320788 Indiana Merchants And Farmers Telephone Company

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320788IndianaMerchants and Farmers Telephone Company



FCC Form 555November 2014Approved by OMB3060-0819Affiliated melia Telephone CorporationArcadia Telephone CompanyArizona Telephone CompanyArvig Telephone CompanyAsotin Telephone Company (OR)Asotin Telephone Company (WA)Badger Telecom, LLCBlack Earth Telephone Company, LLC.Blue Ridge Telephone CompanyBonduel Telephone Company, LLC.Bridge Water Telephone Co.Burlington, Brighton & Wheatland Telephone Company, LLCButler Telephone Company, Inc.Calhoun City Telephone Company, Inc.Camden Telephone and Telegraph Company, Inc.Camden Telephone Company, Inc.Central State Telephone Company, LLCChatham Telephone CompanyCleveland County Telephone Company, Inc.Cobbosseecontee Telephone CompanyCommunications Corporation of IndianaCommunications Corporation of MichiganCommunications Corporation of Southern IndianaConcord Telephone Exchange, IncContinental Telephone CompanyDecatur Telephone Company, Inc.Delta County Tele-Comm, Inc.Deposit Telephone Company, Inc.Dickeyville Telephone, LLCEastCoast Telecom of Wisconsin, LLCEdwards Telephone Company, Inc.The Farmers Telephone Company, LLCGrantland Telecom, LLCHampden Telephone CompanyHappy Valley Telephone CompanyHartland & St. Albans Telephone CompanyHollis Telephone Company, Inc.The Home Telephone Company of Pittsboro, Inc.Home Telephone Company, Inc.Hornitos Telephone CompanyHumphreys County Telephone CompanyIsland Telephone CompanyKearsarge Telephone CompanyKMP d/b/a Mid-State Telephone CompanyLeslie County Telephone CompanyLewis River Telephone Company, Inc.Lewisport Telephone Co.Little Miami Communications Corporation

FCC Form 555November 2014Approved by OMB3060-0819Affiliated udlow Telephone CompanyMahanoy & Mahantango Telephone CompanyMcClellanville Telephone Company, Inc.McDaniel Telephone CompanyThe Merchants and Farmers Telephone CompanyMerrimack County Telephone CompanyMid-America Telephone, Inc.Mid-Plains Telephone, LLCMid-State Telephone CompanyMidway Telephone Company, LLCMt. Vernon Telephone Company, LLCMosinee Telehphone CompanyMyrtle Telephone Company, Inc.Nelson-Ball Ground Telephone CompanyNew Castle Telephone Co.Northfield Telephone CompanyNorway Telephone Co. IncOakman Telephone Company, Inc.Oakwood Telephone CompanyOklahoma Communication Systems, Inc.Oriskany Falls Telephone CorporationPeoples Telephone Company, Inc.Perkinsville Telephone Company, Inc.Port Byron Telephone CompanyPotlatch Telephone Company, Inc.Quincy Telephone Company (FL)Quincy Telephone Company (GA)Riverside Telecom, LLCS & W Telephone Company, Inc.Salem Telephone Co.Scandinavia Telephone Company, LLCShiawassee Telephone CompanySomerset Telephone CompanySoutheast Mississippi Telephone Company, Inc.Southeast Telephone Co. of Wisconsin, LLCSouthwestern Telephone CompanySt. Stephen Telephone CompanyState Long Distance Telephone CompanyStockbridge & Sherwood Telephone Company, LLCStrasburg Telephone CompanySugar Valley Telephone CompanyTellico Telephone Company, Inc.Tennessee Telephone CompanyTenney Telephone Company, LLCThe Island Telephone CompanyThe Vanlue Telephone CompanyTipton Telephone Company, Inc.Township Telephone Company, Inc.

FCC Form 555November 2014Approved by OMB3060-0819Affiliated 010NameTri-County Communications CorporationUnion Telephone CompanyUtelco, LLC.Vernon Telephone Company, Inc.Virginia Telephone CompanyWarren Telephone CompanyWaunakee Telephone Company, LLC.The West Penobscot Telephone and Telegraph CompanyWest Point Telephone CompanyWilliston Telephone CompanyWilton Telephone Company, Inc.Winsted Telephone CompanyWinterhaven Telephone CompanyWolverine Telephone CompanyWyandotte Telephone CompanyU.S. CellularWilmington Cellular Telephone CompanyJacksonville Cellular Telephone CompanyHardy Cellular Telephone CompanyFarmers Cellular Telephone Company, Inc.Iowa RSA No. 12 Limited PartnershipMcDaniel Cellular Telephone CompanyUSCOC of Oregon RSA #5, Inc.USCOC of Washington-4, Inc.Iowa RSA No.9 Limited PartnershipUnited States Cellular Operating Company, LLCKenosha Cellular Telephone, L.P.Madison Cellular Telephone CompanyMaine RSA #1, Inc.Maine RSA #4, Inc.NH #1 Rural Cellular, Inc.Oregon RSA #2, Inc. (OR)Oregon RSA #2, Inc. (WA)PCS Wisconsin, LLCRacine Cellular Telephone CompanyBangor Cellular Telephone, L.P.Cedar Rapids Cellular Telephone, L.P.United States Cellular Operating Company of Chicago, LLCDubuque Cellular Telephone, L.P.United States Cellular Operating Company of KnoxvilleTennessee RSA No. 3 Limited ted States Cellular Telephone Company (Greater Knoxville), LP.United States Cellular Operating Company of MedfordYakima MSA Limited PartnershipUSCOC of Central Illinois, LLCUSCOC of Greater Iowa, LLC (IA)USCOC of Greater Iowa, LLC (IL)

FCC Form 555November 2014Approved by OMB3060-0819Affiliated eUSCOC of Greater Iowa, LLC (NE)USCOC of Greater Missouri, LLC (IL)USCOC of Greater Missouri, LLC (MO)USCOC of Greater North Carolina, LLCUSCOC of Greater Oklahoma, LLCUSCOC of LaCrosse, LLCUSCOC Nebraska/Kansas, LLC (KS)USCOC Nebraska/Kansas, LLC (NE)USCOC of Richland, Inc.Texahoma Cellular LPUSCOC of Virginia RSA #3, Inc.Western Sub-RSA Limited PartnershipSt. Lawrence Seaway RSA Cellular PartnershipNew York RSA 2 CellularVolcano Communications Company

150092 Edwards Telephone Company, Inc. 330880 The Farmers Telephone Company, LLC 330930 Grantland Telecom, LLC 100010 Hampden Telephone Company 542321 Happy Valley Telephone Company 100011 Hartland & St. Albans Telephone Company 123321 Hollis Telephone Company, Inc. 320777 The Home Telephone Company of Pittsboro, Inc. 320778 Home Telephone .