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ExteriorMulti-task to the maxProtect, enhance and personalize your Siennawith Genuine Toyota Accessories.Add your own comfort and style to your Sienna withElectronicsGenuine Toyota Accessories, which are designed and builtto Toyota standards for quality, fit and finish.toyota.com/accessoriesInterior

Exterior AccessoriesMore versatility, protection and style.Paint Protection Film Like a clear suit of armor,Genuine Toyota paint protection film1 helps guard againstroad debris that can chip and scratch its finish.Manufactured from durable, nearly invisible urethane, thefilm is designed for specific sections of the vehicle thathave the highest potential for contact with stones andother debris. Paint protection film is available for the hood/fendersand front bumper (each set sold separately)toyota.com/accessoriesSee footnote 1 in disclosure section on back cover.

Lower Door Moldings Contoured for an ideal fit in gleamingchrome, lower door moldings help provide stylish protectionagainst dents and dings.

Exterior AccessoriesAlloy Wheel Locks ( A ) Precisely machined, weightbalanced alloy wheel locks provide added protection foryour wheels and tires. Weight-matched to the stock lug nut—no rebalancingis needed Triple nickel chrome plating helps ensure superiorcorrosion protection and lasting shineADoor Edge Guards ( B ) Help prevent door edge dingsand chipped paint with this protective finishing touch. Thermoplastic-coated stainless steel is preciselymatched to the exterior finish Compression-fitted to door edge contours Blends seamlessly to complement exterior stylingMudguards ( C ) Help protect your paint finish from roaddebris and the damage it causes. Blends seamlessly with exterior styling Set includes four mudguardstoyota.com/accessoriesCBB

Roof Rail Cross Bars2 Mount directly to the roof railsto help you carry up to 150 additional pounds of cargo,and also provide additional secure tie-down points for avariety of roof rail accessories.See footnote 2 in disclosure section on back cover.

Exterior AccessoriesLower Door Moldings (A) Provide a stylishenhancement to your Sienna. Contoured for an ideal fit Chrome finishedTrailer Ball and Ball Mount (B) Designed andengineered to work together, the trailer ball and ballmount3,4 are built and tested to match your Sienna’sexact towing capacity.A Cold-forged steel construction helps providesuperior strength Available in a variety of trailer ball diameters Optimized placement provides precise drop/rise tomaintain vehicle departure angle On-road testing of trailer ball and ball mount helpsensure towing system integrity Trailer ball and ball mount sold separatelytoyota.com/accessoriesBSee footnotes 3 and 4 in disclosure section on back cover.

Interior AccessoriesMake it easy to be organized.Carpet Floor Mats (A,B) These plush, long-wearingcarpet floor mats5 help protect and dress up yourinterior.A Durable, fade-resistant carpet features a Sienna logo Driver’s-side quarter-turn fasteners and skid-resistantbacking on all mats help keep them in place Second row carpet floor mats accommodate Siennaseating configurationstoyota.com/accessoriesBSee footnotes 5 in disclosure section on back cover.

Interior AccessoriesAll-Weather Floor Mats (A) Count on these ruggedall-weather floor mats5,6 to help protect the vehicle'soriginal carpet. Ribbed-channel design helps contain moisture, dirtand other debris Driver’s-side quarter-turn fasteners and skid-resistantbacking on all mats help keep them in placeADoor Sill Protectors (B) Help protect your Sienna’s frontdoor sills from scuffs, scrapes and scratches. Made of durable, skid-resistant materials Features a Sienna logotoyota.com/accessoriesBSee footnotes 5 and 6 in disclosure section on back cover.

Cargo Organizer 2 It features large and small solid-sidedcovered bins that accommodate cargo in a variety of shapesand sizes and remove easily for maximum versatility andcleaning ease. The cargo organizer fits easily and securely inthe cargo well behind rear seats.See footnote 2 in disclosure section on back cover.

Interior AccessoriesCargo Tote (A) The collapsible, soft-sided cargo tote2secures a variety of items, and helps keep them uprightand in place. Removable divider panels help hold items upright Two carrying handles make for easy loading andunloading Stores flat when not in useACargo Net – Envelope2 ( B ) Is a versatile, lightweightsolution for securing everyday items. Quick, easy attachment and removal Envelope-style netting accommodates a wide varietyof shapes and sizestoyota.com/accessoriesBSee footnote 2 in disclosure section on back cover.

Interior AccessoriesAshtray Cup (A) This convenient, self-contained ashtraycup fits snugly inside the cupholder. Hinged lid helps minimize odors and flyaway ashes Easy to empty and cleanEmergency Assistance Kit (B) Don’t let small issuesstop you in your tracks. Kit includes booster cables, stainless steel multipurpose tool, survival blanket, gloves, flashlight, tirepressure gauge and bungee cord Reflective warning triangle and trim on kit exterior helpalert other drivers to your vehicleAFirst Aid Kit (C) Be prepared for life’s little emergencies. Soft-sided kit includes insect-sting pads, bandages,scissors, two emergency blankets and more VELCRO brand mounting strips help the kit remainfirmly in placetoyota.com/accessoriesBC

Electronic AccessoriesForward-thinking technology that keeps you ahead.Key Finder7 (A) The new Key Finder makes losing yourkeys a thing of the past. Just download the free KeyFinder app to your iPhone 8 and you’ll be alerted whenyou’re about to leave your keys behind.A If you misplace your keys, Key Finder app can locatethem from up to 60 feet away Key Finder’s two way tracking can also locate youriPhone Key Finder app monitors up to eight separate Apple Bluetooth devicesRemote Engine Starter9 (B) Have your vehicle'sinterior ready, waiting and comfortable in any kind ofweather. Use your smart key fob to start or stop the engine Activates preset air conditioner, heater, defogger,defroster and temperature settings when engineis startedtoyota.com/accessoriesBSee footnotes 7, 8 and 9 in disclosure section on back cover.

Wireless Headphones Additional wireless headphones10let multiple passengers enjoy a personalized entertainmentexperience. Lightweight, cushioned and fully adjustable, theheadphones have iIndividual volume control and on/off switchwith LED indicator.See footnote 10 in disclosure section on back cover.

Electronic AccessoriesVehicle Intrusion Protection (VIP) Security SystemWhen it comes to security, the VIP system is the idealaddition. Integrates with the remote keyless entry system—noneed for an additional remote Automatic rearming, door-ajar warning, interior lightactivation, panic alarm, rolling code technology anddisabling of the starter Includes glass breakage sensor (GBS) with a highlysensitive microphone that detects the soundfrequency of an object striking on glass or glassbreakage Alarm activates when someone tries to force opena door or glass is brokenGlass Breakage Sensor 11 (GBS) If your Siennaalready has a factory security system, enhance yourcoverage with GBS. Highly sensitive microphone detects the soundfrequency of glass breakage or an object strikingthe glass Object striking a window triggers a warn-away alarm Glass breakage instantly activates the alarmtoyota.com/accessoriesSee footnote 11 in disclosure section on back cover.

Always go with Genuine Toyota Accessories. When you’re readyto make your Toyota your own, don’t forget: only Genuine ToyotaAccessories are designed, developed and tested specifically for yourToyota vehicle. When purchased at the same time as your new vehicle,Genuine Toyota Accessories are backed by Toyota’s 3 -year/36,000 -mileNew Vehicle Limited Warranty, valid at any Toyota dealership nationwide.Disclosures1. The Toyota Genuine Accessory Warranty will only apply when the installation is performed by a trained Toyota-approved installer. Please see dealer for details. 2. Cargoand load capacity are limited by weight and distribution. 3. Before towing, confirm that your vehicle and trailer are compatible and properly hooked up and loaded, and thatyou have any necessary additional equipment. Do not exceed any Weight Rating and follow all instructions in your Owner’s Manual. The maximum you can tow dependson the total weight of your cargo, occupants and available equipment. 4. Tow hitch products are available on certain models with selected accessories. See your Toyotadealer for details. 5. This floor mat was designed specifically for use in your model and model year vehicle and SHOULD NOT be used in any other vehicle. To avoid potentialinterference with pedal operation, each mat must be secured with its fasteners. Do not install a floor mat on top of an existing floor mat. 6. To adjust the 2nd-row seats forwardor rearward, customers may need to temporarily adjust or remove the all-weather floor mats. 7. iPhone not included. Toyota Key Finder requires customers download thefree Toyota Key Finder application from the iTunes App StoreSM to operate features. Please review the Mac OS devices listed under Toyota Key Finder on iTunes App Storeto verify compatibility. Please note: Interference from structures may affect signal strength. iPhone , App StoreSM, iTunes and Mac OS are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.8. iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. 9. Available only for vehicles equipped with Smart Key system. Use only if aware of circumstances surrounding the vehicleat time of start. Operate only when legal and safe to do so (e.g., car uncovered in open area with no people or pets inside or nearby). See usage precautions in Owner’sManual. 10. Wireless headphones are for passenger use only. DO NOT use them while driving vehicle. 11. Available only for vehicles equipped with factory security andfactory remote keyless entry system or Smart Key system.This brochure is based upon information available at time of posting, is subject to change without notice, is for mainland U.S.A. vehicles and may differ in the state of Hawaii,Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and in other regions.toyota.com /accessories 1-800-GO-TOYOTA 2014 Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. eBrochure (12/14) in U.S.A. 00421-SIE15

2014 Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. eBrochure (12/14) in U.S.A. 00421-SIE15 Always go with Genuine Toyota Accessories. When you’re ready to make your Toyota your own, don’t forget: only Genuine Toyota Accessories are designed, developed and tested specifically for your Toyota vehi