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CoralineScreenplay by Henry Selickbased on the novel by Neil Gaiman

HEAD CREDIT SEQUENCE MYSTERIOUS SEWING ROOM - NIGHT,A HAUNTING LULLABY plays against a black, star-prickedsky when something appears in the distance. A BUTTON-EYEDDOLL floats towards CAMERA, through the open window of asmall sewing room where it lands in a pair of WAITINGHANDS, hands that are made of SEWING NEEDLES.The doll - which resembles a YOUNG BLACK GIRL in oldfashioned clothes, hair fixed with ribbons and braids is placed on a sewing table. An elaborate sewing kit isopened, and, in flickering green light, the NEEDLE-HANDSgo to work. The doll's old clothes are cut away; buttoneyes torn off; hair pulled out. The doll’s stuffing isremoved and then the empty cloth body is pulled insideout, turning from NUT BROWN to PALE PINK.Sawdust is poured in the NEW DOLL's mouth; facialfeatures added; blue yarn hair punched in; and then afresh pair of shiny black button eyes is selected from abutton drawer.The transformed doll, in a LITTLE YELLOW RAINCOAT, itsnew button eyes affixed, is released out the window andBACK INTO THE NIGHT.LAST HEAD CREDIT APPEARS, THEN FADES.EXT PINK PALACE, ASHLAND OREGON - DAYWIDE ANGLE on a rambling old Queen Anne-style house withtacked-on outside stairs. It's late winter, the sky adamp, grey sponge. A SIGN in the foreground reads "PinkPalace, Apartment for Rent".MR. BOBINSKY - a seven-foot-tall blue-skinned man performs calisthenics on the rooftop, counting inRussian.MR. BOBINSKYDras, dva, tri, chetyri.Dras, dva, tri, chetyri.Dras, dva, tri .A BEEPING SOUND begins and he pauses. A tired MOVING VANbacks into frame and up the muddy driveway. A VW BEETLE suitcases roped to its top - recklessly passes the truckand disappears around the side of the house. Bobinskyshakes his fist angrily after the car and shouts:Mer-sa-vich!MR. BOBINSKY (CONT’D)

He marches away indignantly. One of the MOVERS, unseen inthe truck, speaks to his companion.MOVER 2 (O.C.)We're here. Time to muscle up.ANGLE ON moving truck's REAR DOORS as they're wrenchedopen by two men - MOVER 1, tall and bear-shaped, andMOVER 2, built like a brick top - to reveal a lot ofBOXES and BEAT-UP FURNITURE.They haul out the LOADING RAMP towards CAMERA.NEW ANGLE, EXTERIOR STAIRS to BASEMENT FLAT. APRIL SPINK,a rotund little old English lady with bad legs, surveysthe MOVERS as they pass by her chair-lift with boxes andfurniture. The old gal can't wait to tell her flat matebelow about the young, strapping men.MOVER 2 (CONT’D)(efforts)Got it? Almost there, just a few more.Come on, now, LIFT.ANGLE ON FRONT PORCH. The job finished, Mover 2 headsdown the front steps while Mover 1 waits for a signaturefrom the unseen-but-for-his-hands new tenant. Paperssigned, a tip of a single, grubby dollar bill is placedin the outstretched hand of the disappointed mover, andthe door is shut.EXT HOUSE, REAR VIEW - SAMEANGLE from BACK YARD. Hiding behind shrubs, WE SHARE thePOV of a MYSTERIOUS SPY. With a CLICK, a close-up lens isrotated into place to better see the movers quietly packinto the truck and drive away. A MANGY BLACK CAT walksright in front of the lens and looks at us with concern.OFF-SCREEN, a door bangs open. WE FOLLOW the cat as itraces up a tree and out a branch towards the BACK PORCHto investigate.CORALINE JONES, 11, steps onto the porch in a YELLOWRAINCOAT with a shoulder bag. WE - SPY’S POV - CLICK to aCLOSE-UP to find this new tenant has BLUE HAIR and askeptical face.NEW ANGLE, non-spy reverse, on Coraline as she glancesfurtively over her shoulder, then hops down the steps andmoves diagonally away from the house.

NEW Angle, SPY POV. We watch Coraline head towards theWOODY SHRUB we've hidden ourselves in. We DUCK DOWN.ANGLE on Coraline, non-spy, shrub by garden gate. Shereaches into the shrub and breaks off a FORKED BRANCH.She removes the stick’s red leaves, aims it like aDOWSING ROD and heads into the garden.CAM PUSH IN to shrub as the SPY RISES UP, wearing a threeeyed SKELETON MASK on his head and SKELETON GLOVES on hishands. The black cat hops into frame, glances at the spyand follows the girl.MONTAGE VARIOUS EXT - SAMEAFISH POND IN GARDEN - SAMECoraline explores the drained, crumbling pond. She findsan old TURTLE SHELL in the muck and holds it up. Afterrapping on it to make sure it's empty, she puts the shellinto her shoulder bag.ANGLE ON CAROLINE, SPY POV. WE PUSH ASIDE dead vines fromthe railing of the GARDEN BRIDGE for a better look.Coraline aims her forked stick once more then follows itup from the pond and out the BACK GATE. A gust of WINDblows DEAD LEAVES into a swirling eddy WE TRACK high upinto the air.DISSOLVE TO:ROCKY PATH HIGH ABOVE HOUSE - LITTLE LATERSPY POV on sky, now dark with GATHERING STORM. Hiddenbehind a NATURAL WALL OF STONES, WE TILT DOWN to viewCoraline crossing frame on a STEEP HILLSIDE path. Shesteps on an old RAILROAD TIE, and her foot SINKS into therotted wood, stopping her.WE LEAN OUT for a better view, and DISLODGE some stonesthat roll down past her. WE DUCK as she jerks her headour way.NEW ANGLE, non-spy. Unnerved, Coraline calls out.Hello?.CORALINEWho’s there?She throws a rock over the wall of stones, HITS THEUNSEEN SPY, causing a CRY OF PAIN. ANIMAL? HUMAN? Freakedout, she GASPS, runs up the trail.

NEW ANGLE, SPY POV. We rise up to watch and the black cathops onto the stone wall.EXT. OVERGROWN ORCHARD - CONT.Coraline races down past an OLD TRACTOR and into anORCHARD. WIND begins to blow.NEW ANGLE as we move beside Coraline through the oldapple trees, where she nearly trips on the tongue of aharvest cart.DOWN ANGLE ON on Coraline as she BACKS INTO a circle ofTOADSTOOLS in front of a STUMP. BREATHING HARD, she looksout for her pursuer.NEW ANGLE. The black cat shoots past Coraline in the tallgrass. She can't see him but she knows something isthere. Already behind her now, the cat LEAPS onto thestump with a loud, warning MEROWWW!STARTLED, Coraline YELLS and whips around. She’s bothangry and relieved when she sees it’s just some cat.CORALINEYou scared me to death, you mangy thing!Cat GLARES at her with BLUE OPAL EYES, makes a low growlas she stands. She exhales.CORALINE (CONT'D)I’m just looking for an old well. Knowit?Cat BLINKS EYES slowly.CORALINE(CONT'D)Not talking, huh?The wind picks up. She grasps the forks of her stick,closes her eyes, and, tracing a figure eight above her,says:CORALINE (CONT'D)Magic dowser, magic dowser: show. me.the well!ANGLE ON CORALINE FROM HIGH BLUFF. The SPY moves intoframe, astride some kind of MOTOR-BIKE. He presses abutton on the handlebars and BLASTS a loud AIR HORN.STARTLED, Coraline SPINS around.

UP ANGLE ON SPY. As LIGHTNING FLASHES and THUNDER ROLLS,Coraline sees him for the first time. With his turretlensed SKULL MASK and SKELETON GLOVES and black FIREMAN’SCOAT flapping in the wind, he looks like a PSYCHO KILLER!CORALINE (CONT'D)(freaked out)AHHHHH!He REVS his motor, pops a wheelie, then SWOOPS DOWN thebluff towards her. She HOLLERS IN FEAR, then tries toWHACK HIM with her forked stick.CORALINE (CONT'D)GET AWAY FROM ME-He SNATCHES it from her as he passes, KNOCKING HER to theground. He SIDE-SKIDS his bike, hops off and JUMPS UPonto the stump. Looking TEN FEET TALL from the ground,THUNDER AND LIGHTNING at a peak, the Spy turns his THREEEYED TURRET LENS and studies her like a predatory alien.And then, the thunder and lightning just FADE OUT andthis psycho-killer, three-eyed spy pulls off his mask andCoraline GASPS -- he’s just a short kid in a costume.Shoulders hunched, neck bent, the Spy - real name WYBIELOVAT - aged 12 - examines Coraline's forked stick, aimsit around.WYBIE(oblivious)Hoo! Let me guess, you’re from Texas orUtah; someplace dried out and barren,right? I heard about water-witchingbefore but it doesn’t make sense; I mean,it’s just an ordinary branch.Coraline, SNATCHES it from his GLOVED HANDS.CORALINE(enraged)IT’S A DOWSING ROD!Coraline smacks Wybie.Ow!WYBIECORALINEAnd I DON’T LIKE BEING STALKED, not byPSYCHO-NERDS OR THEIR CATS!He crouches, nervous, to scratch the cat behind his ears.

WYBIEHe’s not really my cat; he’s kinda feral– you know, wild? Of course, I do feedhim every night and sometimes he’ll comein my window ‘n bring me little deadthings.The cat PURRS like a diesel.CORALINE(tough)Look, I’m from Pontiac.Huh?WYBIECORALINEMICHIGAN? And if I’m a “water witch”,then-(points stick, stomps foot)--where’s the secret WELL?WYBIEYou stomp too hard and you’ll fall in it!Coraline reacts, hops out of the springy circle. The boyscrapes at the ground, revealing a CIRCULAR COVERINGmade of WOODEN PLANKS. He wedges a fallen branch underone side, and, using a rock for the fulcrum, pries up thecovering.WYBIE (CONT'D)See? Supposed to be so deep if you fellto the bottom and looked up, you’d see asky full of stars in the middle of theday.Huh.CORALINE(softens)Her frown RELAXES and the black cat tilts his head,noticing her change in tone. He steps off the branch, andthe well cover thumps in place.WYBIESurprised she let you move in.Jerks his head toward the pink house in distance.WYBIE (CONT'D). my Gramma. She owns the “Pink Palace”(indicates house in distance)Won’t rent to people with kids.

CORALINEWhat do you mean?WYBIE(suddenly worried)Uh. I’m not supposed to talk about it.Changing the subject, he lifts a gloved hand to shake.WYBIE (CONT'D)I’m Wybie, Wybie Lovat.Wybie?CORALINE(skeptical)WYBIEShort for Wyborne. Not my idea, ofcourse. What’d you get saddled with?CORALINEI wasn’t saddled with anything. It’sCoraline.WYBIECaroline what?CORALINECoraline. Coraline Jones.WYBIE(confused, not hearing it)Hmmm. It’s not real scientific, but Iheard an ordinary name, like Caroline -Her face goes as DARK as the rain clouds above.WYBIE (CONT'D)-- can lead people to have ordinaryexpectations about a person-WYBIE'S GRANDMOTHER (O.C.)(calling from afar)Wyborne!CORALINEI think I heard someone calling you,Wyborne.WYBIEWhat? I didn’t hear anything--

CORALINEOh, I definitely heard someone, Why-wereyou-born.A distant dinner bell clangs.Wyborne!WYBIE'S GRANDMOTHER (O.C.)WYBIE(under his breath, nervous)Grandma!He holds up his hands in surrender, nodding with eyesclosed, forcing some laughs.WYBIE (CONT’D)Heh. Well, great to meet a Michiganwater witch.He picks up his bike, wheels it around, then holds up hisgloved hands.WYBIE (CONT'D)But I’d wear gloves next time.Why?CORALINE(skeptical)He points to her dowsing rod, nods.WYBIE (CONT'D)‘Cause that dowsing rod of yours? Uh,it’s poison oak.Ehh!!CORALINECoraline drops the stick as he zooms away and wipes herhands on her clothes.The cat merows at her, shaking his head with a pityinglook, then trots away after Wybie. She STICKS OUT HERTONGUE at him.She looks down at the COVERING to the well. Coralinefinds a PEBBLE and drops it through A SMALL KNOT-HOLE.Ear at the knot-hole, she counts until there’s a watery“plop” far below. FAT RAINDROPS start to fall around her.ROTATE DISSOLVE TO:

INT. KITCHEN - NEXT MORNINGIt’s POURING out. Coraline looks out a window at the DEADLOOKING GARDEN, and places PACKETS OF SEEDS - pumpkins,squash, snap dragons, bleeding hearts - on the sill.She's developed a REDDISH RASH - poison oak - on onehand.The main floor kitchen, like mostPalace, is barely maintained, andCoraline's MOTHER, MEL JONES, 40,laptop on the table, MOVING BOXESplain-looking and tired and wearsthings in the Pinklooks worn and faded.bangs away at herstacked nearby. She'sa NECK-BRACE.CORALINEI almost fell down a well yesterday, Mom.MEL(not listening)Uh huh.CORALINEI would have died.MEL(continues typing)That’s nice.Coraline scratches the rash on her hand, changes subject.CORALINEHmmm. So can I go out? I think it’sperfect weather for gardening.MELNo, Coraline. Rain makes mud. Mud makes amess.Coraline turns to her.CORALINEBut Mom, I want stuff growing when myfriends come to visit. Isn’t that why wemoved here?MELSomething like that. But then we had theaccident.CORALINEWasn’t my fault you hit that truck.MELI never said it was.

CORALINE(mutters)I can’t believe it -- you and Dad getpaid to write about plants and you hatedirt.Mel stops typing, loses her patience.MELCoraline, I don’t have time for you rightnow. And you still have unpacking to do.Lots of unpacking.CORALINEThat sounds exciting.Mel remembers something.Mel (CONT'D)Oh - some kid left this on the frontporch.Coraline walks over and is handed a NEWSPAPER-WRAPPEDPACKAGE. Attached note reads:WYBIE (V.O.)Hey Jonesy, look what I found in Gramma’strunk. Look familiar? Wybie.She rips open the package and finds the BUTTON-EYED, BLUEHAIRED, YELLOW RAINCOAT-WEARING DOLL from the headcredits - it’s a litte Coraline!CORALINE(to herself)Huh. a little me? That’s weird.She crumples the note, both annoyed and charmed.MELWhat’s his name, anyway?CORALINEWybie. And I’m way too old for dolls.But Coraline takes it with her and leaves the room.

INT. STUDY - SAMECHARLIE Jones, 40, goose-necked and gangly with thinningdark hair, HUNT-AND-PECKS at his ancient computer,surrounded by boxes of GARDENING MAGAZINES and emptycoffee cups. Coraline, with doll, opens the SQUEAKY DOOR.He doesn’t turn.CORALINEHey Dad, how’s the writing going?. Dad?He ignores her reflection in his computer screen as hetypes away, green letters on black. She CLEARS HERTHROAT.CHARLIEHello, Coraline.(notices doll’s reflection)And. Coraline doll?.CORALINED’you know where the garden tools are?He hears rain outside.CHARLIEIt’s pouring out there, isn’t it.CORALINEHumph, it’s just raining.CHARLIEWhat’d the boss say?CORALINE(mocking)“Don’t even think about going out,Coraline Jones.”CHARLIEThen you won’t need the tools.Coraline GROANS, stamps her feet. Charlie just tapsharder on the keys. Pouting, she makes the door squeak,opening and shutting it till he can’t take any more. Hespins around.CHARLIE (CONT'D)Uhhh, you know, this house is a hundredand fifty years old.So?CORALINE

CHARLIESo explore it!He grabs a pen and pad, holds it out.CHARLIE (CONT'D)Go out and . count all the doors andwindows and write that down. Listeverything blue!(begging)Just let me work.She rolls her eyes, takes paper and pen and leaves.MONTAGE, VARIOUS - SAMEHALLWAY NEAR STAIRSCoraline, with doll, jumps on BUMP in carpet that moveswith each jump.LAUNDRY ROOM/WINTER GARDENShe wipes off the misted glass so she and the doll cansee out, then writes in her pad: 7 leaky windows. A dropof water lands on the pad, smearing the ink. She addsreally between 7 and leaky windows.HALLWAY NEAR STAIRSCoraline thumps the carpet bump again and pounds up thestairs.PARENT'S ROOM/BATHROOMA FRAMED PHOTO sits in the foreground on a beside table.It shows a younger, happier Coraline with her parents bythe BEAR FOUNTAIN at the Detroit Zoo. RACK FOCUS tobedroom door as it swings into the room, with Coralinehanging on it. She drops to the ground and, doll and padin hand, decides to check out the bathroom.When she pulls aside the mildewed shower curtain shefinds a hundred skittering SILVERFISH BUGS.Ewww!CORALINEDisgusted, she jumps into the tub and smashes as many asshe can.She turns on the faucet to wash her hands, only to getsoaked with rusty water from the shower head.

Ahh!!CORALINE (CONT’D)She shakes out her hair.HALLWAY NEAR STAIRSCoraline pounds down the stairs, spots the carpet bumpagain in the hallway and jumps on it. A closet dooropens, a light on inside, and she goes to investigate.WATER HEATER CLOSETANGLE OVER water heater on Coraline. She jots down onerusty water heater in her pad. As she leaves, she flicksoff the light switch, not noticing a note taped beside itthat says: Do not turn off!INT. STUDY - SAMELights flicker and then Charlie’s computer dies. Hehollers.CHARLIENo, no, no, no, no; GAAAA--!INT. HALLWAY - SAME--AAAAAAA!CHARLIE (O.S.)Coraline reacts with guilty alarm, runs back to thecloset and -INT. CLOSET - SAME-- spots the Do not turn off note. She flips the lightswitch back on and gets out of there.INT. LIVING ROOM - SAMEThe room is faded and cold with bare windows looking outon rain and gray. The floor is strewn with moving boxes,a few pieces of furniture, Charlie's old Nordic Track. Afew garden tools lean against one wall; a cardboardmattress box leans against a corner wall.Coraline enters, counting windows and doors to note inher pad. She sets the doll on a low table beside an openmoving box and smiles.

The box is filled with her mom’s collection ofSNOWGLOBES. She takes out her favorite - the BEARFOUNTAIN AT THE DETROIT ZOO - and shakes it. She studiesthe globe and sighs with homesickness. She sets itcarefully on the FIREPLACE MANTEL, then unwraps the restof the snowglobes and places them beside it.Over the mantel hangs a PAINTING of a CRYING BOY IN BLUE a scoop of ice cream melting on his shirt, his handholding an EMPTY CONE. Coraline takes up pad and pen andadds to her list, muttering aloud.CORALINEOne boring blue boy in a painfully boringpainting . four incredibly boringwindows . and no. more. doors.She turns to grab the doll off the table by the snowglobe box. It’s gone.CORALINE (CONT'D)All right, little me, where are youhiding?Scanning the room, she spots the doll LOOKING OUT FROMBEHIND THE MATTRESS BOX leaned against the corner wall.Perplexed, she walks over and kneels down to grab thedoll when she notices SOMETHING ON THE WALL behind thebox.She shoves the box aside, and discovers the outline of aSMALL DOOR that’s been wallpapered over.Huh?CORALINE (CONT’D)Intensely curious, she calls to the kitchen.Hey Mom.CORALINE (CONT'D)INT. KITCHEN - CONTINUOUSMom, typing away, ignores her.CORALINE (O.S.)Where does this door go?MELI’m really, really busy!

INT LIVING ROOM - CONTINUOUSCoraline tries to open it but there’s no handle.CORALINEI think it’s locked.MEL (O.S.)INT. KITCHEN - CONTINUOUSCORALINE (O.S.)Pleeeeeeeeease!Mel gets up, really annoyed. Big sigh.Uhhh.MELINT. LIVING ROOM - SAMEShe walks over to Coraline, looks at the outline of thedoor in the ratty old wallpaper.MELWill you stop pestering me if I do thisfor you?Coraline nods her head quickly, PANTING like a dog.Fine.MEL (CONT’D)She heads back to the kitchen.INT KITCHEN - CONTINUOUSMel pulls open a drawer, pushes a bunch of loose brassand nickel keys aside to find a small, sharp black key.Holds it up.INT LIVING ROOM - CONTINUOUSMel cuts the wallpaper around the door and sticks the keyin the lock. Coraline looks on, giddy with anticipation,the doll at her side. Mel turns the key, unlocks thedoor, and pulls it open to reveal . an UNBROKEN BRICKWALL. Coraline is totally disappointed.

CORALINEBricks? I don’t get it.Coraline scratches her wrist rash with annoyance.MELThey must have closed this off when theydivided up the house.Mel gets up to leave.CORALINEYou're kidding? And why is the door sosmall?Mel leaving room, turns back, and loses it.MELWe made a deal. ZIP IT!She exits. Coraline makes annoyed sound.CORALINEYou didn’t lock it.AaaaaH!!!MEL (O.S.)Coraline pushes the little door shut, her head lowered.EXT. HOUSE - NIGHTWIDE ANGLE ON HOUSE. Pouring rain. We hear Charliesinging a song about Coraline, badly.CHARLIE (O.S.)Oh, my twitchy witchy girl,INT. KITCHEN - SAMECHARLIE, using OVEN MITT to protect his hand, takes aBURNED-UP CASSEROLE DISH from the oven while mom closesup her LAPTOP. Coraline sits at the table with her doll.CHARLIEI think you are so nice,I give you bowls of porridgeAnd I give you bowls of ice -CHARLIE sets the dish on the table.

CHARLIE(really bad note)-- cream!Coraline pushes it away, disgusted.CORALINEWhy don’t you ever cook, Mom?MELCoraline, we’ve been through this before:your Dad cooks, I clean, and you stay outof the way.Coraline HUFFS.MEL (CONT’D)I swear I'll go food shopping soon as wefinish the catalog.(indicates Coraline's plate)Try some of the chard, you need avegetable.CORALINELooks more like slime to me.CHARLIEWell, it’s slime or bedtime fusspot -now what’s it going to be?Coraline looks to her doll, cradles its head.CORALINEThink they’re trying to poison me?She makes the doll’s head nod “yes.” Coraline rolls hereyes, looks up to the heavens and -INT. CORALINE’S BEDROOM - SAME-- falls back, washed and dressed for bed, on her pillow.Still raining out. Coraline puts the doll on the chairbeside her, then scratches at her wrist. ORIGAMIDRAGONFLIES are strung between the tall, thin bed posts;the TURTLE SHELL she found in the garden sits up on abox, her NIGHT LAMP that projects stars and moons iswarming up on the bedside table. Despite her efforts atdecorating, Coraline's new bedroom feels small and cold,cracked and faded.Coraline reaches for a framed PHOTO that rests on a toyPRAYING MANTIS by her night lamp.

It's her TWO BEST FRIENDS from home, posing in the snowby her old school's marquee, its letters rearranged tospell "CORALINE, GOOD BYE!" She touches her friends’faces with her fingertips.CORALINEDon’t forget about me, guys. Okay?She puts back the photo, hits the light switch over herbed and, looking over at the doll, sighs.CORALINE (CONT'D)Good-night.little me.Her breathing slows and, with the doll WATCHING HER, shestarts to fall asleep.INT. CORALINE'S BEDROOM - DREAMTIME--SURREAL MIST SWIRLS out her window. MOONS AND STARSSLOWLY MOVE across the walls.SOMETHING in the room goes t-t-t-t-t-t. Coraline sits up,awake. SOMETHING CHITTERS under her bed. She leans overher bedside, head first, peering underneath when a ghostpale KANGAROO MOUSE JUMPS OUT and bounds out the door.INT. HALL - SAMEShe gives chase, down the upper hall, down the stairs,snaps on the lower hall light, sees it hop into theliving room.INT. LIVING ROOM - CONTINUOUSCoraline enters. The mouse edges out from beneath thesofa, then hops frantically toward the SMALL DOOR behindthe wallpaper! Coraline runs and dives, but the door isopen a crack, and the mouse escapes.Coraline grabs the door's edge and pulls it open. Insteadof a brick wall, there is a DARK, EXPANDING TUNNEL, withthe hopping mouse heading towards a bluish light at thefar end.Whoa.CORALINEShe catches her breath, pulls the door wider and CRAWLSTHROUGH.

INT. PASSAGEWAY - CONTINUOUSCoraline MOVES FORWARD, towards the light ahead.INT. OTHER LIVING ROOM – CONTINUOUSCoraline steps out through the same little door, intowhat looks like the EXACT SAME LIVING ROOM she just left,only something is different -- it feels deeper, moredimensional.Huh?CORALINEShe looks around, notices the painting over thefireplace: the crying blue boy is now SMILING, his shirtclean and his ice cream back on his cone.From across the hall, warm light comes from the kitchenand the smell of delicious food wafts towards her nose.CORALINE (CONT’D)MMMMM, something smells good.INT. OTHER KITCHEN - NIGHTCoraline enters to see her mother cooking at the stove,wearing an apron and ROOSTER-HEAD OVEN MITTS. The lightand colors are much warmer and the details more perfectin this kitchen. Other Mother is facing away fromCoraline as she works.CORALINEMom?! What are you doing here in themiddle of the night?Her mother turns from the stove to greet her and Coralineis DUMBSTRUCK: she’s got BUTTONS FOR EYES! She beams withhappiness at Coraline’s arrival.OTHER MOTHERYou’re just in time for supper, dear!CORALINEYou’re not my mother.CORALINE (CONT'D)My mother doesn’t have b-b-buh.Coraline points to her own eye.

OTHER MOTHERB-b-b-buttons? Do you like them?She taps one with her nail.OTHER MOTHER (CONT'D)I’m your Other Mother, silly. Now go tellyour Other Father that supper’s ready.She opens the oven door and the intoxicating perfume ofgreat cooking fills the air. Coraline breathes it in,suddenly VERY HUNGRY.OTHER MOTHER (CONT'D)Well, go on. He’s in his study.INT. OTHER HALLWAY - SAMECoraline goes down the hall and opens the study door.INT. OTHER STUDY - CONTINUOUSShe sees the back of a man like her father, only withmore hair. Instead of tapping away at his computer,though, he’s picking notes on a BABY GRAND PIANO.Hello?CORALINEHe turns around. He, too, has SHINY BUTTON EYES. He seemshappier and a little more handsome than real Dad, andwears an IRIDESCENT ROBE over POLKA DOT PAJAMAS, withORANGE MONKEY SLIPPERS on his feet. He smiles broadly.OTHER FATHERHello, Coraline. Want to hear my newsong?CORALINEMy father can’t play piano.OTHER FATHERNo need to . this piano plays ME!DR. SEUSS GLOVES – connected with rods and pulleys – POPOUT of the piano’s front and ONTO HIS HANDS. His handsRAISE UP – then DROP DOWN to play pounding STRIDE PIANOas Other Father SINGS out.

OTHER FATHER (CONT'D)Making up a song about Coraline.She's a peach, she's a doll, she's a palof mine.She's as cute as a button in the eyes ofeveryone who ever laid their eyes on Cora-line.Coraline is amazed as his hands fly.OTHER FATHER (CONT'D)When she comes around exploringMom and I will never ever make it boringour eyes will be on Coraline.Anxious, she taps his shoulder to stop him.CORALINEI, uh – sorry – but she said to tell youthe food’s ready.OTHER FATHERMmmmm! Who’s starving? Raise your hand.He sticks his hand up, still in a glove, and his othergloved hand slaps his face. She LAUGHS, then covers hermouth.INT. OTHER DINING ROOM - SAMEOther Mother sets down a HUGE, ROASTED CHICKEN nearCoraline on a table spread with CANDLES, fine CHINA andSILVER and a PINEAPPLE CENTERPIECE. FIGURE EIGHT MODELTRAIN TRACKS circle twin LAZY SUSANS covered in dishes ofPOTATOES, SWEET PEAS, ROLLS, and CORN. The Other Fatherseals this Norman Rockwell moment by making PRAYER HANDSand a solemn face.OTHER FATHERWe give our thanks and ask to bless,Our Mother’s golden chicken breast!He laughs with glee then a STARTING BELL rings and it'stime to eat. Other Father really digs in while Coralinetries some chicken.CORALINEMmmm, this chicken is good.OTHER MOTHERHungry, aren’t you.

CORALINE(nodding, mouth full)D’you have any gravy?OTHER MOTHERWell, here comes the gravy train! Choochoo!Other Mother GIGGLES as a MODEL TRAIN circles round thetrack, pulling a GRAVY BOAT CAR and blowing its whistle.The train goes in one side of the centerpiece and comesout the other, slowing till the gravy boat lines up withCoraline's plate, where it POURS GRAVY on her potatoes.OTHER MOTHERAnother roll, sweet peas? Corn on thecob?Other Mother looks on approvingly, not touching any foodherself.CORALINE(mouth full)I’m real thirsty.OTHER MOTHEROf course! Any requests?A beautiful CHANDELIER DRINK DISPENSER descends.CORALINEMango milk shake?The dispenser SPINS, stops and fills her glass whileOther Mother presents dessert: a cake with candles thatPOP UP and LIGHT THEMSELVES while the words “WELCOMEHOME!” write themselves in icing. Coraline is takenaback.Home?CORALINE (CONT’D)Her Other Parents squeeze each other’s hands warmly.OTHER MOTHERWe’ve been waiting for you, Coraline.For me?CORALINEOTHER FATHERYep. Wasn’t the same here without you,kiddo.

Coraline remains a little unsure.CORALINEI didn’t know I had an Other Mother.OTHER MOTHEROf course you do. Everyone does.She smiles at Coraline, her button eyes gleaming.Really?CORALINEOTHER MOTHERUh huh, and soon as you’re througheating, I thought we’d play a game.She taps her fingers a little too excitedly on the table.CORALINE(skeptical)You mean like, hide and seek?OTHER MOTHERPerfect! Hide and seek in the rain.What rain?CORALINETHUNDER, LIGHTNING, then RAIN appears outside the window.CORALINE (CONT'D)Huh, what about the mud?OTHER FATHERWe love mud here!Other Mother rises, walks towards Coraline.OTHER MOTHERMud facials, mud baths, mud pies -- it’sgreat for poison oak.The takes Coraline's rashy hand, but Coraline pulls itaway.CORALINE(suspicious)How’d you know I-Coraline adjusts her tone.

CORALINE (CONT'D)I, I’d love to play, but . I better gethome to my other mother.OTHER MOTHERBut I’m your other mother.CORALINE(befuddled)I mean my other other mother. Mom numberone?(yawns)I think I should get to bed.OTHER MOTHEROf course, sweetheart, it’s all made up.CORALINE(shakes head)But .Other Father steps in beside her.OTHER FATHERCome along, sleepyhead.They lead her from the table towards the stairs to herbedroom.INT. CORALINE’S OTHER BEDROOM - SAMEIn this world, Coraline's bedroom is a dream come true:it is filled with rich color and light; there's a fire inthe fireplace, a sheer, lacy canopy over her nowbeautiful bed. And her favorite toys are alive!Wow.CORALINEHer ORIGAMI DRAGONFLIES FLUTTER towards her.DRAGONFLIESHello Coraline, hello, hello!Her BLUE SQUID greets her with a WAVE of its tentacle.TOY SQUIDWhat’s shakin’, baby?Hello.CORALINE

The TURTLE SHELL she’d found CIRCLES HER FEET on clothespin legs, making PANTING SOUNDS. She laughs, then hearstwo voices from beside her bed.PHOTO FRIEND 1 (O.C.)(Michigan-speak)Hey, how zit goin’, yuper!PHOTO FRIEND 2 (O.C.)(Michigan-speak)Where’s your swampers and tuke?She jumps onto the bed, grabs the photo of her bestfriends from home, now ALIVE IN THE PHOTO.CORALINEKripes a-mighty, how are my best trolls?I can’t wait till summer. You’re bothcomin’, right?PHOTO FRIEND 1We’re already here, Coraline -PHOTO FRIEND 2-- gone to Or-e-gine!Coraline grins hugely, then, exhausted, she yawns,stretching out her arms.The Other Mother, in the bedside chair, takes her handand applies some SOOTHING BLACK MUD to Coraline’s poisonoak rash.CORALINEOh, the mud.The Other Mother gently tucks her in then she and theOther Father smile at Coraline as she drifts off tosleep.OTHER MOTHERSee you soon .OTHER FATHERSee you soon .PULL BACK MATCHDISSOLVE:INT. CORALINE’S REAL BEDROOM - MORNINGCoraline awakens. She looks around expecting brightcolors, a magic dragonfly. But it’s just her NORMAL ROOM:moving boxes; cracks in the ceiling -- nothing’s changed.

She notices the BUTTON-EYED DOLL on the chair where sheleft it, where the Other Mother was sitting. She picks itup, absentmindedly goes to scratch her wrist. She stops,noticing that the rash on her wrist IS GONE.CORALINE(gasping)It’s gone, my poison oak, it’s gone!.INT. LIVING ROOM - SAMECoraline goes to the little door, still ajar.

NEW Angle, SPY POV. We watch Coraline head towards the WOODY SHRUB we've hidden ourselves in. We DUC