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Exams, Services& CertificationsCatalogue 2019-2020

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You are committedto learning, we arecommitted to youWorking together to support educationAt Pearson we love what we do in English Language Teaching (ELT),because we get to work in lots of different types of classroomsaround the world. Every day we look at ways of combining content,assessment, technology and services to help teachers and studentsacross the world teach, learn and practise their English skills. Thismakes us, Pearson, the world’s leading education company.Making measurable impact on people’s livesOur purpose as a company –and, ultimately, the true measure ofour success– is to ensure we really do help provide more peoplewith the knowledge and skills they need to progress in their lives.TechnologyWe believe that technology has the power to transform education,to make it more effective and personal. In a rapidly-changing digitalworld. We believe in all kinds of learning, delivered at any time,in any place, through technology solutions of the highest quality,enabling you to achieve your English learning and teaching goals.Teacher Training ServicesWhether your school or institution would like specific guidance onhow to best exploit Pearson’s materials or digital tools, or if you justneed to get to grips with the latest trends in teaching and learning,our team of Teacher Trainers will be there to lend you a hand.International Qualifications from PearsonPearson has some of the UK’s largest awarding academicqualifications, with a whole range of options such as the prestigiousPearson Test of English, and thousands of candidates around theworld choose our certifications.3

Global Scale of EnglishKeeps learners movingforward in the right direction

The Global Scale of English (GSE) is a standardised, granular scale that measuresEnglish language proficiency. Unlike some other frameworks that measure Englishproficiency in broad bands, the Global Scale of English identifies what a learner can doat each point on a scale from 10 – 90, across each of the four skills: listening, reading,speaking and writing. Using the Global Scale of English, students and teachers can nowanswer three questions accurately: E xactly how goodis my English? W hat progress have I madetoward my learning goal? W hat do I needto do next if ?Developing a more granular proficiency scaleThe GSE builds on research by Brian North and the Council of Europe in creating theCommon European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The GSE has beenpsychometrically aligned to the CEFR.Global Scale of EnglishCEFR1020 A130A140A2 50B1 607080B2 C190C25

Personalised learning through tailored learning objectivesTogether with the learning objectives, the GSE provides a comprehensive solution forEnglish language teaching and learning with: A proficiency scaleTeaching and learning materialsLow and high stakes assessment such as ProgressA range of Learning Objectives for Adult Learners of General English, Academic English,Professional English and Young Learners (ages 8-13)Try the GSE Teacher ToolkitThe Global Scale of English Teacher Toolkit givesfast and easy access to all the Learning Objectives,grammar, and vocabulary you need to help planEnglish lessons and assessment at the right level foryour students.For more information, visit www.english.com/gseTeacher Toolkit: oThe Global Scale of English SolutionScaleOne scale 10-906Learning Objectives4 sets tailored tospecific needsCourse MaterialCourses aligned to theGSE learning objectivesTestingAssessment optionsdelivering a GSE score

Pearson Test of EnglishShow the world how goodyour English is!

Whatever your age and wherever you study or work, Pearson can offer you an English language test thatcan help you make progress in your life by showing schools, universities, companies or other institutionsthe level of language proficiency you have reached. All our Pearson Test Of English (PTE) examsare provided in partnership with Edexcel, the UK’s largest awarding body for academic and vocationalqualifications, and are clearly aligned to the Common European Framework.TMDeveloping essential skills for the 21st centuryInternational Language Tests specially designedfor children, PTE Young Learners offers four levelsof increasing difficulty, which are appropriate forchildren aged 8 to 13. These four levels correspondto A1–A2 on the CEFR.LevelLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4CEF (*)PTE Young rough*CEF Common European FrameworkScenario-based testsPTE Young Learners’ distinguishing feature is its scenario-based test format: all the tasksrevolve around an everyday situation which children can easily relate to. The topics areinternational, age-appropriate and interesting to children. Examples from past papersinclude “First Day at School”, “Grandma’s birthday”, and “A New Friend”, among others. Itis this innovative feature that makes PTE Young Learners a highly recommended optionin the field of international examinations for primary schools.Student-friendly test formatPTE Young Learners includes a written paper with six tasks to assess listening, readingand writing. The written paper is followed by an oral test carried out in mini groups inwhich students perform two tasks: a board game with questions to answer, and a shorttalk about a topic. Specially trained examiners strive to create a positive, non-intimidatingatmosphere throughout the test.Feedback to studentsPTE Young Learners provides detailed feedback about performance which includes thescores for listening, speaking, reading and writing. The grades awarded for the test are‘Distinction’, ‘Merit’ or ‘Pass’.Fun charactersPTE Young Learners introduces a not-so-typical English family “The Browns” as themain characters in the suite. The children enjoy reading about the everyday activities,adventures and mishaps of the Browns. They become familiar with the characters andevents, which makes the testing experience very comfortable and highly engaging.8

Preparing students for a challenging and demanding worldInternational Certification for adolescents and adultsPTE General is a six-level general English suite of tests which starts at Foundation level and stretches toProficient level. All levels are aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.PTE General is recognised globally and accepted byemployers and national education authorities in manycountries as evidence of a required level of English.PTE General Level Description CEF (*)The six levels of the test are provided in partnershipwith Edexcel Limited, the largest UK awardingbody for academic and vocational qualificationsand accredited by Ofqual in the UK. The Officeof Qualifications and Examinations Regulation(Ofqual) regulates qualifications, examinations andassessments in England, more info at:Level 5ProficientC2Level 4AdvancedC1Level 3Upper IntermediateB2Level 2IntermediateB1(*) CEFCommon European FrameworkLevel 1ElementaryA2Level sations/ofqual/aboutFocus on communicationPTE General certifies students’ language ability to use English for travel, further education or forbetter employment prospects. PTE General tests the abilities in English necessary to handle real lifesituations such as taking down notes, writing messages, understanding news articles, etc.Integration of skillsPTE General assesses all four skills (Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing) in an integratedway. For example: students listen to an announcement and then they write an email to a friend usingthe information from the announcement.Test formatPTE General consists of two parts: a written paper and a spoken test. The written paper testslistening, reading comprehension and writing skills and is marked by external examiners in theUK. The spoken test is recorded by local examiners and the recordings of the sessions are sent tothe UK for evaluation.Realistic and familiar tasksPTE General uses real-life material taken from authentic leaflets, magazines, broadcasts,newspapers, etc. PTE General contains familiar tasks that we usually perform in our lives, such aswriting messages, understanding talks and newspaper articles, or participating in conversation.9

Benefits of PTECommunication skills are of vital importance to succeedin today s demanding society. It is now a top priority inschools to develop these communication skills. Both PTEYoung Learners and PTE General can help achieve this aim.Having the focus on communication in real-life scenariosrather than on grammatical exercises, both PTE YoungLearners and PTE General offer students the possibility todevelop their communicative skills in an integrated way.PTE Young Learners and PTE General provide a type ofassessment that encourages learning, stimulates an interestin English, and offers a genuine proof of achievement in themastery of a foreign language.International CertificationPTE Young Learners and PTE General are provided by Edexcel Limited, the largestawarding body for academic and vocational qualifications in the UK.PTE General certificates do not expire. English language learners are encouragedto seek opportunities to practice the language and confirm their progress regularly.For more information about PTE, including PTE test preparation materials, please visitwww.pearsonpte.comTake the route to exam success.Whichever exam your students are taking, our preparation courses, extra practiceand skills booster books will help them achieve exam success.10

TMPTE Academic is the world’s leading computerbased test of English for studying abroad and forimmigration purposes. It assesses the real-lifeEnglish skills you need at university and for livingabroad, and is approved by the UK and Australiangovernments for visa applications as one of themost secure and rigorous English proficiencytests around.This certification is accepted by thousands ofinternational academic programmes includingmost UK universities, as well as the mostprestigious universities around the world suchas Yale or Harvard.Frequently Asked Questions about PTE on VUE Mexico contact details OfficePhone: (55) 9135-7047, Office located in MexicoCity at the Samara Shops offices in Santa Fe.In order to book your PTE Academic test visithttps://pearsonpte.com/book-nowWe help people realize theirpotential everyday. Learning is anever-ending road of discovery,challenge, inspiration andwonder. Learning opens upopportunities and enriches everystage of life. Pearson cultivatesa love for learning and is proudto accompany people along theirpath of discovery, inspiration andprogress. Because whereverlearning flourishes, so do people.11

Resources for CertificationsPTE General Skills BoostersPreparing for success at PTE GeneralThe Skills Boosters, produced by the test developers themselves, offer guided practiceof exam tasks, grammar and vocabulary activities, test tips and five practice tests.Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Student Book w/CD 267851Teachers Book w/CD 277966Expert: PTE Academic B1 level: Clare Walsh and Lindsay WarwickB2 level: David HillExpert PTE Academic provides rigorous exam training at levels B1 and B2Aa step-by-step approach to speaking and writing, combined with high-leveltexts and tasks that prepares students for the exam right from the start.MyEnglishLab allows students to track their level of achievement, providesfeedback and helps teachers identify and focus on individual and classstrengths and weaknesses.B1B2Coursebook 97814479750079781447975014OnlineOnlineTeachers eText disc for IWB (Ind. Teacher’s Resources)97814479618649781447961871Teachers eText for IWB Online Access Code97814479381499781447938132OnlineOnlineTeachers Book97814479737759781447973768Student’s eText Pin Card97814479738299781447973836Teachers Online Resource MaterialsTeachers eText Online Access CodeFor Teacher’s Access to MyEnglishLab or Online Resource material please contactyour local representative.The Official Guide to PTE Academic Everything you need to know about the PTE AcademicThe Official Guide to PTE Academic New Edition provides comprehensive informationabout the test, over 200 practice tasks on CD-ROM, analysis of sample answers, testtaking tips and more. Written by the developers of the test, it includes everything youneed to succeed in the PTE Academic exam.B1Book w/ Audio CD & CD-ROM12978144798911

“Best initiativeof the year” SIMOEducación 2014EducationalInnovationPrizesThe first ever online,fully automatedand institutionallyadministeredtest package.ProgressProgressaccurately measures student progress in English,highlighting strengths and weaknesses across alllanguage skills to inform teaching

Reliableand consistentProgress is automatically scored across all skills including speakingand writing to give consistent results.Our automated scoring technology is trusted by academic institutionsand border agencies across the world.Progress is scored on the Global Scale of English, a scale from 10 to 90that measures English language ability.The Global Scale of English is a valid and reliable scale empiricallyaligned to the CEFR.The handy score converter allows you to compare Progress scores onthe Global Scale of English to other recognised tests.GSE1020304050607080B2 C190Progress 65-80Progress 55-70Progress 45-60Progress 35-50Progress 25-40Progress 15-30CEFRConvenientand Time-Saving Institutionally administered Ready-made and fully automated Rapid resultsNew ways of life requirenew ways of learning,and we are makingthem happen.14 A1A1A2 B1 C2We are very interested in the product becauseit would be good to have something external,that is tested, piloted and has validity, which ourinternal tests don’t have.Customer from Spain

PreciseInforms Standardised adaptive test package Score report by skill shows strengths andweaknessesand Objective Results Scored on Global Scale of English tocompare scores Measures small increments of progresswithin a CEFR bandTeaching and Learning Can-do descriptors help focus teaching Comparable scores across tests motivate studentsThe Progress test is very differentfrom all the other tests out there. It isreally very, very interesting.Customer from PolandProgress is simple and convenient.It can be used for predictingperformance on our national exam.Customer from South KoreaAbout ProgressAn online test package that can be used with adultand young adult courses.Find out how Progress tests can benefit you and your classwww.pearsonELT.com/progressJoin the conversation #testingprogress15

PlacementPearson English PlacementPreparing studentsfor a challengingand demanding world

Pearson Placement is an English placement test delivered online through MyEnglishLab whichgives an accurate score for English learners in 35 minutes. Scores are instantly available and giveteachers a detailed summary of their students’ reading, writing and listening skills, so they can placethem in the right class and start focusing on problem areas straightaway. These tests respond to eachstudent’s ability, giving an accurate score for English learners from beginner through advanced.Key Features QUALITY Tested with over 13,000 participants in 96 countriesCreated by assessment experts worldwide -UK,US, Australia and Hong KongDeveloped by the experts who created PTE AcademicAproved by governments ACCURATE Accurate score from 10 – 90Adaptive test gives pinpoint accuracy at all levelsAll skills profile makes sure you’re not blindsidedby one low skill RELEVANT Tests writing, reading, listening, speaking, grammar,vocabularyTests communicative skillsTests English in an integrated way which reflectsreal life, i.e. listening & writing togetherEASY-TO-USE Integrated with MyEnglishLabUser-friendly experienceDedicated customer support and set-up guideFAST 35-minute testResults available instantly MOTIVATING Adapts to student abilityFamiliar question typesCan-do statements show a student where to focustheir studiesWho is it for?Upper secondaryand adultinstitutionsthat need a fastand accuratemeasurement of astudent’s level ofEnglish proficiency.17

How is it structured? A 30-35 minute test 2 configurations: Essential, Profile Pearson English Placement Essential: Online andadaptive, delivered through MyEnglishLab. Tests listening,reading, writing (through closed questions only), grammar& vocabulary. Scored on the CEFR and GSE Pearson English Placement Profile: Online and adaptive,delivered through MyEnglishLab. Tests listening, reading,writing (through closed questions only), speaking, grammar& vocabulary. Scored on the CEFR and GSE. Also providesa skills profile highlighting strengths and weaknesses andcan-do diagnostics to help inform teachingTeachers who want to: Understand their students’ level of Englishproficiency See a detailed profile of their students’ strengthsand weaknesses Remove the administration and marking dutiesduring the first week of term Test students of mixed ability with the same test Tailor their students’ learning paths straightawayWhat makes it great?Compared with other placement tests on themarket, Pearson Placement offers some significantadvantages: Unlike other placement tests, Pearson Placementoffers a test of writing as well as listening, reading,speaking, grammar & vocabulary Pearson Placement is accurate and high-quality:tested on over 13,000 volunteers with all questionsimproved accordingly Pearson Placement delivers accurate results instantly,helping students and teachers get started faster Pearson English Placement is scored on the GlobalScale of English and empirically aligned to the CEFRand linked with Progress tests, PTE Academic andPearson course materials18

Pearson English Interactive 2.0New ways of life require newways of learning and we aremaking them happen

PEI 2.0 is an engaging, 4-level,multi-skills general American Englishcommunicative course. Based on shortengaging videos, it meets the diverseneeds of adult learners to learn English,achieve their goals and gain confidence ineducation, business, work, teaching, travel,or anywhere English is spoken.Who’s it for? Adults learning EnglishIndependent self-studyIn-class learningBlended (Hybrid) learningWhat Skills are Taught? l istening (top down and bottom upskills), speaking (role plays, using the videoscenarios), pronunciation (using repetition oftargeted expressions) grammar (all the key grammar pointsexplained in the video lessons withextensive structured practice). reading/writing/vocabulary are treatedin PEI with a secondary focus. Thesesections are task-focused, and are usedto support the functional communicativegoals of each unit.What makes effectiveonline learning with PEI? serial storyreal characters baseshort learning “episodes”learner choice in working through unitsa strong “teacher presence” aspect20The Outcomes Learners: attain personal goals and confidence usingEnglish Learners: practice communication skills in shortstructured sessions as their schedule permits andprogress to the next level- with course contents andmultiple assessments Teachers: are more confident with the easy to useLMS which allows them to monitor participation andlearner progress. Institutions: have an easy to administer languagecourse that can be offered on its own or supplementother coursesPearson English Interactive Level 19780135245903Pearson English Interactive Level 29780135245910Pearson English Interactive Level 39780135245897Pearson English Interactive Level 49780135245866In

The Official Guide to PTE Academic Everything you need to know about the PTE Academic The Official Guide to PTE Academic New Edition provides comprehensive information about the test, over 200 practice tasks on CD-ROM, analysis of sample answers, test-taking tips and more. Written by the developers of the test, it includes everything you .