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CONSTRUCTION andENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENTPLANRESIDENTIAL SUBDIVISIONALEXANDRA DRIVE BELLWOODJanuary 2012de Groot & Benson Pty LtdConstruction Management Plan – Alexandra DriveJob No: 91111– File name : 91111 Construction Management Plan Jan 2012.docPage iJanuary 2012

CONSTRUCTION andENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENTPLANRESIDENTIAL SUBDIVISIONALEXANDRA DRIVE BELLWOODJanuary 2012de Groot & Benson Pty LtdACN 052 300 571Ph 02 6652 1700Fax 02 6652 7418Email: [email protected] Management Plan – Alexandra DriveJob No: 91111– File name : 91111 Construction Management Plan Jan 2012.doc236 High StreetPO Box 1908Coffs Harbour NSW 2450Page iiJanuary 2012


DOCUMENT CONTROL STATUSIssueRev.Issued ToQtyDateReviewedApproveddraftGeoff SmythJanuary 2009RDGRDGfinalGeoff SmythOctober 2010RDGRDGFinal2Geoff SmythJanuary 2012RDGRDGPrinted:Last Saved:File Name:Project Manager:Name of Organisation:Name of Project:Name of Document:Job Number:24 January, 2012 4:23 PM24 January 2012 4:21 PMS:\91\91111 Faringdon Way\WP\91111 Construction Management Plan Jan2012.docRob de GrootNambucca Gardens Estate Pty LtdConstruction Management planBellwood CMP91111Construction Management Plan – Alexandra DriveJob No: 91111– File name : 91111 Construction Management Plan Jan 2012.docPage ivJanuary 2012

de Groot & Benson Pty Ltd1INTRODUCTIONThe site of the proposed Alexandra Drive development is located on 54.92ha of landapproximately 1km west of the Nambucca, in the Nambucca Local Government area.The land is situated on the northern corner of on either side of Alexandra drive and borders twocreeks, Swampy creek and Bellwood creek.Figure 1.1, area to be enclosed by the proposed development.The land is to be sub divided for residential living with all the land being subdivided except forthe various reserve areas proposed. The site is planned to be developed over several stages.The following document outlines the construction, traffic and pedestrian management measuresto be adopted by the Head Contractor for Stage 1. The actions recommended will provide forsafe ingress and egress from the site whilst minimising and mitigating potential impacts driversusing Alexandra Drive. A particular focus is on traffic and pedestrian management for theconstruction of Stage 1 of the proposed development.This document also identifies a range of sound construction practices to mitigate environmentalrisks during Stage 1 works. These will be addressed by the Stage 1 Construction EnvironmentalManagement Plan (CEMP) to be undertaken by the Head Contractor. The list of issues is basedupon the NSW Department of Housing’s standard, which is a benchmark document for thistype of construction in NSW.The traffic, construction and environmental management issues identified and therecommended actions will be similar for ongoing stages of the works and the managementprocess outlined in this section will be used as a template for future stages of work, to beimplemented at the development progresses.Construction Management Plan – Alexandra DriveJob No: 91111– File name : 91111 Construction Management Plan Jan 2012.docPage 5January 2012

de Groot & Benson Pty Ltd2 PROJECT DESCRIPTIONThe following drawing shows the layout of the proposed development.Figure 2.1, Lot Layout.The main development is located west of the Pacific Highway occupies both sides of AlexandraDrive. Access during construction, to the site is proposed from one point: Alexandra Drive –the eastern leg of the roundabout at the entrance to the undevelopedland.The type of construction operations which will be undertaken onsite will include: Bulk Earthworks Road and drainage works Service utility installation Residential construction Landscape works.The type of vehicles which will be operating on the site and requiring access to the site include,tip trucks, excavators, backhoes, graders, water carts, concrete mixers and pumps, rollers etc.Construction Management Plan – Alexandra DriveJob No: 91111– File name : 91111 Construction Management Plan Jan 2012.docPage 6January 2012

de Groot & Benson Pty Ltd3OBJECTIVESThe Environmental and Construction Management Plan will be used to define the traffic andenvironmental management measures to be adopted by the Head Contractor for the Stage 1works on the site. These measures are to be implemented to: provide a safe environment for all surrounding residents, road users and workers onsite provide protection to workers, visitors and the general public from traffic andenvironmental hazards that may arise as a result of the construction activity minimise the disruption, congestion and delays to all road users Ensure network performance is maintained at an acceptable level throughout the term ofthe work. eliminate or mitigate risks of damage or degradation to the environment through soundconstruction management practicesTo achieve these objectives, the Construction Management Plan will: ensure that the road capacity is sufficient to accommodate vehicle traffic volumes anddisruptions are minimised ensure that appropriate warning and information signs are installed ensure that all needs of road users, motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, public transportpassengers and people with disabilities are accommodated provide for work activities to be undertaken sequentially to reduce the adverse impacts ofthe work provide for safety procedures to enable work personnel to enter and leave the work areain a safe manner Identify potential environmental risks from standard construction activities and definesound construction practices to be adopted by the Head Contractor to eliminate ormitigate these risks.Construction Management Plan – Alexandra DriveJob No: 91111– File name : 91111 Construction Management Plan Jan 2012.docPage 7January 2012

de Groot & Benson Pty Ltd44.1ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT PLANMonitoring and Measurement4.1.1 Site Inspections and Record KeepingThe operation will monitored to ensure that it proceeds as explained in the Head ContractorsCMP. Daily inspections before construction will ensure are concurrent with those specified inthe plan and that there are no potential hazards. Any adverse impacts will be recorded andimmediately dealt with if they arise.4.1.2 Public FeedbackThe head contractor will be obligated to develop a constructive relationship with those in theimmediate vicinity and community of the development.A forum for consultation with the public will be set up where feedback will be encouraged andupdates on the development will be posted to keep residents up to date with activities on site.A letter box drop to inform local residents of construction timing, work duration and whatworks are occurring at what times, changes to these times should also be notified to residents.Any suggestions or complaints concerning the construction traffic will be processed, recordedand appropriate action taken where necessary. Public will be notified as to how the issue hasbeen dealt with.4.1.3 Site InductionAnyone entering the site will be required to undergo a site induction. The induction willinclude access routes, parking, deliveries, emergency procedures, OH & S and standardenvironmental requirements and regulations.Construction Management Plan – Alexandra DriveJob No: 91111– File name : 91111 Construction Management Plan Jan 2012.docPage 8January 2012

de Groot & Benson Pty Ltd5 IMPLEMENTATION OF MANAGEMENT PLAN5.1INTRODUCTIONProjects of this size are typically required to prepare an Environmental Management plan priorto Construction.The Environmental Management Plan construction site specific plan which is used to ensurethat best practice environmental management procedures are applied to the constructionpractices and the maintenance and environmental phases of each stage of development The findings of the site’s environmental assessment are adhered to and the conditions ofapproval are followed to the letter On site activities comply with all current environmental legislation The environmental risks associated with the project are properly identified and managed.An Environmental Management Plan will be prepared for the development prior toconstruction. This will be prepared with reference to the NSW Government’s “Guideline forPreparation of Environmental Management Plans” (DIPNR 2004). Many issues considered aspart of the Environmental Management Plan are common on such developments. The NSWDepartment of Housing Guideline EMP Checklist (2000), can be used as a guide as many ofthese issues are identified. The checklist is summarised in Appendix B.The following sections outline the proposed control measures for a range of issues that mayarise during construction, operation and maintenance stages of development; and proposes theimplementation of these control measures to each stage of development. It should be noted thatthe application of these control measures at each stage of development will be assessed on acase-by-case basis as development progresses. The diagram shown below in [Section 5.2.2](including vehicle access routes and control measures) will be used as a template for the layoutof future stages of development.5.2TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT5.2.1 GENERALTraffic Management Plans will be required to be prepared by the Head Contractor at each stageof construction. The recommendations contained in this document will be adopted for theStage A1 and A2 plan of construction.Where traffic management measures are required on RTA controlled roads (such as PacificHighway), the design is to be certified by an RTA accredited professional.5.2.2 SITE ACCESS CONDITIONSSite access during the construction of Stage A1 and A2 is proposed from Alexandra Drive.Heavy vehicle and delivery movements via a main temporary access, will be only access pointto site. Alexandra Drive is a local two lane rural road of variable width; it has a 50km/h speed;the grade leading up the intersection is gentle with the rest if the road traversing downhilltowards the development. Stage access routes are shown below in Figure 5.1.Construction Management Plan – Alexandra DriveJob No: 91111– File name : 91111 Construction Management Plan Jan 2012.docPage 9January 2012

de Groot & Benson Pty LtdSTAGE 1SITE ACCESSSTAGE A1 and A2Figure 5.1 - Site Access Routes for Stage A1 and A2Construction Management Plan – Alexandra DriveJob No: 91111– File name : 91111 Construction Management Plan Jan 2012.docPage 10January 2012

de Groot & Benson Pty Ltd5.2.3 WORKING HOURSThe environmental assessment states that all construction activities including materials deliveryis restricted to the following hours: 7:00am – 6:00pm, Monday to Friday 8:00am – 1:00pm, Saturday No work on Sunday or Public HolidaysAny construction work outside the above hours can only be approved by appropriate authoritiesprior to work commencing after appropriate consultation with affected residents.5.2.4 PEDESTRIANSPedestrian amenity within the vicinity of the site will be protected through signage, barricadesand webbing. There will be no public pedestrian route through the construction site.Pedestrian routes in close proximity or within area of site works will be diverted to safely caterfor the needs of pedestrians.Where construction works interrupt existing pedestrian routes, temporary pedestrian access inclose proximity to the existing arrangements will be provided with suitable signage.Pedestrian movements will be subject to continuous review and will be adjusted whennecessary.Pedestrian movements within the construction site will be subject to standard constructionOH&S practices.5.2.5 EMERGENCY VEHICLE ACCESSEmergency vehicle access will be available through the main access point. The access forpolice and emergency services will remain open during construction working hours to minimiseresponse times.Liaison will be maintained with the police and emergency services agencies throughout theconstruction period and a 24 hour contact will be made available for out of hour’s emergenciesand access.5.2.6 POTENTIAL IMPACT OF CONSTRUCTION TRAFFICThe potential impact of vehicles associated with the construction has been investigated so as toenable the implementation of the appropriate traffic management measures.5.2.7 EXISTING TRAFFIC FLOWSThe existing peak hour traffic movements are taken from a Traffic Counting Study undertaken inFebruary 2009. The full results of the traffic assessment are given in Annexure D.Alexandra DriveNorth-SouthMorning peak61 vehicles/hourEvening peak56 vehicles/hourConstruction Management Plan – Alexandra DriveJob No: 91111– File name : 91111 Construction Management Plan Jan 2012.docPage 11January 2012

de Groot & Benson Pty Ltd5.2.8 CONSTRUCTION TRAFFIC IMPACTALEXANDRA DRIVEThe number of workers onsite at any one time is estimated at between 10-15 persons with themaximum no more than 15.Assuming that the workers arrive by private vehicles and each vehicle transports two persons itcan be assumed that up to 8 vehicles per day will be present. A low flow of vehicles visitingand exiting the site will occur throughout the day.These extra vehicles will have limited impact on Alexandra Drive as these vehicles will only beusing a very small section of the road (100m) and will not interfere with other resident’sproperties or other traffic. This has been confirmed by the Traffic Assessment report given inAnnexure D.Road safety and noise issues will need to be addressed to ensure minimal discomfort and delayis caused on residents. It is considered that this can be addresses through communityconsultation, education and sign postage.The following measures will be adopted Site induction will include procedures for accessing the site from AlexandraDrive Ongoing staff meetings will reinforce the need for care when using AlexandraDrive. Signage will be placed at the access and at Alexandra Drive warning siteemployees that they must observe speed limits and to reduce noise. Car pooling will be encouraged to reduce vehicle numbers. Opportunities to stagger arrival and departure times will be investigated tominimise effect on pedestrians and school children during Bus drop off timesCars will access the site via a maintained gravel road. A wash down area will not be requiredhowever a cattle grid may be used to ensure no dirt exits the site.Construction Management Plan – Alexandra DriveJob No: 91111– File name : 91111 Construction Management Plan Jan 2012.docPage 12January 2012

de Groot & Benson Pty Ltd5.3CONTRACTOR MANAGEMENTPerson Responsible: Consulting EngineerIssueContractor managementOperational policyTo ensure the proponents Duty of Care is met by ensuring theContractor is aware of his responsibilities under the terms of the SWMPand the EPAPerformance criteriaContractor is fully aware of his responsibilities under the terms of theSWMP.Implementationstrategy Review of the SWMP and the construction phase contracts by theproponent. Periodic checks to be made by an independent EnvironmentalConsultant;Monitoring Training for construction staff in implementation of SWMP provisions.Weekly site inspections to be carried outAuditingInspections will be carried out monthly during the construction phase byan Environmental Consultant for every stage of development.ReportingFull details to be available to the contractor together with suggestedcorrective actions if requiredCorrective actionTo be detailed at the timeConstruction Management Plan – Alexandra DriveJob No: 91111– File name : 91111 Construction Management Plan Jan 2012.docPage 13January 2012

de Groot & Benson Pty Ltd5.4CONSTRUCTION PHASE5.4.1 GENERALPrior to construction in any stage, detailed Environmental Management Plans will be prepared,based on the requirements of DIPNR (2004) and submitted to council.The estate will developed in several stages to minimise the potential for soil erosion and waterpollution and places less strain on the immediate ecosystem. This would also mean less impacton residents surrounding the development. By developing in stages it enables the environmentto be progressively rehabilitated as the development proceeds.Wherever possible the site will remain undisturbed until construction of that area or stage is totake place.Prior to commencement of bulk earthworks, temporary sediment and erosion control measuresshould be installed in accordance with the management plan and the Institution of EngineersSoil Erosion and Sediment Control Guidelines. All the runoff from disturbed areas is to bemanaged by the installation of silt fences and contour drains. Runoff should be dispersedevenly and concentrated flows should be limited. Runoff from undisturbed area should bediverted around disturbed areas wherever practical to minimise erosion of construction site.Control measures such as sediment ponds, silt fences, contour drains should be installed andmaintained in accordance with the recommendations contained in the “Soil Erosion andSediment Control Engineering Guidelines for Queensland Construction Sites” June 1996, by theinstitution of engineers Australia (Queensland Division).Sediment and erosion control must remain in place throughout the entire construction processuntil final landscaping is finished and established. Additional sediment and erosion controlplans are outlined in Appendix CThe soil on site has been earmarked as being low fertility soil, however nutrient transport fromsite should be minimised with appropriate measures.Construction Management Plan – Alexandra DriveJob No: 91111– File name : 91111 Construction Management Plan Jan 2012.docPage 14January 2012

de Groot & Benson Pty Ltd5.4.2 DUST MANAGEMENTPerson Responsible: Contractor’s Site ManagerIssueOperational policyPerformancecriteriaMinimisation of movement of dust offsiteTo achieve acceptable air quality standards through the control of themovement of dust offsite from site works.The target level for complaints by nearby residents is nomore than one in any seven day period. Ambient air quality should notdeteriorate by more than 30% over a period of seven consecutive days. Dustdeposition at any nearby residence should not exceed 100mg/m2/day.ImplementationstrategyThe minimisation of the movement of dust offsite will beachieved through the following onsite practices:1. All permanent bunds and reshaped areas will be revegetated within 10days after completion of earthworks (including excavation and backfilling ofservices trenches).2. Stockpiling onsite will be minimised where possible.3. An on-site water cart will be available at all times. The site will be watereddaily and additional watering will be conducted during high-risk times such ashigh winds and low rainfall and after receipt of complaints.4. All dust creating activities to cease if wind speed exceeds 10m/sec.5. Contractors staff to be trained to implement dust minimisation measures.MonitoringDaily inspections will be carried out to verify that dust mitigation measuresare being implemented. Dust monitoring will be conducted upon receipt ofcomplaints by residents. If dust monitoring is to take place, the following willoccur: Temporary dust deposition gauges will monitor the movement of dust offsiteat the nearest residences adjacent to the proposed stages and within thepredominant wind directions . Monitoring will be undertaken in accordance with AS 3580.10.1 (1991).AuditingManagement to examine the complaints register weekly and reviewcorrective action takenThe contractor to notify EPA of a possible environmental nuisance on receiptof 3 or more dust complaints in any 24 hour period. Reports will be providedto Nambucca Shire Council upon request. Complaints by residents are to berecorded in a Complaints Register and notified to Nambucca Shire Council.ReportingIdentification ofincident or failureAny dust-related complaints by residents will indicate a failure of the dustcontrol measures.Corrective ActionLocate the source of the dust and implement the following measures: apply water sprays to vegetation cover or water exposed areas if dust persists, cease the dust creating activitiesAll dust complaints to be addressed in consultation withCouncil Officers.Construction Management Plan – Alexandra DriveJob No: 91111– File name : 91111 Construction Management Plan Jan 2012.docPage 15January 2012

de Groot & Benson Pty Ltd5.4.3 SEDIMENT AND EROSION CONTROLPerson Responsible: Contractor’s Site Manager, Consulting EngineerIssueSediment and Erosion ControlsOperational policyTo prevent the displacement of sediment and soil across and offsite duringstorm events.Performance criteria Off-site discharges to comply with requirements for suspended sedimentsas detailed in Section 6.3 of the this report. No visual indication of erosion on stages under construction, includingevidence of rilling (an indicator of sheet erosion).Implementationstrategy1. Erosion and sediment control devices shall be installed prior tocommencement of work in each stage in accordance with the approvedengineering plans and to the reasonable satisfaction of Nambucca ShireCouncil.2. Temporary erosion measures (eg. silt fences) are to be employed onsiteduring construction where reasonably deemed necessary by CHCC from anassessment of slope and soil type. Such measures should be in accordancewith the recommendations in the IE Aust. Qld. Soil Erosion and SedimentControl Guidelines.3. Stockpiled soil should be stored/bunded in a manner to prevent soil beingwashed offsite (ie. bunding where necessary).4. Outside the construction area of each stage existing surface waterconditions shall be maintained.Monitoring Carry out visual inspections daily and after rainfall events ( 25mm in24hrs.) to ensure that erosion measures are in place and operational to suitthe activities taking place at the time, . Surface water quality to be monitored fortnightly (refer to the section titled‘Surface Water Monitoring’ which details monitoring of surface water andstormwater quality including during storm events).AuditingVisual inspections to be carried out monthly and after rainfall events to verifythat control measures are in place and properly maintained.Reporting of MonitoringResultsReporting only required if insufficient sediment and erosion measures areidentified.Identification of incidentor failure1. Signs of erosion on site.2. Damaged or failed erosion control devices.3. Falling water quality as identified by Environmental Consultant.4. Build-up of sediment.Corrective actionApply remedial measures to Improve sediment and erosion measures, forexample; silt fences, and shake down areas.Construction Management Plan – Alexandra DriveJob No: 91111– File name : 91111 Construction Management Plan Jan 2012.docPage 16January 2012

de Groot & Benson Pty Ltd5.4.4 SURFACE WATER MONITORINGPerson Responsible: Contractor’s Site Manager, Environmental ConsultantIssueSurface water monitoringOperational policyTo maintain water quality conditions of receiving waters during theconstruction phase.Performance criteriaAll water discharged from the site during the construction phase shouldcomply with the following criteria: Water Quality Parameter ReleaseWater QualityRelease CriteriaCriteria TypeParameterpH6.5 – 9.0RangeEC1500µS/cmMaximumTurbidity 60NTUIMaximumImplementationstrategy In-situ surface water samples to be conducted during rainfall events fromestablished monitoring points at the site outlets. Monitoring results should be reviewed after 6 months and samplingfrequency revised in consultation with Council Officers. Stormwater control should be achieved by directing as much runoff aspracticable from disturbed areas to the temporary control measures. “Clean”runoff from undisturbed areas should be diverted around disturbed areas ifpossible.Monitoring1. Surface water monitoring during construction should be conducted at themonitoring points for the parameters shown above. Flow rates are to beestimated and recorded at the time of sampling.2. Sampling frequency is to be during rainfall events ( 25mm in any 24hrperiod).AuditingThe Consulting Engineer to audit water quality results to ensure alldischarges comply with the performance criteria.Reporting Monthly reports to Nambucca Shire Council including raw data, a resultssummary and a discussion comparing results with baseline values andANZECC guidelines. Result sheets to be compiled for monitoring results. All results to be kepton site for inspection by local and state government officers at all times.Identification ofincident or failureCorrective action1. Degradation of surface water quality at the monitoring points to below thelevels specified in “Performance Criteria” above prior to discharge. 2.Apparent visual changes in water body conditions.Locate the source of the contaminantTake all possible actions to contain and control the contaminant. Investigatethe cause of the contamination and take action to prevent a recurrence. Ifthe test result for any parameter fails to meet the performance criteria, thenweekly monitoring shall commence and continue until the recorded value/smeets the performance criteria. For Example; If the turbidity exceeds thewater quality criteria for this parameter, then water may need to be containedon site for a period sufficient to allow suspended solids to settle out prior torelease, or settling shall be aided by dosing with flocculation agents at theConstructio

Construction Management Plan – Alexandra Drive Job No: 91111– File name : 91111 Construction Management Plan Jan 2012.doc Page ii January 2012 CONSTRUCTION and ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT PLAN RESIDENTIAL SUBDIVISION ALEXANDRA DRIVE BELLWOOD January 2012 de Groot & Benson Pty Ltd ACN 052 300