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HARRISON & CLOUGH LTDESSENTIALMARKING & MEASURINGLEADING BRANDSINNOVATIONVALUE FOR MONEYAll available from the experts - Harrison & Clough LtdHarrison & Clough Ltd.P.O. Box 9, Keighley,West Yorkshire,BD21 4EG.Tel 0844 571 22 22Fax 0844 571 22 33Email [email protected] www.harclo.com

BMI LevelsBMI manufacture high-quality measurement tools forthe most diverse of applications. The products meetthe highest demands of trade and industry combiningtradition and innovation.A further indication of the continuous innovation byBMI are the 40 active patents. Two of BMI patentedmilestones in the development and production ofpractical measuring instruments include: Theintroduction of unique spirit levels in 1986 whose vialshave been fixed by means of ULTRASONIC WELDING,and the high-tech manufacture of the EUROSTAR rangewith unbreakable laser - marked vials since 1997.All BMI’s efforts follow the intention to equip merchantswith up-to-date, marketable quality measuringinstruments to lead the market.BMI Super Robust R10006605T691060S 600mmList Price: 68.996605T691080S 800mmList Price: 72.996605T691090S 1000mmList Price: 79.99Ultrasonic weldedvialsRound vials for reflectionfree readability6605T691120S 1200mmList Price: 93.99Extremely sturdy 4-chamber2mm aluminimum profilebox section6605T691180S 1800mmList Price: 119.99Thick rubber end capsOriginalSuper RobustVial bubbles move 5x faster thanthose of ordinary levels. Thereforeinaccuracies can be recognisedmuch sooner1Harrison & Clough Ltd.P.O. Box 9, Keighley,West Yorkshire,BD21 4EG.Tel 0844 571 22 22Fax 0844 571 22 33Email [email protected] www.harclo.com

BMI LevelsBMI Robust6605T6918060 600mmList Price: 43.756605T698080 800mmList Price: 51.506605T698100 1000mmList Price: 69.50Ultrasonic weldedvialsRound vials for reflectionfree readability6605T6981201200mmList Price: 84.90Strong 4-chamber2mm aluminimum profilebox section6605T698180 1800mmList Price: 102.30Thick rubber end capsBMI Eurostar6605T690060E 600mmList Price: 18.906605T690080E 800mmList Price: 21.306605T690100E 1000mmList Price: 23.10Round vials for reflectionfree readabilityLaser Beamed vialmarking with2% Slope Mark1.5mm Box Section6605T690120E 1200mmList Price: 26.206605T690180E 1800mmList Price: 38.85Thick rubber end capsBreak and Shock-proofTube VialHarrison & Clough Ltd.P.O. Box 9, Keighley,West Yorkshire,BD21 4EG.Tel 0844 571 22 22Fax 0844 571 22 33Email [email protected] www.harclo.com2

LevelsHardman Maxi LevelAT12011 600mmList Price: 22.72vials - all shock proofembedded in frameAT12012 800mmList Price: 20.132.1mm aluminiumconstructionAT12013 1000mmList Price: 24.67AT12014 1200mmList Price: 36.96accuracy of 0.5mmper metremilled work surfacesAT12015 1800mmList Price: 45.86soft grip handles forcomfort & performanceshock resistant end caps5 year vial guaranteeStanley Fatmax Xtreme LevelVials magnified by 20% forimproved all round visibility5-43-624 600mmList Price: 27.875-43-648 1200mmList Price: 37.155-43-672 1800mmList Price: 65.04Dual machined levelling surfacesfor maximum accuracyRock solid box beamconstruction is up to 5 timesstronger then other StanleylevelsBi-material hand grips arescrewed into the frame10 Years accuracy warranty.0.5mm per m on allworking surfacesShock absorbingend capsSolid block vials provide best inclass accuracy in 8 orientations of /-0.5mm/mStabila Girder Section LevelsAccuracy /- 0.5mm/m83S40 400mmList Price: 63.55Pressure-cast light metal hastwo milled measuring surfaces83S60 600mmList Price: 72.5783S80 800mmList Price: 81.5183S100 1000mmList Price: 101.753Horizontal vial can beviewed from 4 sidesHeavy duty - robustand practicalHarrison & Clough Ltd.P.O. Box 9, Keighley,West Yorkshire,BD21 4EG.Tel 0844 571 22 22Fax 0844 571 22 33Email [email protected] www.harclo.com

LevelsAutomatic calculations ofsingle and double mitreanglesBosch GAM 220MF AngleMeasureGAM220MFExtension piece formeasuring accurate anglesList Price: 135.13Pivoting measuring armThe first angle finder with integrated simple andcompound mitre calculation function. Length 400mm Measurement range 0-220o Dimensions 432 x 35 x 61mm Calculated angle accuracy /- 0.1o Measurement accuracy- Angle /- 0.1o- Spirit Level /- 0.05oTwo levelling vialsClear digital readoutsBuilt-in cornice anglecutting calculator2. Hardman Boat Level and Line LevelPackAT12000 5.77230mm Boat Level Durable construction 3 vials: horizontal, plumb and 45deg Rubber shock proof end caps Aluminium work surfaces Base groove allows work in plumbingand pipe work applicationsConstruction Line Level Aluminium construction For use in conjunction with stringlinefor brickwork and setting out2. Stabila 2 Vial Boat Levels81S10 250mm 29.3181SM10 250mm (Magnetic) 33.81 Made from pressure-cast light metal Slim bevelled shape suitable forworking in tight spaces Milled measuring faceHarrison & Clough Ltd.P.O. Box 9, Keighley,West Yorkshire,BD21 4EG.3.3. Stanley Torpedo Level0-42-465 10.99 Strong & lightweight aluminiumbody ideal for small installations Magnetic base ideal for steelconstruction 3 vials: horizontal, plumb and 45ofor wide usage Protected central vial for resistanceto shocks4.Stanley Fatmax XL Torpedo Level5-43-609 18.57 Magnified centre vial for improvedall round visibility Solid block vials provide best-in classaccuracy 0.5mm/m V shaped metal groove for use withpipework Dual machined levelling surfaces formaximum accuracy Rare earth magnets - twice the strengthof normal magnetsTel 0844 571 22 22Fax 0844 571 22 33Email [email protected] LevelWebsite www.harclo.com6.5. Stanley Line Level0-42-287 80mm 2.50 Lightweight metal body Includes hooks for using on string Useful for setting out levels over largeareas where precision is of secondaryimportance e.g. landscape gardening6. Moore & Wright Engineer’s LevelELS 6 1/2” 117.85 Main vial sensitivity of 1 minute Fitted with main, cross and pump vial Main vial protected by rotatingshroud Precision ground cast base with veegroove for location on cylindrical work Resolution - 0.0035” per foot4

Leica Laser LevelsLeica Runner 20 Level Kit9992TRUNNER20K 252.64Kit Contains: Runner 20 automatic level, Construction tripod, Construction staff.Leica Runner 20 is a robust and value-priced, automatic builder’s level. Designed towork hard on the jobsite. They are quick to set up, simple to use and very reliable.The automatic compensator and the quality optics speed up measurements on siteand increase accuracy.Leica Runner is the ideal construction level for site foremen, engineers, architects,landscape gardeners, carpenters, construction companies and many more. 20x magnification Standard deviation per km 2.5mmLeica Rugby 50 Kit9992TRUGBY50KA 622.22 (Alkaline battery kit)Kit contains: Rugby 50 laser with carry case, Rod-Eye basic & bracket, Alkaline battery & holder.9992TRUGBY50KN 688.89 (NiMH battery kit)Kit contains: Rugby 50 laser with carry case, NiMH battery pack, harger & AC power cableDesigned for general construction, the Leica Rugby 50 is a tough, affordable laser; ready to workwhen the user is. The Leica Rugby 50 has only one button. Press the button, wait until it selflevels and the head starts rotating, then work can begin. It will continue to ensure that work isaccomplished reliably and accurately. H.I. Alert features monitor the Leica Rugby 50 as it worksand shuts down if it senses a bump or movement of the tripod. Simple one button operation High Impact composite housing Fully sealed with protected head Watertight for all conditions Long battery life H.I. (Elevation) Alert protection / Out of Level indication Low battery indicator5Leica DIGICAT 100 KitLeica DIGICAT 200 Kit9992TDIGICAT100K 1237.789992TDIGICAT200K 1382.22Kit contains: DIGICAT 100 service locator,DIGITEX 8/33 signal generator, carry bag forthe DIGI System.Kit contains: DIGICAT 200 service locatorwith depth, DIGITEX 8/33 signal generator,carry bag for DIGI systemTo find live (energised) power cables, traceburied metal services which reradiate signals.In addition the DIGICAT 200 offers anon-stop depth estimation. InCo-operation wih the DIGITEX 8/33 thereal depth and location of all services can befound.Harrison & Clough Ltd.P.O. Box 9, Keighley,West Yorkshire,BD21 4EG.Tel 0844 571 22 22Fax 0844 571 22 33Email [email protected] www.harclo.com

Laser Distance MetersLeica DISTO D2Leica DISTO D3a9992TD29992TD3A 129.00 249.00 Range 100m Range 60mThe compact and handy base model wasspecifically designed for indoorapplications. The last 10 measurements arealso stored. As with all Leica laser distancemeters, the laser dot is clearly visible. Youcan always see your targeting point, evenif the target object is in a hard to accessarea. Leica DISTO D2 – you will never use ameasuring tape again.With a measuring accuracy of 1.0 mm, theLeica DISTO D3a offers high precision atthe touch of a button. The large, illuminateddisplay shows the measurement resultsand supplementary information clearly andlegibly.Leica DISTO D5Leica DISTO D89992TD59992TD8 359.00 599.00 Range 200m Range 200mFirst laser distance meter with digitalPointfinder (4x zoom), large 2.4“ color displayand 45 tilt sensor is now available! TheLeica DISTO D5 is designed with manyfunctions and features to make measuringeasier, particularly when you are workingoutdoors.The most versatile laser distance meter inthe world! Equipped with a digitalPointfinder, high-resolution 2.4“ colourdisplay, 360 tilt sensor and bluetooth technology, the Leica DISTO D8 is a realworld first and offers completely newmeasuring options.Stanley TLM220i Laser MeasureBosch DLE 702500T177116BTDLE70 515.00 225.75 Range - to 200m Range 0.5 - 70m Accuracy /-1mm Long range mode allows measurementof long distances in bright light. Digital point finder with 4x zoomallows you to zoom in on your target. Trapezium function measures the slopeof a roof. Inclination sensor measures angles upto 45o and allows you to measuredirect horizontal distances. Accuracy /-1.5mm Power Supply 4 x AAA Laser diode 635nm, 1mW Weight aprox 250gHarrison & Clough Ltd.P.O. Box 9, Keighley,West Yorkshire,BD21 4EG.Tel 0844 571 22 22Fax 0844 571 22 33Email [email protected] www.harclo.com6

TapesHardman Tape Measures5mtr/16ftAT15001 3.31Class II accuracyRubber coated case toprovide non-slip surface forbetter handling8mtr/26ftAT15002 6.0010mtr/32ftAT15006 10.00Dual readingEnglish metricOALSWNO LABLEIAVA 10MINErgonomically shapedNon reflective bladeTriple riveted including shock rivetStanley Powerlock TapeStanley Fat Max Extreme 0ft3.5mtr/12ft5mtr/16ft8mtr/26ft10mtr/33ft5-33-886 5mtr/16ft 20.435-33-891 8mtr/26ft 23.22 6.08 8.99 10.43 13.90 16.51Stanley Powerwinder Open Fibreglass TapeStanley Fat Max Closed Steel Tape0-34-132 30mtr/100ft 26.93 10mm Steel blade width High Impact ABS case Fast rewind 1 to 32-34-771 30mtr/100ft 20.442-34-774 60mtr/200ft 29.722-34-776 100mtr/300ft 37.15Lufkin Diameter TapeFisco Futura Glass-Fibre TapesFT1079 10m/33ft 14.39FT2079 20m/66ft 18.13 Ergonomic ABS case withintegrated hand grip 13mm wide glass-fibre tape withprotective coating EU class II accuracy standardsW606PD 6ft 19.41W606PM 2mtr 19.41 Designed to measurediameters of circular objects7Harrison & Clough Ltd.P.O. Box 9, Keighley,West Yorkshire,BD21 4EG.Tel 0844 571 22 22Fax 0844 571 22 33Email [email protected] www.harclo.com

Rules and ScribersStanley Carpenters Folding RuleEclipse Double Ended Scriber0-35-4451m x 38mm 14.44E222 Virtually unbreakable though engineering plastic mm, 5mm figured every 10mm one side, inches, 8ths other sideDouble ended for marking out in confined spaces eg grooves 5.37Stanley Rustless Steel Rules0-35-400 150mm-6” 7.080-35-401 300mm-12” 11.900-35-402 600mm-24” 23.22Eclipse Pocket Scriber English: 16ths / 32nds / 64ths /10ths / 20ths / 50ths / 100ths Metric: 0.5mm engineers precision steel ruleE220 9.31Reversible point prevents tearing and snagging of clothing whenclipped in pocket.Hardman Steel 12”/300mm24”/600mm39”/ 1mtrFolding 24” 1.99 2.99 5.99 9.99 4.99Eclipse Tungsten Tipped Pocket Scriber Dual Sided – imperial and metric scales Clear markings and graduations Etched Markings.E225E225/02 Spare Points 18.36 12.21Eclipse Machinist ScriberStanley Line of Chords Scale RulesE2271-35-333 600mm 32.51 035333 - subdivided mm & line of chords scale, one side; subdividedmm and circumference scale in mm, other side. 3.66Designed for the machinistFor marking out in confined spaces, particularly on pre-machinedworkpiecesFisco Surveyors RodSR2ME 2000mm 35.12Brennenstuhl Signograph Electric Engraver The 6-fold surveyors rule remains rigid then extended Professional quality Hardwearing moisture resistant finish Precisely inscribed and permanent graduations Cold rolled steel strip hinges treated with hypoid oil for longer life.Harrison & Clough Ltd.P.O. Box 9, Keighley,West Yorkshire,BD21 4EG.1500743 25.60For tradesmen, craftworkers and security marking. Suitable for hardmaterials and for all soft metals, plastics etc. Interchangeablehardened stylus and hard metal stylus.Tel 0844 571 22 22Fax 0844 571 22 33Email [email protected] www.harclo.com8

Squares5. Stanley Combination Square4. Stanley Roofing Square7. Marples Carpenters SquareM2200 6” 26.14M2200 9” 30.62M2200 12” 37.37 Hardened steel blade whichis secured by three steelrivets with brass washers,Combination Squarepreventing movement2. Hardman Layout Folding Square 5. HardmanAT13100 5.68AT13006 600mm 16.04 Sealed rosewood stock faced Die cast zinc alloy stockAT13007 1200mm 22.64with brass for extra English/metric graduated rule Ideal for laying floors / patios /protection against damagepaving / partitions6. Stanley Adjustable Quick Square and to give longer life andFisher Roofing Squarebetter accuracy3.0-46-050 6” 15.20Light Duty0-46-052 10” 18.99F1140IMR 14.378. Stanley Sliding Bevels Can be used as a bevel, protractorHeavy Duty0-46-525 190mm 10.64or saw guideF1240IMR 19.680-46-529 228mm 11.40 Ideal for marking repetitve cuts 16” x 24” Aluminium Finish0-46-535 267mm 11.96 3 main roofing scales marked Economical alternative for Ideal for transposing angles Alloy constructionlight usage Plastic moulded stock Permanent markings Metric/imperial scale Hardened steel blademarkings on either face0-46-151 30.00 Cast iron stock-machinedfaces for accuracy Incorporates 45o and 90o faces English/metric graduated rule92-45-600 26.99 Metric/Imperial1-45-530 23.40 Metric 600mm x 400mm Steel square with reversedreading scale9. Fischer Engineers SquaresFB412 2” 8.80FB413 3” 9.13FB414 4” 9.68FB416 6” 11.55F4199” 29.80F4122 12” 39.69 Made to BS939 “B” grade10. Moore & Wright Engineers Square40033” 21.0040044” 21.0040066” 24.7440099” 55.0040012 12” 71.00 Precision ground blade and stock Hardened & tampered blade11. Marshalltown Dry Wall T SquareHarrison & Clough Ltd.P.O. Box 9, Keighley,West Yorkshire,BD21 4EG.M27 48” x 22” 23.50 Silver anodised finish Used for plasterboardmeasurement and cutting guideTel 0844 571 22 22Fax 0844 571 22 33Email [email protected] www.harclo.com

Calipers1.5.6.1. Moore & Wright Inside Spring Caliper 513. Moore & Wright Inside Firm JointCaliper 3303”4”6”8”10”12” 14.00 14.09 15.00 21.00 24.00 27.005. Moore & Wright Jenny Calipers 3415”6”8”12”Bow spring ensures uniform tensionover working range. Centrally mountedadjustment screw. Manufactured frompolished tool steel2. Moore & Wright Outside Spring Caliper 523”4”6”8”10”12”4.3.2.Large headed nut & screwAssembly provides a firm & rigid frictionjoint. Manufactured from polished toolsteel.4. Moore & Wright Outside Firm JointBow spring ensures uniform tensionover working range. Centrally mountedadjustment screw. Manufactured frompolished tool steelHarrison & Clough Ltd.P.O. Box 9, Keighley,West Yorkshire,BD21 4EG. 10.00Manufactured from polished tool steelLarge headed nut & screw assembly providesa firm & rigid friction joint, with no play.Leg which holds the round adjustablehardened point is offset. Has a locating spuron the straight leg.6. Moore & Wright Digital CaliperCaliper 33111015DAB6”8”12”18”24” 14.00 14.09 15.00 22.00 24.00 27.00 7.25 11.00 19.00 8.41 12.00 31.00 94.00 138.00Large headed nut & screwAssembly provides a firm & rigid frictionjoint with no playManufactured from polished tool steelTel 0844 571 22 22Fax 0844 571 22 33Email [email protected] www.harclo.com 47.00Comply with: DIN 862. Absolute scale systemproviding absolute / incrementalmeasuring functions. ‘Soft keys’ for maximumoperating comfort. Battery SR44. Large easy toread LCD display. Ground micro-lappedmeasuring surfaces. Thumb wheel for fineadjustment. Functions: zero-setting, originsetting, ABS/INCR setting, mm / inchconversion, on/off, data-out out, battery lowindication. 0.03mm accuracy.10

Stamps & Punches1. Priory Letter Stamps3.0mm4.0mm5.0mm6.0mm8.0mm 28.95 32.35 32.35 37.12 66.73For imprinting into metal, wood surfacesidentification references2. Priory Number mm12.0mm 14.98 11.50 11.50 11.50 14.18 14.18 14.98 26.57 34.73 45.65For imprinting into metal, wood surfacesidentification references118.7.3. Maun Wad Punch Kit1001-056. Eclipse Parallel Pin Punch 33.255mm to 32mmInterchangeable sized punch heads forcutting discs in leather belting4. Eclipse Centre Punches351A351B351C351D3.2mm4mm4.8mm4.65mm 3.66 3.14 3.14 3.66 6.687. Eclipse Parallel Pin Punch Set 3.93 3.93 3.93 3.93161W 40.55Set comprises of 1/16” 3/32” 1/8” 5/32” 3/16”7/322 ¼” 5/16” 3/8” punches in a wallet5. Eclipse Nail sed to remove pins in parallel holesPosition marking prior to drilling352A352B352C352D161A161B161C161D161E8. Eclipse Automatic Centre Punch 4.05 4.05 4.05 4.0565-171RD 18.75With variable pressure facility punchesIndentation into metal surface by hand.For sinking nails beneath the surface ofwood.Harrison & Clough Ltd.P.O. Box 9, Keighley,West Yorkshire,BD21 4EG.Tel 0844 571 22 22Fax 0844 571 22 33Email [email protected] www.harclo.com

Line & MarkingHardman Chalk Line c/w chalkStanley Fatmax Chalk Line SetAT12020 Red Refill 120g 3.18AT12021 Blue Refill 120g 3.185-47-681 15.19 Self chalking-Leakproof reel Self locking handleStanley Chalk Refill1-47-403 113g Blue 2.791-47-404 113g Red 2.791-47-405 113g White 2.791-47-803 225g Blue 3.701-47-804 225g Red 3.70 ABS case - 45g chalk capacity 3.5 to 1 gear ratio for fast rewind Patented chalk view window see exactly how much chalk youhave leftHardman Carpenters PencilsAT04000 Green - Hard 1.49 Packs of 6 Hard traditional patterncarpenters pencils Blue - Exterior/interior work Red - External-indelible White - Interior-carpet fitting etcMarshalltown Braided NylonMasons Line (Fluorescent)Cardoc Gold Seal Nylon Line1/2kg Approx 400mtr 14.20M631 7.45 250” PinkM632 7.45 250” Yellow For use with powdered chalkin large layout situations Not affected by extreme moisture For all layout applicationsCardoc Masons LineCardoc Cotton LineNo3 Orange 18mtr 8.32(Polyethylene)Size B White 18mtr 22.20(Braided Nylon)No3 46mtr Ball 3.00 General purpose line Boxed in 12’s Straight line reference forbricklaying etcStuarts Micrometer BlueBLUE 2.88 Gives a clear perfect mark onany metal, in any light. Being a lubricant it cannotdamage bearings or otherworking partsHarrison & Clough Ltd.P.O. Box 9, Keighley,West Yorkshire,BD21 4EG.Rocol Layout Ink57015570345702557044400mm Spray Blue1L Fluid Blue400mm Spray White1L Fluid Blue 22.61 26.96 22.61 34.49 Forms an even thin film Fast Drying Scribes without flaking or chipping Blue for bright surfaces, white for dark surfacesTel 0844 571 22 22Fax 0844 571 22 33Email [email protected] www.harclo.com12

MarkingRocol Permanent Spot Marking Paint (750ml)CodeDescriptionList Price7476T43080General Marking (White) 7.207476T43081General Marking (Yellow) 7.207476T43082Water (Blue) 7.207476T43083Electricity (Red) 7.207476T43084Cables (Green) 7.207476T43085Deletes Existing Markings (Black) 7.20Touch Dry5Available in 6 coloursmins High definition, quick drying spotmarking paint Ideal where spot markings arerequired to last three months Environmentally safe and low VOCs Ideal for highway and groundsmaintenance, highlighting pot holesand other obstructions prior to repair* Duration may vary depending onsurface conditions, weather, paintthickness and traffic levels - test in asmall area before use4.3.2.Rocol Easyline Edge Aerosol Paint (750ml)CodeDescriptionList Price7476T47000General Marking (White) 27.347476T47001Caution Hazard (Yellow) 27.347476T47002Danger/Prohibited (Red) 27.347476T47003Mandatory/Protection (Blue) 27.347476T47004Information/Direction (Green) 27.347476T47005Chemical Storage (Orange) 27.347476T47006Deletes Existing Lines (Black) 27.347476T47007Deletes Existing Lines (Grey) 27.347476T47008Fluorescent Pink 27.347476T47009Fluorescent Yellow 27.34 Highly durable ‘traffic grade’ epoxy paint Ideal for marking factory floors, car parks,stores and warehouses etc Dries in 10 minutes, reducing ‘down time’ Safe, non-toxic formula Also suitable for stencilling / free handmarking Paint lines last 2 times longer than theleading competitor** Tested using internationally recognisedASTM D4060-95 using a Test AbraserRocol Temporary Spot Marking Paint (750ml)CodeDescriptionList Price7476T43030General Marking (White) 11.787476T43031General Marking (Yellow) 11.787476T43032Water (Blue) 11.787476T43033Electricity (Red) 11.787476T43034Cable (Green) 11.787476T43035Telecommunications (Black) 11.78 Touch dry in 5 minutes Specially formulated to provide highopacity lines and spot markings whichcan be immediately removed with waterand a brush Paint will also weather away naturallyafter four to six weeks* Duration may vary depending on surfaceconditions - test in a small area before useRocol Easyline Edge Line Marking Applicator7476T47010 160.60 Battery powered airflow system producesa sharp clean line Only use with Easyline Edge Aerosol Paint One applicator produces 3 line widths- 50mm, 75mm, 100mm Adjustable rear wheels allow line markingclose to walls and racks For internal and external use Quick to assemble and simple to use Storage case, battery and spare maskingplates are included13Spare Masking Plates7476T47011 7.08 Removable for cleaningor can be replaced Two sets of plates witheach new applicatorHarrison & Clough Ltd.P.O. Box 9, Keighley,West Yorkshire,BD21 4EG.Tel 0844 571 22 22Fax 0844 571 22 33Email [email protected] www.harclo.com

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Please note that whilst every care has been taken in the production of this publication, the publishers cannot be held responsible for any errors and omissions. All images are provided for illustration purposesonly. E&OE. Prices shown were correct at date of going to press, but are subject to change and are exclusive of VATMarkingEVERBUILD Surveyline (700ml)CodeDescriptionList Price3017TSURVEYWHTGeneral Marking (White) 7.693017TSURVEYYEL General Marking (Yellow) 7.693017TSURVEYBLU Water (Blue) 7.693017TSURVEYRED Electricity (Red) 7.693017TSURVEYGRN Cables (Green) 7.693017TSURVEYBK 7.69Deletes Existing Markings (Black)3017TSURVEYORG General Marker (Orange) 7.693017TSURVEYAPP Surveyline Applicator 23.45SURVEYLINE SURVEYLINE APPLICATOR A spray applied marking paint forcontractors/surveyors spot marking. Colour coded for electric, gas, waterand cable company use. Semi permanent formula lasts at least3 months after application Unique hand held applicator foruse with Surveyline and most othermarking aerosols. Canister simply clicksinto place,prevents finger strain and speeds upapplication.TRAFFICLINETRAFFICLINE APPLICATOR A spray applied marking paint forpermanent line marking. Heavy duty latex formulation for useover concrete, asphalt and most othersurfaces. Ideal for car parks, warehouses, tenniscourts, playgrounds etc. Trafficable in1 hour at normal temperatures Sturdy 4 wheel line markingapplicator for use with Trafficlineand Turfline aerosols.Available in 7 coloursEVERBUILD Trafficline (700ml)CodeDescriptionList Price3017TTRAFFICWHTGeneral Marking (White) 9.653017TTRAFFICYELCaution Hazard (Yellow) 9.653017TTRAFFICREDDanger/Prohibited (Red) 9.653017TTRAFFICWHEEL Trafficline ApplicatorAvailable in 3 colours 154.29Dykem Bright-Mark by RocolDykem Bright-Mark 916 by w 3.39 3.39 3.39 Fine permanent fibre tip. Clip cap screw for secure closure. Quick drying, oil based paint withstands indoor and outdoorconditions without fading, chipping or losing opacity. Valve action prevents paint from drying when cap is left off. Ideal for easy labelling of small parts.Sharpie Permanent Markers3500TS081130B 48.41 Jar of 72 Sharpie permanentmarkers Mixed ColourHarrison & Clough Ltd.P.O. Box 9, Keighley,West Yorkshire,BD21 4EG.BlackWhiteYellow 3.69 3.69 3.69 Medium permanent fibre tip. Felt tip markers that wright on virtually any surface Quick drying, oil based paint withstands indoor and outdoorconditions without fading, chipping or losing opacity. Valve action prevents paint from drying when cap is left off. Drying time 25-35 seconds.Markal Ball Paint MarkersBMP White 4.62BMP Yellow 4.90 Marks with real paint, dries in 5 minutes Durable metal ball tip marks on wet, oily, smoothand rough surfaces; including metal, wood,plastic, glass and any hard surface Unbreakable plastic bottle with 1/8” steel ball tip Temperature range: -50oF to 150oF (-46oC to 66oC)Tel 0844 571 22 22Fax 0844 571 22 33Email [email protected] www.harclo.com14

Cross Line LasersStanley Fatmax XL CL2 Self Levelling Cross Line Laser1-77-153Range of up to 30mdepending on light conditions 139.37Kit includes: Level Nylon Pouch Manual Batteries Mini Tripodhorizontal linevertical line Levelling accuracy of /- 4mm @ 9mm Rapidly and accurately projects bothvertical and horizontal lines at the pushof a button ‘Out-of -True’ level sensor automaticallyalerts the user that the tool is outsideits /-4 degrees self levelling rangecross-linemanual function Fitted with camera tripod mountingthreadBosch GPL5C Professional 5 Point/Cross LaserBTGPL5C 204.00Range of up to 30mdepending on light conditionsKit includes: Pouch Manual Batteries Levelling accuracy of /-0.2mm/mhorizontal, /-0.25mm/m vertical, /-0.4mm/m perpendicularity betweenthe cross line intersection Self-leveling through pendulum system Laser Diode 635mm, 1mW Leveling range up to /-4ohorizontal linevertical linecross-linemanual functionLeica Lino L2 Cross Line Laser9992TL2Range of up to 15mdepending on light conditions 179.00Kit includes: Target Plate Pouch Magnetic Adaptor Batteries Manual Levelling accuracy of /- 1mm @ 5mm Self-levelling range 4o /- 0.5o Horizontal accuracy /- 1mm @5m Vertical accuracy /- 0.75mm @ 3mline length Laser type 635nm, laser class IIhorizontal linevertical linecross-linemanual functionLeica Lino P5 5 Dot Laser9992TP5 229.00Range of up to 15mdepending on light conditionsKit includes: Target Plate Pouch Magnetic Adaptor Batteries Manual Levelling accuracy of /- 1mm @ 5mm Self-levelling range 4o /- 0.5o Accuracy of plumb point /[email protected] 5m 5 laser points Laser type 635nm, laser class IIhorizontal line15vertical linecross-linemanual functionHarrison & Clough Ltd.P.O. Box 9, Keighley,West Yorkshire,BD21 4EG.Tel 0844 571 22 22Fax 0844 571 22 33Email [email protected] www.harclo.com

Leica Runner 20 is a robust and value-priced, automatic builder’s level. Designed to work hard on the jobsite. They are quick to set up, simple to use and very reliable. The automatic compensator and the quality op