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EVOLVE2 65User manual

2020 GN Audio A /S. All rights reserved. Jabra is atrademark of GN Audio A/S. The Bluetooth word mark andlogos are registered trademarks owned by the BluetoothSIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by GN Audio A/S is underlicense.Made in ChinaMODEL: HSC110WDeclaration of Conformity can be found onwww.jabra.com/doc

2.1 Included accessories2.2 Optional accessories3. How to wear.8ENGLISH1. Welcome.52. Jabra Evolve2 65 overview.63.1 Wearing styles3.2 Adjusting the headset3.3 Fold flat for storage4. How to charge. 114.1 Charge using the charging stand (optionalaccessory)4.2 Charge using USB charging cable4.3 Sleep mode5. What the LEDs mean. 156. How to connect. 166.1 Connect to computer6.2 Pair with a smartphone7. How to use . 187.1 Power on/off7.2 Calls & music7.3 Busylight(s)7.4 Mute/unmute using the microphone boom-arm7.5 Answer call using the microphone boom-arm3

7.7 Multiuse7.8 Multiple call handling7.9 Voice guidance7.10 SidetoneENGLISH7.6 Voice Assistant7.11 How to reset8. Software and firmware. 288.1 Jabra Sound 8.2 Jabra Direct8.3 Update firmware9. Support. 309.1 FAQ9.2 How to care for your headset4

Thank you for using the Jabra Evolve2 65. Wehope you will enjoy it!Jabra Evolve2 65 featuresENGLISH1. Welcome Comfortable noise-isolating design3-microphone call technologyUp to 37 hours wireless battery life40mm speakers for exceptional musicUp to 30m/100ft wireless range, withsignificantly enhanced coverage and fewerdropouts Works with all leading UC platforms,Microsoft Teams-certified variants available5

LeftENGLISH2. Jabra Evolve2 65overviewRightVolume downPrevious track (hold 1 sec)Volume upNext track (hold 1 sec)Voice assistantMute microphoneBusylight/Status LEDPlay/pause musicMicrophoneAnswer/end callOpen Microsoft Teams notification*LED statusUSB-C charging(approx. 1.5 hoursto charge)Power On/OffBluetooth Pair(hold 1 sec)*Requires Microsoft Teams headset variant6

Jabra Link 380 USB-ABluetooth adapterJabra Link 380 USB-CBluetooth adapterUSB-A to USB-Ccharging cableENGLISH2.1 Included accessoriesCarry case2.2 Optional accessoriesCharging StandEar cushionsCharging Stand7

3.1 Wearing stylesMono variantENGLISH3. How to wearStereo variantLR8

Adjust the headband so that the headset fitsyour head comfortably.Stereo variantENGLISH3.2 Adjusting the headsetMono variantWhen using the microphone, it should bepositioned close to your mouth.9

The earcups can be folded flat for easystorage.ENGLISH3.3 Fold flat for storage10

The headset can be charged using the optionalcharging stand, or via a USB charging cableplugged directly into the headset.ENGLISH4. How to chargeIt takes approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes to fullycharge. When fully charged, the battery life isup to 37 hours. If out of battery, charging theheadset for 15 minutes will give up to 8 hoursof battery life.11

Connect the charging stand to a powered USBport on your computer using the supplied USBcharging cable, and then dock the headset inthe charging stand. Alternatively, the chargingstand can be plugged into any powered USBpower supply.ENGLISH4.1 Charge using the charging stand(optional accessory)Powered USB portThe battery LED on the headset will flash whitebriefly to indicate the headset has beencorrectly docked with the charging stand.The battery LED will then briefly flash green,yellow or red to indicate the current batterycharging status. When the LED turns solidgreen, the headset is fully charged.12

Plug the USB charging cable into the USB-Ccharging port on the right earcup and anyavailable USB port on your computer. It isrecommended to charge the headset using thesupplied Jabra charging cable, however it ispossible to use a compatible charger.ENGLISH4.2 Charge using USB charging cableRight earcup13

When the headset is powered on, but notplaying music or in a call, they will automaticallyenter sleep mode after 8 hours to conservebattery. To exit sleep mode, simply press anybutton.ENGLISH4.3 Sleep modeThe length of time before the headset entersleep mode can be adjusted using the JabraSound app on your smartphone or JabraDirect on your computer.After 24 hours of sleep mode, the headset willpower down completely. To power the headseton, slide the On/Off switch to Off and then On.14

LEDPower onBattery fullBattery mediumBattery lowENGLISH5. What the LEDs meanBattery critically lowPairing modeResetting/FirmwareupdatingBUSYLIGHT/STATUS LEDBusylightActive callLEDIncoming call (slow flash) Headset istrying to connect toMicrosoft Teams. Willtime out after 10seconds* (fast flash) MicrosoftTeams notification*Mute Plugged into computerand signed intoMicrosoft Teams* (slow flash) Headset istrying to connect toMicrosoft Teams. Willtime out after 10seconds* (fast flash) MicrosoftTeams notification*Bluetooth connectionIncoming call/Active callStreaming music/media*requires Microsoft Teams headset variant15

6.1 Connect to computerPlug the supplied Jabra Link 380 into a USBport on your computer. The Jabra Evolve2 65and the Jabra Link 380 are pre-paired andready for use out of the box. The Bluetoothrange is up to 30 meters or 100 feet.ENGLISH6. How to connectTo hear music in the headset you may need toselect the Jabra Link 380 as the playback devicein your operating system’s audio settings.To manually pair the Jabra Evolve2 65 with theJabra Link 380, download and use Jabra Direct.16

1. Slide the On/Off switch to the Bluetoothposition and hold it there until the LEDflashes blue and you hear an announcementin the headset.ENGLISH6.2 Pair with a smartphone2. Go to the Bluetooth menu on yoursmartphone and select the Jabra Evolve2 65from the list of available devices.17

LeftENGLISH7. How to useRightVolume down buttonPlay/Pause buttonVolume up buttonVoice buttonMulti-function buttonMicrosoft Teams button*On/Off switch*Requires Microsoft Teams headset variant7.1 Power on/offSlide the On/Off switch to the On or Offposition to power the headset on or off.18

RightCalls & musicPress the Multifunction buttonAnswer callENGLISH7.2 Calls & musicAlternatively, move themicrophone down toanswer a callEnd callPress the Multifunction buttonReject callDouble-press theMulti-function buttonBring MicrosoftTeams toforeground oncomputerPress theMicrosoft Teamsbutton* (when signedinto Microsoft Teams)Join activeMicrosoft TeamsmeetingPress theMicrosoft Teamsbutton* (when signedinto Microsoft Teams)View MicrosoftTeams missed callsand voicemailsPress theMicrosoft Teamsbutton* (when signedinto Microsoft Teams)*Requires Microsoft Teams headset variant19

Play/pause musicAlternatively, theheadset will pausemusic when it is placedon a flat surface, andwill resume musicwhen lifted from a flatsurface.Adjust volumePress the Volume up orVolume down button,when listening to musicor on a callNext trackPress and hold (1 sec)the Volume up buttonRestart track orprevious trackENGLISHPress the Play/PausebuttonPress and hold (1 sec)the Volume downbutton to restart thecurrent trackPress and hold twice toplay the previous trackBusylight on/offPress the Volume upand Volume downbuttons at the sametimeHear batterystatusPress the Volume up orVolume down buttonswhen not on a call orlistening to music20

Press the Voice button,when not on a callPress the Voice button,when on a callMute/unmutemicrophoneENGLISHActivate VoiceAssistant (Siri,Google Assistant)Alternatively, move themicrophone boom-armup to mute, or down tounmute7.3 Busylight(s)The Busylight(s) on the headset automaticallylight up red when you are on a call to indicateto colleagues that you are busy. To manuallyswitch the Busylight(s) on/off, press theVolume up and Volume down buttons at thesame time.21

The headset microphone can be muted bymoving the microphone boom-arm up, orunmuted by moving it down. This feature is onby default, and can be disabled using JabraSound on your smartphone or Jabra Direct onyour computer.ENGLISH7.4 Mute/unmute using themicrophone boom-armMute microphoneUnmute microphone22

An incoming call can be answered by movingthe microphone boom-arm down, close to yourmouth. This feature is on by default, and can bedisabled using Jabra Sound on yoursmartphone or Jabra Direct on your computer.ENGLISH7.5 Answer call using the microphoneboom-armAnswer call23

The Jabra Evolve2 65 enables you to speak toSiri, Google Assistant on your smartphoneusing the Voice button.RightENGLISH7.6 Voice AssistantVoice AssistantActivate VoiceAssistant(Siri, GoogleAssistant)Press the Voicebutton, when noton a call7.7 MultiuseThe headset can be paired to up to 8 Bluetoothdevices, and and connected to two Bluetoothdevices at once (e.g. the Jabra Link 380 and asmartphone, or two smartphones). Theheadset can accept multiple incoming callsfrom either device.To pair to two smartphones, use the normalpairing process separately for each smartphone(refer to section 6).Note: Voice assistant will be activated on the last connectedsmartphone.24

The headset can accept and handle multiplecalls at the same time.RightMultiple call handlingEnd current call andanswer incoming callPress the Multifunction buttonPut current call onhold and answerincoming callHold (2 secs) theMulti-functionbutton*Switch between heldcall and active callHold (2 secs) theMulti-functionbutton*Reject incoming call,when on a callDouble-press theMulti-functionbuttonENGLISH7.8 Multiple call handling*Non-Microsoft Teams headset variant only25

Voice guidance are announcements that willguide you through set up, or will give youheadphone status updates (e.g. connectionand battery status).ENGLISH7.9 Voice guidanceVoice guidance is enabled by default.RightVoice guidance5Turn Voiceguidance on/offPress and hold(5 sec) the Voicebutton and theVolume up buttonuntil you hear anannouncement in theheadsetAlternatively, use Jabra Direct on yourcomputer, or Jabra Sound on your smartphone,to turn Voice guidance on or off.For the latest list of supported languages,refer to the Jabra Sound app on yoursmartphone or Jabra Direct on your computer.26

Sidetone enables you to better hear your ownvoice when you are on a call.Sidetone settings can be configured using theJabra Sound app on your smartphone or JabraDirect on your computer.ENGLISH7.10 Sidetone7.11 How to resetResetting the headset clears the list of paireddevices and resets all settings.RightReset headset3Reset pairinglist and settingsEnsure the headsetis powered on andyou are not on acall. Then pressand hold (3 sec)the Multi-functionbutton and theVolume up buttonsimultaneously untilthe LED lights uppurple and your hearan announcement inthe headsetYou will need to repair the headset toyour Jabra Link 380.27

8.1 Jabra Sound ENGLISH8. Software andfirmwareJabra Sound appPersonalize your musicand callsFine tune your music withMySound28

Jabra Direct is computer software designed tosupport, manage and enable optimalfunctionality for Jabra devices.ENGLISH8.2 Jabra DirectDownload the latest free version from jabra.com/direct8.3 Update firmwareFirmware updates improve performance oradd new functionality to Jabra devices.Firmware can be updated using either JabraDirect or the Jabra Sound app. Bothapplications will notify you when a firmwareupdate is available.29

9.1 FAQView the FAQs on Jabra.com/help/evolve2-65ENGLISH9. Support9.2 How to care for your headset Always store the headset in the suppliedcase. To prevent the depletion of the batterylifetime or capacity, avoid storing the headsetin hot or cold environments, such as a closedcar in summer, or in winter conditions. It is recommended to keep the headsetbetween -20 C and 55 C (-4 F and 131 F). Do not store the headset for extendedperiods of time without recharging them(max. three months).30

REV. Cjabra.com/evolve2-65

Comfortable noise-isolating design 3-microphone call technology Up to 37 hours wireless battery life 40mm speakers for exceptional music Up to 30m/100ft wireless range, with . on a flat surface, and will resume music when lifted from a flat surface. Adjust volume Press t