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CELEBRITYSPOTLIGHTSTHE STORY!Brandon Routh starsin “DC’s Legends ofTomorrow,” premieringThursday on The CW.FEATUREDSTORIES“Billions”“Mercy Street”“Angie Tribeca”MOVIES TOWATCHAnd so much more!Connect to these shows withinthis magazine!FOLIOCourtesy of Gracenote January 17 - 23, 2016POPPY MONTGOMERYBROOKE SHIELDSELIZABETH BLAULILY JAMESGEOFFREY ZAKARIANWHAT'S FORDINNERFeaturing:“Junk Food Flip”EXCLUSIVE!PROFILEDATHLETEKENNEDYMEEKS

CcontentsWhat’sHOT thisWeek!Click to jump to thesefeatured sections!YOURTVLINKCELEBRITY“BILLIONS”Emmy winners Paul Giamatti andDamian Lewis square off.4 POPPY MONTGOMERY“Unforgettable” star’shistory with the show iseasy to remember5 BROOKE SHIELDS“Flower Shop Mystery”star is looking to havesome fun6 ELIZABETH BLAUBlau has an eye for talent8 LILY JAMES“Downton Abbey” alummoves on to “War &Peace”“MERCY STREET”A love letter to valiant earlynurses9 GEOFFREY ZAKARIAN“ANGIE TRIBECA”‘Angie’ says silly things with astraight faceGetting to know the IronChef17FOOD7 “JUNK FOOD FLIP”Fewer calories, greaterenjoymentTHE STORY!SPORTS18-19 KENNEDY MEEKS“DC’S LEGENDS OFTOMORROW”‘Legends’ versus evilKennedy Meeks and theNorth Carolina Tar Heelschase another titleMOVIESIN EVERY ISSUE20-21 Featuring: Theatrical22-23 Featuring: Our topReview, Our top DVD pick,and Coming Soon on DVD.suggested programs to watchthis week!Page 2 YOUR TV LINK Courtesy of Gracenote January 17 - 23, 2016REALITY16 “PLANET PRIMETIME”‘Planet’ of pain

Editor's choiceSTORYS‘Legends’ band togetherto save humanityin new CW seriesBY GEORGE DICKIEIt’s 2166 and immortal evil madman VandalSavage is about to achieve his goal of the totalannihilation of humanity. It’s up to time travelingrogue Rip Hunter to make sure that doesn’thappen.In “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” premieringThursday, Jan. 21, on The CW, Time MasterHunter (Arthur Darville, “Doctor Who”) travels150 years into the past to assemble a carefullyselected team of rogues and heroes to stopthe threat. They are: billionaire scientist RayPalmer (Brandon Routh, “Superman Returns”)– aka the Atom – whose exo-suit can shrinkhim to miniscule size; trained assassin SaraLance (Caity Lotz, “Mad Men”), otherwiseknown as the White Canary; Professor MartinStein (Victor Garber, “Alias”) and Jefferson “Jax”Jackson (Franz Drameh, “Edge of Tomorrow”),who together form the meta-human Firestorm;Leonard Snart and Mick Rory (played by former“Prison Break” co-stars Wentworth Miller andDominic Purcell), known as Captain Cold andHeat Wave; and Kendra Saunders (Ciara Renée,“The Flash”) and Carter Hall (newcomer FalkHentschel) – aka Hawkgirl and Hawkman – manytimes-reincarnated souls who can fly – and whohave the critical advantage of having a spiritualconnection to Savage (Danish actor CasperCrumb).Together, the “Legends” travel back and forththrough time to stop Savage’s plans from beingset into motion and to ultimately save the world.And ideally, that means killing Savage but sincehe’s immortal that’s a tall order.“There’s a certain set of circumstances that haveto be put in play in order for him to actually die .so he’s immortal with an asterisk,” explains Routhwith a laugh. “But it’s harder than like ‘Highlander,’where if you cut off his head he’s gone orPictured: Caity Lotzsomething like that. And because he’s several thousandyears old . he is incredibly intelligent and great at strategyand close to getting to all the powerful people in the worldand trying to destroy the world or have all the power in theworld, he amasses armies and despots at his command.“Basically, because he’s been around so long he knowsall the tricks of the trade of humanity, so he’s very wily,” hecontinues. “And he can also kind of sense the one or twopeople who can actually kill him because in the lore of thecomics they’re all connected and he can sense that they’rearound, so it’s hard to sneak up on him as well.”Routh, who has experience playing superheroes through his2006 turn as the Man of Steel and Clark Kent in “SupermanReturns,” borrowed a little from that character to create RoyPalmer/The Atom.“I think every superhero has a little bit of Superman in them,they just deny it a little bit,” Routh says. “For instance forRay, Ray is not clumsy but he is very energetic and veryexcited and very passionate about what he does, so hecomes off a little goofy because of his pure passion abouthis technology and about creating a suit and just evensaving people, I would say. And that’s what makes himcreate the Atom suit, is to help people and to protect themthe way he couldn’t protect important people in his life in thepast. I mean, he makes a choice to do that.”Click or tap on icon for more!January 17 - 23, 2016 YOUR TV LINK Courtesy of Gracenote Page 3

CCELEBRITYJAY BOBBIN’S Q&APOPPYMONTGOMERYof‘Unforgettable’Friday on A&ENetworkYou’ve had New York as a series backdrop alot, given “Without a Trace” previously and“Unforgettable” now. What’s your take on the city?Every time a show gets canceled, I’ve had to break upwith New York, when my heart gets shattered. I’m like,“New York! I may not see you again for a while.” Andthen, we’re back together. Even a show I did called “TheBeat,” which I did with Mark Ruffalo all those years ago,filmed in New York. I was there for 15 episodes of that, soon and off, I’ve spent a lot of time there.I consider myself bicoastal, because my kids are in L.A.,so I travel every weekend to see them. We’re only in NewYork (for filming) five months of the year, and to pull themout of school would be a lot.Season 4 of “Unforgettable” opened with somethingof a shocker, revealing your character Carrie was stillmarried, somewhat secretly. Were you surprised tofind that out?Oh, yeah! The writers definitely had their work cut outfor them, and I think they did a really, really good job. Ilove (Skeet Ulrich, who played the husband), and he wassuch a sweetheart to work with, just a delight. He reallyis, and I hope if we get another season, he will comeback with us and play again. It was really fun.You’ve given birth to two children over the courseof making “Unforgettable.” What’s your reflection onthat?It takes a while to get back to yourself, but I kind of lovedit. This show . two revivals and two babies, so much hashappened in four seasons of “Unforgettable.” It’s mindboggling to me.FOLIOClick or tap on icon for more!Page 4 YOUR TV LINK Courtesy of Gracenote January 17 - 23, 2016

CELEBRITYCJAY BOBBIN’S Q&ABROOKESHIELDSOF ‘FLOWERSHOP MYSTERY:MUM’S THEWORD’ SUNDAYON HALLMARKMOVIES &MYSTERIESWhat made“Flower ShopMystery: Mum’sthe Word” interestyou as beingyour re-entry intotelevision?You’re also anexecutive producerof the “Flower ShopMystery” franchise.How has that gonefor you?I’ve been doing moretheater and I was writingmy book (“There Was aLittle Girl: The Real Storyof My Mother and Me”),so it’s been a couple ofyears, and this is a greatcharacter to be able tocome back to . and to beable to make a group ofthese movies.I didn’t expect it at first.In this, I really wantedto try to make them besomething different, and tohave a creative say in thematter. It’s been a real joyto be able to have opinionsand to see different cuts.To be involved on the otherside is a part of my brainthat I hadn’t had a chanceto use, and I’m reallyenjoying it.What do you think the generalappeal of “Flower Shop Mystery”is?It’s sort of the “Murder, She Wrote” genre. Ithink people are really look forward to beingentertained, and to have programming theycan enjoy with their families . with just enoughmystery, just enough romance and just enough“feel-good.” In this era we’re living in, I thinkpeople are craving it.I talk to many friends who have been watching somany of the other networks, with all their drama,and I think they’re relieved to laugh a little andbe able to forget the world for a while. By havingfemale leads, a lot of (Hallmark’s) shows arevery empowering on that level. Mine have a realhumor base to them as well, which I’ve just beenloving playing. To me, that was really important.Click or tap on icon for more!January 17 - 23, 2016 YOUR TV LINK Courtesy of Gracenote Page 5

CCELEBRITYGEORGE DICKIE’S Q&AELIZABETHBLAUof ‘Restaurant Startup’ Wednesdays onCNBCSo ideally inyour restaurant,you want atalented chefand an astutebusinessperson?As a restaurant owner doing the hiring, what tells you achef has potential?Well, I think you’ve got to understand their story and their background and why they’vegotten into this business and what they’re trying to do. If you don’t feel that they’vegot the business acumen (then) you want to see a great partnership because I thinkof chefs as artists, and so just because you’re a great artist and you can create goodfood, it doesn’t mean you’ve got the whole business package, just like a doctor or anyother professional that is just really great at what they do.So obviously, it’s the food and for me it’s not so much whether it’s hot or perfectlyseasoned because, you know, they’re not working in their own kitchen. But I thinkhaving done this and having done as many tastings as I have over the years, you cankind of just spot that talent and that raw creativity.Yep, and then there’s thethird component becausethere’s the person that’sgoing to be in the front ofthe house and managingthe service aspect andreally the guest interface.Because if you’re abusy restaurant yourchef is not going to bein the dining room. Sothere’s really those threecomponents that go into itbut oftentimes that personwho represents the frontof the house has thatcombination.Click or tap on icon for more!Page 6 YOUR TV LINK Courtesy of Gracenote January 17 - 23, 2016

FOODGEORGE DICKIE’S WHAT'S FOR DINNERDINKIANDFDEENtake out the fat on‘Junk Food Flip’It should go without saying that any dish containing bacon likely is not goingto be dietetic.In Nikki Dinki’s mind, those fried strips of salted, smoked pork are the biggestoffenders in adding unnessary calories, and they’re exactly the type of thingshe and co-host Bobby Deen are trying to replace in dishes in their series“Junk Food Flip,” which returns for its second season Tuesday, Jan. 19, onCooking Channel.“Bacon is one of those things that people seem to always throw it on top,”Dinki says, “and I think sometimes it’s wonderful, it’s valuable and bacon isdelicious. But there are a lot of times that I look at a dish and I think ‘Wasthere bacon in there?’ . I don’t think people quite understand how manycalories they’re adding by . adding those things.”In the series, Dinki and Deen visit lower-end eateries in Southern Californialooking to create healthful versions of decadent dishes. Frequently, thatmeans things like beef, pork and anything fried have got to go. In the end, therestaurant owners decide whether the new version is as good as the old. If itis, it goes on the menu. If not, they get a cash prize and bragging rights.In Tuesday’s season opener, they drop in on the wrestling-themed Lucha Libre Taco Shop in San Diego to reinventthe Champion’s Chicharrones Nachos, which uses fried pork rinds for nacho chips and weighs in at a whopping 2,300calories with 169 grams of fat.“(It is) actually the highest-caloried thing we ran into .,” Dinki says. “Besides the fun food, it was such a fun place andreally just made for a really, really cool episode and a fun time. And I think one of the coolest things is that we wereable to make something that was 550 calories that was comparable to what they were doing. And so it was probably thebiggest (calorie difference) between doing our healthy version and their indulgent version, and we were able to cut theamount of calories and fat drastically.”What book are youcurrently reading?“Currently I am readinga ‘Clan of the CaveBear’ series that mymother is a huge fan of,so I finally gave in andam reading it. It is oneof the longest booksthat I’ve ever read inmy entire life and a littleslow-moving, followingearly man. But it’s beenentertaining. .”What didyou have fordinner lastnight?“I had ramen. Istill have a bit ofa stomach bugso I got somenice, simpleramen. It was agood thing.”What is your next project?“The book (”Meat on the Side Cookbook“)comes out in June and so we literallyjust wrapped that up, which is reallyexciting. And now, because I’m kind of acrazy person, I already kind of have myhead thinking about book two (laughs),even though book one has not come outyet. So really, I’m in the process of justkind of data-banking a lot of recipes anddeveloping and kind of just getting back tocooking.”When was the last vacationyou took, where and why?“I was just away about threeweeks ago. We were in theCayman Islands in GrandCayman, so it was a nice beachvacation . . I was gone for abouta month, so we took a nice,needed vacation, me and myhusband, and just took it easy.”Click or tap on icon for more!January 17 - 23, 2016 YOUR TV LINK Courtesy of Gracenote Page 7

CCELEBRITYJAY BOBBIN’S CELEBRITY SCOOPLILYJAMESHow do you follow a stint on “Downton Abbey”?If you’re Lily James, you do it by playing one of the mostcelebrated heroines in literary history. Seen on the hugelypopular PBS “Masterpiece Classic” drama as LadyRose, the young British actress plays Natasha in a newadaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s “War & Peace.” A co-productionof England’s BBC and The Weinstein Company, the fourweek saga begins Monday, Jan. 18, on no less than threeU.S. networks – A&E, History and Lifetime – with Paul Dano(“Love and Mercy”), James Norton, Jim Broadbent and (justbefore her return in “The X-Files”) Gillian Anderson alsocast in the story of five families trying to ensure their futuresas imperialism comes to an end in Russia.“It was intense,” James says of the newest screenincarnation of a story filmed several times previously.“It was six months, and we started in the freezing subtemperatures and then ended with the White Nights, whichwas beautiful. It never got dark. We were filming in the mostincredible locations and the cast was gigantic, so it was areal production. And I was doing press for (the title role inDisney’s live-action) ‘Cinderella’ at the same time, so I feltvery schizophrenic.”Admitting she was “very naive” about “War & Peace” whenshe landed the part of Natasha, James recalls, “I knewit was Tolstoy, but I never thought, ‘Oh, I’m going to readthis soon.’ It wasn’t on my priority list, yet when I read thescript and the lines, I just was blown away. I fell in love withNatasha, her joy and her spirit and this openness abouther that never falters, despite the journey she goes on .which is so bleak. And reading the book was a whole otherexperience in itself. The story carries you away.”James merges classic drama with another genre in thetheatrical movie “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,”opening Feb. 5, and she’ll resurface on “Downton Abbey” inthe series finale March 6. She deems “War & Peace” one ofher career high points thus far, reasoning that “you’re drawninto each and every character. The relationships are so rich,and it’s about family and war and love, all those things thatare universal and that everyone can relate to.”Page 8 YOUR TV LINK Courtesy of Gracenote January 17 - 23, 2016Click or tap on icon for more!Birthdate: April 5, 1989Birthplace: Esher, Surrey, EnglandCurrent residence: LondonMarital status: Single (but dating “Doctor Who” actor MattSmith)Other television work includes: “Downton Abbey,” “SecretDiary of a Call Girl,” “Just William”Movie work includes: “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,”“Burnt,” “Cinderella,” “Last Girls,” “Broken,” “Wrath of theTitans”On the emotional depth demanded of“War & Peace”: “You need that. It can’t just belight and airy, because it’s not. (Natasha) tries to killherself, and even in the openness of her, I wanted thesense that there’s a danger attached to that. I found thatintoxicating, and I found that in reading the book, youalways knew life wasn’t going to be easy for her. Sheoperates in the extreme, and I hope I’ve been able to getthat across.”

CELEBRITYCELEBRITY PROFILECGE OF FR E Y ZA K A R IA N- Born July 25, 1959.- The Worcester, Massachusetts, native went to college as aneconomics major and, after graduating from the University ofMassachusetts, planned to get a master’s degree in businessadministration. While visiting France, he fell in love with food anddecided he wanted to be a chef.- In 1983, he Graduated from The Culinary Institute of America.- He landed a job at Le Cirque after graduating in 1981, workingfor master restaurateur Sirio Maccioni. When he first applied forthe job, he was told there were no openings – until he offered towork without pay. In five years, he worked his way up from PastrySous to Chef de Cuisine under Chef Alain Sailhac.- In 1987, he took his first turn as Executive Chef at thelegendary 21 Club.Geoffrey Zakarian is an Iron Chef,restaurateur and TV personality who cancurrently be seen on the latest season ofFood Networks “Top 5 Restaurants.”- In 2001, Zakarian opened his first restaurant, Town,which was awarded Three Stars from The New York Times.“Chopped” or battling other chefs – and the clock – on “IronChef America.”- He next opened Country, which was awarded a MichelinStar along with Three Stars from The New York Times.- In 2011, he won the 4th season of “The Next Iron Chef:Super Chefs,” earning him the title of Iron Chef.- In 2006, Clarkson Potter published his debut book,“Geoffrey Zakarian’s Town/Country,” which was namedEditor’s Choice by The New York Times Book Review andwas celebrated as “.one of the best cookbooks of 2006.”- In 2014, he assumed the Role of Chairman of the foodrescue organization City Harvest to lead its Food Councilin fighting hunger in NYC.- He is an ubiquitous presence on television, whether he’sgiving a cooking demonstration on ABC’s “The Chew,”sharing favorite dishes on Food Network’s “The BestThing I Ever Made,” judging contests on Food Network’s- He and Sunny Anderson are currently hosting seasontwo of “Top 5 Restaurants” on Food Network.- He has three children and cooks them breakfast everyweekday.Click or tap on icon for more!January 17 - 23, 2016 YOUR TV LINK Courtesy of Gracenote Page 9

CCELEBRITY“I did it in the way thatI could do it. Theyasked me to do anumber and I thought,What am I gonnado?’ Then I thought,‘I’m the host. It’s notabout me, it’s aboutthe music of the yearand the people whoare nominated.’ So Istarted out like it wasabout me, then I wentinto a medley of allthe great songs of theyear.” – Jennifer Lopezof “Shades of Blue” onNBC and “AmericanIdol” on Fox, abouther recent hosting ofthe American MusicAwards“It was one of those thingswhere once I started reallystudying it, it was just amatter of realizing thatthere were words andthere was a vocabularyfor the crazy things I wasputting in my head whenI was acting anyway. ‘Oh,there’s a term for what I doanyway? Oh, interesting.OK.’ And that was just afew things but many of thewonderful things I learnedI didn’t realize helpedyou live truthfully in animaginary circumstance.”– Tim DeKay of “SecondChance” on Fox, onstudying acting in collegeat Rutgers UniversityPage 10 YOUR TV LINK Courtesy of Gracenote January 17 - 23, 2016“There’s nothing more fun that that. Lastyear, when Kelly (Clarkson) came back up onthe stage, we all reminisced about that firstseason and I remember the first day I reallyspent with Carrie Underwood on the streetoutside the theater in downtown L.A. You lookat the growth and the success, and that’s apretty incredible context.” – Ryan Seacrest of“American Idol” on Fox, about trying to getalumni of the show back for the current, finalseason

CELEBRITYSON DVRsBrooke Shields of“Flower Shop Mystery:Mum’s the Word” onHallmark Movies &Mysteries“I’ve watched ‘Better CallSaul’ and ‘Breaking Bad,’and after that, I watchwhatever I can figure out(to record). I also watch‘Transparent,’ ‘UnREAL’and ‘Downton Abbey’ .I’m sort of in that world.”Rita Moreno of “Nina’sWorld” on Sprout“I love to catch up on‘Homeland’ and ‘MadamSecretary’ when I can, and afavorite show that I’ve alwaysgotten a lot of good laughsfrom is HBO’s ‘Getting On.’Ironically, I got a call from myagent to do a special guestappearance on this season’sfinale – and of course, I adoreLaurie Metcalf even more, nowthat I’ve worked with her onthe show.“Hoda Kotbof “Today”on NBC“I have‘Nashville’on mine.I have‘Empire’on mine.I have‘SaturdayNight Live.’I have ‘60Minutes’and anoccasionalspecial ofsome sort.”Adam Savage of “MythBusters” on Discovery Channel“We don’t watch as much television as we should, my wife and I. We’ve recentlybeen watching Aziz’s (Ansari) show, ‘Master of None.’ I think it’s brilliant. The twoshows that have blown me away recently are ‘Master of None’ and ‘Catastrophe,’and what I love about both of those is dramatically they’ve found a completelynew space for drama that doesn’t conform to where you expect it to go, and I getreally excited by that. Of course, I’m obsessed with ‘Better Call Saul.’ I’ve watched‘Breaking Bad’ all the way through twice.”January 17 - 23, 2016 YOUR TV LINK Courtesy of Gracenote Page 11

SSTORYPaul Giamatti stars in“Billions,” premiering Sundayon Showtime.Story on next pagePage 12 YOUR TV LINK Courtesy of Gracenote January 17 - 23, 2016

STORYS‘Billions’is new price of dramaBY JAY BOBBINOne is a dedicated U.S. attorney, the other a self-assuredhedge-fund titan . and an insider-trading probe is about tomake their worlds collide.Premiering Sunday, Jan. 17, the Showtime drama series“Billions” stars two Emmy-winning veterans of cable: PaulGiamatti (“John Adams”) as nose-to-grindstone lawyerChuck Rhoades, and Damian Lewis (“Homeland”) ascharismatic financial wizard Bobby “Axe” Axelrod. Whenseveral questionable cases reveal Axe as their commonlink, Rhoades goes after him. Complicating the pursuitis the fact that Rhoades’ wife (Maggie Siff, “Sons ofAnarchy”) is an employee and close confidante of Axe,whose savvy and loyal spouse is played by Malin Akerman(“Trophy Wife”).With financial columnist and “Too Big to Fail” authorAndrew Ross Sorkin among its creators and executiveproducers (along with Brian Koppelman and DavidLevien), and Neil Burger (“Divergent,” “Limitless”) asanother executive producer and the director of the firsttwo episodes, “Billions” brings its two main protagoniststogether on screen only occasionally – as with a hushedbut heated exchange between them in the debut.“I cover this world, so I know what the perception is andwhat you read on the page about this world.” Sorkin says,“but when you get inside the room, of course, they becomethese much more layered, complex people. We spent a lotof time, both with people that I’ve covered over the yearsin the hedge-fund world (and) people in the legal world.So we sat at a lot of tables, and tried to spend a lot of timereally digging in and getting under who these people areand what motivates them, what drives them . what is thisreally all about.”Though Axe displays a strong attitude, Lewis maintainsmuch of his “Billions” performance is achieved “bycostume. We all decided, just because this guy has gotlots of money, why should he walk around in 4,000 Brionisuits. Why doesn’t he just wear jeans, sneakers, T-shirts?He wears a necklace. He’s got a little Celtic cross on him,which you don’t see, but all of these things just help makehim be a guy from his neighborhood who happens to havea lot of money. And that empowers him.“But I think it’s important to stress (that) Bobby, he’s one ofthese guys who is quite empowered by a sense of himselfanyway, without the money,” Lewis adds. “I think the moneyadds, obviously, but (we’re) just trying to tap into thatneighborhood (feeling).”In his first turn as a weekly series star, Giamatti may nothave as flashy a role as the visibly determined Rhoades,but the actor gets his moments of controlled ferocity– particularly in talking about justice and the quest for it.(Just watch him dress down the owner of a dog that hasbefouled a public walkway in Episode 3.)“I’m finding that, potentially, there’s the best of both worldsof theater and movies happening in TV,” Giamatti reasons.“I get to constantly rework the character, but it’s differentmaterial every time that I’m reworking the characteron. In theater, I’m doing the same thing every night. It’sfascinating, and so far, it’s terrific.“I keep having this funny conundrum of, ‘Do I want to knowthe specifics of what’s going to happen?’ or, ‘Am I enjoyinglearning it as it happens?’ The kind of joy of that is reallyunique, too. I’ve never felt that, so the whole thing is superinteresting to me. And a lot of actors have said to me, ‘Youare going to enjoy doing TV if it’s a good show. It’s going tobe something you’re going to just like, (that) you are reallygoing to have a good time doing.’ It’s just been so muchfun so far.”Click or tap on icon for more!January 17 - 23, 2016 YOUR TV LINK Courtesy of Gracenote Page 13

SSTORYThe quality‘Mercy’ofMary Elizabeth Winstead stars in “Mercy Street,”premiering Sunday on PBS.Story on next pagePage 14 YOUR TV LINK Courtesy of Gracenote January 17 - 23, 2016

STORYS‘MERCYSTREET’ bringsCivil War down toits most humanlevel on PBSBY JOHN CROOKA new historical drama series re-examines the Civil Warfrom a fresh perspective as “Mercy Street” premieresSunday, Jan. 17, on PBS (check local listings).The fact-based drama opens in the spring of 1862, inAlexandria, Va., where the lives of two nurses – NewEngland abolitionist Mary Phinney (Mary ElizabethWinstead) and Southern belle Emma Green (HannahJames) – intersect within Mansion House, a hotel runby Emma’s family that has been transformed into aUnion Army hospital. Since the facility also houses somewounded Confederate soldiers, it’s a vibrant microcosm ofordinary Americans on both sides of the conflict.“The ambition of the show was to take this defining periodin American history, but to explore it through an entirelydifferent prism,” explains executive producer David W.Zucker (“The Good Wife”). “The key decision was to bringthe war down to a personal level. We are dealing with thepeople living in this community and seeing the war that ishappening all around and about them.”Zucker says another member of the creative team, former“ER” executive producer and scribe David Zabel, hascompared this approach to “Rosencrantz & GuildensternAre Dead,” Tom Stoppard’s brilliant comedy that looks at“Hamlet” from the perspective of two minor characters.The diverse ensemble includes Josh Radnor (“How I MetYour Mother”) as a visionary civilian surgeon, NorbertLeo Butz (“Bloodline”) as a by-the-book Army surgeon,Jack Falahee (“How to Get Away With Murder”) as aConfederate spy, and Gary Cole (“Veep”) as the owner ofMansion House, who is trying to play both sides againstthe middle for his own profit.Pictured: Mary Elizabeth WinsteadWinstead, who was cast as Mary Phinney just daysbefore filming began, says she was drawn to thecharacter’s forward-thinking sensibilities.“She had absolutely no qualms at all about saying whatwas on her mind or doing what she wanted to do,” theactress says. “The more I read about her and aboutother women of the time, I realized that there were somany women like that. It was a movement at the time,so many feminists who were fighting for the rights ofwomen as well as the rights of African-Americans.”Among the surprises, Winstead adds, was the discoverythat Phinney and her fellow nurses had to fight for aplace in the male-dominated hospital.“You would think they would want all the help they couldget, but the women who asked to be allowed to helpoften were turned away and treated with disdain,” shesays. “The doctors and surgeons who were running thehospital had the attitude ‘But what can you do? You’rejust a woman.’ These were really the first female nursesof our time, because they said, ‘No, I am going to comehere and I am going to lend some help, because youneed it.’ They would not take no for an answer.”Click or tap on icon for more!January 17 - 23, 2016 YOUR TV LINK Courtesy of Gracenote Page 15

SSTORYCAVALLIexplores TV fromthe inside on‘Planet Primetime’BY GEORGE DICKIEPictured: Karla CavalliAsk Karla Cavalli about her role as host of Traveland really proud of myself. Because oftentimes on ‘PlanetChannel’s new series “Planet Primetime” and she’ll readily Primetime,’ I’m not given necessarily a lot of time. Soadmit she’s a guinea pig.whereas competitors who are on the show on a weeklybasis get a week and 12 hours a day of rehearsal in orderto nail a two-minute routine, I’m given like an hour a day“Oh, without a doubt, a thousand percent,” the actress,for three days to try to work it out and look good. And thedancer and self-described pop-culture addict says. “I ama guinea pig because I don’t know that anyone else in the pressure, I think, that I put on myself is making sure thatI represent the network, that I represent my family and Iworld has actually done kind of some of the things that Ihave had the opportunity to experience, which were really represent the country in a really positive light. And I wantto perform well.”incredible but also terrifying a lot of times.”What she’s doing in the 14-episode half-hour series, whichpremieres with back-to-back episodes on Tuesday, Jan. 19,is exploring some of the most popular TV shows aroundthe world from the inside, actually appearing on them,learning bits of the native language and performing thingsthat can take her well out of her comfort zone.The series also visits countries such as Brazil, Colombia,Israel and India, as well as the location for the premiereepisode, Tokyo, where Cavalli appeared on the longrunning game show “Gaki No Tsukai.” But in order to gainan understanding of what makes Japanese laugh, she firstmade a stop at that country’s famous NSC comedy school.Like, for instance, ice skating in Russia with OlympianMaxin Shabalin on a show called “Ice Age.”Turns out the Japanese love slapstick.“I had to learn how to ice skate and do a two-minutefull routin

18-19 KENNEDY MEEKS“ Kennedy Meeks and the North Carolina Tar Heels chase another title 4 POPPY MONTGOMERY “Unforgettable” star’s history with the show is easy to remember 5 BROOKE SHIELDS “Flower Shop Mystery” star is looking to have some fun 6 ELIZABETH BLAU Blau has an eye