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Legal DesignThe science behind visual design2021, Deloitte Financial Advisory B.V. NL

Legal DesignVisual communication from a cognitive perspectiveThe Deloitte Legal Design team specializes in creating effective visual communicationfrom a cognitive perspective; in a business-to-business setting where both sender andreceiver are specialists and operate in a content-driven context.Legal Design is key in situations where stakes are high, the issues are complex and/orthe stakeholder field is challenging. For instance, in communication with regulators,governmental bodies, inside/outside of court or top management of your organization.How? All designs are made based on scientific knowledge. Leaning on the fields ofcommunication sciences, behavioral economics and psychology; the Deloitte LegalDesign team utilizes all benefits visual communication has to offer.Why? Legal content is particularly suited for ‘visual translation’. Visual communication iscognitively less straining and allows for faster information processing. Imagery cancommunicate the most complex problems in swift, yet correct, and memorable manner.With the complexity of your message and often high stakes involved; communicatingvisually with stakeholders is ideally suited to get your message across effectively toachieve your business objectives.Responses to people’s interactionswith stimuli shape people’s actions 2021 Deloitte The NetherlandsLegal Design - confidential1

Legal DesignService offeringsWhat is especially interesting in the use of visual design in a professional setting is thefact that it allows you to set the stage. People intuitively respond to what they see.BoardroomdesignWhat we decide to translate into an visuals, determines the stage. What informationgoes in and what do we leave out? What is the information hierarchy and order?ContractdesignStrategydesignHow do we place emphasis on certain information elements? Every design choice is astrategic choice that can help you obtain the goal you set out to achieve.Within the domain of Legal Design, we distinguish between different kinds of designs.Do you need insight at a glance? Do you have to make sure the text of a legal contractMasteringthe art ofthe visualStakeholderdesigncan not be misinterpreted? Or do you need to quickly run your stakeholders throughLegalDesigndifferent scenarios? No legal issue is the same and some require a different approachthan others, tapping into multiple benefits of visual communication.Besides the fact that the result - the legal design itself – is of tremendous value, we haveDashboarddesignNegotiationdesignexperienced that the process of creating the right legal design holds equal value, asdoes the art of visual thinking for legal professionals.In the next pages we will elaborate on this with examples to illustrate (the diversity of)the different types of ondesign 2021 Deloitte The NetherlandsLegal Design - confidential2

Contract designPreventing misinterpretationContract design is one of the most advocated and adoptedtypes of legal design. It’s also referred to as document design,since it can be applied to numerous types of documents, notjust contracts.Contract design focusses on making legal documents moreaccessible and preventing misinterpretation from happeningby offering both a visual and a textual explanation. Researchhas shown that offering visual support in legal documentsallows people to:1. Move through the content quicker;2. Gain a better understanding of that content;3. Are left with more positive emotions after reading thedocument in comparison to solely textual information. 2021 Deloitte The NetherlandsLegal Design - confidential3

Information designInsight at a glanceInformation design taps into the explanatory power ofvisual communication. This type of design is focused onproviding insight and understanding at a glance.In the world of today, people experience a constantinformation overload; the overall attention span is down to7 seconds and for our clients, time is scarce. Explainingthings visually will speed up understanding, enhanceinformation processing and allows for an immediatecontent-driven debate instead of focusing on explainingthe process first.The design on the right is a visual representation of thefour pages of text in which visual elements and text worktogether. It explains the Temporary Emergency MeasureBridging for the Preservation of Work following the COVID-19 outbreak, and direct insight in the three different usergroups and the effects thereof. 2021 Deloitte The NetherlandsLegal Design - confidential4

Information designSpeeding up decision making behaviorInformation design can also function to create sharedunderstanding. One of the benefits of visualization is thatyou don’t have to spend time talking people throughdifferent scenarios as the scenarios are displayed foreveryone to see.In the example we see a metro map which provides insightin changing regulations; demonstrating where regulationswill deviate from the previous situations. i.e., as you cansee for the MDD class 1, a quality management system isnot a requirement, as it is for Class II and under the MDR.Another benefit is that we now have insight into multiplescenarios at once. If we were to hold all this informationcognitively, the strain on our memory would be significant,if not impossible. Having a complete overview like this thatallows the decision-making process to move much faster,overseeing all options. 2021 Deloitte The NetherlandsLegal Design - confidential5

Strategy designGetting your vision acrossOne of the benefits of imagery is that we get to envisionwhat does not (yet) exist in reality. Such as your vision orintangible business processes for instance. Strategydesigns often consist of multiple visualizations all insupport of the key message, balancing imagery with text.Strategy designs are created for ‘shared understanding’,making sure we don’t only think we are all on the samepage – with visualization we can confirm this.These designs are often used to facilitate boardroom levelconversation and decision making. They save time - youdon’t have to waste time explaining first - you can directlydive into the content. 2021 Deloitte The NetherlandsLegal Design - confidential6

Strategy designTo align and activateStrategy design is also a very effective tool to get teamsaligned in the process of co-creation. By attempting tocapture the core of your strategy in an unambiguous,straightforward strategic story, activation also arises.Creating a visualization like you see on the right is the bestway to visualize a strategic story. It helps you and yourteam turn your story in one that people recognize, canrelate with and motivate to take the next step.These kind of visuals are also often used in a physical spacewhere the team meets. The illustration functions as aconstant reminder of the “why”. 2021 Deloitte The NetherlandsLegal Design - confidential7

Litigation designDesign to convinceLitigation design is all about relaying your story in themost effective way possible. Litigation design uses bothdesign and psychological principles to get your pointacross. In a courtroom you want to convince. It is all aboutgetting your point across swiftly yet effectively. It is aboutpresenting your view on the issues in such a way it can notbe denied.Are you familiar with the Miffy – Kathy litigation? On the topleft Miffy, a famous Dutch children's character. On thebottom left Kathy, a character from the Hello Kitty family.Do you see the resemblance?By creating a visual overview demonstrating the similaritiesone can convincingly, yet quickly, present and defend yourpoint of view because it becomes cognitive easily tocompare the two characters. If all similarities would havebeen described in text, storing all this information andmaking a mental comparison, would have been too muchof a cognitive strain. 2021 Deloitte The NetherlandsLegal Design - confidential8

Boardroom designSpeeding up decision-makingBoardroom design enables you to clearly display the core ofyour complex message in a visual way. It makes you standout and communicate effectively in a way that sticks withyour audience.Boardroom graphics grant you the opportunity to share yourthoughts, effectively communicate your key message, and toposition yourself differently. In cases where time is limited,boardroom graphics ensure everyone understands theinformation at hand and allow for faster decision making. 2021 Deloitte The NetherlandsLegal Design - confidential9

Negotiation designComplexity as a way to convinceStakeholder design, negotiation design and litigationdesign all require ‘telling a story’ in order to set the playingfield. Here more often we see real infographic come intoplay, where the visual elements outshine the textualelements.The designs are focused on achieving the businessobjective, meaning the selected visual shape often tells astory in itself. This type of design is focused on evoking acertain emotion and response. The cognition component isleading in the design process. It is also this type of designthat is focused on showing complexity rather than creatinga simplified representation of reality. 2021 Deloitte The NetherlandsLegal Design - confidential10

How can we support you?The heart of business is the art of problem solvingWe truly believe the power of legal design is in the art of collaboration. After years of creating legal designs, we have come to realize that the processes of creation are just asimportant as the final design itself. Switching from text to visuals will make you think differently. It will make you analyze the issue on multiple levels, explore unexpected solutionsand sharpen your argument with every step we take.This is a multi-disciplinary approach. We bring in domain specific knowledge; design knowledge and knowledge about cognition and behavior. You bring in the unique perspectiveof your organization, your objective, and - of course - the legal content. By working together, we exploit the benefits of each other's expertise.Designed for insight.Legal Design servicesInterested?Start with a 1h lunch & learnBecome an expert yourselfLegal design process Keynote Introduction intoLegal Design The way of a visual Insight Design Becoming a visual expert(extensive training – one full day) 2021 gal Design - confidential11

TeamThe Legal Design team is the most innovative in the current Dutch legal arena. They are unique in their approach by bringing cognition into the mix. The team has contributed tonumerous high-end cases and has a proven track record. They bring 5 years of experience in the legal sector, financial services and international corporations. Their track recordincludes among others; Rabobank, Houthoff, Dutch Authorities Consumers and Markets, DNB (De Nederlandsche Bank), AEGON, RMA (Rekenkamer Metropool Amsterdam), JRCEuropean Commission, Rathenau. The team has contributed to multiple high-end court wins.They are thought leader in the field of legal design inside and outside of the Netherlands and is recognized for their unique approach. The team has a strong culture and go-get-itmentality, they are used to working together and strive to gain the best possible result. Their passion for what they do shows when working with them.SarahvanHeckeSeniorManagerSarah van Hecke is a communicationscientist with a specialization in attitudeand behaviour. She focuses specifically onthe influence of imagery and design onbehavior. In recent years she hasimplemented the Legal Design disciplinewithin the legal profession. At Deloitte sheadvises on how visual design can be usedto achieve communicative goals. 2020 Deloitte The NetherlandsLisannevanWeeldenManagerLisanne van Weelden is assistant professor atUtrecht University. She performs research onvisual communication with a focus on datavisualization. She is interested in the design ofdata visualizations and the cognitive effects ofthis design. At Deloitte she valorized herknowledge by advising on how visual designcan be deployed to achieve communicativegoals.AnneMelsInformationDesignerAnne Mels studied journalism with aspecialization in information design. Shehas an interest preference for visualizingcomplex issues. After a career at the Dutchfinancial Times, she focused on LegalDesign. At Deloitte she designs infographicsthat make complexity transparent.MatthijsPetersCreativeDesignerMatthijs Peters is a creative designer, out ofthe box is his second nature. After studyingcommunication and multimedia design, hestarted working as a junior designer atDeloitte. With a broad interest andexperience in different media, he givesevery project its own refreshing andcreative twist.LegalOfferingDesign -confidentialconfidentialDesigning Inisght - Service12

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Legal Design Service offerings Legal Design - confidential 2 Contract design Litigation design Information design Strategy design Boardroom design Mastering the art of the visual Dashboard design Data visualization Legal Design What is especially interesting in the use of visual design in a p