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Crate HEMI Engine Kit Instruction Parts List . 2Drivetrain Requirements . 3Additional Parts. 3Important Safety & Emissions Information . 4Component Instructions & Guidelines. 6Engine Connections . 10Break-In/Maintenance . 25Troubleshooting . 29Included Parts ListPart Description5.7L Part Number6.4L Part NumberPACKAGEAccelerator PedalEngine Wiring Harness KitGround jumperO2 SensorO2 SensorPCMCharge Air Temp. 149279ACServicePartsQuantityYYYYYYY1111111NOTE: Revision level (suffix) of part numbers are subject to change.Engine sold separately:5.7L Crate HEMI engine part number: 68303088AA6.4L Crate HEMI engine part number: 68303090AAThis kit and instruction sheet is designed for 2015 model year engines part numbers listed above.Not compatible with 5.7L & 6.4L engines from 2012 and older.Not compatible with 5.7L & 6.4L engines from RAM truck.Crankshaft target ring must be part number 04893290AA, a valley width of 6.306 mm measured at theouter diameter (OD). The crankshaft position sensor part number is 68140678AB.Rev Level 5.0 – K68626252

Crate HEMI Engine Kit Instruction RequirementsAxle Drive RatioThe recommended axle drive ratio should be 2.61:1 to 3.90:1 to obtain optimal vehicle performance andfuel economy. A Limited Slip Differential (LSD) or Open differential is recommended for best drivability.Tire SizeThe recommended rear tire size is 28 to 29.5 inches in overall diameter.FuelThe fuel grade required for both 5.7L and 6.4L engines is premium (91 octane or greater). The fuelpressure is a constant 58.5 PSI with the engine running. Fuel pump flow requirements: Minimum 222Lbs/Hr @ 58.5 PSI ( /- 5 PSI).Additional PartsSome additional parts may be needed that are not supplied in this kit to complete the powertrain. Eachapplication is unique and all possibilities and configurations may not be covered in this instruction sheet.These parts can to be ordered separately through your local Chrysler Dealer or an aftermarket supplier.Front End Accessory Drive (FEAD) KitThere is multiple options available for the crate engine FEAD kits. Both crate engines kits comeassembled with a car front engine covers. A FEAD kit is necessary to operate engine, the basic FEAD kitis part number 77072445.Engine MountsEngine mounts to be fabricated or purchased from an aftermarket source to fit the specific application.The engine side aluminum mounting brackets that are included on the engine are from a 2016 DodgeChallenger. It is recommended that the engine mounts incorporate production style engine dampers toallow for engine vibrations. Engine is installed at a 2 angle (rear down) on a 2016 Dodge Challenger.Oil PanThe oil pan supplied with the crate engine is a front sump oil pan design from a 2016 Dodge Challenger.Some applications may require a rear sump oil pan. The kit part number for a rear sump oil pan is77072450AB.TransmissionThe flywheel and clutch or flex plate and torque converter combinations needed may be unique to theapplication. A flywheel and clutch assembly from a 2016 Dodge Challenger will be included with all crateengines, please utilize the correct combination of parts for the desired drivetrain selected.StarterEnsure the correct starter is selected for your transmission and flex plate or flywheel combination. Astarter nose spacer may be required for the starter motor to properly engage and spin the engine.Rev Level 5.0 – K68626253

Crate HEMI Engine Kit Instruction Safety & Emissions InformationTo prevent SERIOUS INJURY or DEATH: ALWAYS wear eye protection and appropriate protective clothing. You may be exposed toflammable, corrosive and hazardous liquids and materials when installing an engine. ALWAYS secure the vehicle with the parking break or wheel chock before working on a vehicle. If you jack the vehicle, securely support the vehicle using jack stands before working under thevehicle. Make sure you or the installer has the appropriate skills and the tool required to safely installthe engine. If you do not understand the instructions, call MOPAR for assistance at 1-888-528-HEMI (4364). NEVER modify wiring in the accelerator pedal system. DO NOT connect battery until all connections are made.DO NOT start or run an engine in a closed garage or in confined area. Exhaust gases contain CarbonMonoxide (CO), which is odorless and colorless. Carbon Monoxide is poisonous and can cause seriousinjury or death when inhaled.Follow the precautions below to prevent Carbon Monoxide poisoning: DO NOT inhale exhaust gases.NEVER run the engine in a closed area, such as a garage, and never sit in a parked vehicle withthe engine running for an extended period.EMISSIONS STATEMENTIntended Use:CRATE HEMI ENGINES ARE DESIGNED FOR INSTALLATION IN1. ANY MOTOR VEHICLE MANUFACTURED PRIOR TO MODEL YEAR 1976, AND2. IN ANY VEHICLE THAT LACKS FEATURES CUSTOMARILY ASSOCIATED WITH SAFE AND PRACTICALHIGHWAY USE THAT IS OPERATED NOT ON A STREET OR HIGHWAY.IT MAY BE A VIOLATION OF FEDERAL LAW SUBJECT TO CIVIL PENALTY TO INSTALL A CRATE HEMI ENGINEIN ANY MOTOR VEHICLE DESIGNED FOR TRANSPORT ON A STREET OR HIGHWAY THAT WASMANUFACTURED IN MODEL YEAR 1976 AND LATER.Rev Level 5.0 – K68626254

Crate HEMI Engine Kit Instruction and Use Limitations: Federal and California law prohibit tampering with emissions control equipment or componentsrequired to be equipped on Motor Vehicles. This means that persons may not remove or renderinoperative any device or element of design that impairs the emissions of such Motor Vehicles.Violators of this prohibition may be subject to civil penalty.Crate HEMI kits may not be used in place of a regulated or certified nonroad engine (such as inmarine applications).Installation of a Crate Hemi engine in violation of these Instructions will void any applicableMOPAR warranty.5.7L & 6.4L engines from 2013-2016 Challenger/Charger/300 may be comparable to a CrateHemi Engine when installed in appropriate vehicles as referenced above along with theappropriate Crate Hemi Kit.Mopar Performance customers are responsible for complying with applicable federal state and localenvironmental laws and regulations. Many Mopar Performance parts and components are designed tobe equipped in vehicles that are operated not on streets or highways (such as vehicles intended forcompetition or off-road use). Motor Vehicles designed for transport on streets or highways andequipped with such parts may cause such Motor Vehicles to be out of compliance with applicableemissions standards. It may be a violation of federal and state law to operate such Motor Vehiclesequipped with such parts, except where vehicles equipped with such parts are operated not on streetsor highways and where such vehicles lack features customarily associated with safe and practicalhighway use.If you install such parts on a Motor Vehicle, and your Motor Vehicle fails a required state or localinspection and maintenance (I/M) emissions test, including any test required to maintain or renew yourMotor Vehicle’s registration, or if your Motor Vehicle is subject to an emissions recall, in either case FCAUS LLC may not be required to repair your Motor Vehicle under the emissions warranty, and you may berequired to remove those parts and replace them with other parts at your own expense in order toobtain repairs necessary to pass the I/M emissions test or to ensure your Motor Vehicle is compliantwith applicable emissions standards after the recall repair.Those parts marked in this catalogue with a superscript 1 before the part number and appropriatelymarked on their packaging may legally be used on a vehicle that is not operated on streets or highwaysand that lacks features customarily associated with safe and practical highway use.Limited Warranty:Federal law requires emissions parts on new Motor Vehicles and engines to be warranted for at leasttwo years or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first.Rev Level 5.0 – K68626255

Crate HEMI Engine Kit Instruction Instructions & GuidelinesAccelerator PedalFollow accelerator pedal installation recommended guidelines below. Torque to 7 N·m (5 Ft. Lbs.).Please refer to the Break-In/Maintenance section for the required pedal learn function.LabelABCDDescriptionClutch to BrakeBrake to AcceleratorAccelerator to Transmission TunnelAccelerator to Brake - DepthMinimum Clearance60mm65mm35mm43mmMaximum Clearance80mm47mmPowertrain Control Module (PCM)Fasten PCM using the 3 fastener locations on theedges of the PCM. Do not over tighten fastenersas damage may occur on PCM housing. This PCMwill not function in a current production vehicle.Connect a ground cable to PCM housing.The PCM and the engine harness PCMconnectors are environmentally sealed. This unitcan be mounted anywhere in the vehicle,however it is not recommended to be installednear hot locations such as the exhaust system,on the engine, or high splash areas such as thewheel wells. If routing the wiring harnessthrough the bulkhead or any sheet metal, agrommet is required to prevent damage.Rev Level 5.0 – K68626256

Crate HEMI Engine Kit Instruction Lines & Radiator FansEnsure that the correct fan is chosen for the application. This system has a 30 Amp maximum fusedoutput for a fan. Mount appropriately sized fans to appropriately sized radiator for the application used.The fan is programmed to turn on at 107 C (225 F). Use radiator coolant hoses 45 mm (1.75 inches) andfit to specific application. An additional fitting may be on the water pump, if not in use remove fittingand install an appropriate plug.When installing coolant lines ensure there are no sharp bends that may restrict coolant flow. Use tightlysecured clamps on hoses and inspect for leaks. Adequate engine cooling is necessary to prevent damageto engine. No air bubbles should be trapped within coolant lines, bleed system correctly. Do not runengine above 116 Celsius or 240 Fahrenheit. Normal temperature range is 93–110 C (200–230 F).Rear Heater LinesIf bypassing heater core, recirculate coolant lines atthe back of the engine by connecting one side ofcoolant line to the other using an appropriate lengthof hose to ensure no sharp bends are present andfasten with hose clamps. Use 5/8 inch innerdiameter (ID) hose. If using a heater core, coolantline flow direction is as pictured.Front End Accessory Drive (FEAD) SystemsInstall selected FEAD kit and FEAD Add-On kits as per their included instruction sheet.Proper tension must be applied to the serpentine belt. Tensioner must not be against either bump stopand must be applying tension to belt. Use appropriate length belt included within kit or suggested ininstruction sheet.Rev Level 5.0 – K68626257

Crate HEMI Engine Kit Instruction FilterAn intake filter must be installed, filter recommended is part number 77070038. Install this part byfabricating an intake tube to fit your vehicle’s space constraints. The intake filter must be within 600 mm(23.6 inches) of the throttle body. Create a bracket to hold intake filter tube and fasten to engine blockusing an empty fastener location. Fasten intake tube to the throttle body using 89 mm (3.5 inches)silicone couplers with appropriately sized hose clamps. Ensure filter is fastened correctly and no leaksare present. Install the charge air temperature sensor to tube within 152 mm (6 inches) of the throttlebody. Use a 1/2 inch ID rubber grommet when installing charge air temperature sensor into a metalintake tube.Make-Up AirUse 5/8 inch ID (5.7L) or 3/4 inch ID (6.4L) hose toconnect the make-up air tube (located next to the oilfiller neck) to the intake system prior to throttle body.Install a fitting to intake air tube and route make-up airtube to fitting using appropriate fittings and clamps.Rev Level 5.0 – K68626258

Crate HEMI Engine Kit Instruction LinesFuel injectors and fuel rail will come pre-installed on crate engine. The fuel rail is a non-return style fuelrail. Use only fuel grade hoses and fittings when installing fuel system. Fuel rail inlet size is 3/8 inch SAEquick release. Fuel pump must deliver a minimum of 222 Lbs/Hr at 58.5 psi. A Fuel Pressure Regulator(FPR) is needed for this non-return style fuel system, the FPR can be external or internal to the fuelpump. The FPR should be placed prior to fuel inlet on fuel rail. Follow diagram below for FPR layout.VacuumVacuum reference can be taken at the fitting at theback of the intake manifold. This can be used as thebrake booster vacuum line or any other vacuumreference needed. If not being used, cap this fitting witha 3/8 inch ID vacuum hose cap.Oil Filter Adapter & Cooler (6.4L Only)The oil cooler mounted to the engine may be removed andthe oil filter can be used without this cooler attachment. Toeliminate the cooler, a threaded oil filter connector partnumber 04892338AC, will need to be used to allow the oilfilter to thread onto the engine block. To utilize the oilcooler, connect coolant lines to the two fittings; eitherfitting can be in or out flow.Rev Level 5.0 – K68626259

Crate HEMI Engine Kit Instruction ConnectionsTo prevent SERIOUS INJURY or DEATH: Make sure you or the installer has the appropriate skills and the tool required to safely installthe engine. If you do not understand the instructions, call MOPAR for assistance at 1-888-528-HEMI (4364).Engine HarnessEach engine wiring kit will have a different number of connectors. Ensure all connectors are connectedin their appropriate location and are in the locked position. The diagrams below show all the engine andchassis connectors. Follow wiring instructions carefully. Ensure the wiring harness is secured every 100 mm (4 inches) and routed to avoid potential damage tothe wiring. Make sure any unused wiring is properly secured and protected. Some cavities may be populated with wires however, those wires are not used in this configuration.See pinouts for circuits used. All connector diagrams are in wire insertion view. To diagnose a wiring issue outside of this manual, use 2016 Dodge Challenger service information. All grounds must be clean and secure. No paint can be present between the ground and body contactpoint. There are multiple grounding points on the engine and chassis side harnesses, as well as anengine grounding cable part number 68060322AE. This part is to be fastened on one end to the engineblock and the other end to the vehicle’s chassis, there should not be tension in the Ground Jumper. Soldering connections and wire splicing instruction can be viewed on the final page of the wiringsection.CapacitorsAs part of the ignition system there are 2 capacitors on theback of the engine, one on each side bolted to the cylinderhead. Plug in the connectors for both capacitors. Thecapacitors have a 2 pin connector.PinFunctionColor GA1 FUSED ASD RELAY OUPUT BR/YL 162N0 - No ConnectNARev Level 5.0 – K686262510

Crate HEMI Engine Kit Instruction & FuelThere are 8 coil plug connectors and 8 fuel injector connectors, 4 on each side. Ensure that the correctplug is connected for each cylinder to avoid misfires. Firing order is 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2.Engine Harness Layoutfor Ignition and Fuel InjectionCoil Plug Connectors (3 pin)PinFunctionCoilpack 11COIL CONTROL 12 FUSED ASD RELAY OUTPUT3NO CONNECTCoilpack 21COIL CONTROL 22 FUSED ASD RELAY OUTPUT3NO CONNECTCoilpack 31COIL CONTROL 32 FUSED ASD RELAY OUTPUT3NO CONNECTCoilpack 41COIL CONTROL 42 FUSED ASD RELAY OUTPUT3NO CONNECTCoilpack 51COIL CONTROL 52 FUSED ASD RELAY OUTPUT3NO CONNECTCoilpack 61COIL CONTROL 62 FUSED ASD RELAY OUTPUT3NO CONNECTCoilpack 71COIL CONTROL 72 FUSED ASD RELAY OUTPUT3NO CONNECTCoilpack 81COIL CONTROL 82 FUSED ASD RELAY OUTPUT3NO CONNECTRev Level 5.0 – K6862625Color GADB/DG 16BR/YL 16NADB/TN 16BR/YL 16NADB/OR 16BR/YL 16NADB/GY 16BR/YL 16NADB/YL 16BR/YL 16NADB/OR 16BR/YL 16NABR 16BR/YL 16NAFuel Injector Connectors (2 pin)PinFunctionFuel Injector 11 INJECTOR CONTROL 12 ASD CONTROL OUTPUTFuel Injector 21 INJECTOR CONTROL 22 ASD CONTROL OUTPUTFuel Injector 31 INJECTOR CONTROL 32 ASD CONTROL OUTPUTFuel Injector 41 INJECTOR CONTROL 42 ASD CONTROL OUTPUTFuel Injector 51 INJECTOR CONTROL 52 ASD CONTROL OUTPUTFuel Injector 61 INJECTOR CONTROL 62 ASD CONTROL OUTPUTFuel Injector 71 INJECTOR CONTROL 72 ASD CONTROL OUTPUTFuel Injector 81 INJECTOR CONTROL 82 ASD CONTROL OUTPUTColor GABR/YE 20BR/WT 16BR/DB 20BR/WT 16BR/BU 20BR/WT 16BR/BG 20BR/WT 16BR/OR 20BR/WT 16BR/VT 20BR/WT 16BR/YL 20BR/WT 16BR/BU 20BR/WT 16DB/YL 16BR/YL 16NA11

Crate HEMI Engine Kit Instruction MotorThere are 2 connections to be made for the starter, the starterbattery connector and the starter solenoid connector. Thesewires will need to be extended if the starter will be placed onthe driver side of the vehicle. The starter battery connectoreyelet may not be compatible with all starter options. Theeyelet may be replaced with an alternative eyelet.Pin1FunctionSTARTER RELAY OUTPUTColor GAYL/GY 14AlternatorThe alternator has 2 connectors, the alternator connector andthe alternator battery connector. Once the eyelet for thealternator battery connector is properly fastened in place,ensure that the cover is securely in place to avoid accidentalconnections to this terminal.Pin12FunctionGEN FIELD CONTROLGEN SENSEColor GABR/GY 18RD/VT 18Engine SensorsThe knock sensors are bolted onto both sides of the engine block.They are located underneath the exhaust manifolds. Plug in the 2pin connector to each knock sensor.Pin1212FunctionKnock 1KS 1 SIGNALKS 1 RETURNKnock 2KS 2 SIGNALKS 2 RETURNColorGADB/YLBR/LG2020BR/WTWT/BR2020Rev Level 5.0 – K686262512

Crate HEMI Engine Kit Instruction Air Temperature Sensor is to be plugged in at the airintake, ensure that there is little to no tension on this sensorpigtail as this may damage sensor and sensor plug. A hole maybe drilled into the pipe up to 152 mm (6 inches) away from thethrottle body for installation.Pin12FunctionINTAKE AIR TEMP SIGNALSENSOR GROUNDColorDB/LGBR/WTGA2020Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor is located on the back ofthe intake manifold. The MAP sensor has a 3 pin connector.Pin123FunctionMAP SIGNALSENSOR GROUND5 VOLT SUPPLYColor G

Crate HEMI kits may not be used in place of a regulated or certified nonroad engine (such as in marine applications). Installation of a Crate Hemi engine in violation of these Instructions will void any applicable MOPAR warranty. 5.7L & 6.4L engines from 2013-2016 Challenger/Charger/300 may be comparable to a Crate