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VSL - Your Partner for Design, ConstruVSL InternationalThe VSL organisation has grown from being asmall Swiss post-tensioning subcontractor to anacknowledged world leader in special constructionmethods since its first commercial application ofthe VSL Post-Tensioning system in 1956.Worldwide networkVSL operates through 60 locations as a worldwidenetwork, which includes technical centres locatedin Switzerland and Singapore as well as productionfacilities in Spain, Thailand and China. The group’s4,600 employees – including 900 engineers andtechnicians – provide a full range of constructionservices, from project planning and consultancythrough to the execution of the work on site including construction engineering and technical support.VSL – a commitment to quality, safetyand sustainable developmentVSL has put in place rigorous policies for quality,safety and sustainable development in keepingwith its position as a leading specialist contractor. Proactive management systems have beenestablished to address local needs while ensuringuniform high standards throughout the company’snetwork.VSL recognises that its employees are the keyto competitiveness, efficiency and safe workingpractices. The company is committed to “Safetyfirst” and strives for “Zero Accident” operations bymotivating and empowering its employees to actresponsibly in order to achieve these goals.Sustainable DevelopmentFor VSL, sustainable development means strikinga balance in its activities between the economicprofitability of its business operations and theirsocial and environmental impacts.VSL Heavy LiftingVSL Heavy Lifting has carried out hundreds ofchallenging projects all over the world – involvingan incredible variety of different applications –and has set many new records in the process.Its unrivalled specialist experience has beengained on projects where it has lifted, lowered,slid and tilted loads for everything from bridges toskyscrapers, offshore platforms to sports stadiums.The business started successfully in 1970 with thelifting of two silo roofs at Portoscuso in Sardinia,Italy. A further milestone soon followed in 1971with the lifting and tensioning of the roof structureof Munich’s world-famous Olympic Stadium.The VSL strand lifting system is at the heart ofall heavy lift operations and, in an ever-moreeco-conscious world, contributes to deliveringsustainable solutions as it has only minimalenvironmental impact. A strand lifting unit has thecapacity to move 300 to 500 times its own weight –in comparison the ratio for a crane might be as lowas one, depending on the situation. As a result, theresources required to mobilise the VSL equipmenton site are substantially lower, which makes heavylifting a far more environmentally friendly solution.VSL designed and built a 1.3km-long six-lane cable-stayed bridge, connecting the western coastline of Abu Dhabi with Hodariyat Island.Hodariyat Bridge, Abu Dhabi - UAE (2009-2012)2VSL HEAVY LIFTINGC r eatingS o l u ti

uction and Related Services worldwideCreating Solutions togetherGROUND ENGINEERINGGroundanchorsCONSTRUCTIONVSoL wallsBridgesD-walls& PilesREPAIR, STRENGTHENING& Slab on gradeGroundinvestigationti o nsStructuraldiagnostics& MonitoringRepair nLNG & LPGcontainmentsSYSTEMS & TECHNOLOGIESHeavy lifting Post-tensioning strand systems Bars & post-tensioning bar systems Stay cable systemsFormwork &Equipment Damping systems (stays & buildings) Bridge deck formwork erection equipment Bearings & comt o gethe rVSL HEAVY LIFTING3

HEAVY LOADS – POSITIONED WITH SKILLCUSTOM-ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS FOR MOVING LARGE STRUCTURESLIFTINGTAILORED SERVICESVSL offers a complete range of services from initialconcept through to the engineering, planning,equipment supply and execution of any kind ofheavy lifting project.JACKINGThe approach is flexible and the scope of the services provided by VSL is tailored to specific projectrequirements. VSL operates worldwide, deliveringthe most appropriate solutions for each project./ Feasibility studies and preliminary consultationfor lifting, lowering, sliding, skidding, tilting andjacking operations/ Project design and planning, equipmentspecifi cation, scheduling and budgeting/ Design, manufacture and supply of specialistequipment and temporary structures/ Rental and operation of VSL equipment/ Execution of the heavy lifting operationSKIDDING4VSL HEAVY LIFTINGC r eatingS o l u ti

Benefits to clientsEconomy/ Cost-effective and practical methods forcarrying out complex operations/ Considerable time-savings/ Decreased usage of cranes/ Reduced need for temporary supports andfalseworkSafety/ Increased safety through the use of customisedmethods/ Controlled and well-managed working procedures/ Reduced need for working at heights thanksto ground-level assembly of large structuralelements/ Controlled handling of loadsLOWERING/ Fail-safe methods using a strand jacking systemthat keeps the load mechanically secured evenin the unlikely event of an electrical or hydraulicfaultQuality/ Collaboration at every step from early designonwards/ Soundly engineered systems and methods/ Reliable operations drawing on long experience/ Non-invasive operations with minimum impacton the load being handledEnvironment/ Minimum environmental impact/ Use of biodegradable fluids/ Low energy consumptionReliable supportTILTING/ Nearly 50 years of experience in heavy liftingworks, including design and execution togetherwith equipment provision and operation/ Operations backed by a worldwide networkand the complete range of VSL products andservicesAll operations carriedout to recognisedinternational standardsISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management SystemISO 14001: 2004 Environmental ManagementOHSAS 18001: 2007 Occupational health andsafety management systems.SLIDINGti o nst o gethe rVSL HEAVY LIFTING5

THE VSL’s HEAVY LIFTING SYSTEMSTHE VSL STRAND JACKING SYSTEMVSL’s hydraulic strand jacking system is designedfor the lifting, lowering, sliding and tilting of loads.The system’s main components are a motive unit, atension member (made up of strands and an anchorage for the load), a hydraulic pump and a monitoringand control system.Tension MemberThe tension member consists of 7-wire steel prestressing strands of 15.24 mm nominal diameter. Itis anchored to the load by a specially designed endanchorage.Motive UnitHydraulic PumpThe motive unit consists of a hydraulic center-holejack together with upper and lower anchorages.The oil flow for the motive units is provided byelectro-hydraulic pumps with either single ormultiple outlets.The upper anchorage is attached to the jack’s piston. When the hydraulic jack extends, the strandsare gripped by the wedges in the upper anchorageand move upwards.When the piston starts its downward movementready for the next stroke, strands are gripped bythe wedges in the bottom anchorage. The upperanchorage opens at the same time.This sequence is repeated to move the load in astep-by-step process. For lowering operations,VSL motive units are equipped with a device thatautomatically controls the opening and closing ofthe anchorages.The characteristics of these pumps guaranteesynchronised jacking, even under variable loads.Built-in pressure gauges or remote pressurecontrol devices allow monitoring at all times.The size of the pump is chosen to suit the loadbeing moved. The movement speed depends on theproject requirements and can exceed 20 m/hour, ifrequired.Strand bundleMoreUpper anchorageWedgesHydraulic JackLoweranchorageTension memberLoadTo lift the cable-net roof of a major stadium, two strand jacking units were installed at each lifting point onthe compression ring. Each pump served up to seven lifting points.Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil (2013)6VSL HEAVY LIFTINGC r eatingMoreS o l u ti

SPECIAL features/ The VSL strand jacking system is lightweightand easy to handle/ The load is secured at every step of theoperation/ The efficient, compact modular systemis easily adaptable to client and projectrequirementsCONTROL AND MONITORINGThe VSL jacking system enables precisioncontrolled movement to within millimetres,whether operated manually or by remotecontrol.This precise coordination of all movementsacross every part of the system is achievedby using specially designed, computer-basedmulti-point monitoring systems.Key Data for VSL Strand Lifting UnitsTypeCapacity ¹Max. numbers of strands Cable diameterkNBody DimensionsWEIGHT ²mmHeight mmWidth/Depth All technical data are based on VSL standard equipment.Piston strokes vary between 160 mm and 550 mm, depending on the type of unit.¹ Capacity is based on Y1860S7.15.2 strands in accordance with the requirements of EN 10138:2009; or grade 1860 [270] -15 strands meeting ASTM A416/416M-10 with a safetyfactor of s 2,5 with respect to the minimum breaking force of the strands.² Body dimensions and weight listed are for the basic version of the SLU lifting units with the maximum piston stroke.ti o nst o gethe rVSL HEAVY LIFTING7

The VSL Skidding SystemThe VSL hydraulic skidding system (VSS) isdesigned for moving heavy loads along the groundin any direction, even over long distances. Thesystem’s main components are skid shoes, pushpull units, skid tracks, hydraulic pumps and amonitoring and control system.SKID SHOESPUSH-PULL UNITSEach skid shoe consists of a triangular steelhousing with an integrated vertical jack anda rocker bearing. Ground pressure is kept to aminimum by spreading the load over the length ofthe skid shoe. Options for further spreading of theload are available if required.Push-pull units are horizontal double-actinghydraulic jacks that supply the motive forceneeded to propel the complete system in eitherdirection. They are connected to the tracks and theedges of the skid shoe.A simplified version called a skid beam can beused if the load does not need to be raised in thevertical directionThe skid shoes slide on the pads of a skid track.The skid tracks are U-shaped steel channels,which are connected together by a simple pinarrangement and contain integrated PTFE pads. Alubricant further reduces the friction.SKID TRACKSHYDRAULIC PUMPSRocker bearingVSS is operated using standard VSL electrohydraulic pumps. The size of the pump is chosen tosuit the load being moved.Vertical jackSkid trackSkid shoeMONITORING AND CONTROL SYSTEMPush-pull unitTYPE8SKID SHOEPUSH-PULL UNITCapacitykNMin. VSS-10009900146260011600560/3201250VSL HEAVY LIFTINGThe VSS enables precision-controlled movementto within millimetres, whether operated manuallyor by remote control. This precise coordination ofall movements across every part of the system isachieved by using specially designed, computerbased multi-point monitoring systems, customisedto the project‘s requirements.SPECIAL FEATURESSkidding tracks can be laid out on even groundwithout any fixings, including in situationswith large-radius curves. Special skid tracksare available for use when moving loads alongsharp curves.A 2,500 t tunnel boring machine was skidded 625 moverland. TBM, Bienne - Switzerland (2010 and 2011)C r eatingS o l u ti

Massive concrete caissons were skidded in their casting yard so that they could then be lowered into the sea by a VSL gantry.Each caisson weighed 3,400 t, measured 28 m by 28 m in plan view and was 10 m high.MORE Tangiers Med 2 container port - Morocco (2011 - 2013)ti o nsFLEXIBILITYVSL Heavy Lifting’s wide range of equipment allows even exceptionalloads to be moved. The range includes a large selection of hydraulicjacks, pumps, skidding equipment, control units, monitoring systemsand modular lifting/jacking frames such as lifting towers, liftinggantries and turntables.Together they provide VSL Heavy Lifting with the capability and flexibility to carry out virtually any project that requires lifting, lowering,sliding, skidding, tilting or jacking.Two 900 t container cranes were moved 160 m using VSS.Tilbury Container Cranes, London - UK (2014)t o gethe rVSL HEAVY LIFTING9

CREATING CONNECTIONS – BRIDGESErection of arch segments for a striking 843 m-long bridge wouldn’t have been possible without the expertise of the VSL Heavy Liftingteam. The bridge’s curved design symbolises sand dunes in the desert. Sheik Zayed Bridge, Abu Dhabi - UAE (2006-2010)Space restrictions led to the development of a totally new method for launching the steel structures of two main viaducts.Cadagua Viaduct, Bilbao - Spain (2009 - 2010)10VSL HEAVY LIFTINGMoreC r eatingS o l u ti

A complete 740 m-long bridge was slid laterally following an earlier operation to lift the two middle spans from pontoons.Milton-Madison Bridge, linking Indiana and Kentucky - USA (2012 and 2014)MoreA 1,600 t centre span with a length of 55 m was lifted into place. Tseung Kwan O Bridge, Hong Kong - China (2012)VSL was brought in to recover a 128 m-long steel bridge that had fallen into the river.The 550 t bridge was then launched 36 m into position. Omo Bridge - Ethiopia (2013)ti o nsLaunching and lateral sliding operations were carried out for a 606 m-long replacement railway bridge. Rheinvorland Bridge, Worms - Germany (2010 - 2012)Moret o gethe rVSL HEAVY LIFTING11

The roof structure of Warsaw’s new stadium features a stunning central spire, two tension rings and 144 radial cables.The cable-net roof was lifted by 144 strand lifting jacks. Narod Stadium, Warsaw - Poland (2010-2011)HIGH-LEVEL LIFTS – BUILDINGSBuilding the world’s highest ‘sky bridge’ involved lifting 750 t segmentsby 230 m. Gate District Towers, Abu Dhabi - UAE (2011)The roof of a massive aircraft hangar was lifted in two parts, weighing 970 t and 770 t.A380 Hangar, Toulouse - France (2013)MORE12VSL HEAVY LIFTINGC r eatingS o l u ti

MOREThe last pin: one of thelargest cable-net roofsin the world was raisedinto place using 60lifting points. MaracanãStadium, Rio de Janeiro Brazil (2012-2013)The new stadium in Durban has a remarkable roofstructure: a giant Y-shaped arch representing theMORESouth African flag. Its construction required thespecial installation of ‘flying’ - or self-climbing -VSL carried out a complexstrand jacking units. Moses Mabhida Stadium,operation to lift a 340 tDurban - South Africa (2008-2009)steel roof, transfer theload onto the permanentbearings and installAND STADIUMSti o nsa lighting ring. SSEHydro Arena, Glasgow Scotland (2012-2013)With a lifting distance of 335 m VSL Heavy Lifting broke a new record when it raised three roof trusses on top of the ADNOC’snew headquarters building. The trusses were then slid into their final positions. ADNOC Building, Abu Dhabi - UAE (2013)MOREt o gethe rVSL HEAVY LIFTING13

MOREInstallation of the core element of a wind farm by involved lifting the 5,500 t hull and lowering the 3,500 t substructure.Global Tech I Platform, German North Sea - Germany (2012-2013)Offshore installation of a self-elevating legCooling towers for a power plant were built in a dry dock before being transported by sea and then lowered into thebarge required VSL to lift a 2,300 t hull andwater onto their foundations. Electrabel Power Plant, Wilhelmshaven - Germany (2013)lower four support legs, each weighing 145 t.Sanaga Leg Barge - Cameroon (2001-2012)14VSL HEAVY LIFTINGMOREC r eatingS o l u ti

FLEXIBLE OPERATIONS – OffshoreMore than 100 caissons were skidded and then towed into position to create newbreakwaters. Tangiers Med 2 container port - Morocco (2011-2013)Two 2,000 t concrete caissons were lowered about 100 m onto the ground of a reservoir.ti o nsDam Reservoir, Emosson - Switzerland (2011 and 2012)Risers and umbilical cables were lifted from a depth greater than 100 m onto a floatingproduction storage and off-loading unit. The coilers for the operation were custom-madefor the project. USAN Deepwater Development Project - Nigeria (2011)t o gethe rVSL HEAVY LIFTING15

PRECISE INSTALLATION – INDUSTRY ANDA 2,700 t storage tankwas lifted by 35 m.Abidjan Water Tower Ivory Coast (2008)16VSL HEAVY LIFTINGVSL lifted a power plant’s steel boiler components and some of the pipework.A machine-house gantry crane was replaced with aPower Plant Walsum Block 10 - Germany (2007-2008)larger one. Power Plant, Gösgen - Switzerland (2012)C r eatingS o l u ti

D ENERGYThree 180 t dome-shaped roofs were raised about 70 m into their final positions using 16 lifting points. Al Khaleej Sugar Silo, Dubai - UAE (2011)Exchange of the machine house gantry craneto a bigger sized type. Power Plant Gösgen ISwitzerland (2012)ti o nsFor the lifting and lowering operations at Europe’s largest pumped storage plant, VSL HeavyLifting developed a new tandem lifting/lowering system that allowed speeds of up to 40 m/hto be achieved. La Muela Hydroelectric Power Station - Spain (2009-2010)Four Aalborg boilers were lifted at the energy recovery plantof one of the most energy-efficient ferrosilicon producers.Finnfjord energy recovery plant, Finnsnes - Norway(2011 and 2012)t o gethe rVSL HEAVY LIFTING17

Customised Solutions – SPECIAL PROJECTSRecord-breaking box-jacking was carried out to install two adjacent 65 m-long concretetunnel modules underneath six live Queensland Rail lines. It is believed to be the world’slargest single box-jack ever undertaken and required a design force of 360,000 kN on thelargest box. Airport link, Brisbane - Australia (2011)VSL carried out 1,400,000 test cycles over a six-month period to assess the performanceof wind turbine foundations. Simulating the repeated wind and wave effects on the gravityMOREfoundation required the loading to be increased from 1,000 kN to 11,000 kN within just afew seconds. Wind turbine foundation testing, Cuxhaven - Germany (2010-2011)A 450 t pinnacle was lifted 89 m onto the top of the world’s tallest building.Burj Khalifa, Dubai - UAE (2009)VSL lowered into place 15 segments weighing between 250 t and 1,920 t for CERN’s CMSdetector, 97 m below ground. CERN, Geneva - Switzerland (2004)18VSL HEAVY LIFTINGC r eatingS o l u ti

Reliability based on PROVEN experience1970OLYMPIC STADIUM, MUNICH - GERMANYFirst large-scale application of the VSL strand jacking technique, for the liftingand tensioning of the world-famous roof1980SIA Hangar, Changi Airport - SingaporeLifting by 27 m of a stell roof structure weighing 3,600 t1985NUCLEAR POWER PLANT, BEZNAU - SWITZERLANDMultiple operations carried out between 1985 and the present day, includingthe exchange of major components such as steam generators1995PETRONAS TWIN TOWERS, KUALA LUMPUR - MALAYSIALifting of a 325 t ‘sky bridge’ to link the twin towers at a height of 170 mti o ns2007STONECUTTERS BRIDGE, HONG KONG - CHINALifting of bridge segments for one of the world’s longestcable-stayed bridgest o gethe rVSL HEAVY LIFTING19

VSL LOCATIONSHEADQUARTERSVSL International Ltd.Saegestrasse 76CH - 3098 KönizSwitzerlandPhone: 41 58 456 3000Email: [email protected] /VSL Sistemas Especiales deConstrucción Argentina S. A.BUENOS AIRESPhone: 54 11 5272 87 52CANADAVSL France S.A. (Bouygues TPRF) *LABÈGEPhone: 33 05 33 65 96 59POLANDARGENTINAVSL Brasil Construção eRecuperação LtdaSÃO PAULOPhone: 55 113 521 7153/4VSL Systémy /CZ/, s.r.o.PRAGUEPhone: 420 2 51 09 16 80Vorspann Systems LtdTorontoPhone: 1 416 477 1042CHILEVSL Polska Sp.o.o.WARSZAWAPhone : 48 22 849 22 09VSL Sistemas Especiales deConstrucción S.A.SANTIAGOPhone: 56 2 2571 6700PORTUGALMEXICOVSL Sistemas Portugal SAPACO DE ARCOSPhone: 351 21 445 83 10VSL Corporation Mexico S.A. de C.V.MEXICOPhone: 52 55 55 11 20 36SPAINPeruVSL Construction Systems SABARCELONAPhone: 34 93 289 23 30SWITZERLANDVSL (Switzerland) Ltd.SubingenPhone: 41 58 456 3030Asia /Americas /BRAZILCZECH REPUBLICFRANCESINGAPOREVSL PERU S.A.CLIMAPhone: 51 1 713 9832Africa /SOUTH AFRICAVSL Construction Solutions(Pty) Ltd *JOHANNESBURGPhone: 27 10 492 1811TUNISIAVSL Switzerland Tunisia BranchTUNISPhone: 216 70 72 84 73Middle East /SULTANATE OF OMANVSL Muscat LLCMuscatPhone: 971 4 885 7225UNITED ARAB EMIRATESVSL Middle East LLCDUBAI, UAEPhone: 971 4885 7225DOHA, QATARVSL Middle East (Qatar ) LLCDohaPhone: 974 44 279 639BRUNEIVSL Systems (B) Sdn. Bhd.BRUNEI DARUSSALAMPhone: 673 2 380 153 / 381 827CHINA PRCVSL Engineering Corp., Ltd. (China)HEFEIPhone: 86 551 382 29 18HONG KONGVSL Hong Kong Ltd.CHAI WANPhone: 852 2590 22 88INDIAVSL Singapore Pte. Ltd.SINGAPOREPhone: 65 6559 12 22TAIWANVSL Taiwan Ltd.TAIPEIPhone: 886 2 2759 68 19THAILANDVSL (Thailand) Co. Ltd.BANGKOKPhone: 66 2 679 76 15 – 19VIETNAMVSL Vietnam Ltd.HANOIPhone: 84 4 3976 5088VSL India Private Ltd.CHENNAIPhone: 91 44 4225 11 11HO CHI MINH CITYINDONESIAAustralia /PT VSL IndonesiaJAKARTAPhone: 62 21 570 07 86JAPANPhone: 84 8 810 6817VSL Australia Pty LtdNEW SOUTH WALESPhone: 61 2 9484 5944VSL Japan CorporationTOKYOPhone: 81 3 3346 8913KOREAVSL Korea Co. Ltd.SEOULPhone: 82 2 553 8200UNITED STATES OF AMERICAMALAYSIAStructural Technologies *BALTIMORE, MDPhone: 1 410 850 7000VSL Engineers (M) Sdn. Bhd.KUALA LUMPURPhone: 60 3 7981 4742SAINT LEGIERPhone: 41 58 456 3000PHILIPPINESVSL Philippines Inc.MANDALUYONG CITYPhone: 632 571 6203UNITED KINGDOMVSL System (UK) LtdLUTONPhone: 44 148 040 44 01(*) LicenceesSpecialist SubsidiariesVSL Heavy LiftingSwitzerlandSubingenPhone: 41 58 456 SL InfrastructureProtection LtdLONDONPhone: 44 207 803 3614SINGAPOREPhone: 65 65 59 12 22SYDNEYPhone: 61 2 94 84 5944Intrafor Hong Kong Ltd.CHAI WAN, HONG KONGPhone: 852 2836 31 12DUBAI, UAEPhone: 971 4 885 7225FT Laboratories Ltd.PING CHE, HONG KONGPhone: 852 2758 48 61Copyright 12/2015, VSL International Ltd.Printed in Germany - patentedThe information set forth in this brochure including technical and engineering data is presented for generalinformation only. While every effort has been made to insure its accuracy, this information shouldnot be used or relied upon for any specific application without independent professional examinationand verification of its accuracy, suitability and applicability. Anyone using this material assumes anyand all liability resulting from such use. VSL disclaims any and all express or implied warranties ofmerchantability fitness for any general or particular purpose in regard to the information or productscontained or referred to herein. Nothing herein contained shall be construed as granting a license, expressor implied under any patents.www.vsl.comVSL Offshore Pte LtdSINGAPOREPhone: 65 6 559 13 05

VSL - Your PArTNEr For DESIGN, CoNSTruCTIoN AND rELATED SErVICES worLDwIDE VSL INTErNATIoNAL The VSL organisation has grown from being a small Swiss post-tensioning subcontractor to an acknowledged world leader in special construction methods since its first commercial application of the VSL P