriter like device.4. Mouse pointer is also known as cursor.5. Printer prints the computer generated result on paper.6. A computer can understand only digital form.7. Microphone allows us to give data and instruction through our voices.8. Pendrive is a small storage device shaped like a small pen.9. Ram is a temporary data storage.10. Hard disk is the secondary memory of the computer.II. Answer the following questions.1. What is computer hardware? Explain its parts.Ans. All the physical parts of computer which we can touch and see are called computerhardware. For e.g. keyboard, mouse, monitor, CPU, etc. It has two parts:a. Internal Hardwareb. External HardwareINTERNAL HARDWARE : Physical parts of computer which are inside the computer systemis called internal hardware. For e.g. RAM, CPU, Motherboard, SMPS, Ports, etc.EXTERNAL HARDWARE : Physical parts of computer which are outside the computer systemis called external hardware. For e.g. Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Printer, speaker, etc.2. What is SMPS? Why it is important?Ans. SMPS stands for Switched Mode Power Supply. SMPS is a power supply that uses aswitching regulator to control and stabilize the output voltage by switching the load current onand off. These power supplies offer a greater power conversion and reduce the overall powerloss.3. What are Ports?Ans. Ports are the connectors at the back of CPU where you plug in external hardware devices.The keyboard, mouse, monitor and printer etc. are plugged into ports. The ports are controlledby their expansion cards which are plugged into the motherboard.4. What is Motherboard?Ans.: It is also known as the main board and sometimes referred to as Mobo. A motherboard is aprinted circuit board that allows connection between all component and peripherals attached tothe computer. The motherboard provides attachment points of all components attached to it,which includes processor, RAM, Hard drives, graphics card, video card etc. It also allows all thecomponent such as CPU, graphics card, hard drive and memory to receive power from theattached power supply.

5. What is Modem?Ans.: MODEM stands for Modulator and Demodulator. It is a device used for connecting yourcomputer to a network via telephone and cable lines. A modem translates computer informationinto a form that can transmit over a telephone line i.e., changing information from digital signalsto analog signals. This process is called modulation. The receiving modem translates theinformation it receives, into the form which a computer can understand i.e., analog signals todigital signals. This process is called demodulation.6. What is RAM?Ans.: RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It is a volatile memory. It is a form of computerdata storage that stores data and machine code currently being used. It allows data items to beread and written in almost the same amount of time irrespective of the physical location of datainside the memory. It cannot hold data permanently. It loses data as soon as the program is overand power is turned off.7. What are peripheral devices?Ans. Peripheral devices are an ancillary device used to put information into and get informationout of the computer. All input and output devices are called peripheral devices. For e.g. mouse,keyboard, monitor, etc.III. Full forms :1. SMPS - Switched Mode Power Supply2. RAM - Random Access Memory3. CPU - Central Processing Unit4. MODEM - Modulator and Demodulator

CLASS: VIIBEDI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, BAREILLYSUBJECT: COMPUTERChapter-2( Word Processor-Mail Merge )A. Fill in the blanks. Mail merge is carried out in Microsoft word.Data source is also known as recipients list.The main document contains the main body of your letter.You can use the mailing tab to do mail merge.There are six steps in Mail Merge Wizard.B. Answer the following questions.1. What is mail merge?Ans. Mail Merge is a feature required to send letters with similar information to a number of people who resideat different locations. Mail merge is a tool to link a main document to a set of data coming from a data source.2. Give five advantages of mail- merge feature.Ans. Five advantages of mail merge feature are: It is easy to make changes to a single letter and same change will happen in every letter. Once the merge has been setup, thousands of letters can be produced very quickly. Letters can be personalized. A standard letter can be saved and reused. The same data source can be reused thus reducing the risk of errors.3. What is data source in context of mail merge?Ans. A data source is simply the source of the data. Data source consists of mailing list, for example name,address, city, telephone number, etc which is inserted into the main document. The data is organized intabular form along with the field names. It stores the data/information to be brought into the maindocument.4. What is the difference between a main document and merged document?Ans.: Main document contains main body of the letter and merge fields where as merged documents isthe final document which is the outcome of merging of main document with data source.5. What are these terms in the context of mail merge?(i) Merge field(ii) Merged documentAns. Merge field : This is a placeholder that you insert in the main document. For eg. Insert the Citymerge field to have Word insert a city name, such as “paris”, that is stored in the City data field.Merged Document: this is the resulting document that you receive when you merge your mail- mergemain document with your address list. The resulting document can be the printed result or a newword document that contains the merge results.6. What are the required steps to complete the basic mail-merge process?Ans. To complete the basic mail merge process, following steps should be followed: Open or create a data source with individual recipient information. Open or create a main document. Add or customize merge fields in the main document. Merge data from the data source in the main document to create a new, merged document.7. How many different types of documents can you create in Word 2007/2010 using mail mergefeature?Ans. Letters, E-mail Messages, Envelopes, Labels and directory are different types of document thatcan be created in Word 2007/2010 using mail merge feature.

CLASS: VIIBEDI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, BAREILLYSUBJECT: COMPUTERChapter-3( Presentation-Visual Effects )A. Fill in the blanks. A slide is an electronic page in a presentationOutline are a summarized version of your slides, which display only titles and main text.Custom animation is available on the animation menu.PowerPoint presentations are given extension .ppt .Theme is a set of sample slides with some text and design that give you suggestionsabout the content of your presentation.B. Answer the following questions.1. Differentiate between a slide and slide show.Ans. A slide is a single page of a presentation. Collectively, a group of slides may be known asslide deck. Slide show is an electronic presentation which can be run on a computer screen or aprojector device.2. What do you understand by Animation? How is it helpful in a presentation?Ans.: The ability to move your objects like text, graphics, charts, logos etc in all directions ofthe slide is called Animation. Animation is very helpful when we wish to focus on importantpoints. It also controls the order of flow of information and helps to increase the audienceinterest.3. What are various views, which you can open your presentation in?Ans.: The five different views available in PowerPoint are:Normal view : The default view ,it display three panes that shows the outline, the slide andnotes pane.Slide sorter : it display your entire set of slides on screen in thumbnail form so that you cancheck the order and completeness of your presentation.Notes page : displays the speaker notes created to go with each slide. It lets one enter andedit speaker’s notes for the presenter.Reading : this show the slide that fits within the window and one can change to this viewwhen one wants to proof read or rehearse.Slide show : displays the slides on e after the other on full screen.4. When is slide sorter view useful for viewing a presentation?Ans. The slide sorter view is useful for viewing the slide in miniature forms and rearrangingthem.5. In normal view three panes are shown. Name these three panes along with their usage.Ans. The normal view of a presentation is a view that displays three panes: Overview, Slideand notes.Overview pane : It is that pane in Normal view that contains the slides and outline tabs.

Slide pane : It is an area in normal view that shows the currently selected slide as it willappear in the presentation.Notes pane : It is an area in normal view where one can add simple text notes about thecurrent slide.6. What is slide show? What type of visual effects can you add in slide show?Ans. Slide show is the name of running electronic presentation. Various effects that can beused in slide show are:Animations and transitionsMusic, sounds and videos7. What is slide transition?Ans. A slide transition is a special effect for creating a presentation. By using slide transition, auser will be able to choose the speed and movement to the next slide and the type of sound toplay the presentation. The slide transition is used to add visual movement on a slide during aslide show.8. What are action buttons? How are they useful?Ans. An Action Button is a ready-made button for defining hyperlink ( a connection from oneslide to another). Any shape or text on which you can click during presentation and it links toand opens another slide or play audio or video etc is an action button. Action button can domany of the same things as hyperlinks. Their easy to understand style makes them especiallyuseful for self running presentation at booths. It can be used to direct the user back to aprevious slide, or forward to the next slide, or to go directly to the first or last slide, oranywhere in between.

CLASS: VIIBEDI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, BAREILLYSUBJECT: COMPUTERChapter-6( Spreadsheets-An Introduction )A. Fill in the blanks. In MS-Excel a formula starts with (equals to) sign. The cell having bold boundary is the active cell. The cut and paste operation copies data from the source range to target range and erases itfrom the source range. Address of the cell at 20th column and 30th row is T30 . The keyboard shortcut for copy is Ctrl C and for paste is Ctrl V. The keyboard shortcut for undo is Ctrl Z and for redo is Ctrl Y. Title bar shows the name of your workbook. By default, an MS Excel workbook consists of three worksheets.B. Answer the following questions.1. Write five advantages of spreadsheets.Ans. Five advantages of spreadsheet are: They are easy to learn and use. It can support huge amount of data. It provides various built in functions and formulas which saves time. Automatic calculations and recalculations can be performed. It provide interaction as you can type or change data or formula at any time.2. What is cell and how is it referred in MS Excel?Ans.: The basic building block of the worksheet is called a cell. A cell is an intersection of acolumn and a row. The cell is identified by its address(the intersecting column and row). Forinstance, if row 5 is intersected by column B, then the cell formed is addressed by B5. The cellcan contain number, text and formula.3. What do you understand by a range of cells?Ans.: Range of cells is a group of one or more contiguous cells that forms a rectangular area inshape. A range is specified by giving the addresses of first cell and the last cell of the rangeseparated by some symbol character(s).E.g. A5:B10.4. What is the difference between a worksheet and a workbook?Ans. The MS Excel file is referred to as a workbook, in which we work and store our data. Eachworkbook consists of several worksheets. It is like a notebook. Whereas, Worksheet is like apage in workbook. A worksheet is a grid of cells made up of rows and columns. Multipleworksheets can be combined under a file known as workbook.5. What are different types of data that can be entered in MS-Excel?

Ans. There are three types of entries allowed in a workbook:Label – the text entryValue – the numbersFormulas6. What do you mean by cell pointer and current cell?Ans. Cell pointer is the cell boundary that specifies which cell is active. And the active cell isknown as the current cell.7. What is the difference between copying and moving a range?Ans. In copy operation, the copied data is duplicated at the target location i.e.,data remain attwo places: original and target locations.In move operation, the moved data is removed from original location and placed at targetlocation.8. What is the default alignment of number and text in spreadsheets?Ans. Default alignment of text is left and numbers is right.9. What is formula?Ans. Formula is a sequence of values, cell-addresses, names, functions or operators in a cellthat produces a new value from existing values.

CLASS: VII SUBJECT: COMPUTER Chapter-6( Spreadsheets-An Introduction ) A. Fill in the blanks. In MS-Excel a formula starts with (equals to) sign. The cell having bold boundary is the active cell. cut and pasteThe operation copies data from the source range