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SHAREHOLDERS’ GUIDECONTENT2 LVMH at a glance Being a LVMH Shareholder LVMH shareStock market performance in 2018DividendMethods for holding sharesSummary tableAdministrative management of pure registered sharesTaking part in LVMH’s decisions Being a member of the LVMH’s Shareholders’ Club How to applyContactAdvantages of the Shareholders’ Club Keeping up to date Financial calendarWhere to get information published by LVMH3789101112131516171819

LVMH AT A GLANCETHE WORLD’S LEADING LUXURY GOODS GROUP2018 REVENUE BY BUSINESS GROUP7028%brandsSelective retailingand other activities11%Wines & Spiritsthat our new products elicit while respecting the rootsof our Maisons.employees9% 46.8 bnWatches &Jewelry2018 revenue39%13%Perfumes & Cosmetics21.4%11%Other markets2018 profit fromrecurring operationsFashion &Leather Goods2018 REVENUE BY REGION2018 operatingmarginFrance19%Rest ofEurope29%2018 dividendper share7%JapanMore information are available on in the Investors section.* Proposed at the Shareholders’ Meeting of April 18, 201924% EXCELLENCE OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICE Because we embody what is most noble and quality-endowed in the artisan world. ENTREPRENEURSHIP Because this is the key to our ability to react and our10%Rest of Asia 6.00*LVMH VALUES INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY Because our future success will come from the desire156,088 10.0 bn3United Statesmotivation to manage our businesses as start-ups.

LVMH AT A GLANCEA STRONG INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE IN OVER 70 COUNTRIESFrance514 storesRevenue : 4.4 bn10 % of revenue20 % of employees4,592 storesworldwideEurope (excl. France)1,153 storesRevenue : 8.7 bn19% of revenue25 % of employees1,289 storesRevenue : 13.7 bn29 % of revenue22 % of employeesJapanUnited States422 storesRevenue : 3.3 bn7 % of revenue4 % of employees783 storesRevenue : 11.2 bn24 % of revenue21 % of employeesOther markets431 storesRevenue : 5.3 bn11 % of revenue8 % of employeesKey figures as of 31/12/2018Asia (excl. Japan)4

LVMH AT A GLANCE5OUR BUSINESS GROUPSWINES & SPIRITSFASHION & LEATHER GOODS Moët & Chandon, Krug,Veuve Clicquot, Hennessy,Château d’Yquem theorigins of all these worldfamous estates areinextricably linked to theappellations and terroirs ofthe world’s most prestigiouswines and spirits. Louis Vuitton, Christian DiorCouture, Fendi, Loro Piana,Loewe, Marc Jacobs, Celine,Kenzo, Givenchy, PinkShirtmaker, Pucci, Berluti,Nicholas Kirkwood andRIMOWA are the brands thatform the Fashion & LeatherGoods business group. Whether they are inChampagne, Bordeaux, orother famed wine regions,these Maisons, many ofwhich date back more than acentury, all share a powerfulculture of excellence. While respecting the identityand autonomous managementof these brands, LVMHsupports their growth byproviding them with sharedresources.PERFUMES & COSMETICS LVMH is a key player in theperfume, makeup and skincaresector, with a portfolio of worldfamous French brands:Christian Dior, Guerlain, Givenchyand Kenzo.WATCHES & JEWELRY The LVMH Watches & JewelryMaisons are some of the mostemblematic brands in theindustry. They operate injewelry and watches withBvlgari, Chaumet, Fred, TAGHeuer, Hublot, Zenith and DiorMontres. The Group also owns otherbeauty brands: Benefit, Fresh,Acqua di Parma, Parfums Loewe, These Maisons are guided by aMake Up For Ever, Maison Francis daily quest for excellence,Kurkdjian, Fenty Beauty bycreativity and innovation.Rihanna, Kat Von D and MarcJacobs Beauty.SELECTIVE RETAILING The Selective Retailingbusiness group comprisesSephora, the world’s leadingselective beauty retailer, LeBon Marché, a Parisdepartment store with aunique atmosphere, andtravel retailers DFS andStarboard Cruise Services. The LVMH Selective Retailingcompanies operate inEurope, North America, Asiaand the Middle East.

LVMH AT A GLANCE6OUR MAISONS 14th century1365 Domaine du Clos des Lambrays 15th century1593 Château d’Yquem 18th century1729 Ruinart1743 Moët & Chandon1765 Hennessy1772 Veuve Clicquot1780 Chaumet 19th century1815 Ardbeg1817 Cova1828 Guerlain1832 Château Cheval Blanc1843 Krug1843 Glenmorangie1846 Loewe1849 Royal Van Lent1852 Le Bon Marché1854 Louis Vuitton1858 Mercier1860 TAG Heuer1860 Jardin d’Acclimatation1865 Zenith 1870 La Samaritaine1884 Bvlgari1895 Berluti1898 Rimowa 20th century1908 Les Echos1916 Acqua di Parma1923 La Grande Épicerie de Paris1924 Loro Piana1925 Fendi1936 Dom Pérignon1936 Fred1944 Le Parisien – Aujourd’hui en France1945 Celine1946 Christian Dior Couture1947 Parfums Christian Dior1947 Emilio Pucci1952 Givenchy1952 Connaissance des Arts1957 Parfums Givenchy1958 Starboard Cruise Services1959 Chandon1960 DFS1969 Sephora1970 Kenzo1970 Cape Mentelle 1972 Parfums Loewe1974 Investir-Le Journal des Finances1976 Benefit Cosmetics1977 Newton1980 Hublot1983 Radio Classique1984 Thomas Pink1984 Marc Jacobs1984 Make Up For Ever1985 Cloudy Bay1988 Kenzo Parfums1991 Fresh1992 Colgin Cellars1993 Belvedere1998 Bodega Numanthia1999 Terrazas de los Andes1999 Cheval des Andes 21st century2004 Nicholas Kirkwood2008 Kat Von D2009 Maison Francis Kurkdjian2010 Woodinville2013 Ao Yun2017 Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

BEING A LVMH SHAREHOLDER7LVMH SHARE Listed on : Eurolist by Euronext Paris Codes Reuters : LVMH.PA Bloomberg : MC FP Isin : FR0000121014 Market capitalization at 31/12/2018 130 bn Ranked 1st on the Paris stock exchange Number of shares 505,029,495 at 31/12/2018 Presence in the stock indices CAC 40, Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50, MSCI Europe,FTSE Eurotop 100, Global Dow Presence in the ESG indices FTSE4Good, Vigeo, EthibelSHARE CAPITAL AND VOTING RIGHTS AS OF DECEMBER 31, 2018% of capital% of voting rightsArnault Family Group47.16%63.27%Other shareholders52.84%36.73%100.00%100.00%In percentageTotal

BEING A LVMH SHAREHOLDER82018 STOCK MARKET PERFORMANCECOMPARISON BETWEEN THE LVMH SHARE PRICE AND THE CAC 40 INDEXSINCE JANUARY 1, 2016LVMH STOCK MARKET DATAIn euros201620172018High (mid-session)181.40260.55313.70Low (mid-session)130.55175.80232.50Year-end share price181.40245.40258.20Change during the year 25 % 35 % 5 %Change in the CAC 40 5 % 9 %-11 %Market capitalization atDecember 31 ( bn)92.0124.0130.0

BEING A LVMH SHAREHOLDER9DIVIDENDReceiving the dividend The dividend represents the share’s annual income. This is the part of the profit which is distributed to the shareholders. Its amount dependson the company's profits and is decided upon by LVMH’s Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, following the recommendation of its Board ofDirectors.Average annual growth of the dividend over the last 5 years: 14 %Gross dividend per shareIn 018Dividend evolutionIn euros201620172018Interim dividend1.401.602.00Final dividend2.603.404.00*Total gross amount4.005.006.00** Proposed at the Shareholders’ Meeting of April 18, 2019

BEING A LVMH SHAREHOLDERMETHODS FOR HOLDING SHARES10 Shares registered with the CompanyYour shares are registered in your name and held in the books of LVMH. However, the administrative management of your shares has been delegated toCACEIS Corporate Trust, acting as custody account keeper.CACEIS Corporate Trust is your sole point of contact for all buy and sell orders. You may also submit your orders electronicallyvia the OLIS-Actionnaire website.You receive notices of meeting for Shareholders’ Meetings automatically, without having to complete any prior formalities.A double-voting right is granted to any share held in registered form for more than three years. Shares registered through a bankYour shares are registered in the books of LVMH, but are kept in custody by a financial intermediary of your choice. This financial intermediary is your solepoint of contact and manages your securities account.You submit your buy and sell orders directly to your financial intermediary, who is responsible for executing orders, managing your account,managing the receipt of dividends and sending transaction notices confirming that orders have been executed. Custodial and management fees arecharged by your financial intermediary.You receive notices of meeting for Shareholders’ Meetings automatically, without having to complete any prior formalities.A double-voting right is granted to any share held in registered form for more than three years. Bearer sharesYour shares are recorded in a securities account held and managed by the authorized financial intermediary of your choice.You submit your buy and sell orders directly to your financial intermediary, who is responsible for executing orders, managing your account, managing thereceipt of dividends and sending transaction notices confirming that orders have been executed.Custodial and management fees are charged by your financial intermediary.

BEING A LVMH SHAREHOLDER11SUMMARY TABLEMethods forholding sharesPurchase andSell ordersShares registered withthe companyYou place the orders with CACEISCorporate Trust or via OLISActionnaireShares registeredthrough a bankBearer sharesYou place the orders with yourfinancial intermediaryYou place the orders with yourfinancial intermediaryFees vary according to yourFees vary according to yourfinancial intermediaryfinancial intermediaryNo custodial fees.Book keeping feesand brokerage feesBrokerage fees are charged,amounting to 0.30% before VAT ofthe transaction value (0.20% beforeVAT in the case of an ordersubmitted via OLIS-Actionnaire)Notice to attend theAnnual Shareholders’MeetingSent byCACEIS Corporate TrustSent byCACEIS Corporate TrustConditions required toattend the AnnualGeneral MeetingShares should be held 2 workingdays before the Shareholders’Meeting in the LVMH registermanaged by CACEIS CorporateTrustPublished on LVMH website at least 21days before the Shareholders’Meeting. A notice of meeting is alsopublished in the BALO at least 15 daysbefore the Shareholders’ Meeting.Shares should be held 2 working daysbefore the Shareholders’ Meeting inthe LVMH register managed byCACEIS Corporate TrustShares should be held 2 working daysbefore the Shareholders’ Meeting inan account managed by yourfinancial intermediaryVoting rightsA double-voting right is granted toany share held in registered form for3 years or moreA double-voting right is granted toany share held in registered form for3 years or moreA voting right is granted per share

BEING A LVMH SHAREHOLDERADMINISTRATIVE MANAGEMENT OF PURE REGISTERED SHARES12 The administrative management of your shares has been delegated to CACEIS Corporate Trust, acting as custody account keeper.CACEIS Corporate TrustService Relation Investisseurs14 rue Rouget de Lisle92862 ISSY LES MOULINEAUX Cedex 09FRANCEPhone : 33 (0)1 57 78 34 44, Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Paris timeFax : 33 (0)1 49 08 05 80Email : [email protected] CACEIS Corporate Trust is your sole point of contact for all buy and sell orders. You may also submit your orders electronically viathe OLIS-Actionnaire website. You do not pay any custodial or management fees. Brokerage fees are charged, amounting to 0.30% before VAT of the transactionvalue (0.20% before VAT in the case of an order submitted via OLIS-Actionnaire) with a minimum charge of 10 euros.

BEING A LVMH SHAREHOLDERTAKING PART IN LVMH’S DECISIONS13The Annual General Meeting Every shareholder, regardless of the amount of shares owned, has the opportunity to take part in decisions by voting at the Shareholders’ GeneralMeeting, which must be held at least once a year.There are two types of General Meetings: The Ordinary General Meeting, held at least once a year in the 6 months following the end of the financial year, approves the accounts, distributes earnings,appoints and replaces board members and auditors, grants some specific authorisations ; The Extraordinary General Meeting is necessary to modify by-laws, autorise capital increase, etc.LVMH publishes in the Bulletin of Mandatory Legal Notice (BALO) a preliminary notice of meeting at least 35 days before the Annual GeneralMeeting, and a final notice of meeting at least 15 days ahead of the date. This notice of meeting, also published in a newspaper, specifies the date,the time, the place, the agenda and the conditions for participation and for sending the voting form which allows to vote by post or by proxy.The notice of meeting and the Unique Participation form are available on LVMH website at least 21 days before the General Meeting.How to attend to the Annual General Meeting? In order to attend the General Meeting, an admission card is required. This card is delivered under following conditions: If you own registered shares: Using the reply-paid enveloppe, you must return the Unique Participation form, sent to you by CACEIS Corporate Trust,together with the notice of meeting, after having ticked the A box at the top of the form. If you own bearer shares: You must ask your financial intermediary to give instructions (together with a share ownership certificate) to CACEIS CorporateTrust to send an admission card to you by post.

BEING A LVMH SHAREHOLDERTAKING PART IN LVMH’S DECISIONS14Process of the Annual General Meeting The main highlights of the Annual General Meeting are the following: Presentation of the Group’s strategy, financial performance and outlook, Question and answer session between the Executive Committee and the shareholders, Vote of the resolutions submitted to the General Meeting.Every year, the General Meeting is broadcast live on our website. A replay is also available.How to vote at the General Meeting Every shareholder has the right to vote. The number of voting rights is proportional to the number of shares held. A double-voting right is granted toany share held in registered form for 3 years or more. At the General Meeting, shareholders will be able to attend if they have first provided proof of their identity during the registration process. The Shareholder’s Club card is not sufficient to attend the General Meeting. To make sure we can deliver your admission card on time, we advise you to request it as soon as possible. A shareholder who has voted by post, sent a proxy or asked for its admission card will not be able to choose another participation method to the Meeting.How to vote if you can not attend the General Meeting You may vote by post or by proxy with the Unique Participation Form received together with the notice of meeting sent to you (for owners of sharesregistered with the Company) or received from your financial intermediary following your request (for owners of bearer shares). The Unique ParticipationForm is also available on LVMH website at least 21 days before the General meeting.

BEING A LVMH SHAREHOLDERTHE LVMH SHAREHOLDERS’ CLUB15 Tailored to individual shareholders who show a special interest in what is happening at the Group, the LVMH Shareholders’ Club gives itsmembers a better understanding of LVMH, its businesses and its brands. Members can also benefit from exclusive offers for products andsites visits.How to apply Any shareholder holding at least one share can become a LVMH Shareholders’ Club member.To join the Club you can sign up online or by mail with a form to be downloaded on our website.The membership is valid for 2 years, subject to remaining a shareholder during this period.ContactLVMH – Club des Actionnaires22, avenue Montaigne75008 ParisTel: 33 (0)1 44 13 21 50E-mail : [email protected]

BEING A LVMH SHAREHOLDERADVANTAGES OF THE SHAREHOLDERS’ CLUB16The latest news about our Maisons We send to Club members by e-mail or by post depending on their preferences, several publications such as the Letter to Shareholders twice a year and the annualissue of our dedicated magazine, Apartés. The Annual Report is sent to those who request it online.A dedicated magazine Dedicated to the Club members, the magazine Apartés provides information about our Maisons and gives access to special offers on a selection of the Group’sWines & Spirits products. Deliveries can only be made in France.An exclusive Group’s products offer In addition to special offers on a selection of Wines & Spirits, Club members can purchase discounted subscriptions to the Group’s newspapers such as LesEchos, Investir and Connaissance des Arts and buy VIP passes to the Fondation Louis Vuitton.A dedicated eboutique The exclusive selection of the Group’s Wines & Spirits products is available via the LVMH Club’s eboutique You can have access to thisprivate website, dedicated to Club members, after creation of your personal account. To create your account, you need to have your member card number, your lastname and a personal email address. You can also order products, using the order form, enclosed in the magazine Apartés. Deliveries can only be made in France.Visits of exceptional premises From the centuries old cellars of Hennessy to the magnificent Crayères of Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, LVMH Shareholders’ Club allows its members to visitexceptional premises while benefiting from a privileged welcome. Club members have also the opportunity to discover unique venues like the Louis Vuittonworkshops in Asnières.

KEEPING UP TO DATE17FINANCIAL CALENDAR6th December 2018 Payment of an interim dividend29th January 2019April 2019Publication of 2019 annual resultsPublication of 2019 first-quarter revenue18th April 2019Annual General Meeting 201924th April 2019Last trading day with dividend rights29th April 2019Payment of the final dividend for the 2018 fiscal yearJuly 2019October 2019Publication of 2019 half-year resultsPublication of 2019 third-quarter revenue The information related to all past and future events is available on the LVMH website, under Events/Financial calendar.Thanks to the Financial Events alert, you can also be notified of any Financial Calendar updates and receive a reminder email the day before the event.

KEEPING UP TO DATEWHERE TO GET INFORMATION PUBLISHED BY LVMHA dedicated telephone numberFor more information about LVMH, you can contact the Shareholder Relations department at 33 (0)1 44 13 27 27.Our websiteLVMH website ( enables you to find out information about the Group, to access LVMH share prices in real time andall LVMH financial reports: annual and interim reports, reference document (both sent by mail on request), revenue and resultspresentations, press releases and regulated information.Letter to ShareholdersThe Letter to Shareholders, which is published twice a year on the occasion of release of annual and interim results, gives you anupdate on LVMH news.A wide range of documentation ﺍ Snapshot shareholders ﺍ Shareholders’ Guide ﺍ Annual report ﺍ Reference document ﺍ Environment report ﺍ CSR reportInteractive tools available toreceive the Group’s news.To subscribe to the followingnewsletters, click directly on the linksbelow: Financial events alert Press releases alert Shareholder alert Order the annual report18

Rihanna, Kat Von D and Marc Jacobs Beauty. WATCHES & JEWELRY The LVMH Watches & Jewelry Maisons are some of the most emblematic brands in the industry. They operate in jewelry and watches with Bvlgari, Chaumet, Fred, TAG Heuer, Hublot, Zenith and Dior . 130