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The Australian Academy of Hypnosis Training real hypnosis since 1996In this Pack you will find qqqqCourse summary/s (including Fees)Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy InformationHypnosis Legislation and Association InformationBiographies of Trainers/Testimonials from previous Students and Contact Informationincluding Venue MapqqqqqqUpcoming course Dates are all at www.rickcollingwood.comCertificate of Clinical Hypnosis Application FormDiploma of Clinical Hypnosis Application FormDiploma of Advanced Hypnosis Application FormMelbourne and Perth Certificate and Diploma Application FormsChecklistsIntroduction Welcome to The Australian Academy of Hypnosis. will teach you how to induce all styles of hypnosis in a practicalsense. Although they are included in our training, we don’t focus on NLP or so called Modern or ConversationalHypnosis. For hypnotherapy to be effective, hypnosis itself must be effective and that’s what you’ll learn from us. Wetrain you how to induce real hypnosis in a practical sense and how and what to use it for therapeutically.You’ll learn the therapeutic aspects and the practical uses of hypnosis as hypnotherapy, you can be assured that you’lllearn more than just a few relaxation techniques. In a nutshell, you’ll get the finest hypnosis/hypnotherapy trainingavailable in Australia, from Australia’s longest established hypnosis training institution.The practice of hypnosis/hypnotherapy is de regulated in all states and territories of Australia and so it is not arequirement for any hypnosis training organization to be an RTO. RTO training requires many “Non Hypnosis”components in the curriculum. Therefore, the focus is usually not primarily on hypnosis and there is a significantincrease in the fees. We’d rather focus on what we’ve been doing successfully for more than 25 years. You don’t needto waste up to 18,000 to become a professional hypnotherapist.We will train you in the methods of traditional and Ericksonian hypnosis and all of its uses. You won’t be boggeddown with theory. Instead you’ll learn techniques that will enable you to do genuine and effective hypnosis from oneof the world’s foremost hypnosis trainers. You will learn all the effective means of inducing the hypnotic trance state,including rapid and instant inductions, Mesmerism and how to apply it, and also the almost forgotten art of “HypnoticFascination” and how to correctly utilise hypnosis for therapeutic purposes and self-improvement. Our training issuitable for any adult who wants to become a clinical hypnotherapist, for hypnotherapy and other health practitionerswho want to learn deep trance induction skills, and those seeking self-improvement and a better understanding of thehuman mind and human behaviour.The Australian Academy of Hypnosis Suite i84, 21 Hall Street Port Melbourne Victoria 3207PO Box 847 Port Melbourne Victoria 3207 email [email protected] Phone 0420 322 763

The Australian Academy of Hypnosis Training real hypnosis since 1996We are Australia’s Longest EstablishedHypnosis Training InstitutionStyles and Types of HypnosisMany Hypnosis Training Institutions mostly teach theory or hypnosis hybrids such as NLP or so-called ConversationalHypnosis, or they have a significantly academic approach within their training curriculum; offering either none, or very little,practical training in actual trance inductions.During the past twenty years The Australian Academy of Hypnosis has trained more than 3000 students nationally andinternationally; many of them became very successful professional hypnotherapists. What the academy brings to the trainingarena are real hypnosis techniques that work on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, these techniques that havetaken Rick to the top of the profession. When Rick trains he doesn’t hold anything back or keep so called master or secrettechniques to himself. Rick will teach you all that he knows and how to apply it to your own life and the lives of your clients.This is hands on training and you’ll learn your theory from the extensive training manuals provided and in the academiesstudent on line training and resource centre.During the training you will be inducing trance under supervision from the first day and we will ensure that you get it right.After that, mastering what we teach to you will be in direct proportion to your passion for hypnosis and the practice youput into what you learn. After the completion of your initial training you will have ample opportunity for more advancedtraining, regular monthly and specialty training, and open email access into the online training and resource centre at www.globalhypnosisacademy.comSome of the more common styles of hypnosis or hypnotherapy are Ericksonian Hypnosis: This is a therapeutic model of hypnosis created by the American Psychiatrist Milton Erickson.Ericksonian Hypnosis is most effectively utilised by a skilled and experienced Psycho Therapist. Ericksonian hypnosis iscommonly used during therapy but does not usually require or effect deep trance states. After a relaxed state has beenachieved by the subject, direct suggestion is replaced by ambiguity and a lot of metaphor is often used during the therapysessions; which will usually be about 15 to 20 in number.NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming: Regardless of what persistent slick marketing efforts may try to have you believe;NLP IS NOT HYPNOSIS. It is supposedly the study of excellence and it does have some interesting and no doubt effectivestrategies. NLP also offers a lot of insight into human behaviour and the mind. However, because an NLP training institute mayoffer NLP training under the guise of it being hypnosis that is frequently claimed by its proponents. This is amply demonstratedby the fact that after more than a decade of clinical trials and studies at respectable academic institutions; no evidence couldbe found to back up the many claims made about the power and effectiveness of NLP. If you are learning NLP, you are notlearning hypnosis.Traditional Hypnosis: Traditional hypnosis is direct hypnosis. It is genuine hypnosis, the type of hypnosis that despiteacademic opinion can make many individuals do things that are against their moral patterning or usual personality. Traditionalhypnosis can be blended with Mesmerism, NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis to create a very powerful therapeutic modality.Mesmerism: Mesmerism is derived from the presumed father of hypnosis. The German doctor Franz Anton Mesmer (17341815), however it is probably more correctly described as energetic hypnosis as very few words are used to induce amesmeric state. The resulting trance is very different than hypnosis induced with verbal relaxations and commands and canbe very therapeutic when applied by a well trained and experienced practitioner.The Australian Academy of Hypnosis Suite i84, 21 Hall Street Port Melbourne Victoria 3207PO Box 847 Port Melbourne Victoria 3207 email [email protected] Phone 0420 322 763

The Australian Academy of Hypnosis Training real hypnosis since 1996Hypnotherapy Training – What Are You Really Learning?All training courses conducted by The Australian Academy of Hypnosis are thorough and ‘hands on’. You’ll learn thepracticalities of Real Hypnosis. The academic content is in-depth, focusing on how to use hypnosis correctly andeffectively for therapy, the historical development, various aspects and views, plus a step-by-step ‘how to’ correctlyinduce Hypnosis, Mesmerism and Fascination trance states for therapeutic benefit.All training materials are supplied, and examinations and assessments are open book.Approaches to therapy and sub-modalities i.e., Hypnosis with Children and Hypnosis for Disease, Rapid Inductions,Advanced Modern and Traditional techniques are taught. Mesmerism and Hypnotic Fascination are also explained,demonstrated and practiced during the Diploma training.There is further support beyond the training - All students gain access to the Academies huge On Line Student Trainingand Resource Centre filled with 100s of “filmed in class” training videos, training courses from associated trainersand relevant hypnosis books. You will also get regular newsletters, association introductions, peer support, forums, oldhypnosis books, and directions to insurance coverage.There are many different styles and variations of hypnosis and trance for therapy. The Australian Academy ofHypnosis will teach you the differences between the types of Hypnotic, Mesmeric and Fascination trances as well asthe fundamentals of Ericksonian Hypnosis and NLP. You’ll learn the practicalities of conducting hypnosis morally forhypnotherapy and about the development of hypnosis today.Our initial nine days of training will teach you the correct history of hypnosis and its uses, plus all of the effective meansof inducing the hypnotic trance state, and how to correctly utilise hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. You’ll experiencehypnosis demonstrations and partake in a significant amount of supervised hypnosis induction practice.If you don’t initially register to complete the Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis, then after you’ve completed our nine-dayCertificate of Clinical Hypnosis training, you still have the opportunity to enroll for the Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis andattending regular monthly on-going training tutorials, or to participate in other specialty trainings offered throughoutthe year.Our certification more than covers the topics and training hours required to join most professional Australian andinternational hypnosis associations.Academia alone a good hypnotist does not make. With most of the nine days “in class” training being practical and‘hands on’, you’ll have the ability to induce effective hypnosis by the time you’ve completed the Certificate of ClinicalHypnotherapy. If you want to advance to Diploma or Master Diploma level, you’re welcome but we won’t try to sell youany more or extra training.The Australian Academy of Hypnosis Suite i84, 21 Hall Street Port Melbourne Victoria 3207PO Box 847 Port Melbourne Victoria 3207 email [email protected] Phone 0420 322 763

The Australian Academy of Hypnosis Training real hypnosis since 1996What You’ll Learn Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Hypnotic Inductions, Mesmerism, Self-Hypnosis and how to apply the techniques Applying all techniques of Hypnosis and Clinical Hypnotherapy; Building your Clinical Hypnotherapy business; Working legally and ethically; Reflecting on and improving your own professional practice; Establishing and managing client relationships; You’ll learn all practical aspects of applying hypnosis You’ll be a competent and confident hypnotist/hypnotherapist You’ll be able to work with many conditions such as Quit Smoking Weight Loss Insomnia Motivation Depression PastLife Regression and many other common challenges.What our training enables you to do? Gain insurance to practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist Apply for a Private Healthcare Provider Number upon successful membership of the AHA Launch and build your own practice Join any (or all!) of the national professional hypnotherapy associationsThe Australian Academy of Hypnosis Suite i84, 21 Hall Street Port Melbourne Victoria 3207PO Box 847 Port Melbourne Victoria 3207 email [email protected] Phone 0420 322 763

The Australian Academy of Hypnosis Training real hypnosis since 1996Study Hypnotherapy With UsCertificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy – VictoriaNine Days (3 3 3) on Fri, Sat, SunCourse SummaryFees: ( 3,800 or 3,600 if paid in full upon registration). Payment plans are available, please see the form includedin this pack. A significant saving is available by enrolling directly into the Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis for only 5500.We won’t fill your head with complicated and theoretical NLP or Ericksonian hypnosis techniques, we will teach youhow to hypnotise and how to use hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. The first weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun) is focused ontheory, historical development, demonstrations, practical hypnosis inductions and understanding what hypnosis IS andwhat it IS NOT. The first component covers demonstrations and the historical development, therapeutic approachesand instructions. You will also begin supervised induction practice during the first 3 day weekend. The second and thirdweekends are all hands-on practical, step by step training in how to induce hypnosis and how to make therapeuticinstructions work properly.Upon registration you’ll receive an acceptance letter and be given e training manuals and access into the academiesstudents on line training and resource centre within 24 hours of enrolment.The Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy requires nine days in class training consisting of 3 x 3-days Fri Sat Sunconsecutive weekends. Nine days in total. There is a compulsory 150 question open book written examination and 5self- assessments be voluntarily completed.All training materials are supplied in hard copy when training commences. All students of The Academy have permanentfree access to our students’ on-line training and resource centre packed with free hypnosis ebooks, training manuals,training videos, on-line lectures and tutorials, a student forum and mentoring and various tutoring options.At the completion of the nine-day Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy training you WILL have a comprehensiveunderstanding of the development and uses of hypnosis, a WELL PRACTISED capability of inducing effective hypnotictrance in others and instructions for therapeutic benefits – these are GUARANTEED.Once you’ve successfully completed and provided us with your examination and self-assessments, your A3 sizeCertificate of Clinical Hypnosis and Transcript of Studies will be issued.The Australian Academy of Hypnosis Suite i84, 21 Hall Street Port Melbourne Victoria 3207PO Box 847 Port Melbourne Victoria 3207 email [email protected] Phone 0420 322 763

The Australian Academy of Hypnosis Training real hypnosis since 1996Diploma of Clinical HypnotherapyVictorian students can enroll to complete both the Certificate of Clinical Hypnosis and the Diploma of ClinicalHypnosis at the same time. There is a significant saving as the fee is reduced to 5500 in total. If you want toregister for the Certificate and the Diploma, please fill out all the forms at the rear of this brochure. Sydney andBrisbane students can complete a five-day Certificate of Hypnotism training or immediately upgrade to the Diploma.As well as attending the six day (2 weekend) training, Diploma students must attend 12 once monthly on goingtraining days or view them on line in the academies student training and resource centre.Six Day Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Component (Practical Workshop)Fees – for Diploma including 6 day workshop and 12 on going trainings: ( 2500). If the Certificate and the Diplomaare paid in full upon registration the total fee is 5500.Course SummaryThis is the PRACTICAL in class component required for the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy.The practical workshop of Advanced Techniques is only available to students who completed the Certificate ofClinical Hypnotherapy, or to applicants who have appropriate RPL from other training institutions.The training components include:Rapid Inductions– Rapid induction techniques for therapeutic use;– The concept, demonstrations and practical doing of rapid inductions;– Traditional, Modern, AdaptiveMesmerism– Mesmeric trance induction and therapy without words;– How to Mesmerise;– Its comparison and difference to hypnosis;– Historical development and impactHypnotic Fascination– Mesmerism the antithesis to hypnosis;– Animal hypnosis, Gypsy hypnosis;– Exercises and processesThe course includes a separate manual with instructions and procedures.At the completion of training a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and a Transcript of Studies is awarded.Other Courses available after initial training:Mind BodyQuit SmokingWeight LossAnxietyDepressionBusiness Success/DevelopmentDealing with Disease, etc. is conducted over 3 days (Fri. Sat. Sun)One day training workshop (Sat)One day training workshop (Sun)One day training workshop (Sat)One day training workshop (Sun)Two day training workshop (Sat, Sun)The Australian Academy of Hypnosis Suite i84, 21 Hall Street Port Melbourne Victoria 3207PO Box 847 Port Melbourne Victoria 3207 email [email protected] Phone 0420 322 763

The Australian Academy of Hypnosis Training real hypnosis since 1996Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy – Monthly On Going TrainingIf you register and pay to complete both the Certificate and the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy the total fee is reducedown to 5500 total. You save 1800 by registering for the Diploma from the outset.Course SummaryThese are the PRACTICAL and the THEORETICAL components required to attain the academies Diploma of ClinicalHypnosis. There are 12 (filmed live in class training) on going training modules that are completed on line. To gain theDiploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy all modules must all be completed in conjunction with the six-days, in class, Diplomatraining component.The 12 tutorials topics on offer are:No. 1Mind-Body Communication with Hypnosis (physiology and disease management)No. 2Abreactions within HypnosisNo. 3Hypnosis for Pain ManagementNo. 4Hypnotic Regression (present and past life)No. 5Script Writing and Trance DeepeningNo. 6Magnetism and Energy ShiftingNo. 7Hypnotic TransferenceNo. 8Hypnosis with ChildrenNo. 9Conscious – Subconscious InterfacingNo. 10Successful Induction and Subconscious Compliance No. 11 Hypnosis for Addictions and Substance AbuseNo. 12Ethics and Running of a Clinical PracticeThe Australian Academy of Hypnosis Suite i84, 21 Hall Street Port Melbourne Victoria 3207PO Box 847 Port Melbourne Victoria 3207 email [email protected] Phone 0420 322 763

The Australian Academy of Hypnosis Training real hypnosis since 1996Study Stream OptionsPre-RequisitesIt is a requirement of the Australian Academy of Hypnosis that all students be of good character and have no seriousprevious criminal convictions.Because all hypnosis associations in Australia require a formal Police Clearance and Senior First Aid beforemembership is accepted, The Australian Academy of Hypnosis does not require you to produce them. Competencein written and spoken English are required (not formal), as is psychological stability – speak to your trainer (orpsychologist) for any questions.To begin training, you’re requested to sign a contract to never use hypnosis for any purpose other than for therapyand we teach you why it should only be used morally with respect.First you do the Nine Day Certificate of Clinical Hypnosis training and then optionally begin the Six Day Diploma In ClassTraining (Component 1 of the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy) and view the 12 Once Monthly On-Going Trainingcomponents (Component II of the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy).After completing the Diploma of Clinical hypnotherapy, students can complete the nine day Master Diploma ofClinical Hypnotherapy. This 9 day straight training is conducted by Rick Collingwood once a year in Melbourne.The Australian Academy of Hypnosis Suite i84, 21 Hall Street Port Melbourne Victoria 3207PO Box 847 Port Melbourne Victoria 3207 email [email protected] Phone 0420 322 763

The Australian Academy of Hypnosis Training real hypnosis since 1996Training Payment PlansMelbourneThis form only needs to be completed if you require a payment planNine Day Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy. 3600 if paid in full upon registration. Or 1500 deposit and 9 xconsecutive monthly payments of 320. Total payable on payment plan 4380.Nine Day Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy and full Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy including the firstsix days and the 12 once monthly ongoing training 5500 if paid in full upon registration or 2500 deposit and 13consecutive monthly payments of 300. Total payable for the Certificate and the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy ona payment plan is 6400.I.of.Postcode.Phone. Mobile.Email. @.Would like to register for the following training.I have made a full payment of .(Complete this section if you have chosen a payment plan option)I have paid a deposit of .I agree and understand that the balance owing is .andwill be paid in.consecutive monthly payments of .and the total I will pay for thetraining is .Furthermore I understand that my registration into this training is not cancellable and that no refunds will be givenunder any circumstances. Upon registering for this training I agree to complete the payments as described here andagreed to by me.Name (print full name).Address.Postcode.Name (print full name).Signed. Date.The Australian Academy of Hypnosis Suite i84, 21 Hall Street Port Melbourne Victoria 3207PO Box 847 Port Melbourne Victoria 3207 email [email protected] Phone 0420 322 763

The Australian Academy of Hypnosis Training real hypnosis since 1996Current Hypnosis Legislation-The practice of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy was deregulated in every state and territory of Australia by the 5thDecember 2005. It is not a requirement to be ‘licensed’ to practise hypnotherapy anywhere in Australia.The various hypnosis Associations and the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA) act as self-appointed regulatingbodies.Association InformationThe Australian Academy of Hypnosis training is approved by the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA). The HCA isthe recognised governing body for Hypnosis Institutions, Schools and Associations.All significant hypnosis Associations recognise The Australian Academy of Hypnosis’ ‘Certificate of Clinical Hypnosis’as a qualification for membership. Some associations may require insurance coverage, police clearance, and a seniorfirst aid certificate. Please contact them directly for details.The academy is not directly affiliated with any associations. However, we do recommend association membership,especially if you are planning to use hypnotherapy professionally.Some of the Hypnosis Associations you can apply to for membership are:TAHAPHAASCHAHAAHAAGHThe Australian Hypnosis AllianceProfessional Hypnotherapists of AustraliaAustralian Society of Clinical HypnotistsAustralian Hypnotherapists AssociationAmerican Hypnotists AssociationAmerican Guild of HypnotistsOur Diploma of Clinical Hypnotharapy is recognised by all of the significant professional hypnosis associations inAustralia and by the HCA (Hypnotherapy Council of Australia). It is also recognised by the NHS in the United Kingdom.Refund PolicyThe refund policy for all hypnosis trainings is as follows. After acceptance into the academy training and payment offees there is no cooling off period and there are absolutely no refunds, although once registered a student can defertheir training to any equal training within three (3) years of payment. If you are not satisfied at the end of the first dayof your training, we are happy to give you a 100% full refund.Cancellation PolicyIn the rare event that the academy cancels any training in its entirety a full refund will be issued within 21 days ofany such cancellation. The academy will NOT BE RESPONSIBLE and WILL NOT refund any travel or accommodationpayments. Students who may be travelling to attend any trainings it is recommended that you book your airfares and/or accommodation on a changeable or refundable basis.These conditions are absolute. All students acknowledge and agree that upon submitting an application form and beingaccepted for any training conducted by The Australian Academy of Hypnosis that they have a full understanding of, andare in agreement with, these terms and conditions.Deferment of Training PolicyAttendance dates can be deferred to any next equivalent training for up to three years. A deferment fee of 250 appliesto ANY and ALL date changes a student may request and must be paid at the time of deferment. There is no defermentfee if a student changes the date of a training they have registered for but have not yet commenced.The Australian Academy of Hypnosis Suite i84, 21 Hall Street Port Melbourne Victoria 3207PO Box 847 Port Melbourne Victoria 3207 email [email protected] Phone 0420 322 763

The Australian Academy of Hypnosis Training real hypnosis since 1996About Our Trainers-Victoria/WA and all International TrainingsRick Collingwood – FounderRick is one of Australia’s most well known hypnotists and hypnosis trainers. He has been practising clinical hypnosissince early 1992 and established The Queensland Hypnosis Academy in Brisbane in 1996. Then the more suitable titleof The Australian Academy of Hypnosis was adopted after national training began in 2001.Rick has, during his extensive hypnosis career, had the pleasure of personally assisting tens of thousands of individualsand training more than 3000 academy students in the proficient and correct uses and methodologies of all types ofHypnosis, Mesmerism and Hypnotic Fascination.QLD / NSWJohn and Lorna Jackson – Phone 0401 796 188 – email: [email protected] register for NSW or Queensland training please or call or email John JacksonRick Collingwood teaches the Melbourne and Perth and International Trainings, and we also have anextensive on line training academy at www.globalhypnosisacademy.comPerth TrainingThere are Three Certificate of Hypnotherapy and Three Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy trainings conducted by RickCollingwood in Perth each year - Six Days for a Certificate of Hypnotherapy or Twelve Days (2x6) plus on line studiesfor a Diploma of Clinical HypnotherapyThe six day Certificate is enhanced to a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy by completing another six days practicaltraining at the next course, some On Line studies and pass an open book examination. The ‘’In Class’’ components arehands on, experiential, and designed to give all participants practical hypnosis and enhanced therapy skills and ourtraining is AHA PHA and HCA recognised and approved.The fee for the Six Day Certificate of Hypnotherapy is 1600 and the fee for the Diploma of Clinical H

In this Pack you will find q Course summary/s (including Fees) q Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy Information q Hypnosis Legislation and Association Information q Biographies of Trainers/Testimonials from previous Students and Contact Information including Venue Map q Upcoming course Dates are all at www.rickcollingwoo