An Introduction To FFmpeg, DaVinci Resolve, Timelapse And .

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An Introduction toFFmpeg, DaVinci Resolve, Timelapse and Fulldome Video Production,Special Effects, Color Grading, Streaming, Audio Processing,Canon 5D-MK4, Panasonic LUMIX GH5S, Kodak PIXPRO SP360 4K, Ricoh Theta V,Synthesizers, Image Processing and Astronomy SoftwarebyMichael Koch, [email protected] from June 4, 20211

Contents1 Introduction to FFmpeg. 81.1 What can be done with FFmpeg?. 101.2 If FFmpeg has no graphical user interface, how do we use it?.111.3 The first example. 131.4 Using variables. 142 FFmpeg in detail. 152.1 Convert from one video format to another video format.152.2 Fit timelapse length to music length. 162.3 Timelapse or slideshow from many images, with crossfading.172.4 Slideshow with different durations . 192.5 Slideshow with scrolling images. 202.6 Extract many images from a video. 222.7 Extract the last frame from a video. 232.8 Modify brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma and hue.232.9 Strong contrast enhancement. 252.10 Inverting a video or image (make a negative). 262.11 Correcting the color channels. 272.12 Colorhold. 282.13 Atmospheric dispersion correction. 292.14 Amplify filter. 292.15 Extract a time segment from a video. 302.16 Trim filter. 312.17 Tpad filter, add a few seconds black at the beginning or end.322.18 Extract the last 30 seconds of a video. 332.19 Fade-in and fade-out. 342.20 Crossfading. 352.21 Crop a video. 362.22 Add borders to a video. 372.23 Zoompan. 372.24 Changing the speed: slow motion and timelapse. 382.25 Slow motion or timelapse only for a segment of the video.392.26 Time Remapping. 512.522.532.542.552.562.572.582Insert a text which is visible for the whole duration. 42Slowly fade a text in and out. 42Show a running clock in the video. 45Generation of curved text for fulldome projection . 47Write text on a transparent layer. 50Combine multiple videos with concat demuxer. 51Combine multiple videos with concat filter. 52Split a video in multiple segments. 53The "fps" filter. 53Switch between two cameras, using audio from camera1.54Stack videos side by side (or on top of each other) . 55Horizontal and vertical flipping. 55Stack four videos to a 2x2 mosaic . 56Blink comparator. 57Animated GIF and PNG. 58Replace one frame in a video by another. 59Blend filter. 60Circular mask (View through eyepiece). 61Binocular view simulation. 63Subtracting a darkframe. 64Gradation curves and vignetting. 65Color grading with color look-up tables, full workflow.66Color grading with color look-up tables, simplified workflow .68Size of color-look-up tables. 69Histogram. 73Lagfun filter. 73Star trails. 75Bird trails. 76Rainbow-trail effect. 78Temporal slice-stacking effect. 79Extract and merge planes, split planes. 80Bluescreen / greenscreen. 81

96Real-time bluescreening . 92Datascope. 94Video line jitter effect. 95Vertical jitter effect. 96Deblock filter. 97Gradfun filter. 97Dilation filter. 97Correct the radial distortion of (fisheye-) lenses. 98V360 filter for rotation of equirectangular 360 videos.101Equirectangular images of the night sky. 104Remap a fisheye video to an equirectangular video. 105Remap an equirectangular video to a fisheye video. 109Remap an equirectangular video to a "Little planet" video.110Remap an equirectangular video to a "Mirror sphere" video.112Shifting the viewing direction in a fisheye image or video.116How the "drawbox" filter works. 118Stitching together double-fisheye videos. 119Remove stitching artefacts. 121Preprocessing a flat video for fulldome projection. 125Rotating the earth, moon or planet. 128Live rotation of the moon. 133Insert a crosshair in a live video. 135Tunnel effect. 136Black hole simulation with remap filter. 140Wormhole simulation. 145Simulation of a moving wormhole. 150Dynamically change commands with "sendcmd" or "zmq".154Sendcmd and commands. 155Sending commands with ZMQ. 159FFmpeg and C# Programming. 161Video stabilization. 164Stabilization of 360 Videos. 165Stabilization of 360 Videos, improved. 170Remap Video-in-Video with perspective filter. 172Image warping with displace filter. 174Noise reduction. 179-filter complex script. 180Time delay within a filter chain. 1802.97 Recording one-time events with pre-trigger . 1812.98 Chroma subsampling, pixel formats of images or videos.1822.99 Automatic format conversions. 1882.100 Convert RGB to HSV or HSL. 1892.101 Convert HSV to RGB. 1902.102 Video Codecs. 1912.103 Keyframes. 1922.104 Metadata. 1932.105 Video filters "copy" and "null". 1942.106 Re-numbering images. 1942.107 Filenames for images. 1952.108 Make spectrum images. 1962.109 Redshift. 1992.110 Make many JPG test images. 2012.111 Make a grid video. 2012.112 Make a chessboard video. 2022.113 Make a test video with audio. 2022.114 Pseudocolor filter. 2032.115 Make a 10-bit test video with audio. 2042.116 Test a filtergraph for 10-bit compatibility. 2042.117 Find an object in a video and hide it. 2052.118 Find the coordinates of a moving object in a video .2052.119 Detect black frames and replace them by previous frame.2062.120 Image formats. 2072.121 Image size limits. 2082.122 CR2 and DNG Images. 2092.123 Colorspace. 2102.124 Video sizes. 2112.125 Editing videos from PanoView XDV360 fulldome camera.2122.126 Editing videos from the Kodak SP360 4K camera. 2132.127 Postprocessing of real time videos of the night sky.2142.128 Workflow for night sky videos with GH5S. 2172.129 Combine many options and filters. 2182.130 Timelapse example with masking, deflicker, rotation, fading. 2192.131 Slow motion with Panasonic GH5S at 240fps. 2202.132 Create a light curve of a star occultation. 2222.133 Oscilloscope. 2282.134 Vectorscope. 2283

2.135 Capture a video from a webcam. 2292.136 Capture video from the desktop or from a window.2302.137 Capture video and audio from a HDMI to USB converter.2312.138 Creating multiple outputs. 2352.139 Adding *.srt subtitles to a video. 2352.140 Adding *.ass subtitles or credit files to a video. 2372.141 Removing subtitles. 2382.142 frei0r. 2382.143 Attaching a preview image to a video. 2392.144 Timeline support. 2412.145 Expression evaluation. 2522.146 Downloading videos from Facebook. 2552.147 Uploading spherical 360 images to Facebook. 2552.148 Uploading videos to Facebook. 2562.149 Downloading videos from Youtube. 2562.150 Youtube recommended settings. 2572.151 Streaming from FFmpeg to YouTube Live. 2582.152 Limiting FFmpeg's encoding speed to realtime. 2582.153 Hardware acceleration. 2592.154 FFmpeg console output. 2602.155 FFmpeg source code. 2602.156 FFmpeg: Suggestions for improvement. 2613 Audio processing with FFmpeg. 2743.1 Combine multiple audio files with crossfadings. 2743.2 Change audio volume. 2753.3 Change audio sample rate and number of audio channels.2753.4 Change audio length, sample rate and/or pitch . 2763.5 Replace a segment of the audio stream by silence. 2773.6 Add an audio stream to a video, if no audio stream exists.2773.7 Stereo -- mix into one mono channel. 2783.8 Check if both stereo channels are equal. 2793.9 Check if two mono inputs are equal. 2793.10 Extract one mono channel from stereo. 2793.11 Stereo -- two mono channels. 2793.12 Mono -- stereo. 2803.13 Two mono channels -- stereo. 2803.14 Mix two stereo channels to one stereo channel. 2803.15 How to choose the correct audio volume level. 2813.16 Remove low frequencies (wind noise) from an audio track.2823.17 Make a video from an audio file. 2833.18 Convert ultrasound to the audible range, e.g. to hear bats.2843.19 Record sound with the computer's built-in microphone.2873.20 Record a "Voice-Over" audio track. 2883.21 Passing the FFmpeg output to FFplay. 2903.22 Record sound and pass the output to FFplay . 2903.23 Live ultrasound conversion. 2913.24 Extract the audio from a video. 2933.25 Split a video into audio-only and video-only. 2933.26 Synchronize audio with video. 2933.27 Sources for royalty-free music. 2943.28 Sound effects, from frequency domain to time domain.2953.29 Create band-limited noise. 3003.30 Show the frequency response of a filter. 3013.31 Make an audio file with a short test tone. 3023.32 Measuring the audio volume. 3023.33 Create an alternating left/right stereo sound. 3033.34 Optical sound effect. 3043.35 Which equipment is useful for making sound records?.3063.36 Comparison of Rode NT1 and NTG2 microphones. 3073.37 Mathematical properties of sample rates 44100 and 48000.3083.38 Speed of sound. 3104 FFprobe. 3114.1 Count the number of frames. 3124.2 Find the keyframe timestamps. 3125 FFplay. 3136 DaVinci Resolve 15 / 16 / 17. 3156.1 Tutorials on Youtube. 3166.2 Mouse buttons and keyboard shortcuts. 3186.3 Preferences. 3206.4 Project settings. 3216.5 Archive projects. 3226.6 The "Media" page in DaVinci Resolve. 3236.7 The "Cut" page in DaVinci Resolve. 3246.8 The "Edit" page in DaVinci Resolve. 3256.9 The "Fusion" page in DaVinci Resolve. 3296.10 Add a new "MediaIn" node. 3304

48Fusion Clips. 331The "Color" page in DaVinci Resolve. 332Corrector nodes in "Color" page. 334Wipes. 334The "Deliver" page in DaVinci Resolve. 335Synchronize audio with video. 336Cutting on the beat of the music. 336Video stabilization. 337Track an object. 338Track and blur (or pixelize) an object. 341Track an object and cover it by a colored rectangle. 342Track an object and cover it by an image. 343Track an object and corner pin an image. 344Overlay text. 345Color matching. 346Generate a LUT. 347Apply a look-up-table to a clip. 347Special effects. 348Alpha masking. 352Qualifier. 353Exclude two regions from a mask. 354Snowfall. 355Polyline toolbar. 356Artificial lightning. 357Adjustment clips. 359Trails. 360Fog Effect. 361Explosion effect. 362Bluescreen / greenscreen. 3643D Effects. 3653D Water Effect. 366Resolve Live. 366Time remapping. 367Slow motion and timelapse. 367Reducing the framerate (Super 8 simulation). 367Reverse a video. 368Recording a Voice-Over audio track . 368ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement). 3696.49 VR360. 3706.50 Reframing 360 videos with KartaVR. 3716.51 Little Planet. 3736.52 Spherical stabilizer. 3756.53 Mirror sphere. 3776.54 Black hole effect. 3796.55 Wormhole effect. 3816.56 Programming fuses. 3826.57 Extract still images. 3836.58 Multicam Editing. 3836.59 Subtitles. 3846.60 Convert *.mkv videos for DaVinci Resolve. 3866.61 Convert 10-bit videos from GH5S for DaVinci Resolve.3866.62 Metadata. 3886.63 Sound library. 3896.64 DaVinci Resolve, Problems and Solutions. 3906.65 Miscellaneous unsorted things. 3917 Exiftool. 3928 IrfanView. 3938.1 Create an image with a transparent color. 3939 Adobe DNG converter. 39410 Batch files (DOS, Windows 7 and 10). 39510.1 Wildcards in filenames. 39510.2 Create beeps in a batch file. 39610.3 Loop over all files in a directory. 39710.4 Create short text files or append text to a file. 39710.5 Calculate variables in a batch file. 39710.6 if conditions. 39811 Batch files (Unix, Linux). 39812 VLC Player. 39913 MPV. 40014 DVD Rippers. 40015 SpyderX Elite, Monitor calibration. 40016 Color grading with 3D LUT Creator. 40116.1 Known problems and solutions. 40416.2 Beginner tutorials for 3D LUT Creator. 40616.3 Advanced tutorials for 3D LUT Creator. 40716.4 Working with Color Targets in for 3D LUT Creator. 4085

16.5 Working with video in for 3D LUT Creator. 40817 OBS - Open Broadcaster Software. 41017.1 OBS - Problems and solutions. 41117.2 CPU Load. 41217.3 Facebook Live. 41317.4 Facebook Live - Mode "Camera". 41317.5 Facebook Live - Mode "Connect". 41417.6 YouTube Live. 41517.7 Desktop for live broadcasting. 41517.8 Live broadcasting, or recording in advance?. 41618 Tips and tricks for video. 41719 Screenwriting. 41820 Unix (Ubuntu), compiling FFmpeg . 41920.1 GIT. 42020.2 Compiling FFmpeg under Unix with additional options.42220.3 Compiling FFmpeg under Windows. 42221 Cameras and lenses for fulldome video production. 42321.1 Read-out chip size of cameras at different video modes.42421.2 Overview of available fisheye lenses. 42521.3 Favorable camera / fisheye combinations. 42721.4 Fisheye projection lenses. 42921.5 Other projection lenses. 43021.6 Flange distances. 43121.7 Aperture numbers, rounded and exact. 43121.8 Test patterns for fulldome projection. 43222 Canon 5D-Mark4. 43422.1 All Canon 5D-Mark4 video modes for PAL video system.43422.2 All Canon 5D-Mark4 video modes for NTSC video system.43522.3 Canon 5D-Mark4 Field of view. 43622.4 Video tutorials for Canon 5D-Mark4. 43823 Panasonic LUMIX GH5S. 44223.1 GH5S Record formats. 44223.2 GH5S Exposing for VLog-L. 44323.3 GH5S HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma). 44823.4 GH5S Metering Modes.

FFmpeg, DaVinci Resolve, Timelapse and Fulldome Video Production, Special Effects, Color Grading, Streaming, Audio Processing, Canon 5D-MK4, Panasonic LUMIX GH5S, Kodak PIXPRO SP360 4K, Ricoh Theta V, Synthesizers, Image Processing and Astron