Wireless Home Phone And Internet User Guide

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Wireless Home Phoneand InternetUser guideAT&T Home Base

Welcome to AT&TThank you for purchasing the AT&T Home Base. To getthe most from your new device, check out our videos andinteractive tutorials at att.com/homebasesupport.Welcomei


ContentsGetting started . 1In the box. 1Getting to know your device . 2How it works. 4Device installation . 4Voicemail . 11Setup . 11Message waiting .11Retrieving messages .11Remote retrieval .11Transferring a phone number .12AT&T Home Base Manager . 12Using your device .14Calling .14Making calls.14Three-way calling.14Call waiting .14Call forwarding . 15Call log . 15Internet access .16Connect other devices .16Changing Wi-Fi network name and password . 17Important messages . 17Managing connected devices. 17Checking your voice and data usage . 17Contentsiii

Helpful tips . 18Home answering machines . 18Adjusting volume . 18Powering on/offff . 19TTY support . 19Important information .20E911 service .20Power outages.20Battery .20Device compatibility .21In-home wiring .21Frequently asked questions . 22Troubleshooting . 25General . 25Phone . 26Internet . 29Device configuration . 32Wi-Fi settings . 32Basic . 32Connections . 33Security. 34WPS. 35Network . 36Connections . 36APN . 37ivContents

Firewall . 39Mac/IP/Port Filtering . 39Port forwarding . 41DMZ . 42Advanced .43Administrator .43Router . 44Time/Date . 45Device Reset . 45Specifications . 46Safety instructions . 47Radio Frequency (RF) energy . 48FCC regulations . 49RF exposure information. 50CTIA . 51Warranty . 52How to get warranty service . 53Other warranty programs . 53Contentsv


Getting startedIn the boxThe package should contain the following items:The AT&T Home BasePhone cable(Optional)Back-upbatteryPower cordGetting started1

Getting to know your devicePowerSignal strengthVoicemailWi-FiInformation(See “AT&T Home BaseManager” on page ows WPS-enabled devices to be connected via Wi-Fi without typing a Wi-Fi password.For detailed instructions, please refer to page 16.2Getting started

LED indicatorsThe table below describes possible states for each of theLED indicators.KeyIcon namePowerVoicemailIndicatorStatusGreen steadyOnGreen blinkingBattery: More than50%Yellow blinkingBattery: 20 – 50%Red blinkingBattery: Less than20%OffNo powerGreen blinkingNew voicemailOffNo new voicemailGreen blinkingCheck the AT&THome BaseManager – seemessagesOffNo unreadmessagesGreen steadyWi-Fi onGreen flickeringData transferringOffWi-Fi offGreen steadyStrong signalYellow steadyModerate signalRed steadyNo serviceRed blinkingNo service or SIMerrorInformationWi-FiSignalStrengthGetting started3

How it worksThe AT&T Home Base uses the AT&T cellular network toprovide phone service to your cordless and corded homephone(s) and Internet access to your computer and Wi-Fienabled devices. Place it anywhere in your home where youhave a strong wireless signal. It does not require the use of ahome phone wall jack like traditional home phone service.The AT&T Home Base provides many calling services, such asvoicemail, Caller Number ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, and3-way Calling for your home phone(s). It also includes a backup battery in case of a power outage.Device installationBefore you beginThe AT&T Home Base works exclusively with the AT&T cellularnetwork and DOES NOT use your home phone wall jacks.Your device should be located: Where you have a strongsignal from a cell tower,typically near a window oroutside wall. Signal strengthmay vary in different partsof your home. Near an electrical wall outlet. In the general area where you’ll be usingyour home phone, computer, or Wi-Fi enabled devices.Select which phone and computer/Wi-Fi enabled device youwill use with the AT&T Home Base: A cordless phone system with multiple handsets should beused to place phones throughout your home. If using an existing phone, unplug it from the wall jack. For Internet access, you may connect up to 10 devices viaWi-Fi and one via Ethernet simultaneously.4Getting started

STEP 1: Set up your deviceAInstall the back-up battery1. Remove the bottom of the device by pushing theentire cover in the direction of the arrow.Ports2. Insert the back-up battery.Battery3. Replace the cover.Notes: The back-up battery is intended for backup purposesonly and may take approximately eighteen (18) hoursto fully charge. Charge time may be impacted by environmentalfactors and the back-up battery will stop chargingwhen the ambient temperature is outside of thetemperature range allowed for charging (32 F - 131 F).Getting started5

STEP 1: Set up your device (cont’d)BTurn on your device1. Plug the power cord into an electrical wall outlet.2. Connect the other end of the power cord into thePower Input port on the back of your AT&T HomeBase.3. Press and hold down the round On/Off button for 3full seconds until the power light stays steady green.On/OffHold 3 secondsCCheck the wireless signalWait a few seconds for the signal strength light to turnon, while your device connects to the cellular network.Confirm signal strength light is green for optimalperformance. Yellow indicates a moderate signal andmay be sufficient.Note: If you do not see a green light, you may want tochoose another location in your home, such as near awindow or outside wall.Signalstrength6Getting started

STEP 2: Connect your phoneAUnplug your phone from the wall jackThe AT&T Home Base is not used with your homephone wall jack.Note: If you have a cordless phone, keep it plugged intoa power outlet.BConnect your phone to the devicePlug your phone into the “Phone 1” port on the AT&THome Base, using your existing phone cable or theincluded phone cable.Note: Do not plug the device into your home phonewall jack.Getting started7

STEP 2: Connect your phone (cont’d)C Place a test callPlace a test call from your connected home phone.Make sure to dial the 10-digit phone number, includingarea code.For best results, place the cordless phone base at least12 inches from the AT&T Home Base.Important phone tips Voicemail is included with your service. Dial “1” to set up andaccess. If using an answering machine, set it to fewer thanfive (5) rings. To place phones throughout your home, use a cordlessphone system with multiple handsets. Wall jacks are notused with the AT&T Home Base. The “Phone 2” port can be used to connect an additionalphone or answering machine. It uses the same phonenumber as the “Phone 1” port. Your AT&T Home Base does not support incoming/outgoing fax service or home alarm systems. Your AT&T Home Base does not support rotary or pulsedialing phones.Details on using voicemail and transferring a landline phonenumber can be found on pages 11-12.8Getting started

STEP 3: Connect to the InternetASelect your Internet connectionTo connect via Wi-Fi:Wi-Fii-Fi Networks1. Open the Wi-Fi network ATT-HOMEBASE-XXXXmanager on yourOther Networkcomputer or Wi-FiGuest Wi-Fienabled device.Free Public Wi-Fi2. Find and select theAT&T Home BaseWi-Fi network name (SSID) (e.g., ATT-HOMEBASEXXXX).To connect via Ethernet:Use an Ethernet cable (not included) to connect yourcomputer or other device to the Ethernet port on theback of your AT&T Home Base. Go to att.net (or yourfavorite website) to confirm your Internet connection.Skip Steps 3B and 3C.To connect via WPS, see page 16.BEnter Wi-Fi network passwordWhen prompted, enter the Wi-Fi password found on thebottom of the AT&T Home Base.Wi-Fi AccessUse the following information to connect to the Internet:Network Name: ATT-HOMEBASE-XXXXPassword: XXXXXXXXHelpful service information:Thelight will blink green when you have an importantmessage from AT&T about your service plan.On any device connected to the AT&T Home Base, go to:URL: http://att.homebaseLogin: attadminGetting started9

STEP 3: Connect to the Internet (cont’d)CConfirm Internet connectionGo to att.net (or your favorite website) to confirm yourInternet connection.When your device is transmitting to and from theInternet, the Wi-Fi light will flicker green.Important Internet tips To check your data usage or manage your account, go toatt.com/myatt. To customize your device settings, view important messagesabout your AT&T service plan, and check your data usage,use the AT&T Home Base Manager. On any device connectedto the AT&T Home Base, enter http://att.homebase directlyinto your browser address field and use “attadmin” as yourlogin. To setup a free AT&T email account, go to att.net/signupand select Start Now.10Getting started

VoicemailYour AT&T Home Base comes with standard wirelessvoicemail. Follow the steps below to setup and use yourvoicemail.SetupDial 1 on any home phone connected to the AT&T Home Baseand wait four (4) seconds to connect to your AT&T wirelessvoicemail. Simply follow the voice prompts to completesetup.Message waitingThere are two indicators for a new message waiting: 1) thevoicemail icon; and 2) an intermittent dial tone.The voicemail iconon your AT&T Home Base flasheswhen a voicemail message is waiting. You will also hear anintermittent dial tone on any connected phone handsetbefore placing a call.Retrieving messagesTo retrieve voice messages, dial 1 on any home phoneconnected to the AT&T Home Base and wait four (4) secondsto connect to your AT&T wireless voicemail box. Simply followthe voice prompts to listen to and manage your messages.(Alternately, you may dial your 10-digit home phone numberto access your voicemail box.)Remote retrievalTo retrieve voicemail messages from a phone not connectedto the AT&T Home Base, dial the number associated with yourAT&T Home Base service. When voicemail picks up, press .You will then be prompted to enter your password. Simplyfollow the prompts to listen to and manage your voicemailmessages.*Getting started11

Transferring a phone numberTransferring a landline phone number to your AT&T HomeBase can take five (5) days or more. Outgoing calls can bemade immediately using your AT&T Home Base, howeverincoming calls will continue through your old service until thetransfer is complete. It is recommended that a phone be keptconnected to your wall jack or prior service to continue toreceive incoming calls until the transfer is complete. To checkthe status of your transfer, visit att.com/port.AT&T Home Base ManagerThe AT&T Home Base Manager allows you to easily manageyour AT&T Home Base. You can: Customize settings Change your Wi-Fi network name and password Check signal strength, data usage, and importantmessages from AT&T Get help and informationTo access the AT&T Home Base Manager, first connect toyour AT&T Home Base. In your browser address field, enterhttp://att.homebase and log in using “attadmin” (Note:You can customize the login that is used to access the AT&THome Base Manager by going to Settings Advanced Administrator).12Getting started

The AT&T Home Base Manager includes a navigation panelon the le side of the screen, which contains the followingsections: Home – displays general device information and help. Connected devices – view devices currently connectedto your AT&T Home Base and block/unblock devicesfrom connecting. Data used – check your data usage. Call log – view incoming, outgoing, and missed calls placedto and from your AT&T Home Base. Messages – view messages from AT&T (See ImportantMessages on page 17). Settings – customize your device’s Wi-Fi and securitysettings (See Device configuration on page 34). About your Home Base – get details regarding currentdevice status and information. AT&T so ware update – view so ware updates that aredelivered automatically over the AT&T cellular network.Getting started13

Using your deviceCallingMaking callsUsing a phone connected to your AT&T Home Base, place andreceive calls as you normally would. The AT&T Home Basesupports both cordless and corded phone dialing methods.Note: Make sure to dial the 10-digit phone number, includingarea code.Three-way callingWhile on an existing call, press the Flash (or Talk) key onyour phone to put the first party on hold. When you hear adial tone, dial the second party’s number (wait up to four [4]seconds). When the second party answers, press the Flash (orTalk) key again to complete the three-way connection. If thesecond party does not answer, press the Flash (or Talk) key toend the connection and return to the first party.Note: If your phone does not have a Flash (or Talk) key, usethe off-hook mechanism supported by your phone instead.Call waitingYou will hear two tones if someone calls while you are alreadyon a call.To hold the current call and accept the waiting call, pressthe Flash (or Talk) key. You can press the Flash (or Talk) keyanytime to switch back and forth between calls.To clear the current call and accept the waiting call, enter “1“and press the Flash (or Talk) key.To reject (User Busy) the waiting call, enter “0“ and press theFlash (or Talk) key.14Using your device

Notes: Your AT&T Home Base comes with standard three-waycalling and call waiting. Operation of these features will varydepending on your home phone equipment. If your phone does not have a Flash (or Talk) key, then usethe off-hook mechanism supported by your phone.Call forwardingTo forward all calls, dial:1.212. The 10-digit number to which you wish to forward yourcalls3. # key(Example: 21 1234567890# forwards your calls to the phonenumber 123.456.7890)Please wait at least three (3) seconds and you hear aconfirmation tone for the forwarding to complete beforehanging up.To un-forward calls, dial #21#, please wait at least three(3) seconds and you hear a confirmation tone for the unforwarding to complete before ha

The AT&T Home Base uses the AT&T cellular network to provide phone service to your cordless and corded home phone(s) and Internet access to your computer and Wi-Fi enabled devices. Place it anywhere in your home where you have a strong wireless signal. It does not require the use of a home phone wall jack like traditional home phone service.