Offer Home-style Flavors To Satisfy Diners This Holiday Season

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Offer home-style flavors to satisfydiners this holiday seasonBetter-For-You-Foods Bring Diners In From The Cold Follow us @SyscoFoodieUSATop 10 Tips to Build Soup Sales

Have your patrons ever said,“This is what I ate growing up”?There’s no greater time to connect with your customers than the Fall. Homestyle dishesare reminiscent of nostalgia and relaxing familiarity, making comfort foods continuouslysought-after. However, if properly orchestrated, they can benefit from upscale tweaks andflavorful twists.casseroles, macaroni and cheese, chicken pot pieComfort foods likeors arebeing featured on menus more often. Studies show that 40% of consumers order comfortfoods to satisfy a craving, compared to 34% who enjoy it as a simple meal and 25% whoeat it to connect or socialize.When it comes to comfort foods, your customers may not be looking for a particular typeof meal. It’s the feelings and emotions we get to experience again as we enjoy a familiardish. Comfort foods are called that for a reason - they let diners relax and eat somethingthey know they’ll enjoy.Mentions of “comfort food” have increased by 34% year over year, offering plenty ofopportunities for restaurant operators to jump on the bandwagon.Upgrading your comfort food items suchas a house-made gravy or mashedpotatoes, sprinkles of aromaticspices and garnishing, is anoverlooked opportunity toincrease profitability onthese classic dishes.The guaranteed wayto your patrons’ heartsis with food that makesthem say, “This remindsme of back home ”

Contents3Better-For-You Foods/Veg-Forward Eating3Where’s The Beef?3Unconventional Breakfast Ingredients4Bowled Over5Pumpkin Everything6Bring Diners In From the Cold7Offer a Toppings Bar to Build Sales8A Simple Way to Make Soups Feel Fresh8Recommended Soup Enhancements8Top 10 Tips to Build Soup Sales9Bread WinnerCheck out the latest issue ofSysco Foodie at syscofoodie.comFor more information on becominga Sysco customer, we welcomeyour call at 888-984-9272 2018 Sysco Corporation. All rightsreserved. Unless otherwise noted,all product or brand names andtheir associated copyrights hereinbelong to their respective owners.10 Winter Spices11 EarthPlus Brand Spotlight12Technomic’s Comfort Foods Consumer StudyTechnomic MenuMonitor

Better-For-You FoodsIn the past, dining outmeant ordering an elaboratedecadent meal you couldn’tcook yourself. Nowadays,consumers go out to eat moreoften, and the food they’relooking for isn’t always anindulgent meal.When choosing fast-casualrestaurants, 58% of consumerssay that healthy optionsare important or extremelyimportant , makingthem a must for mostoperators today.BETTER-FOR-YOU TROTTOLEWinter 2018 Foodie MagazineEating healthy is perceivedby many consumers as tryingalternative proteins, suchas beans. This approach tofeaturing better-for-youfoods is evolving, with newproducts and repurposedingredients becoming a partof the industry’s changinglandscape. Here are some ofthe innovative menu ideasthat will offer your customersthe opportunity to enjoydelectable dishes withoutsacrificing health.Data InsightsLikelihood of ordering dishes described as:TIP:Plant-basedMeatlessMeat-free49%44%44%For more complex, heartier dishes, play with yourfood by adding seasonal favorites like pumpkinand squash to your plates of pastas and ravioli.25%50%62%More than half ofconsumers say they are eatingmore vegetables.More than half of operatorsuse plant-based alternatives ontheir menus, with 25% planningon increasing their usage inthe next year.Reducing meat optionsto make room for moreveggies is appealing to62% of consumers.TIPS FROM DATASSENTIAL:79%Avoid overusing such terms as “vegetarian” or “vegan.”This kind of description might present plant-based foodsas less indulgent or flavorful than they are. Focus on yourquality ingredients and prep methods instead.79% of restaurantpatrons eat vegetarianmore than once a week17%17% rise in vegan/vegetarian diet-basedmenu claims3Technomic’s 2016 Future of LSR: Fast-Food & Fast-Casual report

Where’s The Beef?Plant-based meals aren’t just for vegetarians.The burger category is making a lot of waveswith operators debuting vegetable-blend patties,including black beans, mushrooms and quinoa.These and other protein substitutions create aburger patty that mimics meat remarkably well.Bowled OverBeyond Meat The Beyond Burger The world’s first plant-based burger isdesigned to satisfy carnivores’ cravingsand provide a healthier, moresustainable option for vegetarians. 20g of protein per4oz patty –more than beef! Looks, cooks and satisfieslike a beef burger Gluten- and cholesterol-free, nonGMO, and free of all major allergensincluding soy, peanut and dairy.Bowls are gradually becoming astandard format for differentdishes. Bowled items canbe customized in a varietyof ways, and are a perfectmatch for consumers whofollow special diets or havedietary restrictions. They’realso great for combininga myriad of flavors, givingway to a new hit like globalinspired bowls. Such dishescan satisfy any customer craving,from meatless options to the moreadventurous choices.UnconventionalBreakfast IngredientsBeans are becoming omnipresentas more and more restaurantsinclude them as breakfast items.Surprise your diners with disheslike white bean shakshuka, or anavocado toast made with mixingavocado and beans. Beans boostthe protein and fiber content ofa meal, making it more appealingto health-minded eaters.

Pumpkin EverythingAs pumpkin season kicks-off earlier and earliereach year, it’s never too early or too late to takeadvantage of this seasonal favorite. With pumpkinspice penetrating more menu parts from lattes andcookies to soups and even hummus, operators areconsistently looking to differentiate themselves. Asconsumers are searching for more clean-label items,many restaurants are mentioning their use of freshpumpkin and all-natural flavors.Pumpkin and squashes are making a come-back onsavory menus in the fall and winter. But don’t limityour imagination; raise some eyebrows by creating apumpkin spice limited time offer that is unique andcreates a buzz across your social media platforms.Pumpkin is found on 16.7%of menus, having increasedby 24% since 2014Pumpkin has a high food versatility scoreof 64, indicating that this item works well inmany different applications:Pie9.6%AppetizerSalad7.6%Sysco Signature Recipe½c1 ea¼t¼t2t2t1c2/3 cWholesome Farms MilkSysco Reliance Banana, frozenSysco Imperial McCormickGround CinnamonSysco Imperial McCormick AllspiceSysco Imperial Pure Maple SyrupPea Protein PowderIceSysco Imperial Pumpkin PureePlace all of the ingredients in the blenderin the order listed. Blend on high for atleast 3 minutes or until smooth. Scrapethe sides of the blender as needed.Combos / MultiProtein6.4%Pumpkin AutumnProtein SmoothieBreakfastBakery4.7%TIP:Cheesecake4.2%Add more milk to thin out if it is too thick.Add a couple more ice cubes for a thickertexture, if desired.45Datassential SNAP 2018Datassential SNAP 2018

Bread WinnerNo matter the course, dinnerrolls and table loaves help makea meal complete. Sometimes animpressive breadbasket is all it takesto get a customer to return to yourestablishment! With so many affordableoptions from Sysco, don’t miss out onthis opportunity to add value to yourcustomer’s dining experience.With sales amounting toapproximately 13 billion, freshbread and rolls were the bestselling bakery products in theU.S. in 2017.Revenue in the Bread & BakeryProducts segment amounts toUS 67,987m in 2018. The marketis expected to grow annually by2.6% (CAGR 2018-2021)Make a great impression with yourcustomers with the enticing aromaof freshly baked bread rolls.Nothing beats the scent of freshlybaked bread! The aroma transmitsthe idea of hand-crafted, wholesomeand authentic which is exactly whatconsumers are seeking.Elevate your customers’dining experience withone of these bread options:Par BakedFor customers looking for a more rustic/artisan bakedin-house look, taste and texture that’s right out of the ovenBaguettesVersatile application thatallows for a wide range ofcustomization as a sideor inclusion in soup/chowderBoules Carriers for soup/chowder/etc. insteadof traditional bowls or cups Allows for better presentation and createsan upsell opportunityFully BakedFor customers looking for a streamlined, laborsaving solution with the quality of a fresh bakedproduct –just thaw and serve!BaguettesFully Baked baguettes offer the same great quality,functionality and labor savings with a streamlinedthaw and serve application.78Statista, 2018Statista, 2018

Bring Diners infrom the ColdHelp your customers escape the cold weatherby offering rich and savory soups. Their warmingheartiness and versatility makes this dish anenticing way for operators to boost profitabilitythrough the colder months. Sysco Imperial Butternutsquash and pumpkin soups with Sysco frozen veggiesare great for wintertime.Reasons toOffer Soups: Patrons seek value: soup is aproven way to add value andmultiply profits, served byitself or in combination withanother menu item. Patrons want choices: soupis an easy way to offer varietyand keep your menu freshand satisfying. Soup up your bottom line:soup drives traffic— 40%of consumers say they visitcertain restaurant becausethey enjoy the soup offered. Soup is a “hot” on-trendfavorite that is appealingto health-conscious andvegetarian consumers.Increase your customer’sperceived value with “healthyhalo” soup qualities, includingreduced sodium, low-fatgluten-free, high-fiber,vegetarian and vegan.6Technomic 2014, Soup andSalad Consumer Trend reportSoup Offerings:Brand FeaturesBrand Features All Sysco Classic frozencondensed soups are madeusing a Cold-Fill process All the newly reformulatedSysco Imperial frozensoups are single strength,ready-to-use Split plastic trays,condensed format, allow ½gallon batch production Case yields 4/4# 2 gallonsand 4/8# 4 gallons Case yields 3/4# 3 gallonsand 4/4# 4 gallons 15 day shelf-life inrefrigerator 5 day shelf-life inrefrigerator Sysco Imperial productsstand out for the qualityof their ingredients andoffer premium performanceand exceptional value.Imperial products arecarefully crafted toSysco’s exact specifications. Sysco Classic productsare good or better qualitythan national and leadingdistributor brands whileproviding more value forprice.

Offer a Toppings Bar to Build SalesTo cater to various consumer preferences, offer your customersa garnish bar to help your patrons customize their soup baseselections. Tomato soup gets a lively enhancement with Syscofrozen veggies, chicken tortilla becomes more tempting witha sprinkling of cheese and a spoonful of Sysco Imperial FancyCream Style Corn, bacon bits, tortilla chips. Playful garnishes andother extras, such as spiced nuts, herb-infused oil drizzles addvibrancy and value.A Simple Way to Make Soups Feel FreshGarnishing is a simple way to make soups feel fresher,more premium and more delicious. Patrons perceive garnishedsoups as higher value, so you can charge up to 25% more!Top 5 Tipsto Build Soup SalesOffer VarietyThree or four differentsoups a day is perfectDress it UpStep up your presentationwith these garnishing ideas:Block and BarrelBeef Pot RoastAdd texture with sautéed garlic chips,crouton lardons, creamy aioli or horseradish.Sprinkle with minced thyme andmarjoram for extra flavor.Recommended Soup EnhancementsA little garnish can justifya lot more profit Display soup labels that include product ingredientsSize to Sell Display fresh bakery products in cloth-lined basketsand dry toppings in complementary serving bowlsOffer both cups and bowlsto maximize customer options.Create Combo ValuePair soup with salads orsandwiches in creative waysMake Soup a MealServe it with bread or in abread bowl at a higher price point Price daily combos with 8oz soup,then try to upsell to a larger size soup Use additional point-of-sale such as menu boards and pointof-purchase displays to bring attention to the station Provide three portion size options at minimum:8oz, 12oz, and 16oz Monitor soups to ensure quality. Keep the lid on to preventevaporation. Stir frequently during service times to preventskin forming on the sides of the container. Replenish soup ifgarnish has been depleted Keep a full supply of bowls, containers and lidsavailable. Do not overstock; replenishduring service, as necessary.

Winter SpicesHoliday cuisine is known for vibrant,comforting flavors. But that doesn’t meanloading food with refined sugar and salt.Sysco Imperial Spices and Seasoningslike sage, rosemary, and thyme canreplace salt to give food a full profile.Festive spices like McCormick’s cinnamonand ginger pack a flavorful punch andalso contain anti-inflammatory anddetoxifying properties.When ground, grated or crushed,spices release the oils inside them.Over time, the oils and the flavors ofspices evaporate. However, wholespices can often stay fresh for years.Whole peppercorns, nutmegs, cloves,cinnamon sticks and whole seeds likecoriander, cumin, and cardamom all lastlonger than their ground counterparts.Cooking with turmeric: cinnamon, blackpepper and ginger are ideal partnerswith turmeric. Amplify sweet potatoes,butternut squash, pumpkin, and carrotswith a sprinkling of the golden spice.A HEALTHY SWAP TIP:Ginger. Don’t butter-up veggies. Add a dashof warm sweet flavor to winter vegetables.Sprinkle ground ginger onto cooked carrots,corn or butternut squash, or sweet potatoes.Top Comfort FoodSpices & Seasonings:Rotisserie Chicken SeasoningPoultry SeasoningRECIPE IDEA:Turmeric smoked & fried broccoli withRed Curry Sauce featuring McCormick’sTurmeric and Sysco’s Broccoli Florets IQFMontreal SteakMontreal ChickenChili Seasoning

EarthPlus Brand Spotlight“Protecting the Earth, Plus delivering value.Rooted in the four Rs—Reduce, Reuse,Recycle, and Renew—Sysco Earth Plus deliversaffordable, planet-friendly, everyday essentialsthat are good for your business while reducingyour environmental footprint.”Sysco Earth Plus offersplanet-friendly non-fooditems for operators lookingfor products that are both reliableand environmentally responsible.Examples of Products IncludedDisposable items made from thefollowing materials: Polyactic Acid (PLA)Bagasse/Molded FiberPlant Starch Material (PSM)Post-Consumer Recycled FiberPost-Consumer RecycledPolyethylene Terephthalate (RPET)Mineral Filled Polypropylene

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Display fresh bakery products in cloth-lined baskets and dry toppings in complementary serving bowls Use additional point-of-sale such as menu boards and point-of-purchase displays to bring attention to the station Provide three