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Employ FloridaWork Registra on Instruc onsIf you are a new Reemployment Assistance claimant, you must follow the stepsbelow to receive your benefits.Florida law requires Reemployment Assistance claimants, unless otherwise exempt, to complete thework registration process in Employ Florida prior to requesting benefit payments. Employ Florida is avaluable resource that can assist you in securing employment and connect you with other resources.If you fail to complete all of the steps for the work registration process, you will bedeemed ineligible to receive Reemployment Assistance benefits until your completeyour work registration.IMPORTANT: The work registration process applies to all NEW claimants who apply forstate or federal Reemployment Assistance benefit programs.To complete the full work registration process, you must: the Reemployment Assistance Benefits RegistrationProvide your valid social security numberEnsure you provide a valid email addressComplete the Background WizardCreate (or update) a resumé through the Résumé BuilderWork Registration Exemptions:All claimants filing a new claim for Reemployment Assistance benefits are required by s. 443.091(1)(b),F.S., to register for work through Employ Florida before claiming benefits unless, as provided in s.443.091(1)(b)1-5, F.S., the individual is: Unable to complete the online work registration due to illiteracy or a language impediment (forthe purposes of this exemption, illiteracy includes the inability to effectively read, comprehend,and write in English or Spanish, or to effectively use a computer). Not residing in Florida. On an established temporary layoff of not more than 8 weeks from the date he or she last workedfor employer. A union member who customarily obtains employment through a union hiring hall. Participating in an approved Short-Time Compensation (STC) plan. Physically, mentally, or visually impaired which makes the individual unable to use a computer. Legally prohibited from using a computer.

Steps to complete the Employ Florida Work Registration process:Step 1. Access Employ Florida at EmployFlorida.com or follow the link provided in the CONNECTsystem.Step 2. Under the “Job Seekers” menu, select the “Reemployment Assistance” link.

Step 3. Begin the Reemployment Assistance Benefit Registration process by determining if youhave an Employ Florida account.If you already have an account with Employ Florida, select the sentence highlighted below. If you arenot sure if you have an account, select “Next”.If you already have an Employ Florida account, you will be redirected to enter your information sothat it can be verified in the database. If your information can be verified, you will be directed to resetyour password. If your information cannot be verified, you will be given next steps for receivingverification assistance. Once a team member is able to verify your information, you will be given atemporary password. You may reset the temporary password once you are logged into the system.Proceed to Step 4.If you do not already have an Employ Florida account, the system will walk you through the stepsto create an account and complete your Reemployment Assistance Benefits Registration.The following personal information is required to complete the Reemployment AssistanceBenefit Registration: Social Security NumberDate of birthProof of citizenshipIf you are not a U.S. citizen, your alien registration number and work permit expiration dateHighest education level achievedCurrent employment statusCurrent work search statusDesired job title and occupationEmployment history as a farmworker (if applicable) for the past 12 monthsInformation related to the current or prior U.S. military service of you or your spouse (i.e.,Character of Discharge, Disabled Veteran status, service dates)Receipt of public assistance in the past 6 months (i.e. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families(TANF) or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program assistance)If you have not worked in Florida during the last 24 months, you do not need to complete this registration. You can instead callthe Reemployment Assistance customer service line at 1-833-352-7759 to determine what other options you may have. Pleaseselect “Cancel” to back out of this process or select “Next” to continue.

Step 4. Complete the Background Wizard.To access and complete the Background Wizard, select the “Menu” tab in the upper-left corner of thescreen, then select “My Portfolio”. Under My Individual Profiles, select “Personal Profile”.Next, select the “Background” tab, then select “Start the Background Wizard.”

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete all items that are applicable to you.When you have completed the Background Wizard, the “Start the Background Wizard” linkappears again. NOTE: Do not click on this link again if you have already completed the wizard.Step 5. Complete the Résumé Builder.After completing the Background Wizard, select the “Menu” tab in the upper-left corner of the screen.Under Quick Menu, select “Résumé Builder”, then select the plus ( ) sign above “Create newRésumé” in the center of the page.You will have the option to create your résumé step-by-step, upload an existing résumé orduplicate a résumé in the system (if you have previously created and saved a resume in EmployFlorida).

Enter the “Résumé Title”, select the option “Allow employers to view my résumé online”, choose“Comprehensive”, “Upload” or “Duplicate a résumé in our system” (if available), then select“Save”.If you select the “Comprehensive” résumé creation method, follow the prompts on the screen andcomplete all items that are applicable to you.NOTE: If you have previously created a résumé in Employ Florida, please update and activate yourRésumé through the Résumé Builder.Additional Information and Resources:When you have completed all of the steps mentioned above, you have completed the full workregistration process as required to receive Reemployment Assistance benefits. It may take up to 24 to48 hours after completion for the information to transfer to your CONNECT account. If you need furtherassistance, please contact the Reemployment Assistance Help Center.

and write in English or Spanish, or to effectively use a computer). . You will have the option to create your résumé step-by-step, upload an existing résumé or duplicate a résumé in the system (if you have previou