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Department of Employment ServicesRFA#: DOES-CDFS-2021DC Department of Employment ServicesWorkforce & Federal ProgramsOut of School ProgramCareer Development and Follow-up Services GrantRequest for Applications (RFA)RFA No.: DOES-CDFS-2021RFA Release Date:Monday, June 28, 2021Pre-Application MeetingRoom: VirtualDate & Time: Tuesday, July 13, 2021(Please email [email protected] if you will be attending the pre-application meeting.)Application Submission Deadline:Tuesday, July 27, 2021 at 5:00pmApplications shall be submitted electronically through the Grants ManagementPortal, click here: Grants Management SystemPaper applications will not be accepted.LATE OR INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTEDPage 0 of 19

Department of Employment ServicesRFA#: DOES-CDFS-2021Table of ContentsSection A: Funding Opportunity Description . 3Scope . 3Background . 3Program Requirements. 3General Requirements . 5Reporting and Deliverables . 5Source of Grant Funding . 7Anticipated Number of Awards . 7Total Amount of Funding to be Awarded . 7Period of Performance . 7Location Requirements . 7Grant Making Authority . 7Section B: General Provisions . 8Eligibility Information . 8Monitoring . 9Audits. 9Nondiscrimination in the Delivery of Services . 10Other Applicable Laws . 10Section C: Application Format . 11Applicant Profile . 11Applicant Summary . 11Program Narrative . 11Past Performance . 11Itemized Budget and Budget Narrative . 12Section D: Program Narrative. 12Program Narrative (3 to 6 pages) . 12Page 1 of 19

Department of Employment ServicesRFA#: DOES-CDFS-2021Organization Profile. 12Participant Profile . 12Program Description . 13Section E: Application Review and Scoring . 13Review Panel . 13Table 1: Technical Rating Scale. 13Scoring Criteria . 14Section F: Application Submission Information. 15How to Request an Application Package . 15Application Preparation . 15Submission Date and Time . 15Section G: Award Administration Information . 15Award Notices . 15Appeal. 16Grantee Program Compliance . 17Program Launch . 17Grantee Payment . 17Anti-Deficiency Considerations . 18Section H: Contacts . 18Section I: Additional Documents Required for Submission. 18Page 2 of 19

Department of Employment ServicesRFA#: DOES-CDFS-2021Section A: Funding Opportunity DescriptionBackgroundDepartment of Employment Services (DOES) connects District residents, job seekers, andemployers to opportunities and resources that empower fair, safe, effective working communities.DOES, a proud partner of the American Job Center, is an equal opportunity employer/serviceprovider. Translation and interpretation services are available upon request to persons with limitedor no English proficiency. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to persons withdisabilities.DOES, through its Workforce and Federal Programs, receives annual funding under the federalWorkforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) to support a range of employment andworkforce development training activities for DC jobseekers and businesses. These servicesare accessible through DOES’ Out of School Youth Program (OSY). DOES OSY is supportedby the U.S. Department of Labor as part of awards totaling 11,678,763.The goal of this RFA is to secure professional career services that align with DOES' commitmentto delivering workforce development services to unemployed/underemployed District residentsthat will lead to full-time unsubsidized employment and a pathway to the middle class.ScopeDOES seeks GRANTEESs to develop and provide professional career services for out of schoolDistrict youth ages 18 to 24 (participants). The professional career services should include followup services, career visioning, career coaching, career search support, professional resumedevelopment, interview preparation and professional online presence creation/improvement.DOES will recruit, enroll, and assign participants to GRANTEES.Program RequirementsProfessional career services may be provided in person, virtually, or a hybrid of virtual and inperson. If the professional career services will use virtual platforms, the application shoulddescribe the virtual platforms and any equipment needed to run the virtual platforms. If theprofessional career services will be in person, the application should describe how GRANTEE willcomply with CDC, DC Department of Health, and DOES criteria to prevent the spread of COVID19. If the professional career services will use a hybrid of virtual and in person, the applicationshould describe which professional career services will be provided in which platform, in additionto the descriptions required for virtual and in person service delivery. GRANTEES shall provide professional career services that encompass all seven (7) of thefollowing categories.oFollow-Up Services shall address challenges to successful employment orpostsecondary education enrollment and include (1) regular contact with participants,(2) assistance addressing work-related/educational problems that may arise, and (3)navigating through life after training.Page 3 of 19

Department of Employment Services RFA#: DOES-CDFS-2021oVisioning shall assist participants define their career journey and provide a fullydeveloped Career Roadmap with recommended training courses and salary potentialfor each pathway within the identified profession.oCareer Coaching shall empower participants to make informed decisions about theircareer journey through (1) interview and resume preparation that considers theparticipants’ relevant goals, skills and abilities for the position, and (2) targetedresearch on employers in the identified profession. During the period of performance,participants shall receive a maximum of 24 hours of career coaching to be providedin 2 hourly sessions per month or as approved by DOES.oCareer Search Support shall include sending job leads, goal setting, branding,networking strategy, encouragement, and salary and benefits negotiations.oProfessional Resume Development requires participants to draft best-practiceindustry standard formatted resumes aligned with the identified profession and easilycustomizable to emphasize the criteria of targeted positions in the identifiedprofession. The participants’ resumes must describe work experience, educationalbackground, and special skills and abilities that are responsive to the criteria of theposition and lead to interviews. Participants should draft cover letters, thank-younotes, professional biographies, and any other documents needed for the identifiedprofession.oPersonal Branding requires participants to define, design, and communicate theirprofessional brand through developing professional social media profiles, such asLinkedIn, and quality work portfolios, where applicable. The final product must bea functional and professional social media presence that is viewable by potentialemployers and professional networks.oPlacement requires participants to obtain unsubsidized employment and/or postsecondary education enrollment, including all WIOA approved placements includedin TEGL NO. 10-16.GRANTEE shall provide a work plan that describes (1) how professional career serviceswill be provided; (2) how the target goals will be met; and (3) the timeline for servicedelivery and target goal completion. The application should describe the work plan.Please note that any assessment tools must be approved by DOES, prior to use.GRANTEE shall provide participants with a needs assessment, based upon the requiredknowledge, skills, and abilities of the identified profession. The needs assessment mustinclude a plan to address any challenges to successful entry into the identified professionor postsecondary education. The application should describe the assessment tools and thetimeline for providing the assessment. Please note that any assessment tools must beapproved by DOES, prior to use.Page 4 of 19

Department of Employment ServicesRFA#: DOES-CDFS-2021Program OutcomesGRANTEES will be responsible for achieving the outcomes set forth in the “Target” column forall participants.OutcomesTargetFollow-up Services100%Placement Effort65%General Requirements GRANTEES shall describe, in the application, and demonstrate, during the period ofperformance, the ability to deliver the professional career services and processes to assurecontinuous evaluation, monitoring and reporting of participants performance. GRANTEES shall collect and report statistical information as requested by DOES,including individual-level data on enrollment, participant demographics, specific servicesprovided, and participation in workshops and other program specific related activities andoutcomes. GRANTEES shall collect data regarding contact with persons with Limited EnglishProficient (LEP) and Non-English Proficient (NEP) and report this data to DOES LanguageAccess Coordinator on a quarterly basis. GRANTEES shall provide interpretation services and translation of vital documents forpersons with LEP/NEP. All translated materials must have DOES brand and be reportedto DOES’ Language Access Coordinator on a quarterly basis. GRANTEES shall incorporate the provided DOES logos, taglines, identifiers and/or otherbranding on all products, programs, activities, services, resources and related property andmaterials funded by DOES. GRANTEES shall attend and comply with all DOES meetings, onboarding trainings,requests, etc.Reporting and DeliverablesThe required program deliverables are described below and should be submitted in accordancewith the due dates.ReportingItemsDeliverablesQuantityFormat andMethod ofDeliveryDue DatePage 5 of 19

Department of Employment ServicesItem 1Item 2Monthly Program Report Program Narrative Status Report Enrollee Roster Credential Attainment Work VerificationMonthly Status Report(OGARA)RFA#: DOES-CDFS-2021Monthly by the 10th ofthe subsequent month1Via emailItem 3Monthly Expenditure Report(OGARA)1Via emailItem 4Close out Report1Via emailItem 5LEP/NEP Report1Via emailQuantityWork Plan and AssessmentToolsFormat andMethod ofDelivery1Via emailAttendance Sheets1Monthly by the 10th ofthe subsequent monthMonthly by the 10th ofthe subsequent month30 days after grant enddateQuarterlyDeliverablesItemsItem 1Item 2Deliverables Item 3 Resumes and any otherdocuments required forthe identified professionsProfessional social mediapresence on websites,such as LinkedInPostsecondary edEmployment VerificationVia emailDue DateTwo weeks after AwardMonthly by the 10th ofthe subsequent monthMonthly by the 10th ofthe subsequent month1Via emailAll program reports and deliverables must be submitted per the schedule provided above and finalprogram deliverables must be submitted to DOES on the last day of the period of performance.DOES will have sole ownership and control of all deliverables. GRANTEE must receive advancewritten permission from DOES to use or distribute any document, information or data prepared orcollected, as a result of the service delivery sought by this RFA.Page 6 of 19

Department of Employment ServicesRFA#: DOES-CDFS-2021Source of Grant FundingThe funds are made available through District of Columbia appropriations. Funding for grantawards is contingent on availability of funds and the quantity and quality of applications. ThisRFA does not commit DOES to make a grant award. DOES maintains the right to adjust thenumber of grant awards and grant award amounts based on funding availability and quantity andquality of applications. Grant funds shall only be used to support activities specifically outlined inthe scope of this RFA, the DOES approved application, and the Notice of Grant Agreement(NOGA), if awarded.Anticipated Number of AwardsDOES intends to issue at least 1 grant awards in the amount of 200,000 per award to serve 200participants. DOES, however reserves the right to make additional awards or no awards pendingavailability of funds and quantity and quality of applications."The total cost of the Career Development and Follow-Up Service Grant program is 200,000. 200,000 (100%) is funded through a U.S. Department of Labor WorkforceInnovation and Opportunities Act. There are no non-Federal resources or Districtappropriated funds, etc.Stevens Amendment - Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2020, at cite P.L. 116-94,Division A, Title V, Section 505.Total Amount of Funding to be AwardedThe total amount of funding DOES anticipates being available for award is up to 200,000.Period of PerformanceThe “Out of School Programs Career Development and Follow-up Services” grant program willoperate for one year from the date of award.DOES reserves the right to exercise single option years up to four additional years beyond theoriginal period of performance if funding is available in the designated option year and GRANTEEhas met the performance requirements of the grant.Location RequirementsFor the purpose of this RFA, if you are providing in-person services all Grantees must provideservices in the District of Columbia and be eligible to conduct business with the Government ofthe District of Columbia. Each applicant must provide legal proof of ownership or occupancy anda basic business license issued by the District of Columbia. If you are providing virtual services,all applicants must secure a virtual platform to provide services to youth.Grant Making AuthorityDOES maintains the rights to issue grant awards via the “Workforce Job Development GrantMaking Authority Act of 2012.” DOES also maintains the right to adjust the number of grantPage 7 of 19

Department of Employment ServicesRFA#: DOES-CDFS-2021awards and grant award amounts based on funding availability and the quantity and quality ofapplications. Funding for the award is contingent on availability of funds.Rights and Responsibilities of DOES DOES reserves the right to accept or deny any or all applications if it determines it is in itsbest interest to do so. DOES shall notify the applicant if it rejects that applicant’s proposal.DOES may suspend or terminate an outstanding RFA pursuant to its own grant makingauthority or any applicable federal regulation or requirement. DOES reserves the right to issue addenda and/or amendments subsequent to the issuanceof the RFA, or to rescind the RFA. DOES shall not be liable for any costs incurred in the preparation of applications inresponse to the RFA. Applicant agrees that all costs incurred in developing the applicationor responding to this RFA are the applicant’s sole responsibility. DOES may conduct pre-award technical/virtual site visits to verify information submittedin the application and to determine if the applicant’s facilities are appropriate for theservices intended. DOES may enter into negotiations with an applicant and adopt a firm funding amount orother revision of the applicant’s proposal that may result from negotiations. DOES may use past performance data in determining an award if an applicant was awardeda previous grant or contract by DOES or the District of Columbia.Section B: General ProvisionsEligibility InformationThe eligibility criteria are as follows: Demonstrated experience and qualifications delivering high quality, structured andspecialized workforce development training responsive to this RFA3 references with contact information (name, email, and telephone number)and knowledge of the applicants’ demonstrated experience and qualificationsdelivering high quality, structured and specialized workforce developmenttraining responsive to this RFAWorking knowledge of federal and local laws, rules, regulations, Workforce Innovationand Opportunity Act (WIOA), policies and guidance that restrict data collection/disclosureValid and current DC Business LicenseMust undergo background checks as mandated by the Child and Youth, Safety and HealthOmnibus Amendment Act of 2004 (CYSHA)In addition, all applicants must be current on payment of all federal and District taxes, includingUnemployment Insurance and Paid Family Leave taxes and Workers' Compensation premiums.Page 8 of 19

Department of Employment ServicesRFA#: DOES-CDFS-2021Applicants cannot be listed on any federal or local excluded parties’ lists.Applications that do not meet the eligibility requirements will be considered unresponsive and willnot be considered for funding under this RFA.MonitoringGRANTEES are required to participate in ongoing monitoring and evaluation activities led byDOES and may include technical/virtual or in person site visits, surveys, interviews, focus groups,administrative records review, and other data collection and evaluation strategies.Specific monitoring and progress report schedules will be established, agreed upon, and includedin the NOGA. DOES is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the professional career servicesand may make periodic scheduled and unscheduled visits to conduct the required monitoring.During technical/virtual or in person site visits, GRANTEES are required to provide access tofacilities, records, participants, and staff, as deemed necessary by DOES for monitoring purposes.DOES monitoring may involve observation, interviews, and collection and review of reports,documents and data to determine GRANTEES’ level of compliance with federal and/or Districtrequirements and to identify specifically whether the GRANTEES’ operational, financial, andmanagement systems and practices are adequate to account for grant funds in accordance withfederal and/or District requirements.Any monitoring reports generated are the sole property of DOES. GRANTEES must receive priorwritten permission from DOES, in order to use or disclose any report or its contents.AuditsGRANTEES must maintain and provide documentation related to this program for three yearsafter submission of the final payment. At any time before final payment and three years thereafter,DOES may have GRANTEES’ invoices, vouchers and statements of cost audited. Any paymentmay be reduced by amounts found by DOES not to constitute allowable costs as adjusted for prioroverpayment or underpayment. In the event that the District has made all payments to theGRANTEES and an overpayment is found, GRANTEES shall reimburse the District for saidoverpayment within thirty days, after written notification.GRANTEES shall establish and maintain books, records, and documents (including electronicstorage media) in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Practices, whichsufficiently and properly reflect all revenues and expenditures of grant funds awarded by theDistrict pursuant to this solicitation.GRANTEES shall grant reasonable access to DOES, the D.C. Auditor, any applicable federaldepartment, the Comptroller General of the United States, or any of their duly authorizedrepresentatives to any books, documents, papers and records (including computer records orelectronic storage media) of the GRANTEE that are directly pertinent to charges to the program,in order to conduct audits and examinations and to make excerpts, transcripts and photocopies.This right of access also includes timely and reasonable access to GRANTEES’ personnel for thepurpose of interviews and discussions related to such documents.Page 9 of 19

Department of Employment ServicesRFA#: DOES-CDFS-2021Any audit reports generated are the sole property of DOES. GRANTEES must receive priorwritten permission from DOES, in order to use or disclose any report or its contents.Nondiscrimination in the Delivery of ServicesIn accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, and the District ofColumbia Human Rights Act of 1977, as amended, no person shall be denied the benefits of or besubjected to discrimination under any program activity receiving government funds.In accordance with DC Language Access Act, individuals shall be provided equal access andparticipation in public services, programs, and activities held in the District of Columbia if theycannot or have limited capacity to speak, read, or write English.Applicable LawsGRANTEE shall comply with all applicable District and federal statutes and regulations as maybe amended from time to time, including the below. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, 42 U.S.C. § 12101 et seq.Rehabilitation Act of 1973, 29 U.S.C. § 701 et seq.The Hatch Act, 5 U.S.C. § 7321 et seq.The Fair Labor Standards Act, 29 U.S.C. § 201 et seq.The Clean Air Act (Subgrants over 100,000) 42 USC § 7401 et seq.The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, 29 U.S.C. § 651 et seq.The Hobbs Act (Anti-Corruption), 18 U.S.C. § 1951Equal Pay Act of 1963, 29 U.S.C. § 206(d)Age Discrimination Act of 1975, 42 U.S.C. § 6101 et seq.Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, 29 U.S.C. § 621 et seq.Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, 20 U.S.C. § 1001 et seq.Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, 8 U.S.C. § 1101 et seq.Executive Order 12459 (Debarment, Suspension and Exclusion)Medical Leave Act of 1993, 5 U.S.C. § 6381 et seq.Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995, 2 U.S.C. § 1601 et seq.Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988, 41 U.S.C. § 8102 et seq.)Assurance of Nondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity as found in 29 CFR § 34.20District of Columbia Human Rights Act of 1977, D.C. Official Code § 2-1401.01 etseq.Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. § 2000d et seq.District of Columbia Language Access Act of 2004, D.C. Official Code § 2-1931 etseq.Living Wage Act of 2006, D.C. Official Code § 2-220.01 et seq.Workforce Intermediary Establishment and Reform of First Source Amendment Act of2011, D.C. Official Code 2-219.01 et seq.DC District of Columbia Municipal Regulations Title 27 – Chapter 19 – Section 1905through Section 1907Universal Paid Leave Amendment Act of 2016, D.C. Official Code § 32-541.01 et seq.Page 10 of 19

Department of Employment ServicesRFA#: DOES-CDFS-2021Program Specific Applicable Laws and Guidance Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), 29 USC § 3101 et seq.20 CFR § 680.450 and 20 CFR § 680.460TEGL No. 15-10, “Increasing Credential, Degree, and Certificate Attainment byParticipants of the Public Workforce System”TEGL No. 41-14, “Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA or OpportunityAct) Title I Training Provider Eligibility Transition”District of Columbia High-Demand Sectors and Occupations ListsPolicy Number: WDE-01-005 “DC DOES Invoicing for Eligible Training ProvidersPolicy”Stevens Amendment - Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2020, at cite P.L.116-94, Division A, Title V, Section 505.Section C : Application FormatApplicant ProfileEach application must include an Application Profile, which identifies the applicant type oforganization, program service area and the amount of the funds requested.Applicant SummaryEach application must include an Application Summary. This section of the application mustsummarize the major components of the application.Program NarrativeThe applicant must provide a full description of how the program will be carried out by respondingto the application requirements in Section F. The three (3) main components of the programnarrative are: Organizational ProfileParticipant ProfileProgram DescriptionPast PerformanceApplicant shall provide any prior awarded contract or grant, evaluations and/or data that wouldhighlight the organization’s past performance and capability of successfully completing the statedprogram requirements.All applicants must submit past performance forms – using the provided template, “AttachmentB”. If the applicant has received a contract/grant from DOES within the past three years, you mustsubmit “Attachment B” for all such completed contracts/grants.If your organization has not completed any outside contracts or grants for similar work or is unableto provide three completed “Attachment B” forms, your score on this measure will reflect this lackof past performance documentation.Page 11 of 19

Department of Employment ServicesRFA#: DOES-CDFS-2021Itemized Budget and Budget NarrativeAll applicants must submit an itemized budget and a budget narrative for all funds requested. Thebudget narrative should serve as an independent document that clearly outlines all proposedexpenditures for the grant. Budget narratives must detail how funds will be expended towards theprogram.The budget section should also contain assurances that no funds received as a result of this grantwill be used to supplant any formula funds dedicated towards the targeted population,administrative efforts, or other regularly occurring activities.The itemized budget can include the following items: PersonnelFringeEquipmentMaterials & SuppliesContractual ServicesOther Direct CostsIndirect CostsPlease see Attachment A for definitions of budget items listed above.Food for staff or youth enrolled in the program is not an allowable expense under this grant.Section D: Program NarrativeProgram Narrative (3 to 6 pages)This section applies to each of the strategic categories and is where you clearly describe yourproposed program in detail. Please ensure that you include each of the following:Organization Profile State the mission of your organization.Describe the history of your organization (year fo

District youth ages 18 to 24 (participants). The p rofessional career services should include follow-up services, career visioning, career coaching, career search support, professional resume development, interview preparation and professional online presence creation/improvement. DOES w