TRX Power Stretch TRX For Mobility And Flexibility

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TRX PowerandStretchTRX ForMobilityFlexibilityPower Stretch is a Yoga, Pilates and Mobility InspiredWorkout that uses the TRX Suspension Trainer toincrease Strength, Mobility and Core. The workout issequenced in blocks of work that can be performedas one 45 min integrated session or the blocks ofwork can be performed independently based onneed.Why Suspension Trainer for Flexibility & Mobility?1. Un-load an area of the body to get deeper into another area Example: TRX Swan Pose2. Promote posture and alignment while static or dynamic Example: TRX Wide Leg Hip Hinge3. Added stability Example: TRX Dancer’s PoseUsing the following movements can help you perform better at the things you love to doand to help avoid injury while doing them.Movement Quality:1. Breathe and be as fluid as possible2.Connect the breath to the movement3.Think no beginning and no endBlock 1: Dynamic Movement (Adjustment: Mid Length)EXERCISESETSREPS /TIMESET RESTTRANSITIONREST1TRX Breast Stroke Squat18 eachdirectionnoneNone2TRX Golf Swing w/ ChestOpener18noneNone3TRX Golf Swing w/ ShoulderPress18noneNone4TRX Long Torso Twist(Moving)18 per sidenoneNone5TRX Squats (Ground up)18noneNone6TRX Wide Leg Hip Hinge (w/Pilates Roll-up)18noneNone7TRX Side to Side Lunge w/Tai-Chi arms18noneNone8TRX Half Kneeling Hip FlexorStretch3 eachside15 secholdnoneNone

TRX Power StretchRound 1, Exercise 1Round 1, Exercise 4Round 1, Exercise 2Round 1, Exercise 5Round 1, Exercise 7Round 1, Exercise 3Round 1, Exercise 6Round 1, Exercise 8

TRX Power StretchBlock 2: Standing Strength (Adjustment: Mid Calf)EXERCISE123TRX Wide Hip OpenerTRX Lunge w/ Closed Twist(Arm extended Overhead)TRX Lunge w/ Closed Twist(Hands in Prayer)SETSREPS /TIMESET RESTTRANSITIONREST1 per side15 secholdsnoneNone1 per side15 secholdsnoneNone1 per side15 secholdsnoneNone15 seriesnoneNoneRepeat other side4TRX Up Dog/Down Dog SeriesRound 2, Exercise 1Round 2, Exercise 2Round 2, Exercise 3Round 2, Exercise 4

TRX Power StretchBlock 3: Pilates Core (Adjustment: Mid Calf)EXERCISESETSREPS /TIMESET RESTTRANSITIONREST1TRX Upper & Lower Locust18NoneNone2Childs Pose115 secNoneNone3TRX Forearm Planks310 sec on5 sec off5 secNone4Childs Pose115 secNoneNone5TRX Superman’s (Extended to GoalPost arms)18NoneNone6Childs Pose115 secNoneNone7TRX Forearm Planks310 sec on5 sec off5 secNone8Lower Back Stretch (off TRX)1 each side30 secNoneNoneRound 3, Exercise 1Round 3, Exercises 3 &7Round 3, Exercises 2, 4 & 6Round 3, Exercise 5Round 3, Exercise 8

TRX Power StretchBlock 4: Hips & Quad (Adjustment: full length)EXERCISESETSREPS /TIMESET RESTTRANSITIONREST1TRX Swan Pose (bilateral reach)115 to 30secNoneNone2TRX Swan Pose (contralateralreach)115 to 30secNoneNone3TRX Cow Face Pose (bilateral reach)115 to 30secNoneNone4TRX Cow Face Pose (w/ closedtwist)115 to 30secNoneNoneRepeat Sequence with other leg5TRX Kneeling Quadriceps Stretch115 to 30secNoneNone6TRX Sweeping Hip Flexor Stretch215 to 30secNoneNoneTransition to StandingRound 4, Exercise 1Round 4, Exercise 2Round 4, Exercise 4Round 4, Exercise 5Round 4, Exercise 3Round 4, Exercise 6

TRX Power StretchBlock 5 – Hamstring/Folds (Adjustment: mid length)EXERCISESETSREPS /TIMESET RESTTRANSITIONREST1TRX Triangle Pose1 each side15 to 30secNoneNone2TRX Off-Set Hip Hinge Stretch1 each side15 to 30secNoneNone3TRX Dancers pose1 each side15 to 30secNoneNone4TRX Forward fold w/ feet under hips- Sun Salutation3N/ANoneNone5TRX Standing Chest & Torso Stretch 1 each side15 to 30secNoneNoneRound 5, Exercise 1Round 5, Exercise 4Round 5, Exercise 2Round 5, Exercise 5Round 5, Exercise 3

TRX Power Stretch. Round 4, Exercise 1 Round 4, Exercise 2 Round 4, Exercise 3 Round 4, Exercise 4 Round 4, Exercise 5 Round 4, Exercise 6. Block 5 – Hamstring/Folds (Adjustment: mid length) EXERCISE SETS REPS / TIME SET REST TRAN