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Losing weightGetting started - Week 1Develop healthier eating habits, be more active,and get on track to start losing weight with thiseasy-to-follow NHS 12-week guide.Is this for me?If people are overweight, it’s usually because theyeat and drink more calories than they need. Thisguide will help you to reduce the number of caloriesyou consume.This will help you to work towards losing weightat a safe and sustainable rate of 0.5kg to 1kg(1lb to 2lbs) a week. For most men, this will meanconsuming no more than 1,900kcal a day, and formost women, 1,400kcal. You can also get your ownpersonal calorie target using the BMI calculator.This is the first of 12 weekly information guides,which are full of diet, healthy eating and activityadvice. Each pack includes a food and activity chartto help you to track your progress. Print out thechart and stick it somewhere you can see it, such ason your fridge.Before starting, visit nhs.uk/weightloss to check yourBMI, use our calorie counter and sign up for weightloss email support.This guide is intended foruse by healthy adults witha body mass index (BMI)of 25 and over. It is notsuitable for children orpregnant women. If youhave any medical conditionyou should consult your GPbefore starting. Find outif you need to lose weightusing the BMI healthyweight calculatorat nhs.uk/bmiSet your targetIf you find it hard sticking tothe plan’s daily calorie limit of1,900kcal for a man and 1,400kcalfor a woman, use our BMI healthyweight calculator to get your ownpersonal daily calorie target.Week 1

Losing weightGetting started - Week 1Welcome to Week 1 of your weight lossjourney and well done for taking the firststeps to a healthier lifestyle.Over the next 12 weeks we’re going to helpyou make healthier choices to help you loseweight and keep it off.From today, we’ll help you stick to a dailycalorie intake: 1,900kcal for men and1,400kcal for women.We’ll be with you every step of theway, helping you achieve real change,picking you up when you stumble andcelebrating your successes.Your actionsfor Week 1 Record your weight and waist size inthe food and activity chart Stick this week’s chart on your fridgeand update it at the end of each day Plan your meals using our Meal Mixerat https://mealmixer.change4life.co.uk/ Use our calorie counter to track yourcalories at nhs.uk/caloriecount Sign up to the weight loss forumfor support and information atnhsweightloss.healthunlocked.comLaura’s diaryWeek 1I’ve been on all sorts of dietsand have learned there’s no miracle cure. Butlosing weight doesn’t need to be complicated. If youlearn to keep an eye on the calories you’re eatingand those you burn off during physical activityyou’re halfway there. Don’t forget to track yourfood and drink using our calorie counter. Spendsome time thinking about your meals in advance. Ifyou know what you’re having each day you’ll spendless time thinking about food and you’re less likelyto snack on impulse buys.Did you know?Research shows that it takes about 12weeks on average to form new habits.By sticking to this routine for threemonths, healthy eating and regularexercise will become habits, whichare key to losing weight andkeeping it off.Week 1

Week 1Fill up with fibreEating food with lots of fibre will help you feel full forlonger, so you’re more likely to stick to your calorie limit.Food with fibre6 apricots: 4g1 medium orange: 3gFibre keeps your bowels healthy andcan help reduce cholesterol. Mostpeople in the UK eat only about 18gof fibre a day, but should aim to eatat least 30g.Increase your fibre intake gradually,though, as a sudden increase cancause cramp and constipation. Andmake sure to drink plenty of water- aim for 1.2 litres a day - to avoidcramp and constipation.Here are some easy ways to boostthe fibre in your snacks and meals:BreakfastAdding some fibre to your breakfastcan help you stay feeling full untillunch and reduce the urge for a midmorning snack. Swap white bread for wholemealor wholegrain varieties. Swap sugary cereals for high-fibrecereals such as wholegrain wheatcereals, unsweetened muesli, orporridge oats, and don’t forget tocheck the salt content.Lunch and dinnerVegetables are a good source offibre, so try swapping some of thethings on your plate for more veg.Aim for two portions of veg on yourplate at dinner. Swap white rice and pasta forwholemeal versions – simply doingthis can double the amount of fibreyou’ve eaten.1 medium apple: 2g Add pulses – beans, lentils andpeas – into your meals. They’rea cheap, low-fat source of fibre,protein, vitamins and minerals. Addpulses to soups, casseroles, rice andpasta, or serve baked beans (choosereduced-salt and sugar varieties) onwholemeal toast.90g of peas: 4gSnacks180g of brown rice: 1.5gStock up on healthier snackscontaining fibre such as: Fruit – fresh, canned or frozen.Don’t forget to eat the skin on fruitssuch as apples and pears. Veg sticks – carrot, celery orcucumber sticks or a packet of sugarsnap peas. You can enjoy these lowcalorie snacks if you feel hungry inbetween your meals. Reduced-fat hummus. For abit of variety, dip your veg sticks,wholegrain crispbreads or pittabread in a tub of reduced-fathummus. You’ll get the fibre fromboth the veg and the bread. Air-popped, plain popcorn.Homemade is best, to avoid the highfat, sugar or salt content in somecommercial brands. Don’t add anysugar or butter.2 slices of wholemeal bread: 4.2g1 medium jacket potato: 5g90g of spinach: 2g200g of new potatoes: 3g30g of chickpeas: 1.5g135g of sweetcorn: 2g165g of baked beans: 5g220g of brown spaghetti: 8g1 large wholemeal pitta bread: 5gProtein sourcesProtein can also help you feel fullerfor longer. Choose low-fat proteinsources, such as: beans, peas and lentils fish lean cuts of meat skinless white-meat poultry lower-fat dairy products (milk,cheese, yoghurt) eggs tofu QuornLosing weight - getting started

Week 1PortiondistortionYour meal guideYou need to keep an eye on yourportions to help you meet theNo matter how healthilyyou eat, you can still puton weight if you’re eatingtoo much.calorie target for your day’s meals.Food portion sizes today are farbigger than they were 30 years ago,which means we’re consuming a lotmore calories than we realise. Dinner: 420kcalIn fact, many of us no longer knowwhat makes a normal portion– a problem known as portiondistortion. Breakfast: 380kcalRegain some portion control withthese six simple tips: Eat with smaller plates and bowls.You’ll have a smaller portion andstill feel satisfied. Aim for two portions of veg onyour plate. This helps to cover yourplate with low-calorie filling food,leaving less room for higher-calorieingredients. Use the eatwell plate tohelp you get the balance right. GoWomen (allowance 1,400kcal) Breakfast: 280kcal Lunch: 420kcal Other food and drink: 280kcalMen (allowance 1,900kcal)to nhs.uk/eatwell-plate. Eat slowly. It takes about 20minutes for your stomach to tellyour brain you’re full. When you eatfast, it’s easy to overeat. Turn off the TV. Eating in frontof the TV can mean you eat morewithout noticing or enjoying yourfood. Weigh your food. Use kitchenscales to weigh your ingredientsbefore you cook. This will help youstick to the suggested serving sizes. Lunch: 570kcal Dinner: 570kcal Other food and drink: 380kcalThe calorie allowance at meal timesincludes any drinks or dessertsyou have. If you eat more for yourbreakfast, lunch or evening meal,you may need to drop a snack laterin the day to stay on track.Eating out Avoid appetisers including bread,Recipe inspirationnuts or olivesThe Change4Life Meal Mixeris full of easy, calorie-countedrecipes for all your meals andsnacks. You can download themand email yourself a shopping listof ingredients. Plus, there’s a freeapp, too!https://mealmixer.change4life.co.uk/ Stay clear of ‘supersize’ or ‘golarge’ options If you’re having dessert, share itand go for fruit-based options Choose a starter instead of amain course Stop eating before you feel fullLosing weight - getting started

Unplanned snacks or drinksOops!Total calories:FoodMonYour 5 a dayUnplanned snacks or drinksOops!Total calories:FoodTueYour 5 a dayUnplanned snacks or drinksOops!Total calories:FoodWedYour 5 a dayUnplanned snacks or drinksOops!Total calories:FoodThuYour 5 a dayUnplanned snacks or drinksOops!Total calories:FoodFriYour 5 a dayUnplanned snacks or drinksOops!Total calories:FoodSatYour 5 a dayUnplanned snacks or drinksOops!Total calories:FoodSunWeek 1 food and activity chartYour 5 a dayActivityminsActivityAerobic exerciseActivityminsActivityAerobic exerciseActivityminsActivityAerobic exerciseminsActivityminsStrength exerciseTotal minutes:Aerobic exerciseminsTotal minutes:minsStrength exerciseTotal minutes:Aerobic exerciseminsTotal minutes:minsStrength exerciseTotal minutes:Aerobic exerciseminsTotal minutes:minsStrength exerciseTotal minutes:Aerobic exerciseminsmonwedthursfrisat1 session on 2 or more days a weektuessunkg/lbsWeightcms/inWaistEnd of the weekStrength exercise150 mins mins90 minsWeekly summary60 mins120 minsStrength exercise30 minsmins10 minsStrength exercise:Your weight loss tracker - Record your weight and waist size at the start and end of each week to help you stay on trackAerobic exercise:Strength exercisecms/inWaistStart of the weekWeightkg/lbs

MonFoodTueTotal calories:FoodWedTotal calories:FoodThu1,357Total calories:FoodFri1,710Total calories:FoodSatOops!1,309Total calories:FoodSunWeek 1 food and activity chartFoodTotal calories:1,305Unplanned snacks or drinksTotal calories:1,516Oops!1,391Unplanned snacks or drinks1,363Oops!Oops!Unplanned snacks or drinksUnplanned snacks or drinksOops!Oops!Unplanned snacks or drinksUnplanned snacks or drinksYour 5 a dayOops!Your 5 a dayActivityUnplanned snacks or drinksglass of wine 130calYour 5 a dayActivityTotal minutes:minswalkmins15minsStrength exercisewalkAerobic exercisemins15mins75Aerobic exercise15Strength exerciseAerobic exercisewalkmins6030 minsyoga10 minsStrength exercise:monwedYour 5 a dayActivityYour 5 a dayActivityYour 5 a dayActivityYour 5 a dayginger cake 147calActivityminsTotal minutes:Aerobic exerciseTotal minutes:minsTotal minutes:Aerobic exerciseTotal minutes:mins60Aerobic exercise40mins60minswalkStrength htcms/in44inWaistEnd of the weekStrength exercise150 mins mins60Strength exercise120 mins20zumbamins90 minsgardening1515Aerobic exercisewalkStrength exercise60 minsWeekly summarytues1 session on 2 or more days a weekYour weight loss tracker - Record your weight and waist size at the start and end of each week to help you stay on trackAerobic exercise:LEkit kat 107calActivityTotal minutes:2x choc diges 172calTotal minutes:15crisps 171cal15MPSAStrength exerciseWaistStart of the weekWeight44incms/in172lbskg/lbs

Losing weight . Getting started - Week 1. Welcome to Week 1 of your weight loss journey and well done for taking the first . steps to a healthier lifestyle. Over the next 12 weeks we’re going to help . you make healthier choices to help you lose weight and keep it off. From today, we’ll