8 Week Weight-Loss Team Challenge!

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Biggest LoserPANGB Edition 20208 WeekWeight-LossTeam Challenge!INTEGRITYSERVICEEXCELLENCE

Biggest Loser - Why? Amid the pandemic, something positive & fun! COVID-19 restrictions have kept some folks inactiveand added unwanted pounds Base Needs Assessment has identified Fitnessas primary resource desiredHealthy weight requires proper diet and exercise Last event similar to this held at PANGB was over adecade ago Community & Camaraderie Accountability & MotivationINTEGRITYSERVICEEXCELLENCE

Biggest Loser - Who/How 3 People (must be members of PANGB) Register as a complete Team* Or register as an Individual to be assigned to a TeamPick a Team NameDesignate a Team LeaderRegister Online through AFIT by 19 June!https://einvitations.afit.edu/inv/anim.cfm?i 557995&k 076445007252*Only one member needs to register complete TeamsINTEGRITYSERVICEEXCELLENCE

Biggest Loser - Team LeadersWhat Do They Have To Do? (Not much! ) Liaison between your Team and Event POC Collect your Teammates’ weekly %’s and add up Provide Team total % to Event POC by 1000 Fridaysduring challenge Motivate your Teammates!INTEGRITYSERVICEEXCELLENCE

Biggest Loser - How it Works Baseline Weigh-In Friday 26 June Each Participant weighs-in (at home) before 0900Record this # (to one-tenth XXX.X )You’ll use this # each weekYou do NOT need to report this # to anyone! Friday 3 July (& every Fri for 8 weeks) Each participant weighs-inReport % weight lost * to Team Leader by 0900(round to one-hundredth XX.XX)Team Leader reports Team total % for that week to Event POC by 1000Fridays (via email or text)Event POC will try to email out current Team standings by EOD Fridays*See next slide for conversionINTEGRITYSERVICEEXCELLENCE

Biggest Loser - How it Works Cont’d Remember you are NOT reporting your actual weight! Only report your % weight lost to your Team Leader *Here’s the conversion:To the one-tenth (XXX.X)(subtract)Baseline Weight[[(Baseline Weight – Current Weight)x 100 XX.XX%Round to nearestone-hundredthDivideSee Example on next slideINTEGRITYSERVICEEXCELLENCE

Biggest Loser - How it Works Cont’dExample:200.6INTEGRITY200.6[[(5.8)(200.6 – 194.8)[This # stays theSAME eachWeigh-In[Your current weight; will vary (typically)for each weekly Weigh-in 0.02891326SERVICEx 100 XX.XX%This is the onlynumber you willreport to yourTeam Leader eachWeek!x 100 2.89%EXCELLENCE

Biggest Loser - How it Works Cont’d There may be a week where you actually gain, that’s okay!Just get back on track Here’s what that looks like in how you’d report your %INTEGRITY[x 100 XX.XX%(200.6 - 202.3) x 100 - 0.85%200.6[Example:[[(Baseline Weight – Current Weight)Baseline WeightSERVICEThe conversion isthe same, only youwill report anegative % (-X.XX) ifyour current weightis more than yourBaselineEXCELLENCE

Biggest Loser - How it Works Cont’d For easy Conversion & Tracking, Event POC will email registrants anExcel spreadsheet (it does all the math for you)!You just input your current weight for the week!This is theonly numberyou will reportto your TeamLeader eachWeek!(This is just an example of what the spreadsheet will look like after the 8 week challenge!)INTEGRITYSERVICEEXCELLENCE

Biggest Loser - Rules Use the same scale every weigh-in Digital scale - preferable (it’s simpler) Stay consistent with what you are wearing(or not wearing) for all weigh-ins! (ie- cannot do baseline weigh-in wearing steel-toed boots, thenrest of weigh-ins without) Honor SystemINTEGRITYSERVICEEXCELLENCE

Biggest Loser - Prizes Overall Individual Biggest Loser! From ANY team! Which means that even if your teammates aren’tpulling their “weight” . you can still take home the big win! Top 3 TeamsEXAMPLE:Winning Team &Overall Individual Biggest Loser!INTEGRITYSERVICEEXCELLENCE

Biggest Loser - Cost No Entry Fee Required to Participate! Some experiencing financial hardshipdue to COVID-19 crisis Suggested 10 Donation To go towards prizes Venmo SMSgt Davison with note“BL Donation”INTEGRITYSERVICEEXCELLENCE

Biggest Loser - Important Dates19 June- Last day to register*!* You may need to copy and paste URL into i 557995&k 07644500725223 June- Teammates assigned for those who registered Individually24 June- Deadline to submit Team Leader & Team Name26 June- Baseline weigh-in3 July (& every Fri after)- Report weight loss % to Team Leaders21 August- Final weigh-inTBD- Prizes and after-partyINTEGRITYSERVICEEXCELLENCE

Questions?Event POC: A1C Susi Traudt142d MDG-Det 1 (CERFP), Medic(503)866-1785 Cell (text is l.comINTEGRITYSERVICEEXCELLENCE

Remember you are NOT reporting your actual weight! Only report your % weight lost to your Team Leader * Here’s the conversion: (Baseline Weight – Current Weight) x 100 XX.XX% Baseline Weight. Biggest Loser - How it Works Cont’d Round to nearest one-hundredth . To the one-