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International Journal of Applied Information Systems (2249 – 0868)National Level Technical Conference “X-PLORE 13”IT Job Portal in AndroidRadhika K. RathiNeha V. LondaseRhucha D. GangamwarDept. Computer Science &Engineering.S.G.B.A.U,Amravati UniversityJ.D.I.E.T,YavatmalDept. Computer Science &Engineering.S.G.B.A.U,Amravati UniversityJ.D.I.E.T,YavatmalDept. Computer Science &Engineering.S.G.B.A.U,Amravati UniversityJ.D.I.E.T,YavatmalABSTRACTThe Job selection process in today’s global economy can be adaunting task for prospective employees no matter theirexperience level. It involves a detailed search of newspapers,job websites, human agents, etc, to identify an employmentopportunity that is perceived compatible to abilities,anticipated remuneration and social needs. Search sites suchas Seek,,,,, etc allow prospective employees toregister online and search and apply for employment.However most do very little to profile employers againstemployees or even attempt to confirm the validity of the datasubmitted by prospective employees. Also no informationexists on feedback of the employer too on various criteriasubmitted by employees. Taking all these into considerationwe here have proposed an intelligent agent (instead of thehuman agent) to perform the same search operations byinteracting with the employer and job search coordinatoragents.KeywordsAndroid, Administrator, Jobseeker, Employer, Job Search.1. INTRODUCTIONIn today’s global economy, the challenges associated withfinding a suitable job is amplified by the techsnicalitiesassociated with the Job search process which is seen byexperience. Normally when we want to apply for a job, wesearch the newspapers; listen to radio and televisionbroadcasts that may advertise vacancies and also job seekersregister themselves with job site portals such,, and andso on.IT Job Portal is a web-based mobile application that providesa platform for candidates seeking job and the employers in ITSector to share their needs.The candidates seeking job (referred as job seekers nowonwards) can perform following operations: Register with the web site. Post their resume. Modify their resume. Search for job postings. Browse searched job postings. Add job posting to their favorites list. Add frequently used searches to their favorites list.The employers can perform following operations: Register with the web site. Enter profile of their company.Post one or more job postings.Modify the job postings.Search the resume database.Browse searched resumes.Add resumes to their favorites list.2. JOB SEARCH THEORYIn a dynamic labor market, the process by which people findnew jobs has importance to policymakers and scholars also.Policymakers have made attempts to design training and otherprograms to help match an individual’s skills with therequirements of potential employers. Job-search theoryattempts to propose strategies for making optimalemployment decisions by considering factors that determineindividual’s demands and their prospect for finding anacceptable job offer Job search models are measured in bothdiscrete and continuous time and a simple model can be usedto represent the basic search behavior of an unemployedworker where the intent is to maximize expected utility . Thisresearch focuses on Discrete Time Job search. In DiscreteTime Job search the individual is interested in choosing apolicy (i.e. a sequence of decision rules) that determineswhether or not to accept any particular job offer. Theeventuality of the job offer is referred to as the outcome and isdependent on preferences of the searcher such as skills, pay,location of the employment opportunity, and the willingnessof the employer to employ the searcher. The review of jobsearch theory provides the basis for a discussion on agentbased utility relevant to the job search process.3. INTELLIGENT AGENT BASED JOBSEARCH SYSTEMAlthough online job search sites have greatly improved thejob acquisition process there are still challenges in providing aqualitative approach to job search, providing a job best suitedfor an employee. The literature reviewed confirms that thetechnologies exist to create a system that improves the jobsearch process using well founded techniques such as utilitytheorem applied to autonomous agents, increased accessibilitythrough the use of mobile technology. This enables efficientagent communication between the mobile device and themulti-agent environment. Intelligent agent (instead of human agent) to perform the jobsearch operations by interacting with employer and jobsearch coordinator agents Agent based utility concept to provide suitability profilingbased on configurable factors such as distance from work,10

International Journal of Applied Information Systems (2249 – 0868)National Level Technical Conference “X-PLORE 13”days and shift requirements, work environment, safety andhazard considerations, remuneration, skillset, etc. Employ fuzzy preference rules, to make proper decision ingetting a list of jobs corresponding to the user desiredspecification. Enable past and current employees to profile employersbased on configurable metricsLet us now discuss the design roles and responsibilities ofthese components in the architecture.The Intelligent agent based Job Search design consists of thefollowing intelligent agents. Let usnow briefly consider these agents:Administratot –The administrator performs the activities of a human agent forjob search and is a key entity in the process. TheAdministrator primary responsibilities are:Education Levels:- Using this option administrator canadd/edit/delete education levels.Experience Levels:- Using this option administrator canadd/edit/delete experience levels.JobSeeker –This agent is the brain behind the job search process and isequivalent in role to online job search sites, local newspaperand printed media, etc. as it interacts with employer agents toacquire job listingsThis agent’s primary responsibilities include:Post ResumesThis option allows job seekers to post their resumes. Onecandidate can store only one resume in the database.Search JobsUsing Search Jobs option job seekers can search for availablejob opportunities from the database.My FavouritesWhen you search for jobs the results can be stored as yourfavourite jobs in the database. In addition you can also savethe search criteria as your favourite search criteria.Employer–The employer agent models some actions and responsibilitiesperformed by the employer. The main activities are:Post JobsUsing these option employers can post job opportunities in thedatabase. These opportunities can be searched by the jobseekers.Search ResumesEmployers can search available resume database through thisoption.Company ProfileEmployers can also specify the profile on the company.My FavouritesWhen you search for resumes the search results can be savedas your favorites in the database.Job Search ImplementationThere are several scenarios that are possible from thediscussion above, however the followingare considered with results presented:1. Exact match in same or another location2. Approximate match in same location with salary mark upand down.3. Exact match in same or another location with best matchedallowances and benefits4. Any salary match.In Fig. 1, the user configures the search preference system byfixing the industry as 75% important, occupation as 100%very important and job type as 0% unimportant and alsosalary mark up and mark down range as 27 and 33respectively. This is the utility transformation form that isused to guide the priority of presentation of job to the usersthat makes it easier for the user to select the appropriate joband apply. Fig.2 shows the Google map to select the locationand country where he wants to search the job.Fig.1. Configure Search Preference Screen.Fig.2 Google Maps- Location SelectionIn Fig.3, the applicant agent now enters the search criteriawhich inlcudes the Country and city from Google Map. Alsothe other criteria like Salaray range as 20000 to 40000,Industry as Accounting, Education as Associate Degree, Jobtype as Full time, Career level as Expereince and Ratingperiod as six months. Now that the search criteria issubmitted, the Job search agent is started from the Andoirdhandset that queires the database to match the user criteria toretrieve the jobs and list to the user’s handset based on searchpreferences system set. In here the search agent finds thereexists no job that matches the criteria in Kingston, Jamaicaand possess the intelligence to match in another location i.eSt. Mary with same criteria. The agent now finds one job thatmatches his criteria and produces the result with salary rangeof 26,000 to 32000 with rating of 4 out of 5 as shown in Fig.4.Fig.5 shows the full details of job with complete salarypackage and so.11

International Journal of Applied Information Systems (2249 – 0868)National Level Technical Conference “X-PLORE 13”Fig.3. Search Agent Screen -1Fig.4. Job Search Agent Results-1Fig.5. Full Job Details.Let us consider second scenario, shown in Fig.6 where thesearch Agent uses the salary mark-up and mark-down criteriaapplied to the salary range of 40000 to 50000 to provide amargin ratio in percentage for an increase and decrease of theupper and lower limits of the salary range specified in thesearch. With a markup of 27% and markdown of 33%, thesystem is expected to lower the lower bound by 33% andincrease the upper bound by 27%. The search Agent searchesfor software job in Computer Industry for a salary range of40000 to 50000 in location Kingston, Jamaica. The searchagent finds Jobs in computer industry by adding salary markup and marks down and produces it to the user’s Handset asshown in Fig.7. Fig.8 shows the Rating breakdown for 6months rating of the Employer by previous employees.12

International Journal of Applied Information Systems (2249 – 0868)National Level Technical Conference “X-PLORE 13”Fig.6. Search Agent Screen-2Fig.8. Rating details breakdownLet us consider third scenario as shown in Fig. 9 where theuser searches for software Developer job in Computerindustry for any salary range but with additional details likeMedical, Housing, Relocation and Transportation allowancewithin the same location i.e. Kingston. The agent here findsApplication Engineer job that matches his criteria in Kingstonwith salary mark of 36000 to 40000 and also another SeniorSoftware developer with salary of 45000 to 60000 with bestmatched facilities as shown in Fig. 10 and 11. The user selectsthe senior software developer job but finds one allowance i.e.Relocation as not available but with a higher salary range.Salary values of zero allow matches of all salariesFig.7. Job Search Agent Results-213

International Journal of Applied Information Systems (2249 – 0868)National Level Technical Conference “X-PLORE 13”Fig.9 Search Agent screen-3.Fig.11. Full Job DetailsLet us consider fourth scenario as shown in Fig.12 where theuser searches for Accounting job for any salary range but withadditional details like Medical, Housing, Relocation, ReturnAirfare and Transportation allowance within the samelocation i.e. St. Mary. The agent here finds Accounting in St.Mary with salary mark of 26000 to 32000 as shown in Fig.13ignoring the facilities as shown in Fig. 14.Fig.12 Search Agent screen-4Fig.10. Job Search Agent Results-314

International Journal of Applied Information Systems (2249 – 0868)National Level Technical Conference “X-PLORE 13”Fig.13. Job Search Agent Results-4Fig.16. Feedback submitted4. CONCLUSION & FUTURE WORKJob Search is a very involved process that could require hoursof interaction with different search sites, applications, humanagents, etc The system could be extended to include a secureapplication process where the applicant’s experience andeducation is verified possibly by including biometric dataalong with the job application details which has beenpublished elsewhere. In addition the job search process couldenhance the calculation of utility by including risk factors ofsuccess in choosing one job over another. This could enhancethe probability of applying for the job that would be mostsuitable for an applicant on many levels.ReferencesFig.14. Full Job DetailsIn our system, it is possible for the user to submit feedbackabout the employer as an existing or past employee too asshown in Fig. 15 Fig.16 shows the feedback recorded inCentral database which the employer has no control over it.This feedback will be recorded in database after verifying theuser credentials with the employer to make sure no user whohas registered with the system and not working with this pastemployer of the industry is not submitting the feedback.[1] Frivolt, Gyorgy, and Maria Bielikov. Improving JobSearch by Network of Professions and Companies.Bratislava, Slovakia: Institute of Informatics andSoftware Engineering, 2006[2] Sugawara, Kenji. "Agent-Based Application forSupporting Job Matchmaking for Teleworkers." SecondIEEE International Conference on Cognitive Informatics(ICCI'03). 2003. pp. 137[3] Rabin, Matthew. Risk Aversion and Expected-UtilityTheory: A calibration Theory. Berkeley California:Department of Economics, 1999Fig.15. Employer Job Feedback Form15

International Journal of Applied Information Systems (2249 – 0868)National Level Technical Conference “X-PLORE 13”[4] Agulla, Elisardo G, Enrique O Muras, Jose Castro, andCarmen G Mateo. An Open Source Java Framework forBiometric Web Authentication Based on BioAPI. ns, University of Vigo, 2007.[5] Bogle, Salathiel, and Suresh Sankaranarayanan."Intelligent Agent based Job Search System in AndroidEnvironment." 2011 IEEE International Conference onElectro/Information Technology, 2011[6] Franklin, Stan, and Art Graesser. " Is it an Agent, or justa Program?: A Taxonomy for Autonomous Agents."Third International Workshop on Agent TheoriesArchitectures and Languages. Springer-Verlag, 1996.[7] Stuart, Russell J., and Peter Norvig. ArtificialIntelligence: A Modern Approach. Englewood Cliffs, NJ:Prentice Hall, 1995[8] Hayes-Roth, B. "An Architecture for Adaptive IntelligentSystems." Artificial Intelligence: Special Issue on Agentsand Interactivity, 1995: 72, 329-365.[9] Jennings, N. R., and M. Wooldridge. Applications ofIntelligent Agents. London: University of London, 1998.[10] Poole et al. Computational Intelligence. New York:Oxford University, 1998[11] Spanoudakis, Nikolaos, and Pavlos Moraitis. "AnAmbient Intelligence Application Integrating Agent andService-Oriented Technologies." In Proceedings of SGAIConference.[12] Paris, France: Paris Descartes University, 2007. pp.393398. 12. Addison, J. T., Centeno, M., & Portugal, P.(2004). Key Elasticities in Job Search Theory:International Evidence.IZA.16

register themselves with job site portals such as,, and and so on. IT Job Portal is a web-based mobile application that provides a platform for candidates seeking job and the employers in IT Sector to share their needs. The candidates seeking j