Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board Examinations

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Ohio ConstructionIndustry LicensingBoardExaminationsCandidate Information BulletinGeneral Testing InformationTable Of ContentsGENERAL TESTING INFORMATION . 1CONTACT INFORMATION. 1EXAMINATION CATEGORIES . 2EXAM ADMINISTRATION METHODS . 2COMPUTER‐BASED TESTING . 2ACCEPTED METHODS OF PAYMENT . 2TEST CENTER LOCATIONS. 2SCHEDULING PROCESS. 3ADVANCE SCHEDULING . 3SCHEDULING METHODS . 3Online Scheduling . 3Phone Scheduling . 5CANCEL/RESCHEDULING POLICY . 5RETESTING POLICY. 5RESULTS REPORTING . 5COMPUTER TESTING RESULTS . 5SCORING DETAIL. 5REVIEWS . 6EXAM CHALLENGE PROCESS . 6TEST DAY RULES AND PROCEDURES . 6GENERAL TESTING RULES . 6UNETHICAL CONDUCT POLICY . 7CHECK‐IN DEADLINE . 7PROOF OF IDENTITY. 7PROHIBITED ITEMS . 7APPROVED ITEMS . 7REFERENCE MATERIAL RULES . 7VISITOR POLICY . 8PROV’S NON‐DISCRIMINATION STATEMENT . 8SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS . 8PREPARING FOR YOUR EXAMS . 8STUDYING FOR YOUR EXAM . 8PURCHASING REFERENCE MATERIALS AND STUDY GUIDES . 8EXAM DESCRIPTIONS. 10CANDIDATE INSTRUCTIONS HANDOUT . 13COMPUTER TESTING NAVIGATION . 14OCILB CIB 2015.06.04The Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board (OCILB)oversees the licensing process for contractors. The Statehas contracted with Prov, Inc. to develop and administerits licensing examination program for contractors. Thisinformation bulletin has been developed to help explainthe rules and processes candidates will need toundertake to complete the testing requirement for acontractor’s license in the State of Ohio.Candidates are required to complete the OCILB’sapplication process prior to testing. The licensequalification process and the requirements to qualify totest are posted on the OCILB’s website. After you areapproved, the Board will notify you that you are eligibleto contact Prov to schedule your examination. You willbe eligible to take the exam within one (1) year of theapproval date. If you fail an examination, you must wait60 days before retesting. You can retest up to 5 times ina year. Candidates should be advised that once yourapplication is approved, you are required to obtain a BCIand FBI background check prior to sitting for theexamination.Prov is not authorized to make the determination ofwhich examination candidates must take. If you areunsure which exam is needed for the license beingsought, resolve this question with the Board beforescheduling. The examination fee is non‐refundable.Contact InformationFor questions not addressed in this bulletin contact:For Licensing Questions ‐Ohio Construction IndustryExamining Board6606 Tussing RoadReynoldsburg, Ohio 43068Ph: (614) 644‐3493Fax: (614) 728‐1200http://www.com.ohio.gov/dico/ocilb/. Prov, Inc. 2015For Testing Questions ‐Prov13614 Progress Blvd.Alachua, FL 32615Ph: (866) 720‐7768Fax: (386) 518‐6419www.provexam.comHours: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.Page 1 of 14

State of Ohio Contractor Examinations: Candidate Information Bulletin Examination CategoriesThe following is a list of the examinations administeredby Prov for licensing through the Ohio ContractorIndustry Licensing Board. All exams are open book andare timed. Detailed information about exam content,duration and reference materials can be found in theExam Descriptions section of this document. Contractor’s Business & LawElectrical ContractorHVAC ContractorHydronics ContractorPlumbing ContractorRefrigeration Contractor2. Columbus State Community College315 Cleveland AvenueCommunity & Professional Testing ‐ Center forWorkforce Development ‐ 2nd Floor, Rm 223Columbus, OH 43215Computer-Based TestingProv has taken every effort to make its computer testingsystem as easy to use as possible. No specific computerexperience or typing skills are needed to take the test.Candidates who take a computer‐based test will be givenverbal and written instructions and will complete aninteractive tutorial prior to testing.The written instructions for computerized exams areincluded in this bulletin. Please refer to the CBTCandidate Notice for these instructions and a visual ofthe screen layout.For an opportunity to preview Prov’s computer‐basedtesting system before arriving at the test center,candidates can watch a demonstration video by hisshort movie provides a basic demonstration of how totake a test on Prov’s computer system.Accepted Methods of PaymentCandidates paying for their examinations or any otherservices provided by Prov can use the following methodsof payment:OCILB CIB 2015.06.04Test Center Locations1. Cleveland State University2124 Chester AvenueRhodes West Room #215Cleveland, OH 44115Exam Administration MethodsMoney OrdersCashier’s ChecksCertified ChecksNo personal or company checks will be accepted and allregistrations that include personal or company checkswill be returned without processing.Prov has established eleven (11) testing centers withinOhio where candidates can take their examinations.Each examination costs 69.00. Credit Cards (American Express, Discover,Master Card, Visa)3. Columbus State Community College7233 Northgate WayWesterville, OH4. Columbus State Community College6190 Shamrock Court, Sutie 100Dubin, OH5. Shawnee State UniversityStudent Success CenterMassie Hall, 1st Floor940 Second StreetPortsmouth, OH 456626. University of Akron277 East Buchtel AvenueSimmons Hall 304Akron, OH 44325‐43037. University of Cincinnati Testing Services102 University Pavilion, ML 0078Cincinnati, OH 452218. University of ToledoScott Park Campus2225 Nebraska Ave., Room AS1200Toledo, OH 43607 Prov, Inc. 2015Page 2 of 14

State of Ohio Contractor Examinations: Candidate Information BulletinFor most testing locations in Ohio candidates mustcomplete the scheduling process by four business daysprior to testing.9. University of Northwestern Ohio1441 North Cable RoadLima, Ohio 45805Scheduling Methods10. Washington County Career Center21740 State Route 676Marietta, OH 45750Online SchedulingIf you have any difficulties with online scheduling, give usa call at (866) 720‐7768.11. Youngstown State UniversityOne University Plaza243 Meshel HallYoungstown, OH 44555Scheduling ProcessOnce you have been approved to test by the OhioConstruction Industry Licensing Board, you can thenschedule your test session. Candidates are required toschedule in advance for their examinations in order toensure that a testing seat will be available. There are alimited number of seats at each testing facility andseating availability is based on a first‐come, first‐servedbasis.To schedule an examination, candidates must firstconfirm and select the test they were approved to take.Next, the candidates must find available seats in theirarea. During this second step candidates will select thedate and location where they wish to test. The third andfinal step is to make payment for those examinations.The scheduling process is not complete until paymenthas been made to Prov. Once the scheduling process iscomplete, candidates will be sent an appointment letterwhich includes their testing session details.Advance SchedulingTo schedule online, Candidates must go to Prov’s homepage at www.provexam.com. Then they must select theCANDIDATE LOGIN link found under the Test Takerheading (left‐side of home‐page). Once candidates haveaccessed Arkiv (Prov’s information managementsystem), they must select Ohio as their Program Nameand click NEXT STEP.LoginCandidates should enter their USER ID (provided by theOhio Contractor Industry Licensing Board on yourapproval letter). Candidates logging in for the first timeshould enter their pre‐assigned password which is thefirst three letters of their last name and the last fournumbers of their User ID. The first letter of their lastname should be an upper case letter and the other twoletters are lower case.Example: An individual named John Tucker, with a UserID of TUCK12345 would enter the following as apassword: Tuc2345.Prov offers several convenient methods to allowcandidates to schedule their examination(s). Candidatesmay use any of these methods to schedule their testingappointments and there are no extra fees charged foruse of any of these methods.The scheduling methods available are: OnlineOver the phoneBy MailBy FaxOCILB CIB 2015.06.04If you are a returning user enter the password that wascreated the last time the candidate entered. Then pressNEXT STEP. Prov, Inc. 2015Page 3 of 14

State of Ohio Contractor Examinations: Candidate Information BulletinBefore entering Arkiv the Candidate should confirm thatthey are entering the correct account and then click theENTER button.PasswordTo access the candidate information inside of Arkiv, thecandidate will need to set up a password. If candidateshave forgotten their Arkiv password, they may press theFORGOT PASSWORD button and their passwords will beemailed to the email address the candidates haveprovided when their testing profile was initially created.If candidates still encounter difficulties, they mustcontact Prov staff during business hours to receive help.Step 3: Select Testing Dates, Times and Location – Usingthe mouse, click on one of the rows listed containing thetesting date, time and location wanted and the pressSELECT SEAT. If the candidate only has one exam toschedule they will automatically be taken to the paymentscreen. If the candidate has more exams to schedulereturn to step 1 and select the next test.Schedule a Testing SessionIt is recommended that all candidates read theircandidate information bulletin prior to scheduling. Ifthey have not yet read the candidate bulletin, they mayaccess it by selecting the PROGRAM DOCUMENTS tab.Once a candidate is logged into Arkiv, they should selectthe SCHEDULE button listed in the Action Items next totheir exam name.On the next page Candidates will be asked to completefour steps in order to select a testing session.Step 1: Select Examination ‐ Use the mouse to select anunscheduled exam from the list to the left. (Note: If onlyone exam is shown, it will automatically be the selectedexam.)Step 2: Enter Search Criteria – Enter the date when thecandidate would like to test. Enter a ZIP Code where thecandidate would like to search from. Select themaximum distance the candidate will travel to a testingcenter. Select or confirm the testing method. Then pressFIND AVAILABLE SEATS.OCILB CIB 2015.06.04Step 4: Click the PAY FOR EXAM buttonPaying OnlineTo pay for a specific registration event, select the invoicenumber on the left. If the billing address or name on thecard is different from the information previouslyprovided, press the USE DIFFERENT BILLING ADDRESScheckbox to enter the new information. Finally, enter thecredit card or debit card payment information, and pressSUBMIT PAYMENT.Candidates can choose not to pay for the examimmediately by clicking the EXIT WITHOUT PAYMENTbutton. The seat will be held until midnight. At that timethe seat will be released for anyone to schedule. Whenreturning to the website to make a payment before theend of the day the candidate should select the MAKEPAYMENT tab.Once payment is received the testing session is reserved.Candidates should print or email their confirmationletters for their own reference.If a mistake is made, a candidate can unschedule an examby selecting the VIEW MY SCHEDULE link from the Prov, Inc. 2015Page 4 of 14

State of Ohio Contractor Examinations: Candidate Information Bulletincandidate console, then requesting to cancel theselected test.If you have any problems with online scheduling, give usa call at (866) 720‐7768.Phone SchedulingTo schedule for an examination by phone, candidatesshould contact Prov toll free at 866‐720‐7768. Provscheduling staff is available 8:00 a.m. through 6:00 p.m.ET, Monday through Friday.Candidates should be prepared to provide the Provscheduling staff with their name, User ID, and their ZIPcode. Once Prov confirms the candidate’s identity, Provstaff will search the database for the next availabletesting session at the candidate’s preferred testinglocation and will provide candidates with any alternatelocations that may be in close proximity to their address.Once candidates are scheduled, Prov staff will emailthem information regarding their testing schedule.Cancel/Rescheduling PolicyIf candidates need to change or cancel their testingappointment, they must contact Prov at least threebusiness days prior to their scheduled date. Changes willbe made at no cost if candidates notify Prov by thedeadline.If candidates fail to appear for their test or fail to cancelor reschedule their testing session by the close ofbusiness three days prior to their scheduled test date,they will forfeit their exam fees.Retesting PolicyOnce a candidate receives approval from the board fortesting, the candidate becomes eligible to test or re‐test(if necessary) for one year following their approval. Ifcandidates fail their initial exam, they must wait 60 daysbefore they can retake the exam and may not retestmore than 5 times in one year. Candidates must pay theexam fee for each test they schedule. Candidates cannotretake an exam once they have passed that exam unlessrequired by the State of Ohio. If a candidate does notpass the exam within one year from the approval date,they must reapply with the Ohio Department of IndustryLicensing Board for new eligibility.OCILB CIB 2015.06.04Results ReportingEach test will be uniformly graded following thecompletion of the testing process. Grades will bedistributed to you based on the information found in thesubsequent sections.IF you receive a PASSING grade, this means that you havebeen deemed to be competent in a particular trade orcraft by means of successful test completion. It does not,however, mean that you are licensed to practice.Licensure is typically awarded by a governmental boardor agency that will require these testing results as onecomponent of the licensure process. Upon successfultest completion you should contact your local licensingagency regarding any additional steps necessary tocomplete the licensure process.Computer Testing ResultsWhen you complete your test, the proctor will print outand provide you with a score report. This score reportwill be your official score letter although passingcandidates can return to Prov’s scoring website to printadditional copies of score results from the following weblink:www.provexam.comTo access your passing results, you will need to provideyour User ID and your password. Your User ID will beyour ID provided on your original score letter.Scoring DetailCandidates that are successful in passing theirexaminations will be provided with a score letter thatindicates a PASS status. No numerical grade or subjectarea breakdown is provided to passing candidates.The reason behind the non‐disclosure of numeric gradesto passing candidates is that Prov’s tests are designed tomerely assess whether an individual is above or below adesignated competency level (cut‐point). Thus passing atest by a huge margin or passing by a small margin hasno impact on Prov’s decision of whether you havesatisfied the minimum requirements for certification.Hence, providing numeric scores might mistakenly leadsome to conclude that the scores provide a means ofranking the passing candidates, which it does not. Giventhis rationale, any requests for providing details Prov, Inc. 2015Page 5 of 14

State of Ohio Contractor Examinations: Candidate Information Bulletinregarding a numeric grade for passing candidates will bedenied.Candidates that are unsuccessful in passing their testswill receive a numeric grade as well as a subject areabreakdown of the test that describes the areas wherethe candidate performed well or poorly.Candidates that would like duplicate copies of theirpassing score result may log onto Prov’s registration siteand print a duplicate copy at no cost.ReviewsProv staff will review each comment within two weeks ofreceipt by Prov and will make scoring adjustments shouldany comment result in a change to a test question.Candidates will be notified by mail if their commentsresult in a score change. Candidates can also check for ascore change online through their candidate account.Candidates can log into Arkiv by going to our website atwww.provexam.com and entering their User ID andpassword. When candidates reach the candidate homepage inside of Arkiv, they can select the MY ACCOUNTTab and then the EXAM HISTORY button and see theresults of all the exams they have taken with Prov.Reviews are intended to help candidates audit theirtesting results by allowing them to see which questionswere missed on the most recently taken exam. Provencourages those taking reviews to comment uponquestions they feel were unfairly graded or which theyfeel may be incorrect. All comments from reviews will beanalyzed by Prov staff with summary results distributedfollowing the expert analysis of your comments.Any changes made to a grade will be reflected on thescore result within two weeks of submitting the ExamComment form. Detailed answers to questions orcomments are not provided for security purposes.To be eligible for a review, you must have failed anexamination and have scored within 10 points of therequired passing score. Reviews must be scheduled nomore than ninety (90) days following your most recenttesting session.In addition to the other rules described in this bulletingeneral testing policies for this program are:During the review you will be provided with a copy of thetest questions you missed and the answer you providedfor those questions. You will also be provided with acomment form that you can use to challenge any testquestion. You will not be able to change any answers onthe exam.The cost of the review is 80.00 for each test reviewed.You will request or schedule a review using the samemethods described earlier for Test Registration orTest Day Rules and ProceduresGeneral Testing Rules Scheduling. Exam Challenge ProcessIf during an exam or review, the candidates encounter aquestion they think is inaccurate or otherwise incorrect,they are encouraged to submit an Exam Comment formto Prov detailing why they feel the question is in error.Candidates testing on computer may make theircomments in the testing system. Candidates who arereviewing an exam will automatically be provided withan Exam Comment form.OCILB CIB 2015.06.04 Prov, Inc. 2015You may not retake a test you have alreadypassed.You are not permitted to communicate withanyone other than your proctor during thetesting event.You may not share reference books withanother candidate.You may not bring highlighters, pens or notepaper into the testing room.You may not write in your reference materialsduring the test.You may not copy any test questions during thetest, nor may you recall and give Prov’s questionsto any individual outside the testing room.You are not permitted to leave the buildingduring the testing session.You are not permitted to call or talk to anyoneif you are taking a break during the testingsession.You will not be given any additional time fortime spent outside of the testing room while ona break.Only one (1) individual at a time may take abreak during the testing session.Page 6 of 14

State of Ohio Contractor Examinations: Candidate Information Bulletin Unethical Conduct PolicyAny individual caught giving or receiving assistanceduring or after the examination, or caught usingunauthorized materials during the examination will bereported directly to the Board. Those caught in the actof cheating will be dismissed from the examination andtheir testing results will be frozen. Furthermore, thecandidate will forfeit the examination fees paid. Finally,anyone caught with test questions in their possession,either during or following the examination will beprosecuted by Prov for theft of copyrighted testingmaterials.Check-in DeadlineThe doors to each testing center will open at least 30minutes before all scheduled testing appointments inorder to check candidates into the testing center.Candidates should plan to arrive early to make sure theyare seated by the time the testing begins. If candidatesare late in arriving, AND the testing session has alreadybegun, CANDIDATES WILL BE TURNED AWAY and willforfeit their exam fees and will be required to reschedulefor a future testing date.Proof of IdentityUpon arriving at the testing center, candidates will berequired to show government‐issued, photo‐bearingidentification. The photo‐bearing ID must be current andvalid. Forms of valid photo‐bearing ID are a driver’slicense, passport, or military ID. Candidates will also berequired to sign a test center log, and will bephotographed by the test center staff. If candidatescannot produce a valid government‐issued photo ID,refuse to participate in signing the test center log, orrefuse to be photographed, they will be dismissed fromthe testing center and forfeit all testing fees for thattesting session. Reference Material RulesAll examinations are designed to allow candidates to useauthorized references while taking their exams. For a listof what reference materials are authorized for theexams, please refer to the exam description for thecandidate’s exam. All candidates’ reference materialswill be checked by the Prov test administrator prior tothe candidates being permitted access to the testingroom.Candidates should prepare their reference materialsusing ONLY the following methods. Approved ItemsCandidates may bring the following approved items intothe testing center:OCILB CIB 2015.06.04HighlightingAttaching permanent tabsReference materials which do not meet the followingguidelines will not be allowed in the testing room. Theseguidelines are in place to ensure that every candidate istested fairly and that no candidate has access tounapproved resources. Prohibited ItemsNo cameras, recorders, cell phones or othercommunication devices are allowed in the testing room.Talking and smoking are not allowed in the testing room.Calculator. Only simple 4‐function calculatorsare permitted. PDAs, cell phones or other specialcalculators (i.e. ElectriCalc, etc.) are NOTpermitted.Approved References. (See information below).Handwritten notes are NOT allowed in anyportion of a reference book.Moveable tabs are NEVER permitted in areference book (Temporary tabs, such as Post‐itnotes, paper taped or glued in your books arenot allowed and must be removed from thereference books before the exam will begin).A reference book CANNOT contain Post‐it notes.Photocopied documents CANNOT be added to areference book.Photocopied versions of a reference are onlyallowed when listed as permitted in the examdescription.Prov asks that candidates leave all unauthorizedmaterials in their vehicle. If candidates are caught usingunauthorized materials during testing, these materialswill be confiscated, their testing will be terminated withfees forfeited, and the Board will be notified of theiractions. During the testing process candidates MUSTNOT: Prov, Inc. 2015Page 7 of 14

State of Ohio Contractor Examinations: Candidate Information Bulletin Share reference materials during testing.Highlight, underline, mark or write any kind ofinformation in their reference materials duringtesting.Visitor PolicyNo one other than the candidate will be allowed in thetesting room. Non‐testing visitors are NOT permitted towait in the lobby while candidates test.Prov’s Non-Discrimination StatementProv provides equal access to its exams and testingprograms for all eligible persons. Although individualjurisdictions that Prov represents are wholly responsiblefor determining eligibility of candidates, it is the policy ofProv to maintain an environment free of discriminationand to prohibit discrimination and harassment againstany person on the basis of race, color, national origin,gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexualorientation, and veteran, marital or family status.Harassment of Prov program participants, proctors, staffor candidates will not be tolerated. If candidates wish toexpress concerns about discrimination, they shouldcontact Prov at 866‐720‐7768 or write to: Prov, Inc.,13614 Progress Blvd. Alachua, FL 32615Special AccommodationsProv complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA) in providing special accommodations forcandidates that require additional assistance during thetesting process. If candidates feel that they qualify for aspecial accommodation during testing, they shouldcontact Prov at (866) 720‐7768. When prompted by theautomated attendant, candidates may press #3 to betransferred directly to Prov staff that will handle theirrequest. Prov will require written documentation from alicensed physician or psychologist documenting thedisability and further require a request describing therequested remedy. Prov will then work directly with thecandidates to make the accommodations they will needin order to complete their examination.Preparing for Your Examsoperations in the plumbing field at the particular skilllevel being tested (i.e. Contractor or Journeyman). Thetest questions used on your examination have beenprepared by practitioners like yourself and cover thewide range of topics you would normally encounter asyou work in your particular field.If you have worked in your field for some period in avariety of different settings, you likely have experiencedmuch of what will be found on your examination. On theother hand, if your experience is limited (not only inyears but also in the variety of work performed), then itis likely you may want to spend time increasing yourknowledge by studying areas in which you are lessfamiliar. For all candidates, the reality is that you forgetthose things you do not use and over time yourknowledge in some areas may have decreased.In preparation for your examinations, we recommendthat you study the recommended references so that youare familiar with them prior to testing. While the testsare OPEN BOOK for certain references, there generally isinsufficient time to learn what is in the reference bookwhile testing. You are encouraged to place permanenttabs in your references and highlight those areas withwhich you are less familiar. These simple steps will helpyou better prepare for their use while the testing isunderway.PurchasingandStudyCandidates can refer to the Exam Descriptions section ofthis document for a list of reference books for the examthey wish to take. Most reference books can also bepurchased through the following companies. The examination you will take is designed to test whatqualified individuals should know as they beginOCILB CIB 2015.06.04MaterialsGuides Studying for your ExamReference Prov, Inc. 2015Prov, Inc.: 866‐720‐7768Architectural Center Bookstore: 317‐634‐3871Indiana Plumbing and Heating ContractorsAssociation: 317‐575‐9292International Code Council: 800‐786‐4452Home Prep, Inc.: 800‐952‐0910AAA Construction School, Inc.: 904‐722‐9994American Contractors Exam Services: 800‐992‐1910Builder’s Book Depot: 800‐284‐3434North American Contractors Assoc.: 336‐540‐0149Page 8 of 14

State of Ohio Contractor Examinations: Candidate Information BulletinIf candidates need assistance in ordering any studyOCILB CIB 2015.06.04materials, they may contact Prov at 866‐720‐7768. Prov, Inc. 2015Page 9 of 14

State of Ohio Contractor Examinations: Candidate Information BulletinExam DescriptionsElectrical ContractorElectrical Contractors must have the knowledge and skill to install,alter, add or change any electrical wires, fixtures, appliances,apparatus, raceways, conduit or any part thereof that generates,transmits, transforms or utilizes electrical energy in any form for light,heat, power or communications.Number of Questions100Time allowed (hours)4Subject Area# Quest.General Knowledge and Requirements10Warm Air Heating and Air Distribution25Ventilation and Exhaust Systems15Number of Questions100Air Conditioning10Time allowed (hours)4Piping Systems10Equipment and Appliances20Testing and Inspection10Subject Area# Quest.General Electrical Knowledge10Transformers & Equipment12Service Feeders and Branch Circuits16Raceways, Boxes and Panelboards10Conductors & Cables12Control Devices8Motors and Generators

Contractor’s Business & Law Electrical Contractor HVAC Contractor Hydronics Contractor Plumbing Contractor Refrigeration Contractor Each examination costs 69.00. Exam Administration Methods Computer-Based Testing