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Food WebProjectCreated by RuthAnn Lane

Food Web Project DescriptionGoal: Create a food web based on a chosen ecosystem, with at least 3 foodchains that interlock.Materials: netbooks, research books and articles, project materials, sciencetextbookHelpful Websites: (All found on our Fifth Grade Website)Ecosystem jams/science/ecosystems/ecosystems.htmFood Chain jams/science/ecosystems/food-chains.htmFood Web jams/science/ecosystems/food-webs.htmBiome jams/science/ecosystems/biomes.htmFood Web d/food menu.htmlFood Web and Food Chain chain web.php#Grassland rasslands biome.phpDesert esert biome.phpCoast arine biome.phpForest arine biome.phpFood Chain and Food Web Prezi (created by ood-webs/Requirements:-3 food chains that interlock to create a food web-At least 1 labeled decomposer-Labeled consumers-Labeled producers-Use arrows to show the direction of energy from one item to the next. Some items may havemore than one arrow coming to it or leaving from it.- Detailed descriptions of each item. State the name of the item. Include if this item is anomnivore, herbivore, or carnivore. This would also be a great place to include if your item is adecomposer, consumer, or producer. Is it living or non-living?Presentation: Your presentation may be completed in any manner you chose. Ifyour presentation requires materials, you must bring them in to use during class.Do not forget you must present in front of your classmates. Follow the rubricfor all projects.Below are some suggested ways to, PowerPoint, Poster, Mobile, Diorama, Brochure, Report, Speech, Play

Food Web Project Rubric5 Points4 Points3 Points2 Points0 PointsFood WebThe studentincludes 3 foodchains thatcreate aninterlockingfood web. Thisfood webincludesproducers,consumers, anddecomposers.The studentcreated 3 foodchains but theydo not interlockto create afood web. It isapparent thestudent did notunderstand thedifferencebetween a foodweb and foodchiain.The studentonly used twoapparent foodchains tocreate a foodweb.The studenthas two foodchains butthey do notform a foodweb.The studentonly has onefood chain.Ecosystem toBiome AccuracyThe studentcreated anecosystem inthe properbiome. All ofthe animalsbelong in thatbiome and couldbe found in thatecosystem.The studentcreated anecosystem thatis mostlycorrect for thebiome. There is1 animal thatdoes not belong.The studenthas 2 animalsthat do notbelong in thatparticularecosystem.The studenthas 3-4animals thatdo not belongin thatparticularecosystem.The studenthas morethan 4animals thatdo not belongin thatparticularecosystem.VisualsThere are atleast 9 visualson the projectthat helpexpress corecontent.The studentused 9 visualsbut they do nothelp enhancethe project.The studentused 5 visuals.The studentonly used 2visuals.There are novisuals.DescriptionsEach animalhas adescription withit, that tellswhat the animaleats and labelsit as aproducer,consumer, ordecomposer.The animalshave adescription butthere is someinformationmissing.Some animalshavedescriptionsbut not all.Thedescriptionsare vary vagueand do notexplainvocabularywords. Thedescriptionsare more likelabels.The studentdoes notlabel ordescribe atall.Fact AccuracyAll facts areaccurate andthe studentsites his or hersources.All facts areaccurate.ORThe studentsites his or hersources.There is oneinaccuracy andthe studentsites his orher sources.There are 3-4facts that aremistaken.There aremore than 4inaccuratefacts.Spelling andGrammarThere are nospelling orgrammarmistakes.There is only 1spelling orgrammarmistake.There are 2-4spelling orgrammarmistakes.There are 4-5spelling orgrammarmistakes.There aremore than 5spellingmistakes.Total:/30

Project VocabularyWordDefinitionConsumerorganism that cannot make its own foodDecomposerOrganism that gets its energy by breakingdown wastes and dead organismsProducerorganism that makes its own food forenergyPredatoran animal that hunts and eats anotheranimalPreyany animal that is hunted by others forfoodFood Chaina series of organisms each dependent onthe next source of foodFood Weba system of interlocking food chainsEcosystemall the living and nonliving things in an areaand their interactionsBiomewhen an ecosystem becomes very large, itis considered a biome*Vocabulary Bingo available at my store on TPT (RuthAnn Lane)

BiomesThese are some of the biomes in The United States. Choosean ecosystem from below to create your food web.GrasslandsDesertDeciduous ForestCoasts

Food Web ExampleThis is an example of a food web from the rainforest. This is not afood web you would be able to use in The United States. However,you can see how different food chains interlock to create the foodweb.Your project can look very similar to this, using animals from thebiome you choose. However, you will need to include a moredetailed description of each animal to meet the requirements ofyour rubric. As well, the tropical biome is not part of The UnitedStates.

Food Web Project Rubric 5 Points 4 Points 3 Points 2 Points 0 Points Food Web The student includes 3 food chains that create an interlocking food web. This food web includes producers, consumers, and decomposers. The student created 3 food chains but they do not interlock to create a food web. It is apparent the student did not understand the