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301 Bible TriviaQuestionsby Ministry-To-Children.comQuestions about the BibleQ: Which NT book has Jesus' Sermon on theMount?A: MatthewTure or False: The Bible was first written inthe English language?A: FalseTrue or False: The Bible is the most popularbook ever written. (by copies sold)A: TrueQ: In what language was most of the OldTestament given?A: HebrewQ: What is the first book in the Bible?A: GenesisQ: In what language was most of the NewTestament given?A: GreekQ: What is the last book in the Bible?A: RevelationQ: What four books tell about Jesus life onEarth?A: Matthew, Mark, Luke, JohnQ: Which book did Jesus directly write?A: NoneQ: Which human author wrote the mostbooks?A: Paul wrote 13 books.Q: Which human author wrote the mostwords in the Bible?A: Moses wrote 125,139 words. (source)Q: What is the longest book in the Bible?A: PsalmsQ: What was most likely the first Gospelwritten?A: MarkTrue or False: David wrote the entire bookof Psalms.False: The Psalms are a collection by manywriters, but David contributed the most.Q: What was most likely the last Gospelwritten?A: JohnQ: What is the shortest book in the Bible?A: 3 JohnQ: How many books are in the Bible?A: 66Q: How many books in the Old Testament?A: 39 books in the OTQ: How many books in the New Testament?A: 27 books in the NTQ: What was most likely the first of Paul'sletters written?A: 1 ThessaloniansQ: What was most likely the last NewTestament book written?A: Revelation

Questions from GenesisQ: How many days did God take to createthe world?A: 6Q: What day did God create man?A: 6thQ: Who was the first man?A: AdamQ: Who was the first woman?A: EveQ: Where did they live at the beginning ofthe world?A: Garden of EdenQ: Who were their three sons listed in theBible?A: Cain, Abel, SethQ: Who did God tell to build an ark?A: NoahQ: Who were Noah’s three sons?A: Shem, Ham, JaphethQ: How many days and nights did it rainwhen Noah was on the ark?A: 40Q: How many people were saved on theark?A: 8Q: What was God’s sign to Noah that hewould never destroy the earth again?A: A rainbowQ: What were men trying to do at theTower of Babel?A: Built a tower to reach to Heaven.Q: How did God make them spread outacross the earth?A: Confused their languages.Q: Who did God call out of Ur to move toCanaan?A: AbramQ: Who was Abram’s wife?A: SaraiQ: Even though Abram and Sarah were tooold, what did God promise them?A: A sonQ: When God showed Abram the stars inthe sky, what did he promise?A: That Abram would have moredescendants than the number of stars.Q: Who was Abram’s handmaid?A: HagarQ: What was Sarah’s idea for Abram to havea child?A: For Abram to have a child with Hagar.Q: Who was the first son he had?A: Ishmael.Q: What was Abram’s name changed to?A: AbrahamQ: What was Sarai’s name changed to?A: SarahQ: What was the second son Abraham had?A: IsaacQ: Who did Abraham have his second sonwith?A: SarahQ: Where did Hagar and her son leave to?A: Into the desert

Q: Who did Abraham send to find Isaac awife?A: His oldest servantQ: What did Laban make Jacob do to finallymarry Rachel?A: Work another seven years.Q: Who did the servant choose?A: RebekahQ: Who was the first son Jacob had withRachel?A: JosephQ: What were Isaac’s sons’ names?A: Jacob and EsauQ: Who was born first?A: Esau came first, with Jacob grabbing hisheel.Q: How did Esau provide food for thefamily?A: He hunted.Q: Who did Isaac favor of his two sons?A: EsauQ: What did Jacob do most of the time?A: Stayed in the home with his mother.Q: What did Esau receive in exchange forhis birthright?A: Some stew.Q: As Isaac was dying and blind, whosuggested that Jacob should steal theblessing?A: Rebekah.Q: How did Esau respond when hisbirthright was taken?A: Threatened to kill Jacob.Q: When Jacob met Laban, which daughterdid he want to marry?A: Rachel.Q: Who did Laban trick Jacob into marrying?A: Leah.Q: What did God change Jacob’s name tobefore his meeting with Esau?A: IsraelQ: How many brothers did Joseph have?A: 12Q: What did Jacob give Joseph that sparkedjealousy from his siblings?A: A coat of many colors.Q: What did Joseph tell his brothers abouthis dreams that upset them?A: The dreams said he would becomegreater and rule over them.Q: How did the brothers get rid of Joseph?A: Sold him to slave traders.Q: What did Joseph’s brothers tell theirfather had happened to him?A: They said Joseph was killed by a wildanimal.Q: Where did the slave traders take Joseph?A: EgyptQ: Who bought Joseph?A: Potiphar, captain of the Pharaoh’s guardsQ: Who got Joseph thrown into prison bylying about him?A: Potiphar’s wifeQ: Who else was in prison with Joseph?A: The Pharaoh’s cupbearer and chief baker.

Q: What did Joseph do for them?A: Interrupted their dreams.Q: Why was Joseph summoned out ofprison by the Pharaoh?A: To interrupt his dream.Q: What position of power was Josephgiven by the Pharaoh?A: Second in command of Egypt.Q: What catastrophe did Joseph predict byinterpreting the Pharaoh’s dream?A: A severe, seven-year famine.Q: Who came to Egypt that Josephrecognized because of the famine?A: His brothers.Q: Who was Jacob’s second son withRachel?A: BenjaminQ: What did Joseph tell the brothers to donext time they came back to Egypt?A: To bring Benjamin with them.Q: What did Moses do after he killed anEgyptian?A: Ran away into the desert.Q: Through what did God speak to Moses inthe desert?A: A burning bushQ: When Moses confronted the Pharaoh,what did his staff turn into when he threw iton the ground?A: A snakeQ: What did Moses say God commandedthe Pharaoh to do?A: Let the Israelite slaves go free.Q: How many plagues did God send onEgypt?A: 10Q: What was the final plague that convincedPharaoh to let the slaves go?A: The firstborn son of all Egyptian familiesdied.Q: Which brother volunteered to stay inEgypt instead of Benjamin?A: JudahQ: When Pharaoh changed his mind andsent his army after the slaves, where didthey meet at?A: By the Red SeaQ: What did Joseph tell his brothers to dowhen they returned to Canaan?A: Bring their families and their father toEgypt.Q: What did God through Moses to save theslaves?A: Parted the Red SeaQuestions about Exodusand Early Israel HistoryQ: When the Egyptians tried to follow theIsraelites through the Red Sea, whathappened?A: The water crashed on them and killedthem all.Q: How did Moses’ mother save him fromthe Egyptian soldiers?A: Put him in a basket in the river.Q: What did God send to feed the Israelitesin the desert?A: Quail and manna

Q: Where did God give Moses the TenCommandments?A: Mt. SinaiQ: What Philistine woman asked Samsonwhat his power came from?A: DelilahQ: What golden image did the Israelitesmake at Mt. Sinai?A: A golden calfQ: How did Samson die?A: Pushing over the temple pillars, killinghimself and many Philistines.Q: What did the spies sent into Canaan seethat made them scared?A: Giants in the landQuestions about theEarly KingdomQ: Who were the only two Israelitesallowed to go into the Promised Land aftermany years?A: Joshua and CalebQ: Who was the first king of Israel?A: SaulQ: What city did God make the walls fall soJoshua and the Israelites could conquer it?A: JerichoQ: After they took over the Promised Landand Joshua died, who ruled Israel?A: JudgesQ: Who was the woman judge who ledIsrael to victory?A: DeborahQ: Who was the judge who defeated theMidianites with only 300 men using torchesand horns?A: GideonQ: Who was the judge who took a Nazaritevow from birth and fought against thePhilistines?A: SamsonQ: With what did Samson kill 1,000Philistines?A: A donkey’s jawboneQ: Who anointed him king?A: SamuelQ: Who was the enemy who took the Ark ofthe Covenant?A: PhilistinesQ: What happened the idol which wasbeside the Ark in the enemy’s temple?A: The idol fell over and brokeQ: When the people demanded Saul make asacrifice to God that only priests shouldmake, what did he do?A: Made the sacrifice anywaysQ: When Saul conquered the Amalekites,what person did he keep as a prisonerinstead of killing like God said to?A: The king, AgagQ: What was Saul’s punishment fordisobeying?A: God took his kingdom awayQ: Who was the king of Israel anointed bySamuel after Saul?A: David

Q: What did David work as for his father?A: A shepherdQ: When the Philistines came to attack theIsraelites, who mocked God and challengedthem?A: Goliath the giant.Q: Where did David spare Saul’s life the firsttime?A: In a caveQ: Where did David spare Saul’s life thesecond time?A: In the camp where Saul was sleepingQ: When David wanted to fight Goliath,what did Saul try to give him?A: His armorQ: What last judge of Israel died after Saulmade a temporary peace with David?A: SamuelQ: What did David take from the brook tofight Goliath with?A: Five stonesQ: Where did David go after Saul continuedto hunt him?A: The Land of the Philistines/ PhilistiaQ: How many sling-throws did it take Davidto hit Goliath?A: OneQ: Where did Saul turn to for advice whenhe couldn’t sense God’s will?A: A witchQ: Who was Saul’s son that Davidbefriended?A: JonathanQ: What prophet did he ask to speak to?A: SamuelQ: What did Saul throw to try to kill David?A: A javelin/spearQ: What did Jonathan do to save David’s lifefrom Saul?A: Warned him that Saul would try to killhimQ: What foreign country did David run awayto?A: Land of the Philistines/PhilistiaQ: Did Saul give up on chasing David whenDavid went into the wilderness?A: NoQ: How many times did David spare Saul’slife?A: TwiceQ: How did Saul die?A: Fell on his own swordQ: How many of his sons died in the samebattle?A: All of themQuestions about KingDavid’s ReignQ: Did all of Israel immediately considerDavid their king?A: NoQ: Who was David’s captain of his army?A: JoabQ: When David stayed in Jerusalem, whatwoman did he see and commit adulterywith?A: Bathsheba

Q: Who was Bathsheba’s husband?A: UriahQ: When Bathsheba got pregnant, what didDavid make happen to Uriah?A: He was killed in battleQ: What prophet came to rebuke David?A: NathanQ: What happened to Bathsheba’s child?A: The child diedQ: When Bathsheba had another child,what did they name him?A: SolomonQ: Who was David’s son that started arebellion against him?A: AbsalomQ: Which books of the Bible record David’stime as king?A: 1st and 2nd SamuelQ: Which book did David write most of?A: PsalmsQuestions about theLater History of IsraelQ: Who was David’s son that became king?A: SolomonQ: What trait did Solomon pray for fromGod?A: WisdomQ: What did Solomon build for the Lord?A: A templeQ: What capital city did David abandon asAbsalom came towards it?A: JerusalemQ: What famous queen came to visitSolomon?A: Queen of ShebaQ: When the two armies battled, whathappened to Absalom’s hair?A: It got caught in a treeQ: How many wives did Solomon have?A: 700Q: Who killed Absalom?A: JoabQ: Because he killed Absalom, what wasJoab’s punishment?A: He was not captain anymoreQ: What was David’s second sin recorded inthe Bible?A: He took a census of the people in hisnationQ: During his time as king, who was David’smain enemy?A: PhilistinesQ: Did Solomon always follow the Lord?A: No. He turned from God.Q: Who convinced Solomon to turn fromGod?A: His wivesQ: What happened to the kingdom afterSolomon’s rule?A: It split in twoQ: Which books of the Bible record all thekings?A: 1st and 2nd Kings, 1st and 2nd ChroniclesQ: Which books of the Bible did Solomonwrite?

A: Song of Solomon and Proverbs and somePsalmsQ: How many kings of Judah were there?A: 20Q: How many kings of Israel were there?A: 19Q: Who conquered Judah and took Danielto their country?A: BabyloniansQ: Whose dream did Daniel interpret in Babylon?A: King NebuchadnezzarQ: Who let the Israelites return to theirhomeland?A: CyrusQ: Who eventually came from the lineage ofDavid?A: JesusQuestions about the Lifeof JesusQ: Who was Jesus' human mother?A: MaryQ: Who was the last king Daniel servedunder in the Bible?A: DariusQ: Who was Jesus’ adoptive father onEarth?A: JosephQ: When Daniel prayed to God after it wasnot allowed, where was he thrown into?A: The lion’s denQ: Who was Jesus’ birth father?A: God the Holy Spirit – see Matt 1:20Q: What were Daniel’s three friends(Babylonian names)?A: Shadrach, Meshach, AbednegoQ: When they refused to bow to an idol,where were they thrown?A: Into a fiery furnaceQ: Who returned to Israel to build up thewalls of Jerusalem?A: NehemiahQ: What Israelite saved her people frombeing murdered and was a wife of the king?A: EstherQ: What daring thing did Esther do to talkwith the king?A: Went in to talk without being summonedfirstQ: Name the city where Jesus was born?A: BethlehemQ: Where did Jesus’ family go when Herodwanted to harm him as baby?A: EgyptTrue or False: Because Jesus was God, hedidn’t obey his parents’ rules.A: False – Jesus obeyed his parents – seeLuke 2:51True or False: Jesus was an only child.A: False - Jesus had brothers and sister - seeMark 6:3Q: How many of Jesus’ brothers are namedin the Bible?A: Four

Q: How many of Jesus’ sisters are named inthe Bible?A: NoneTrue or False: Jesus stayed away frompeople with bad reputations?A: False – He often ate with “sinners.”Q: Name one of Jesus’ brothers?A: James, Joseph, Simon and JudasQ: Name the place where Jesus walked onwater?A: Sea of GalileeQ: Who was Jesus' most famous cousin?A: John the BaptistTrue or False: John the Baptist wore clothesmade of goat hair?A: False – it was camel hairQ: Who baptized Jesus?A: John the BaptistQ: Who spoke from the sky when Jesus wasbaptized?A: GodQ: What did God say?A: That he was well-pleased with his son.Q: What happened when Jesus went intothe wilderness?A: He was tempted by SatanQ: Before Jesus starting preaching, whatwas his normal job?A: Carpenter (construction worker) – SeeMark 6:3Q: Name Jesus’ hometown.A: NazarethQ: True or False: Jesus turned water intoCoca-Cola?A: False, Jesus turned water into wine.Q: Besides preaching, name an activityJesus did while traveling in Galilee.A: Healing the sick and casting out demons.True or False: At first, Jesus family tried tostop his ministry and said he was crazy.A: True - see Mark 3:11True or False: Jesus said his true family wasanyone who obeys God.A: True – see Mark 3:34-35True or False: Everywhere he went, peopleloved Jesus and believed his message?A: False – many times Jesus was rejected.Q: Which member of the Jewish rulingcounsel came to ask Jesus questions atnight?A: NicodemusTrue or False: Jesus didn’t like the peoplebecause they worshiped God the wrongway?A: False – Jesus welcomed all to follow himQ: How many disciples did Jesus choose?A: 12Q: What was Matthew before he followedJesus?A: A tax collectorTrue or False: Jesus would sometimes “spit”as part of his healing miracles.A: True - Three times the Bible describeshim spitting. – see Mark 7:33, Mark 8:23,John 9:6

Q: What is the shortest verse in the Bible?A: John 11:35 Jesus wept.transfigured?A: Elijah and MosesQ: Why did Jesus weep in that verse?A: Because his friend Lazarus died.True or False: Jesus ask the children to stayback while he was teaching importantthings to grown-ups.A: False – Jesus welcomed childrenQ: How many days was Lazarus dead beforeJesus came to visit?A: Four daysQ: What 2 things did Jesus do to raiseLazarus back to life?A: He prayed and then told Lazarus to comeout.Q: Who helped pay the bills for Jesus andthe disciples ministry?A: Several women who he had healed – seeLuke 8:1-3Q: Name the demon Jesus cast out in theregion of the Gerasenes?A: LegionTrue or False: While on Earth, Jesus had thepower to raise dead people back to life?A: True – several examplesQ: How much bread and fish did Jesus useto feed over 5000 people?A: Five loaves of bread —and two fishTrue or False: Jesus’ said washing hands isnever important.A: False – he said dirty hands don’t make aperson spiritually unclean. You can still getgerms!Q: What was Peter and Andrew doing whenJesus’ called them to follow him?A: FishingQ: Name the two Old Testament peoplewho appeared when Jesus wasQ: What problem did Bartimaeus have thatJesus fixed?A: He was blindTrue or False: When Jesus went to theTemple, he always used his inside voice.A: False – Jesus drove out the moneychangersQ: How many people did Jesus feed withfish and bread?A: 5,000 peopleQ: How many lepers did Jesus heal whenonly 1 returned?A: 10Q: What did Jesus do at the Last Supper tohis disciples?A: Washed their feetTrue or False: Jesus said only big moneyofferings were important to God.False – See the Widow’s OfferingQ: What did the woman pour on Jesus’ feetat the home of Simon the Leeper?A: Jar of expensive perfumeQ: Name the disciple who betrayed Jesus.A: Judas IscariotQ: What garden did Jesus go to when heprayed after the Last Supper?A: Garden of Gethsemane

True or False: The Jewish leaders tried toset Jesus free.A: False – They lobbied for his crucifixionQ: How many days before Jesus returned toHeaven?A: 40 daysQ: Who gave Jesus a crown made of thorns?A: Roman soldierQ: How did Jesus leave Earth and go toHeaven?A: He rose up into the cloudsQ: Name the Roman Governor who sat overJesus trial?A: PilateQ: What did Pilate do to “cleanse himself”of the crucifixion?A: Washed his handsQ: Who cut off a soldier’s ear when Jesuswas being arrested?A: PeterTrue or False: Jesus didn’t know that he wasgoing to be arrested and killed in Jerusalem.A: False – He knew and told his disciplesbefore it happened.Q: Which disciple denied Jesus three times?A: PeterQ: What happened to the temple curtainwhen Jesus was killed?A: It was rippedQ: What happened after Jesus was buried inthe tomb?A: He rose againQ: What was rolled away from the entranceof the tomb?A: A large stoneQ: What day of the week did Jesus rise backto life?A: Sunday – the first day of the weekQ: How many people saw Jesus after hecame back from the dead?A: More than 500 – see 1 Cor 15:3–8More New TestamentQuestionsQ: What was another name for the ApostlePaul?A: Saul of TarsusQ: Who was the first Christian to die for hisfaith?A: StephenQ: How many books have the name John inthem?A: Four (John, 1 John, 2, John, 3 John)Q: Who preached at Pentecost?A: PeterQ: What amazing miracle happened withlanguages?A: Everybody heard the sermon in their ownlanguage.Q: Who was Saul?A: He persecuted ChristiansQ: What happened when he was on theroad to Damascus?A: He had a changing experience with JesusQ: What was his name changed to?A: Paul

Q: Who was exiled to an island?A: JohnQ: Who was crucified upside down?A: PeterQ: Who was the first martyr and wasstoned?A: StephenTrue or False: Ananias and Sapphira diedafter lying to the Apostles about theiroffering.A: TrueQ: How many deacons were chosen to helpthe apostles to distribute food to widows?A: SevenQ: Which Apostle took the Gospel to thecity of Samaria?A: PhilipQ: Which Apostle shared the Gospel with anEthiopian official on the road to Gaza?A: PhilipTrue or False: Peter raised a woman namedDorcas from the dead.A: True – see Acts 9True or False: Peter was rescued fromprison by an Angel.A: True – see Acts 12Q: Who went with Paul on his early missiontrips?A: BarnabasTrue or False: Paul had a vison of a mancalling him to come over to Carthage.False – it was a man from MacedoniaTrue or False: God sent an earthquake torescue Paul and Silas from prison in Philippi.A: True – but they didn’t escape but stayedin jail to share the good newsQ: What did the Philippian jailer say to Paulafter he heard the Gospel?A: What must I do to be saved?Q: How did Paul and Silas respond?A: Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will besaved.Q: What was Paul’s goal in his missionaryjourney?A: To take the gospel everywhere andfinally to preach in the capitol RomeQ: Where did Peter stay during his ministryin the city of Joppa?A: In the house of Simon the tannerQuestions about the 10CommandmentsQ: What did Peter’s vision about theunclean animals mean?A: That all people can be made cleanthrough Jesus – aka non-Jews can be saved.Q: Where can you find the 10commandments in the Bible?A: Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5Q: In what city were Jesus’ followers firstcalled “Christians”?A: AntiochQ: Name the person who received the 10Commandments from God?A: MosesQ: What is the preamble or introduction tothe Commandments?

A: I am the LORD your God who broughtyou out of Egypt (slavery).A: Love God with all your heart, minds, soul,and strength.Q: What is the 1st commandment?A: You shall have no other gods before me.Q: What does Jesus says is the secondcommandment?A: Love your neighbor as yourself.Q: What is the 2nd commandment?A: You shall not make idols.rdQ: What is the 3 commandment?A: You shall not misuse the name of theLORD your God.Q: What is the 4th commandment?A: Observe the Sabbath day by keeping itholy.Q: What is the 5th commandment?A: Honor your father and mother.Q: What is the 6th commandment?A: You shall not murder.Q: What is the 7th commandment?A: You shall not commit adultery.Q: What is the 8th commandment?A: You shall not steal.Q: What is the 9th commandment?A: You shall not give false testimony.Q: What is the 10th commandment?A: You shall not covet.True or False: Jesus said the OT rules don’tmatter anymore.A: False – See Matt 5:17Q: How many rules does Jesus use tosummarize all the OT rules?A: TwoQ: What does Jesus say is the first andgreatest commandment?Questions about theFruit of the Spirit?Q: Where is the Fruit of the Spirit found inthe Bible?A: Galatians 5Q: Which human author wrote Galatians?A: PaulTrue or False: Bananas are a fruit of theSpirit? A: False – Bananas are a gift from God butnot considered spiritual fruit in Galatians 5.Q: Name any of the 9 Fruit of the Spirit.A: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness,goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and selfcontrol. (sometimes patience is translatedforbearance or longsuffering – seeGalatians 5:22 )True or False: The opposite of the Fruit ofthe Spirit are called “the works of theflesh.”A: True – see Galatians 5:19-21

Questions about theLord’s PrayerQ: Where in the Bible can you find theLord’s Prayer?A: Matthew 6Q: Who taught the Lord’s Prayer?A: JesusQ: How many requests are in the Lord’sPrayer?A: SevenQ: What is the 1st petition?A: Hallowed be your nameQ: What is the 2nd petition?A: Your kingdom comeQ: What is the 3rd petition?A: Your will be done on EarthQ: What is the 4th petition?A: Give us our daily breadQ: What is the 5th petition?A: Forgive our debtsQ: What is the 6th petition?A: Don’t lead us into temptationQ: What is the 7th petition?A: Deliver us from evilTrue or False: The more words we saymakes our prayers better.A: False – Jesus said God already knowswhat we need

301 Bible Trivia Questions by Ministry-To-Children.com Questions about the Bible True o