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CAREFREEOMEGA IIRVSide-Out Kover and Window AwningOMEGA002053548-002r1Printed in USADecember 2004Table of Contents

TABLE OF CONTENTSIntroduction . 1Product Overview .1Component Checklist.1Installation . 2Before Installing the Awning .2Installing an Awning Rail.3Installing the Awning.3Mounting the Arms.4Securing the Fabric.5Attaching the Case .5Mounting the Hold-Down Strap Catches .6Operating the Omega II Awning . 7Extending the Awning .7Retracting the Awning.7Stowing the Strap .8Fabric Maintenance .8Mildew .8Hardware Maintenance.8Carefree Limited Warranty. 9SAFETY INFORMATIONWARNINGA WARNING INDICATES A POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS SITUATION WHICH , IF NOT AVOIDED, COULD RESULT INDEATH OR SERIOUS INJURY AND/OR MAJOR PROPERTY DAMAGE.CAUTIONA CAUTION INDICATES A POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS SITUATION THAT MAY CAUSE MINOR TO MODERATEPERSONAL INJURY AND/OR PROPERTY DAMAGE. IT MAY ALSO BE USED TO ALERT AGAINST UNSAFE PRACTICES.NOTE: A note indicates further information about a product, part, or step.Tip:A tip provides helpful suggestions.Safety Notes: Always disconnect battery or power source before working on or around the electrical system.Always wear appropriate safety equipment (i.e. goggles).Always use appropriate lifting devices and/or helpers when lifting or holding heavy objects.2145 W. 6th Avenue Broomfield, CO 80020303-469-3324 www.carefreeofcolorado.comCarefree of Coloradoa Scott Fetzer company053548-002r1Printed in USADecember 2004

Carefree of ColoradoOmega II AwningINTRODUCTIONPRODUCT OVERVIEWThe Carefree Omega II awning is a combination slide-out cover and window awning. As a slide-out cover,the fabric extends and retracts by automatically following the room’s movements. The window awning ismanually operated. Simply pull the center pull strap to extend the awning and attach the tie straps to thecatches. For travel, the awning arms securely lock into the upright position.COMPONENT CHECKLIST71829346101151213OMEGA003Figure 1. Component Checklist.; ITEM DESCRIPTIONQTY NOTEBASIC COVER ASSEMBLY1 1 Awning Rail1 2 Roll Bar Assy1 3 Case Assy1 4 Left Arm Assy1 5 Right Arm Assy1 6 Pull Cane2 7 Attach Strap Catch#10 x 3/4 30 8 Screw, Hex Head#10 x 3/44 9 Screw, Pan HeadScrew,TrussHead,SqDrive#6x5/84 10#6 x 3/82 11 Screw, Hex Head3/166 12 Rivet, Moly1 13 Clip, Pull Strap StowNOTE:1. On some units, the case assy (item 3) comes partially assembled. The installer must install the clip(item 13) and the end cap.1053548-002r1Table of Contents

Carefree of ColoradoOmega II AwningINSTALLATIONBEFORE INSTALLING THE AWNING1. Park the vehicle on a flat surface and level the unit.2. If using an existing awning rail: Check that the rail runs the entire length of the awning to be installed. The centerline of the rail must be mounted a minimum of 1” above the uppermost edge of the slideout face.Awning Rail1" Min.Uppermost edge of Slide-Out FaceStructural Outline of Slide-Out9"Upper Mounting Hole5" (ref)Middle Mounting Hole8.5" (ref)Lower Mounting Hole20"Attach Strap HookOmega001Figure 2. Awning Layout.3. The arms will mount on the slide-out face. The mounting surface must be a minimum of 1 1/16” wide. The attaching screws must go into the slide-out structure and not just through the outer portion ofthe face flange. The screws must not interfere with the room’s ability to close and seal.4. If an existing awning rail is used, skip to step 7 under “Installing an Awning Rail”.2053548-002r1Table of Contents

Carefree of ColoradoOmega II AwningINSTALLING AN AWNING RAIL1. Determine the positioning of the awning.2. The awning rail must be parallel to the uppermost edge of the slide-out.3. The awning rail must be a minimum of 1” above the uppermost edge of the slide-out.CAUTIONTHE AWNING RAIL MUST BE POSITIONED HIGH ENOUGH TO NOT INTERFERE WITH THE SLIDE-OUT’S ABILITY TOCLOSE AND SEAL.4. After determining the mounting position, mark the position with a chalk line.5. Seal the back of the rail with silicone sealant or putty tape.6. Align the awning rail onto the wall and secure with #10 x 3/4screws. Use all the attach holes in the rail.CAUTIONMAKE SURE THAT THE SCREWS MOUNT SECURELY TO THESTRUCTURAL FRAME OF THE VEHICLE.7. (refer to figure 3) Use a screwdriver to spread open one endof the awning rail on the installation side.Spread open theend of the awning railT0012Figure 3. Adusting the Awning Rail.8. File any sharp edges or burrs from the end of the rail. This will help protect the awning fabric fromdamage during installation.9. Spray inside the awning rail track with silicon lubricant.INSTALLING THE AWNING1. Slide the polyrod and awning into the awning rail.CAUTIONDO NOT ALLOW THE FABRIC TO UNROLL MORE THAN ONE THIRD OF AWRAP.2. Center the fabric over the slide-out.OMEGA004Figure 4. Mounting the Awning.3053548-002r1Table of Contents

Carefree of ColoradoOmega II AwningMOUNTING THE ARMS1. (refer to Figure 2) Mark the vertical position of the upper mounting hole. It should be 9” below thecenter of the awning rail.2. (refer to Figure 5) Slide the right arm into the roller assembly. There must be a minimum of 1 3/4” fromthe end of the roller to the start of the curve in the arm.1 3/4"(min.)#10 x 3/4Screwsor3/16Moly RivetsRight ArmOMEGA006Figure 5. Mounting the Right Arm.3. Position the arm on the coach: Align the upper mounting hole of the mounting bracket with the position marked in step 1; Align the roller parallel with the awning rail; Ensure the arm is perpendicular to the roller.4. Attach the mounting bracket at the top and bottom mounting holes using #10 x 3/4 hex head screws.NOTE: If mounting into a hollow wall, drill a 7/32” hole and use a 3/16” moly-rivet to attach the arm.5. Align the rivet inside the left arm with the slot in the spring adaptor. Slide the left arm assembly overthe spring adapter, the rivet inside the arm must engage the slot of the spring adaptor. Rotate the armuntil the rivet catches into place.1 3/4"(min.)Spring AdaptorRivetRetaining Pin#10 x 3/4Screwsor3/16Moly RivetsLeft ArmOMEGA007Figure 6. Mounting the Left Arm.6. Firmly grasp the arm and roller assembly. Remove the retaining pin from the roller.CAUTION4053548-002r1Table of Contents

Carefree of ColoradoOmega II AwningTHE RETAINING PIN IS USED TO HOLD THE PRE-WOUND SPRING TENSION IN THE ROLLER ASSEMBLY. USE CARE WHENREMOVING THE PIN TO AVOID SUDDEN MOVEMENT OF THE ARM AND/OR ROLLER WHEN THE PIN IS REMOVED.7. Press the arm into the roller.8. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to attach the left arm.9. Slide the arm locks upward to release the arms.10. Pull the arms outward to expose the middle mounting holes.11. Attach the left and right arms in the center holes using the #10 x 3/4 screws or moly rivets.12. Allow the arms to rise up to the closed position.13. Slide the arm locks down to lock the arms in the upright position.SECURING THE FABRICAwning Rail1. Extend and retract the slide-out several times. Leave the roomextended out.2. Confirm that the awning is centered, and rolls up straight.3. Attach the fabric in the awning rail at each end using a #6 x 3/8screw. Position the screw approximately 1” from the edge of thefabric.1"Polyrod#6 x 3/8ScrewOMEGA005ATTACHING THE CASEFigure 7. Attaching the Fabric.NOTE: For units with the pull strap stow clip already installed go to step 4.1. On the case, slide the stow clip into the lower groove of thecase.2. Install the end cap with the furnished screws3. Slide the clip down to the area where the pull strap will End Capproject out of the case. Secure the clip by tightening the #6set screw.4. Lift the case up to the top of the ladders or platforms usedStow Clipduring assembly.CaseLower GrooveOmega014aFigure 8. Installing the Stow Clip.NOTE: The slot in the case is in the lower half of the case.5. Thread the center pull strap through the slot and plastic bezel in the case. It will be necessary tosqueeze the rubber grommet at the end of the strap to get it through the hole.6. Lift the case up and press onto the arms. Center the case over the roller and orient the case as shownin figure 8.7. Secure the case to the arms using two (2) square drive self-tapping screws on each end.Figure 9. Installing the Case.5053548-002r1Table of Contents

Carefree of ColoradoOmega II AwningMOUNTING THE HOLD-DOWN STRAP CATCHES1. (refer to Figure 2) Measure down 20 inches from the bottommounting screw of the arm bracket.2. Horizontally position the catch to avoid windows etc.NOTE: When the awning is fully extended, the straps canslide horizontally along the roller to match the desiredlocation.3. Attach the catches using two (2) #10 x 3/4 pan head screws.4. Repeat for the other side.6Catch#10 x 3/4ScrewOMEGA009Figure 10. Hold-Down Strap Catch.053548-002r1Table of Contents

Carefree of ColoradoOmega II AwningOPERATING THE OMEGA II AWNINGCAUTIONTHE SLIDE-OUT ROOM SHOULD ALWAYS BE EXTENDED FULLY BEFORE EXTENDING THE AWNING.THE AWNING SHOULD BE CLOSED BEFORE RETRACTING THE SLIDE-OUT ROOM. EXTENDING ORRETRACTING THE SLIDE-OUT ROOM WITH THE AWNING EXTENDED CAN CAUSE UNNECESSARYWEAR AND DAMAGE TO THE AWNING FABRIC AND THE SLIDE-OUT SEALS.EXTENDING THE AWNING1.Extend the slide-out room to its full extension.NOTE: The awning automatically extends and retracts over the slide-out room.2.Using the pull cane, push the arm locks upward to the unlocked position.3.Hook or grasp the center pull strap and pull down.4.Hook the outside hold-down straps onto the catches.Arm LockUnlockDetail ALockTie StrapCatchADetail BPullStrapTieStrapBOMEGA010Figure 11. Opening the Awning.RETRACTING THE AWNING1.Grasp the center pull strap and unhook the outside hold-down straps.2.While holding the center pull strap, allow the awning to roll up to the stored position.CAUTION3.DO NOT RELEASE THE STRAP UNTIL THE AWNING IS AGAINST THE SLIDE-OUT FACE. RELEASINGTHE STRAP EARLY WILL CAUSE THE AWNING TO SLAM AGAINST THE SLIDE-OUT FACE POSSIBLYCAUSING DAMAGE TO THE AWNING AND/OR VEHICLE.Using the pull cane, pull the arm locks down into the locked position.CAUTION4.ALWAYS ENSURE THAT THE ARMS ARE LOCKED IN THE UPRIGHT POSITION BEFORE MOVING THEVEHICLE.The room may now be retracted.7053548-002r1Table of Contents

Carefree of ColoradoOmega II AwningSTOWING THE STRAPWhen the awning is open, the pull strap will hang down loosely. Use the pull cane and press the pull strapgrommet into the clip to keep the strap from flopping.ClipPull StrapGrommetPull CaneOmega013Figure 12. Stowing the Pull Strap.FABRIC MAINTENANCECAUTION1.DO NOT USE OIL BASED CLEANERS OR ANY CAUSTIC, GRANULATED, OR ABRASIVE TYPECLEANERS ON YOUR CAREFREE PRODUCT.One of the best ways to keep the fabric looking good and to delay the need for deep or vigorouscleanings is to hose fabrics off on a monthly basis with clear water. This practice will help prevent dirtfrom becoming deeply imbedded in the fabric and eliminate the need for more frequent vigorouscleanings. In most environments, a thorough cleaning will be needed every two to three years.2.When it's time for a thorough cleaning, the fabric can be cleaned while still on an awning frame. For Vinyl Fabric – Use a soft brush and warm water with soap. For Acrylic Fabric – Use a stiff brush and warm water with soap.3.When cleaning the fabric, it is important to observe the following: Always use a natural soap. Never detergent. Water should be cold to lukewarm. Never more than 100 degrees. Air-dry only. Never apply heat to the fabric.4.To clean inside the case: Close the side-out room. Pull the awning down. The awning will be able to extend down to the wall. Secure the awning asrequired. Using a hose, wash out the inside of the case.MildewMildew is a fungus growth that looks like dirt. Vinyl coated polyester fabrics are mildew resistant becauseof a chemical biocide in the vinyl coating. Under ordinary conditions, mildew will not appear. However, inareas where high temperature and humidity are common, mildew can be a problem and require thematerial to be washed more frequently. THOROUGHLY rinse the fabric with clean water and allow to air drycompletely before rolling up the awning.HARDWARE MAINTENANCE Replace any parts that become damaged.Periodically check all mounting hardware, screws, lags, etc., and re-tighten when necessary.Periodically flush the case with low pressure water to keep it clean and free of debris.8053548-002r1Table of Contents

Carefree of ColoradoOmega II AwningCAREFREE LIMITED WARRANTYCarefree of Colorado (hereafter referred to as Carefree) warrants to the FIRSTretail Purchaser that the Omega II is free of defects in material andworkmanship within the terms and conditions as set forth below. Carefree’sobligation under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement, atCarefree’s option, of any defective component within the stated warrantyperiod. THIS WARRANTY IS NOT TRANSFERABLE. 2 years on parts, labor and freight on parts labor and freight oncanopy.b) 4 years on parts, labor and freight on springs, rollers andhardware.Warranty duration is not extended by the length of time the product isnot in use or the time which the purchaser is deprived the use of theproduct. The duration of coverage is determined by the date of theoriginal product purchase, not the date of repairs.WHAT IS COVERED UNDER THIS WARRANTYDefects in the manufacturer’s material and workmanship of productunder normal use, and which occur within the duration of the warrantyperiod. The following components are covered only as listed:a) Fabrics – Free from quality defects (normal wear and fading areexcluded). Cracking, peeling, hardening, sagging or loss ofstrength provided that the damage is not the result of high windsor water pooling.b) Roller tube & Hardware – Free from extrusion defects.c) Springs – Defects.WHAT IS NOT COVERED UNDER THIS WARRANTYa) Fabric damage such as pinholes or tears not reported within ten(10) calendar days of purchase.b) Improper installation and/or any damage or failure that resultsfrom improper installation of the product, including fabric damagecaused by improper installation.c) Normal wear including the occasional need to re-tension theawning.d) Conditions that are not related to the material or workmanship ofthe product: including any failure that results from an accident,wind, rain, water pooling, or other acts of God.e) Purchaser’s abuse, including but not limited to neglect; failure tooperate, use or maintain the product in accordance with theinstructions provided with the product.f)Any component not sold or manufactured by Carefree.g) Any failure that results from the use of another manufacturer’sproduct with a Carefree product that is not specifically approvedby Carefree.h) Any incidental, indirect, or consequential loss, damage, orexpense that may result from any defect, failure, or malfunction ofthe Carefree product.i)The removal or alteration of any product component or device. Inthe event of such removal or alteration, this warranty is void.j)Any expense related to delivery or pick-up of product to/from theservice dealer.WARRANTY CLAIM PROCEDUREa) Deliver any product claimed or found defective during warrantyperiod to a Carefree of Colorado Authorized Service Dealer. Visitwww.carefreeofcolorado.com for the name of nearest AuthorizedService Dealer, or call Carefree at the phone number shown.b)Customer shall schedule a time with an Authorized ServiceDealer. Repair or replacement will be scheduled and performedat the Authorized Service Dealer according to normal work flowand availability of replacement parts.c)Work must be performed by a Carefree authorized service center.When warranty work/repair is performed by an authorized serviceagent, the agent is responsible for directly billing Carefree ofColorado for warranted parts and labor.d)Carefree shall pay the respective servicing dealer or agent forperforming any repairs authorized by Carefree as per the terms ofthis warranty. Company will allow for freight and labor charges labor is based on Flat Rate Form.e)All warranty claims shall be paid through the servicing agent.Carefree does not provide reimbursement for warranty claimspaid for by the customer.f)The customer shall pay only those costs not covered by warranty.The customer shall have no out-of-pocket expenses except asstated.g)The Original Purchaser is responsible for any expenses related todelivery or pick up of product to/from the Service Dealer.h)If the Purchaser does not receive satisfactory results from theAuthorized Service Dealer, the Purchaser should contact theCarefree of Colorado Customer Care Department within 10 daysafter completion of the questionable service.THIS WARRANTY GIVES THE OWNER SPECIFIC LEGAL RIGHTS. THE LAWS OFCERTAIN JURISDICTIONS MAY GRANT THE OWNER ADDITIONAL RIGHTS ANDPRIVILEGES. Except as set forth above, Carefree makes no warranty,whether statutory or otherwise, including without limitation, anywarranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.Carefree shall have no liability except to repair, replace or adjustdefective products and parts. Carefree specifically excludes anyliability, whether in contract, tort or otherwise, for personal injury,property damage, economic or consequential losses. Carefree hasnot authorized any person or company to alter the terms of thiswarranty.It is Carefree of Colorado’s policy and practice to continuously improvethe company’s products and services. Therefore, Carefree reservesthe right to make changes in design and components, without notice,whenever it is believed the quality of the product will be improved, butwithout incurring any obligation to incorporate such improvements inany product which has been shipped or in service.RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE PURCHASERIN ORDER FOR THE WARRANTY TO BE HONORED, THE PURCHASER MUSTHAVE PROOF OF PURCHASE: THE ORIGINAL RECEIPT OR THE WARRANTYCARD ON FILE AT CAREFREE OF COLORADO. FAILURE TO PROVIDE THEREQUIRED DOCUMENTATION MAY DELAY OR VOID ANY WARRANTY CLAIM.a) Retain dated proof of purchase for specified product, and provideit as requested.b) Inspect the product upon purchase to confirm the and properoperation of the product.c) Perform “Periodic Maintenance” as specified in Owners Manual.d) Use reasonable care in maintenance, operation, use and storageof the product in accordance with the instructions contained in theowner’s manual.9053548-002r1Table of Contents

Carefree of Coloradoa Scott Fetzer company2145 W. 6th Avenue Broomfield, CO 80020303-469-3324 www.carefreeofcolorado.comTable of Contents

operating the omega ii awning caution the slide-out room should always be extended fully before extending the awning. the awning should be closed before retracting the slide-out room. extending or retracting the slide-out room with the awning extended can cause unnecessary wear