The Ultimate Guide To B2B Sales Team Efficiency

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The Ultimate Guide to B2B Sales Team EfficiencyThe Ultimate Guideto B2B Sales TeamEfficiencyOn average sales reps only spend 22% of their timeactually selling. How can you improve efficiencyin your team to drive revenue?webinsights.com1UK: 0207 206 7293 US: 720 362 5033

The Ultimate Guide to B2B Sales Team EfficiencyContents03The B2B Sales Landscape04 Why sales team efficiency matters05Catering to changing buyer behaviors07 Refine your Sales Enablement Strategy and IntroduceAutomation08Web Insights: the key to sales efficiency“The key is not to prioritize what’s on yourschedule, but to schedule your priorities”Stephen Covey – Educator, author, businessman.2

The Ultimate Guide to B2B Sales Team EfficiencyThe B2B Sales LandscapeAs the B2B landscape has shifted throughout the years, there are now many competingtasks for a sales representative that distract from revenue-generating activities. Researchsuggests that, on average, sales representatives spend only 8.8 hours of their weekactually selling.In a profession filled with time-consuming administrative tasks, it is no surprise that quotaattainment numbers across the sales sector have declined over the past decade. Forenterprise organizations, we understand that – when operating on a high level – everymoment that can generate new business is crucial.So, what does this mean for your organization?Simply put, your business may not be achieving the results it deserves. In the B2B landscape,we know that all revenue-seeking businesses need their created opportunities to convert intosales. A sales team is a fundamental component in driving revenue for a business. The valueof a strong marketing presence – creating excellent sales-qualified leads (SQLs) – isdampened by a sales team that cannot fully capitalize on the opportunities created.3

The Ultimate Guide to B2B Sales Team EfficiencyWhy sales teamefficiency mattersSales productivity is the biggest challenge for65% of B2B organizations.*Forbes states that 62%of a sales representative’stime is spent in salestechnology, yet only 22%of representatives follow atime management structure.A well-organized and efficient sales team is crucial indelivering results for your business, and a large amount ofresponsibility falls onto their shoulders. In a B2B buyer’sjourney, the voice of a sales representative encompassesthe collective identity of your organization – becoming aprominent point of contact for communications betweenbusinesses.Largely, sales representatives need to focus their effortson prioritizing crucial tasks, such as identifying the idealprospects; determining their needs and adapting their salesstrategy, and, most importantly, closing deals. If a salesteam cannot manage and undertake these tasks efficiently,they are being held back from generating better ROI.Therefore, understanding how your sales team is spendingtheir time will allow you to identify how they can be moreefficient.* According to Clarity InternationalLunch al salesrep % ofweekly Adapted from

The Ultimate Guide to B2B Sales Team EfficiencyCatering to changingbuyer behaviors60% of B2B buyers want to connect with sales during the considerationstage – after they researched and evaluated the options on the market.*As part of your sales enablement strategy, it is importantfor your team to understand and utilize all the tools at theirdisposal. Consistently reflecting on your buyer’s journey andadapting your sales approach accordingly can be a great wayto capture leads at the right time.Now more than ever, buyers are conducting more researchto inform their purchases. With an increasing amount ofcontent and purchase options available, the typical B2Bbuyer’s journey has gradually begun to resemble B2Cpurchase paths.Even before the pandemictook hold, 51% of salesand marketing professionalsclaim that their buyers areconducting more researchover the past 18 months thanpreviously.*** According to Hubspot** According to Kuno Creative5

The Ultimate Guide to B2B Sales Team EfficiencyCatering to changingbuyer behaviors (continued)Therefore, aligning sales processes with your buyer’s journey could yield better results fromSQLs if your sales team acts at the right time. To facilitate this, consider utilizing websiteanalytic tools to gain visibility on who is visiting your website, how many times they havevisited, where they have been looking, and how long for. This will enable you to identifywhere a lead may be in your sales funnel – allowing your sales team to make contact at theperfect time.However, for a sales team to be efficient in this, they have to first be proficient with yourcurrent sales strategy. To facilitate a sales team that is confident in what they are selling,they’ll need quality content that they can rely on. Ensuring that your sales and marketingteams are aligned with content generation will ensure this.Organizations that utilize sales content analytics are more effective inclosing deals faster. Mid to large-size organizations can waste up to 3million annually due to the inefficient management of sales content.** According to Seismic6

The Ultimate Guide to B2B Sales Team EfficiencyRefine your Sales EnablementStrategy and IntroduceAutomationG2 claims that organizations utilizing effective sales enablementstrategies see an increase in sales by up to 20%.It’s always worth considering if your sales team has allthe right tools to enable their sales activity. Many largeorganizations claim that poor data quality directly harmsnot only the quality of leads produced, but the overallproductivity of their sales teams, too.To streamline the process of obtaining sales-qualified leads(SQLs) and, to ultimately obtain higher quality data, investingin the best lead automation tools and CRM integrations willnot only save your sales team time, but ensure they have ahigh number of excellent-quality leads to fuel their activityand generate more revenue for your organization.Most sales representativesspend the equivalent of 50full days away from coreselling activities annually.** According to SeismicIndustry-leading website visitor automation technology, such as WebInsights, enables their users complete visibility on: T he businesses visiting their site – providing contact information of the key stakeholdersto facilitate SQLs. Which pages they have viewed – indicating their progress in your buyer’s journey or bythe stage in your sales funnel. Where they have come from – enabling you to identify the high-performingcommunications that have led them to you, allowing you to tailor your salescommunications effectively.With its seamless automation tools, this allows organizations to deliver sales-ready leadsto their sales team – removing the otherwise lengthy administration processes of obtainingleads and allowing them to focus on the tasks that really matter.7

The Ultimate Guide to B2B Sales Team EfficiencyWeb Insights: the key to salesefficiencyWeb Insights cuts out the noise to deliver insight to B2B organizations – precisely whereand when it is required. Our high-end software solution is a world-class business growthenabler, assisting brands to become more efficient and effective, capitalizing on every websiteopportunity in real-time.The technology instantly recognizes website visitors and automatically routes them to therelevant person within your business – the ultimate solution for marketers looking to optimizelead generation, embrace automation, and do so without disrupting busy, high-performingenterprise teams. Automated, intelligent lead generation, immediate website visitor insight,and seamless integration – every time.Identify new websitevisitors while they’restill on your site.enerating Vue GisitneorsvReSee what servicesdraw your currentcustomer’s attention.CompalTCustomerWinbackeanqrnu irInteOtherTrafficMarketingCampaignInsightie sJobSeersekrsitoetCustomerUpsellTailor communicationwhen lapsed leadsreturn to your website.Use intelligent analyticsto engage existingcampaign turningPipelineSee what contentis engaging yourcurrent leads.8Interact with leadsfrom your currentsales pipeline.

The Ultimate Guide to B2B Sales Team EfficiencyClose more business than everbefore, and drive businesssuccess with Web Insights.Real-time engagement;real-time success.Book a demonstrationwebinsights.com9UK: 0207 206 7293 US: 720 362 5033

The Ultimate Guide to B2B Sales Team Efficiency The B2B Sales Landscape As the B2B landscape has shifted throughout the years, there are now many competing tasks for a sales representative that distract from revenue-generating activities. Research suggests that, on average, sales representatives spend only 8.8 hours of their week actually selling.