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Learning Center TranscriptCandidate Resume SearchDescription:Learn how to conduct a resume search to find suitable candidates. The video will demonstratethe various search options available and how to manage search results.IntroductionWelcome to the Learning Center. In this training segment, we will demonstrate howemployers search for candidate resumes posted by system-registered individuals. At theconclusion of this video, you will be able to: Select a desired search geography Identify the resume search options available Select desired search criteria with each option Utilize search result optionsYour actual system settings and options may differ from those shown in this video.Let’s get started.Services for Employer PageThis is a sample Services for Employers Page. From here there are several ways to findcandidate resumes in your system. The easiest is to select the Candidate Search link on theQuick Menu.Keep in mind, you must be system registered to view candidate resumes.Employer System Security FeaturesHere are some employer system security features to be aware of: Only system-generated employers may view resumes. Staff must verify employer registration before the system displays resume details. Depending on your system setup, employer verification can take up to 72 hours.Check with you business services representative for more details. 2017 Geographic Solutions, Inc.1 of 6

Getting StartedNow that you understand the importance of system registration, let’s get started.Again, from the left navigation menu, under the Quick Menu setting, click the CandidateSearch link.When the screen refreshes, you can look for resumes using the different options available.Let’s take a moment to review these options.Resume Search OptionsThe QUICK RESUME SEARCH option is the fastest way to search for resumes.The ADVANCED RESUME SEARCH option is more specific, allowing you to rank and filterresults.The RESULTS SEARCH BY SKILLS option matches candidate skills to your list of predefinedjob skills.The RESUME SEARCH BY JOB ORDER CRITERIA option allows you to conduct an advancedresume search using requirements that pre-fill from your job order(s).The RESUME NUMBER SEARCH option displays resumes that match the identificationnumber you enter.The EXTERNAL RESUME SEARCH option provides direct access to outside websites.Quick Resume SearchLet’s start with Quick Search. The first step in conducting a resume search is to select adesired search area.This corresponds to the desired work location recorded on an applicant’s resume.AreaTo change your search area, click the Area link displayed.Click the Select New Area drop-down button to select a new area type.When the page reloads to display your selection, choose the specific area from the secondlist displayed. 2017 Geographic Solutions, Inc.2 of 6

Select by MapTo define your search area using maps, click the Select by Map link.Select a desired map option by clicking it. In this example, click the Metropolitan Area map.From the state map displayed, click a desired area. The system now displays your selectionas the résumé search area.Keyword & Occupation GroupOnce an area is selected, you can choose any combination of the following resume searchcriteria. All fields are optional.In this example, let’s enter a keyword. Then click the Occupation Group drop-down buttonto select a desired occupational group name.This often yields more job openings to choose from than searching by a specific occupation.If you click the Select Specific Occupation link, you may search for and select a desired title.Other Specific CriteriaYou may also specify criteria for Minimum Education Level, Maximum Acceptable Salary orResume Modification Date by making a selection from the respective drop-down menus.If you select a specific maximum acceptable salary amount, you may want to choose toinclude those resumes whose desired salary is Any.In the Veteran field, Select Yes or No from the drop-down menu. If you select Yes, yoursearch results will only contain veteran’s resumes.When you have finished selecting you resume search criteria, click the Search button to seea listing of resumes that match your requirements.Advanced Resume Search & Ranking CriteriaLet’s take a look at the next resumes search option called Advanced Resume Search.This option allows you to choose from a variety of search criteria.Start with your search area. Again, you have the option to change the area as shown earlierduring the Quick Resume Search demonstration.The Ranking Criteria section allows you to select required or desired search criteria. 2017 Geographic Solutions, Inc.3 of 6

For example, if you choose an occupation and then select the Required radio button, thesystem will only display those resumes whose desired occupation matches your selection.Ranking CriteriaHowever, if you select the desired radio button, the system will display the same resultsusing the Required radio button, but will also include the resumes where the occupationyou selected appears within the resume’s employment history.These resumes will appear farther down on the list of results.So, generally, Required criteria other yield fewer results, while Desired criteria often yieldmore results.You may continue to select additional ranking criteria to further define your search.Filtering CriteriaThe Filtering Criteria section is not required.You can select criteria to filter you ranking criteria you previously selected, or search forresumes solely using this section.By filtering ranked results, you can further define applicant qualifications, reducing thevolume of resumes to review.When you select a filtering criterion, the system automatically selects the Required radiobutton.Residential CriteriaYou may also select from the Residential Criteria section to focus on the applicant’slocation. This is dynamic information, and must be selected in order from top to bottom.Resume Search by SkillsIf you would like to focus solely on applicant skill sets, click the Resume Search by Skills tab.It works exactly as described in the Advanced Resume Search option.You can change the Area and Resume Modification Date.Select the desired skill set and match ratio. You may even create a new skill set.To see a list of resumes that match your criteria, click Search. 2017 Geographic Solutions, Inc.4 of 6

Job Order CriteriaIf you previously created job orders, use the Resume Search by Job Order Criteria tab toselect a job order from the drop-down list. Click the Search button to proceed.The screen will refresh to display the Advanced Resume Search tab with the candidateranking criteria pre-populated with actual job order details. Select whether the searchcriteria is Required or Desired.Enter additional criteria, if desired, and click Search to view results.Resume Number SearchUse the Resume Number Search tab if you know the system-generated ID number for aspecific resume. Enter the ID Number in the Resume Number box and click the Searchbutton.External Search TabYou may click the External Resume Search tab to work outside the system.The system will link you to the selected site. Be prepared to observe certain restrictions,which may include registration. When you are finished working on the external site, simplyclose the window to return to the system.Search ResultsRegardless of which search option you choose, click Search to see a list of results.This page displays the candidate resumes that match your search criteria.The list can be viewed in either Summary or Detailed format. What you see here is theSummary format.Click the Detailed link.Detailed view will show information about the candidate such as the date when theresumes was created/modified, their desired location and occupational experience. Clickthe View Resume link to review the candidate’s resume.Click the Save to Favorites link to include the resume in one of your favorites folders. Thesecan be used to store a remarkable resume for a desired purpose.To save the resume, enter the required information and click Save. 2017 Geographic Solutions, Inc.5 of 6

You have successfully completed this videoYou have successfully completed this video demonstration. Don’t forget to access the othervideos that are available on topics such as Creating an Employer Account or Posting a Job. 2017 Geographic Solutions, Inc.6 of 6

the View Resume link to review the candidate’s resume. Click the Save to Favorites link to include the resume in one of your favorites folders. These can be used to store a remarkable resume for a desired purpose. To save the resume