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KARMICKINSTITUTECall us: 91 33 2426 4362 / 91 9836423755100% Placement Guaranteed Career Courses in KolkataTHE IMPORTANCE &DEMAND OFDIGITAL MARKETINGTABLE OF CONTENTSAn Introduction To Digital Marketing-----------------------------Need For Digital Marketing & Its Trends-----------------------------Digital Marketing Skills For --------------Growth In Demand For B2B Digital Marketers-----------------------------Job Options For Digital ge - 1

KARMICKINSTITUTEAN INTRODUCTION TO DIGITAL MARKETINGIn the words of Neil Patel,“Digital marketing is any form ofmarketing products or services thatinvolves electronic devices.”DigitalMarketingAs opposed to traditional form ofmarketing, the reason for the growth ofdigital marketing is because of thegrowing dependency of mankind onsmart devices.People are becoming more and more digitally inclined with time. Mostof the time throughout the day, they are either looking at their phonesor laptops.Therefore, entrepreneurs target them digitally for maximum reach oftheir products or services within least possible time.Page - 2

KARMICKINSTITUTENEED FOR DIGITAL MARKETING & ITS TRENDSHow digital marketing has become a need forevery business?The new age entrepreneurs are keeping pace with the evolving times.Hard work and efforts are no longer the only mantra for success. Theyaim for a smarter and quicker way to success and that comes fromonline presence. Digital marketing is interactive, faster and measurableform of marketing which involves web, mobile, social media channelsetc. It isaffordable, time savvy and can monitor results which helpsentrepreneurs to plan future strategies in a better andeffective manner.Digital marketing today has become an essential need forevery business because of the following reasons:1It helps the company or the brand to stay one step aheaddigitally. An integrated strategy for digital marketing will make surethat all the digital efforts are smooth. Since the world of internethas covered up all aspects of lives, it is important to catch up withcompetitors and stay ahead.2Every business is unique in its own way. Whether the business issmall, medium or large, the digital platform always provides apowerful chance to each company or brand to gainrecognition.Page - 3

KARMICKINSTITUTEData on the requirement of Digital Marketing Professionalsby 2020.According to Statista, in 2017, India had 331.77 million internet userswhich is expected to rise to 511.89 million by 2022. Therefore, thedemand for digital marketing professionals is also increasingsimultaneously.The below-mentioned data shows the number of digital marketingjobs currently on various job portals.OPENING FOR DIGITAL MARKETING (JULY 2017)300547 JobsTimejobs.com229539 JobsShine201461 JobsMonster India65041 JobsTotal Jobs 796588Naukri.comPage - 4

KARMICKINSTITUTESEO JOB OPENINGSIN 2017 VS. 201843%Increase inPositionsyear-overyearCONTENT MARKETINGJOB OPENINGSIN 2017 VS 2018As a digital marketer it is a big challenge to stay in demand alwaysbecause every one is gearing up to stay in the competition to meeteffective business goals.So, here are two updated marketing techniques that can lead to afruitful result by 2020 for businesses and digital marketers.Page - 5

KARMICKINSTITUTEContentMarketingCONTENTMARKETING TRENDANALYSISThe graph clearly shows that with time, there is app interventionthat leads to the content sophistication.Page - 6

KARMICKINSTITUTELIVE VIDEOSTREAMINGTREND“Going Live” is the new marketing trend for every business in today’sworld. Instagram and Facebook have integrated this “live video” featureand gained mass appeal from people, different brands, and businesses.Currently, it is a trend, which draws the largest attention of millions ofpeople who eagerly want to see something that is happening inreal-time.Today, customers and fans love the idea of watching someone’sperspective on particular goods and services. Now, live videos cater tomeet the exact desire. Digital marketers use the “Live Video” feature tocreate loyalty and awareness to the potential customers for theparticular brand or business.Page - 7

KARMICKINSTITUTEDIGITAL MARKETING SKILLS FOR SUCCESSSUCCESS“Becoming a successful and an expertdigital marketer is not only a matter ofeducation. It is the amalgamation ofseveral other qualities likeperseverance, patience,understanding of target audienceneeds, and most importantly anextensive experience that hones therequired skills over time. The better yourset of digital marketing skills, thebrighter will be your future.Here is the list of the most important digital marketing skills that arerequired to make a living or a fortune.WRITINGSKILLSThough most people believe writing is for content writers, nonetheless,a digital marketer with a flair for writing can highlight this skill on his orher resume to get an edge over others.Page - 8

KARMICKINSTITUTEA digital marketer holds a technical understanding of optimizing ablog, an advertisement, website copy, etc., which if coupled with thetalent of writing can produce the desired outcome effectively.COMMUNICATIONSKILLSCommunication and digital marketing are co-related. It’s all about effective communication of a message about the product or servicethrough a channel or platform. And to do this, one needs a sense ofclarity. Moreover, talking to the clients consistently and putting forwardan idea also calls for the skill.SEOSKILLSSEO is far more than just earning top ranking search results. With thefast changing Google’s search algorithm, SEO trends are alsochanging. Thus, a digital marketer has to be always on the tip of his toeto keep pace with the new practices. Companies will need SEO expertsto keep their online presence robust with the evolving tactics of SEO.Page - 9

KARMICKINSTITUTEEMAIL MARKETINGSKILLSThis is a valuable skill of digital marketing in the recent times. Emailmarketing is not just about writing emails that lead to conversions butalso the meticulous task of generating a vast email list of clients fromthe scratch. This list is then used for achieving a variety of goals likepromoting new products, sending offer updates, increasing socialmedia following, driving new sales and of course conversion.SOCIAL MEDIAMARKETING SKILLSSocial media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others arenot only platforms to socialize with friends and celebrities but havebecome significant media for promoting businesses and generatingconversion. According to a report by Radiate Media, 2016, 78% of smallbusinesses get a quarter of new customers through social media.Creating effective and interesting social media content requires agood amount of skill whereas poor quality content serves no purpose.Page - 10

KARMICKINSTITUTEMOBILE MARKETINGSKILLSThough desktop and mobile marketing are not very different from eachother yet they are different in ample ways. There is a huge increase inthe number of mobile users and this has generated the demand formobile marketing. The digital marketers should have adequateknowledge of optimizing the mobile website for a better userexperience. This would help in generating leads, increase engagement,loyalty, sales and more.GROWTH IN DEMAND FOR B2B DIGITAL MARKETERSAccording to the 2017 Marketing HiringTrends report released by McKinley, anapproximate 44% of companies hadgeared up themselves to hire B2B digitalmarketing professionals in 2017. Naturally,there is now a tremendous demand forskilled professionals having a thoroughknowledge of the various tactics of B2Bdigital marketing, and the trend is notgoing to fade away in anytime soon.Page - 11

KARMICKINSTITUTEAmidst such a scenario, it is worthy to know some of the reasons thathave caused such a surge in the demand of B2B digital marketers.B2B BUYER STARTSPURCHASE JOURNEYWITH A WEB SEARCHGone are the days when buyers used to enquire about a product fromtheir friends, relatives or colleagues. In 2018, the modern B2B buyer istech savvy and knows how to operate a range of mobile devices whilein a go. Moreover, easy access to the web has facilitated the buyer tobegin his or her purchase journey with a web search.No wonder, it is speculated that close to a whopping 92% of B2B buyersdo a web search before buying anything from an online or a brick ormortar store. Sometimes, the reason is to check the availability of theproduct in the nearby locality and sometimes, it is price comparison,reading product reviews posted by genuine buyers and much more.Businesses now can’t afford to miss a pronounced online presence asits absence will ultimately lead to less sale and eventually less ROI.Furthermore, it has become necessary for a B2B business to embracedigital marketing as a buyer can do a product research using anymedium like mobile, laptop, social networking sites, and so on.Page - 12

KARMICKINSTITUTEFOLLOW-UP IS MUCHEASIER IN DIGITALMARKETINGDigital marketing has made follow-up much easier as it is acost-effective way to contact potential buyers without being toointrusive. B2B digital marketing professionals are a pro in usingdifferent approaches for follow-up and convert leads successfully intosales. Well-crafted approaches result in building immense trust andbrand retention.JOB OPTIONS FOR DIGITAL MARKETERSSearch Engine OptimizationAnalyst/ManagerSEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a wayto increase and drive the traffic to theclient’s website through search engineresults.The aim is to rank the website orweb page higher in the Google searchresults.Page - 13

KARMICKINSTITUTEVIDEO MARKETINGEXPERTVideo marketers are in very high demand when it comes todigital marketing. This is because video content is exploding inpopularity with every passing day. Good videos are the key toengaging and enriching the experience of any visitor to the site andthereby hopefully convert them into a paying customer.Probably the biggest reason why video is surging in popularity is that itis much easier to engage with rather than a blog post. Hence, thepromotion of videos in various social media sites like YouTube(as a part of Google Adwords) to make it viral and drive traffic to theconcerned site is the main job role of a video marketer.51%of executive under 40 reported making apurchasing decision after watching abrand's video.Page - 15

KARMICKINSTITUTESOCIAL MEDIAMARKETING EXPERTSocial Media is a powerful tool in the modern marketing world. The rateof growth of social media platforms have been faster than the internetin the past decade and there is no reason to believe it will slow down.As much as a third of the global population today uses some form ofsocial media platform.With such exponential popularity among target customers, it shouldcome as no surprise that companies are trying to capitalize on thisamazing opportunity. However, it is easier said than done. Thedaunting task of effectively leveraging social media to one’sadvantage gives skilled professionals an edge when it comes to theirdemand in the marketplace.Simply put, social media is hardly putting mere content on Facebook.Each platform needs to be approached in a different way. This takesskill. In order to properly leverage each social platform properly forone’s business, one needs to understand the specific platform inquestion in and out. This means knowing which parts of the day to postin order to garner the maximum amount of attention, which type ofcontent gets the most response across each platform and whereinside each platform does the target customer hang out.Page - 17

KARMICKINSTITUTEOnce we have mastered the basics of social media marketing, it istime then to leverage paid marketing on social media. In order to doso, one needs to develop an understanding of visual marketing,copywriting, analytics and color psychology.Mastering social media marketing is no easy task. This is one of thereasons why competent social media experts are in such highdemand in the industry. Experts who are able to justify ROI to theirclients on Social Media rake in the big bucks in return.CONTENTMANAGERProbably the most in-demand skill right now in the field of digitalmarketing is that of a content manager. This is amply demonstratedby the importance of every new Google Update. No good digitalmarketing manager would ever underestimate the need for a goodcontent manager in order to woo the customers.For individuals to become good content marketing professionals, theyneed to have an understanding of Digital Marketing. They have todeliver content that that helps in lead generation, increases brandloyalty and engagement.Of late, there has been an increased demandin the role of competent content managers. Of course, as mentionedabove, this would require the development of certain skills.Page - 18

KARMICKINSTITUTEDIGITAL MARKETING TRAININGAT KARMICK INSTITUTEWith the rise of digital technologies, themarketing model has transformedcompletely. To succeed, digital marketers must have the potential to make aplan, measure the digital strategies andintegrate particularly to meet businessgoals. Hence, the scope of digital marketing training is increasing day by day.The course program focuses on howthe digital marketers can reach digitallysavvy customers, connect and developcustomer relationships and influencethe customers to choose the digital wayto buy.It is wise to go for an advanced digital marketing course from a reputedtraining institute where it is possible to work on live projects.If you want to drive your career as a digital marketing expert, then it is theright time to enroll yourself in our digital marketing course and learn fromindustry experts. The course is designed with all the latest topics to deliverin-depth knowledge. It is shaped to give your career the needed boost.Page - 19

KARMICKINSTITUTEPAY PER CLICKEXECUTIVEPPC or Pay Per Click experts are in very high demand right now. PPCdenotes the activity of bringing in traffic that is targeted onto a website.In its simplest term, PPC is trying to get a company’s website thehighest paid ranking possible in search queries. PPC requires hugecompetition and high budget. To excel at PPC, one needs to beexceptionally skilled at strategic skills and maths. One needs to be wellversed in both Google AdWords as well as Google Analytics. PPCexperts need toeffectively be able to report, optimize and create campaigns that addvalue to the company’s top line. The main aim of any successful PPCcampaign is to get the maximum number of visitors to a website atthe lowest cost possible.People learn about PPC marketing a number of ways. They can takedigital Marketing courses on Google AdWords and Analytics. They canwatch Live Chats and PPC Webinars. They can also read blogs such asPPC Hero, PPC Chat, Search Engine Watch and Inside Ad words etc.Page - 16

KARMICKINSTITUTEOwing to the constant tweaking of Google search algorithm, SEOpractices too are constantly evolving. White hat marketing techniquessuch as guest blogging and content marketing are assumingparamount importance inside the marketing strategy of any goodorganization. These tools, in turn, are of critical importance to SEOsuccess.Due to the immense importance associated with a good SEO strategy,companies no longer look at SEO experts as a luxury.Instead, a competent SEO team is now part and parcel of any goodmarketing team.Companies realize that they need to constantly stay up to date withthe latest developments in the SEO world. Over and above taking careof the technical aspect of SEO, they also need people who will be ableto add value to the lives of the customers.While updated SEO knowledge will always keep a professional in highdemand with lucrative offers, it is a fact that SEO work is not an easytask because it is extremely dynamic. Hence, keeping up with theever-changing practices of the Google algorithm is challenging.Page - 14 300547 Jobs 229539 Jobs Shine 201461 Jobs Monster India 65041 Jobs Total Jobs 796588 Page - 4. KARMICK INSTITUTE As a digital marketer it is a big challenge to stay in demand always . her resume