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Beyond PossibleEH&S 2016-2021 Strategic PlanENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH AND SAFETYSTRATEGIC PLAN 2016 – 20211


Beyond PossibleEH&S 2016-2021 Strategic PlanMESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTORI am pleased to present the first five-year strategic plan for the Department of Environmental, Healthand Safety (EH&S) at Florida International University (FIU). The planfocuses on delivering high-quality and compliant environmental, healthand safety programs that align with the University’s Beyond Possible 2020strategic goals.Through its programs and initiatives, the Department of EH&S works topromote and sustain an atmosphere where concern for the environment,health and the safety of our University and the broader community isforemost in the minds of our staff, students, and faculty.As a renowned institution with global impact, FIU has the opportunity to broadly communicate ourcommitment to making the world a safer, better place to live and work while sustainingenvironmental, health and safety regulatory compliance. We believe that integrating a culture ofsafety in the foundation of our work, our research and our academic programs not only will pave theroad towards working in a safe and environmentally conscious institution but, it will also prepare ourstudents to apply themselves in the workplace. To accomplish this, The Department of EH&S willfocus on a number of key goals within the next five years.First, The Department of EH&S will establish programs that will prepare the institution for a safe,environmentally sound and compliant future. Second, The Department of EH&S will educate ourworking community and tomorrow’s leaders (our students) by supporting and partnering with themin local projects to ensure that safety and environmental requirements are integrated into theirpractices and research, as well as providing opportunities for students to complete their practicumsin projects facilitated by our Department that will contribute to both their academic growth and theUniversity EH&S compliance efforts.Lastly, The Department of EH&S will foster inter-campus and inter-college collaborations that willassist the University in the development of holistic programs that leverage from each otherpromoting an environment of growth and teamwork. As we continue to implement our strategicpriorities, I am looking forward to building on the exceptional progress we have made in the past.Sincerely,Yenny Fariñas Diaz, MSIE, PhD Cand.Director of Environmental Health and Safety3

Beyond PossibleEH&S 2016-2021 Strategic PlanWHO WE AREFlorida International University (FIU) has quickly advanced as one of the nation’s leading publicresearch universities. Known as a university with one of the largest international student bodiesand faculty, FIU is the second-largest university inFlorida and the seventh-largest in the United States. InFIU is 1st in the nation in awarding2015, FIU enrolled over 55,000 students. FIU’s student,bachelor’s and master’s degreesfaculty and staff population is greater than theto Hispanic students.populations of 29 of the 67 counties in the state ofFlorida and 369 of the 411 municipalities in the state.FIU has 2 major campuses and 9satellite locations across 4counties: Miami-Dade, Broward,Palm Beach and Monroe.FIU is home to the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine,the FIU College of Law, and offers a hospitalitymanagement program in Tianjin, China. In collaborationwith Tianjin University of Commerce, this is one of manydegree programs offered abroad. The majority of FIU’soperations are located in Miami Dade County.As a Carnegie engaged university, FIU emphasizes research as a major component of its missionand has ongoing research projects locally and abroad. FIU engages students and faculty aroundthe world through its Study Abroad, International Student Exchange, and Student-Led AlternateBreaks Programs.The University has a significant responsibility to its community to ensure that it is prepared to faceadverse conditions and be resilient against EH&S emergencies that may interrupt normaloperations at any of its locations. The Department of EH&S is responsible for developing andmaintaining EH&S compliance programs and trainings to protect students, faculty and staff, visitorsand the University infrastructure. Our priorities are to protect life and the environment, ensuresafe working conditions in existing and new University initiatives, and the sustainability of normaland compliant operations.4

Beyond PossibleEH&S 2016-2021 Strategic PlanTHE DEPARTMENT OF EH&SThe FIU Department of EH&S provides support, direction and guidance to the Universitycommunity across many different areas of EH&S compliance.Our department is comprised of 13 full time professionals overseeing all aspects of laboratorysafety, radiation/laser safety, nanotechnology, biological safety, industrial hygiene, fire prevention,event safety and general safety for all FIU main campuses and satellite locations across MiamiDade, Broward, Palm Beach and Monroe County.The EH&S Department’s current structure consists of:1 Director2 Assistant Directors1 Training Coordinator2 General Safety and Environmental Coordinators1 Fire Safety Coordinator1 General Safety and Fire Prevention Specialist1 Chemical/Bio Safety Officer1 Laser/Radiation Safety Officer1 Environmental Specialist1 Laboratory Safety Technician1 Office AssistantSafety CultureGeneralLaboratorySafetySafetyLife SafetyEnvironmentalFireComplianceSafety Culture5

Beyond PossibleGeneralLaboratorySafetySafetyLife SafetySafetyLife SafetySafetyLife SafetySafetyLife SafetyEnvironmentalFireCompliance EH&S 2016-2021 Strategic PlanGeneral Safety: Compliance with federal safetyrequirements for specific area of work. Examples:High Risk Work (Hot Work, Confined Space, Controlof Hazardous Energy, Electrical Safety, etc.) Pressure Vessels Machine Guarding Vehicle and Powered Industrial Trucks Hazard Communications Fall Protection Event Safety Infrastructure SafetyLaboratory Safety: Compliance with local, state, andfederal regulations for handling, storage, anddisposal of hazardous materials. Examples: Laboratory and Chemical Safety Controlled Substances Biologics and Animal, Human,rDNA Research Nanotechnology Radiation and Laser (Materials andEquipment Approval) Industrial Hygiene Hazard CommunicationEnvironmental: Compliance with local, state andfederal regulations. Examples: Air and Water Pollution Storm Water Industrial Waste Operating Permits Hazardous Waste Material Transportation and Export Spill Prevention and Control Grease and Oil Above Ground and UndergroundStorage Tanks AsbestosLife Safety/Fire: General compliance with National FireProtection Association and life safety regulations.Examples: Inspections and Maintenance of FireExtinguishers, AEDs, and Evacutracks Life Safety, Evacuation, Basic Life Support Emergency Response Coordination and Support of Fire Drills Fire Prevention and State FireMarshal Liaison Fire Safety for Events6

Beyond PossibleEH&S 2016-2021 Strategic PlanOUR MISSION.The Department of Environmental, Health and Safety is a resource of highlytrained safety professionals who serve the FIU community. We are dedicatedto reducing injuries, accidents and environmental impact, and ensuringcompliance. We achieve this through managing regulatory information,education and providing high quality, easy to use services.OUR VISION.To serve as the catalyst and driving force behind an all pervasive culture ofsafety that integrates environmental protection, health and safety into allaspects of the University’s operations, administration, research andacademic programs.PURPOSE OF STRATEGIC PLAN To identify the goals and strategies EH&S seeks to accomplish overthe next five (5) years that will further strengthen the University’sEnvironmental, Health and Safety compliance infrastructure tosupport a safe growth of the University.7

Beyond PossibleEH&S 2016-2021 Strategic PlanSTRATEGIC PRIORITIESENVIRONMENT - Provide the leadership and guidance for an environmentally responsibleand compliant University that preserves and protects our natural resources. The Department ofEH&S will achieve this through: Collaboration and Training: Collaboration and training with academic program managers,researchers, operations and the sustainability office to ensure understanding andadherence to environmental permitting requirements. Work with University colleges anddepartments to develop effective safety and environmental continuity plans.Integration: Integrate environmental requirements into practices to preventenvironmental impacts. Ensure the safety of chemicals and prevent pollution. ImplementUniversity-wide initiatives towards a sustainable future and make a visible difference inour community.Compliance: Protect human health and the environment by implementing actions to closeenvironmental gaps and sustain environmental compliance.HEALTH - Provide the framework for implementing programs that will minimize exposure tohealth risks and protect the well-being of our FIU community. The Department of EH&S willachieve this through: Collaboration and Training: Collaboration and training with the FIU community and healthgroups to implement health promotion initiatives, hazard prevention and controlprograms for health and safety.Compliance and Integration: Integrate health medical monitoring requirements andsafety controls into our programs and practices that protect human health.SAFETY - Provide the students, faculty and staff of FIU with the knowledge and training theyneed to be better prepared to complete their research, academic programs and work in a safeand compliant manner. The Department of EH&S will achieve this through: Collaboration and Training: Increasing collaboration and training will provide supportiveand engaging training programs that foster partnership and collaboration through sharedcommitment.EH&S Integration: Proactively integrating EH&S requirements as a foundation and acentral tenet of any program desiring preeminent designation.Safety Culture and EH&S Compliance: Launch initiatives to increase a safety culture andEH&S compliance. Create an environment where people engage in safe behavior notthrough coercion, but because it’s the right thing to do. Implement programs that willcontinuously improve the safety of our campuses to prevent injury, protect theenvironment and assure compliance with EH&S regulation. Avoid putting at risk funds thatcould otherwise be used to support FIU’s primary mission.8

Beyond PossibleEH&S 2016-2021 Strategic PlanENVIRONMENTAL GOAL:INCREASE UNIVERSITY ENVIRONMENTALCOMPLIANCE AND PROTECTION OF OURNATURAL RESOURCESENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENTEH&S will perform a university wide environmental impactassessment and implement actions accordingly.ThePerformance Goal: Completeenvironmental impact assessment will identify potentialEnvironmental ImpactAssessment by April 2018.significant contamination sources and identify propercontrols to prevent environmental impacts. Sustainabilityplans will be developed in alignment with The Departmentof EH&S and other sustainability teams within the University.ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE PLANEH&S will execute the environmental compliance plan and will implement prioritized programs tocontinuously improve and sustain environmentalcompliance within FIU operations, research and academicPerformance Goal: Executesettings. All aspects of the Environmental Compliance PlanEnvironmental Compliance Planwill be reviewed by EH&S management, qualified EH&Sby April 2020.professionals from FIU and other professionals from theState University System.PRACTICUMSThe Department of EH&S will collaborate with colleges and departments and provide practicumopportunities for students in the fields of Public Health,Environmental and Occupational Health, Safety andPerformance Goal: EstablishErgonomics. The program will provide students withformal practicum program in 2016.opportunities to complete their academic requirementswhile obtaining practical experience that will benefit theiracademic and professional growth.9

Beyond PossibleEH&S 2016-2021 Strategic PlanHEALTH GOAL:ENHANCE FIU SAFETY PROGRAMS AND PRACTICESTHAT WILL PROTECT HUMAN HEALTHIMPLEMENT HEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAMS AND TRAININGEH&S will collaborate with the FIU community and healthgroups to implement hazard prevention/awarenesstrainings and health promotion initiatives.Performance Goal: 5-year HealthPromotion Plan by 2016.IMPLEMENT HEALTH PREVENTION AND MEDICAL MONITORING PROGRAMS FOROPERATIONS AND RESEARCH SETTINGS IN ALIGNMENT WITH THE RESULTS AND RISKMATRIX OF THE JOB HAZARD ANALYSISPerformance Goal: Have a fullyexecuted health prevention andmedical monitoring program by 2021.EH&S will implement university wide health preventionand medical monitoring programs in accordance withthe hazards and controls required by the Job HazardAnalysis (Reference Goal 3).COLLABORATE WITH THE WELLNESS COMMITTEE TO LAUNCH HEALTH PREVENTIONINITIATIVESEH&S will collaborate with the University Wellness Committee to integrate health into theUniversity community via health and wellnessinitiatives, activities, communication campaigns andPerformance Goal: Collaborate andbenefits fairs that will increase visibility of EH&Scoordinate an annual healthservices, identify and gauge the needs and concerns ofawareness event for main campusestheUniversitycommunity,encourageby 2016.discussions, facilitate a better understanding of whyhealth and safety should be a foundation.10

Beyond PossibleEH&S 2016-2021 Strategic PlanSAFETY GOALS:INTEGRATE SAFETY AND COMPLIANCE THROUGHKNOWLEDGE, AWARENESS AND SUPPORTGOAL 1: ESTABLISH A CULTURE OF SAFETYWORK WITH ORGANIZATIONS OF THE UNIVERSITY TO IMPLEMENT INITIATIVES THAT WILLFOCUS ON ESTABLISHING A CULTURE OF SAFETY, WHERE SAFETY IS A FOUNDATIONEH&S will enhance the visibility of safety and environmentalPerformance Goal: Execute aprotection at all levels. We will expand our EH&S campusminimum of two general EH&Sleadership walk-throughs with the senior administrators.Safety Culture Initiatives annually.Increase EH&S presence in the field to engendercollaboration, benchmark and recognize good practices andsafety leadership. EH&S will promote best safety practices,review and address safety concerns and complaints.We will enhance the culture of safety through implementation of EH&S campaigns includingNational Safety Month and Fire Prevention Month activities with the support of the UniversitySafety Committee (USC) and the Employee Safety Committee.It is EH&S’s goal to collaborate with FIU management and other stakeholders to identify, prioritize,and implement mitigation strategies that will protect the University’s growing infrastructure.11

Beyond PossibleEH&S 2016-2021 Strategic PlanIMPLEMENT UNIVERSITY SAFETY COMMITTEE AND EMPLOYEE SAFETY COMMITTEEThe FIU Senior Leadership team considers the safety of its people and the protection of ourenvironmental resources of outmost importance. EH&S will align its activities with differententities within the University towards achieving a cultureof safety, environmental protection and compliance.Performance Goal: Have a fullyimplemented USC and ESC by 2016.The USC is a committee comprised of the highest levels ofUniversity leaders that will facilitate the implementationof safety, health and environmental programs that willsupport the continuous growth of the University, thegrowth of its research and innovative programs and infrastructure.The committees will review, discuss and provide actionable items to address issues relating toemployee injuries, safety training, workers’ compensation claims, corrective actions, accidentinvestigations, inspections, employee communications, and other concerns relating to safety andworkers’ compensation.IMPLEMENT LABORATORY /CHEMICAL SAFETY COMMITTEEAs the University and its level of research continues to grow, EH&S and the Office of Research andEconomic Development (ORED) will be implementing a Lab Safety/Chemical Safety Committee.The committee will be compromised of researchers andsafety professionals that will facilitate the review ofPerformance Goal: Implementresearch involving high hazard chemicals andLaboratory/Chemical Safetyprocedures, and provide guidance and approval basedCommittee by 2017.on regulatory requirements and the recent Lab Safetyreport issued by the Association of Public and Land-grantUniversities.12

Beyond PossibleEH&S 2016-2021 Strategic PlanSAFETY GOALS:INTEGRATE SAFETY AND COMPLIANCE THROUGHKNOWLEDGE, AWARENESS AND SUPPORTGOAL 2: INTEGRATE COMPLIANCE REQUIREMENTS IN OPERATIONS,LABORATORIES, RESEARCH AND ACADEMIC PROGRAMSCONDUCT A COMPREHENSIVE JOB HAZARD ANALYSISAs the University increases in size and scope of its operations, continually assessing the risks andhazards that may impact operations and effect our most important resource, our people, becomesmore complex.With the growth of our institution in today’s changingenvironment, EH&S must adopt a strategy of encouragingcollaboration between elements of the Universitycommunity towards our common goals.Performance Goal: Have a fullyexecuted Job Hazard Analysisprogram with Risk Matrix by 2020.EH&S will implement university wide Job Hazard Analysisand develop a Risk Matrix of identified hazards that willclearly define safety requirements, medical monitoring and engineering controls to minimizehealth exposure, safety risks and protect the wellbeing of our FIU community.GOAL 3: INCREASE SAFETY COMPLIANCE OF OPERATIONS,LABORATORIES, RESEARCH AND ACADEMIC PROGRAMSWORK WITH UNIVERSITY SAFETY COMMITTEE, THE EMPLOYEE SAFETY COMMITTEE ANDTHE INFRASTRUCTURE COMMITTEE TO IMPLEMENT MITIGATION STRATEGIES FOR LIFESAFETY, SPECIAL EVENTS SAFETY, GENERAL SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCEEH&S will integrate requirements into the University’s planning process for new research, newoperations, new chemical introductions and special events. We will set a formal process forcommunicating and documenting EH&S requirements,risks and mitigation plans.Performance Goal: Implementprocess for proactive integration ofEH&S requirements in newprocesses and research.EH&S will proactively integrate Good LaboratoryPractices and address safety and environmentalpermitting requirements when new labs are planned.13

Beyond PossibleEH&S 2016-2021 Strategic PlanIMPLEMENT LABORATORY SELF-AUDIT PROGRAMEH&S will implement a self-audit program for laboratories. The program will be implemented firstas a pilot, evaluated, and then launched. It will create value for customers, increase EH&S presence,advance the relationships and increase customers’ trust andcommitment to EH&S.The self-audit program will pave the road to proactivelyanticipate and mitigate risks, remove redundancies,streamline processes (people, process, programs andsystems).Performance Goal: Have a fullyimplemented EH&S self auditprogram for laboratories by 2017and for non-laboratories by 2019.IMPLEMENT COMPLIANCE PROGRAMSEH&S continues to develop, implement and update safety compliance programs to reflect theneeds of the growing university and changing regulatory requirements.Performance Goal: Have a fully revampedChemical Hygiene Plan by 2016 and newPersonal Protective Equipment (PPE)Program for all campuses that is alignedwith the Job Hazard Analysis by 2020.We will standardize EH&S practices, capitalize onalready existing good practices, and continue toincrease the number and quality of EH&S Assist electronic laboratory and general industrial/lifesafety inspections.A comprehensive safety compliance gap analysishas been conducted and it is our goal to implementthe corresponding safety programs to continuously improve safety compliance as well as toexecute action plans from regulatory inspections from outside agencies, internal and externalauditors.IMPLEMENT HIGH RISK SAFETY PROGRAMSEH&S will collaborate with Facilities Management to identify high risk operations, develop andimplement programs accordingly, such as: Confined Space, Hot Work, Control of Hazardous Energy,Electrical and Arc Flash Safety, Pressure Vessels/Compressed Gas Management, Confined Space,Lockout/Tag-Out and Fall Protection.EH&S will provide guidance, program development andtraining for the implementation and sustainability of theseprograms by the user.Performance Goal: Fully developedhigh risk programs and trainingcompleted by 2020 for executionand sustainability by the users.14

Beyond PossibleEH&S 2016-2021 Strategic PlanSAFETY GOALS:INTEGRATE SAFETY AND COMPLIANCE THROUGHKNOWLEDGE, AWARENESS AND SUPPORTGOAL 4: INCREASE TRAINING AND EMPLOYEE AWARENESSIMPLEMENT NEW SAFETY ORIENTATION PROGRAMSEH&S will implement new safety orientation programs that are tailored to faculty, staff,researchers, volunteers, students and employees. This training will be designed to provide morespecific safety guidance in the areas of laboratory safety, radiation and laser safety, biosafety,general industrial safety, fire prevention and life safety.Performance Goal: Fullyimplement new safety orientationprograms by 2017.Will also increase the awareness of staff, researchers, andlab managers of safety requirements, CPR, AED and goodlaboratory practices.INCREASE AND FACILITATE COMMUNICATION, TRAINING AND EMPLOYEE AWARENESSTHAT INCORPORATE BEST PRACTICESWe will execute our EH&S Training Plan which istargeted toward enhancing our online capabilities,expanding our outreach training programs, launching ofsafety campaigns, developing and implementing newtraining matrixes.Performance Goal: Implementtraining matrix by 2018.EH&S will continue to educate the community by providing support to student organizations atevents and activities and implementing quarterly newsletters to increase EH&S training, coachingand education.15

Beyond PossibleEH&S 2016-2021 Strategic PlanFINAL THOUGHTSAs the world shifts and changes, so does the need for robust EH&S programs with continuallyexpanding and improving capabilities. The vision of EH&S is to become a model institution with“Best in Class” programs within the state. By following the goals and strategies outlined in thisstrategic plan, EH&S will continue to build dynamic and compliant EH&S programs that provide asafe and environmentally conscious campus for our university community by 2021.Competing priorities, budget constraints, apathy, and limited resources are always a challenge forany institution. However, the Department of EH&S will strive to meet those challenges head on aspart of the collaborative effort to implement FIUBeyondPossible2020, FIU’s roadmap to turn ideasinto action and action into impact.16

Beyond PossibleAddress:Phone:Email:EH&S 2016-2021 Strategic PlanModesto Maidique Campus11555 S.W. 17th Street, CSC 146, Miami FL 33199305-348-2621 Fax:[email protected] Website: ehs.fiu.edu17

I am pleased to present the first five-year strategic plan for the Department of Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) at Florida International University (FIU). The plan focuses on delivering high-quality and compliant environmental, health and safety programs that align w