IndraDrive Cs Multiprotocol-capable Compact Drive System

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IndraDrive CsMultiprotocol-capablecompact drive system

2IndraDrive Cs –compact drives with Ethernet-basedcommunicationWith the new, compact IndraDrive Cs drive system, Rexroth is expandingthe lower power range of the IndraDrive drive platform that has enjoyedworldwide success. In addition to its space-saving design and outstandingperformance data the IndraDrive Cs also offers an extensive range of Ethernet-based communication interfaces.The newly developed communication hardware with multiple protocol compatibility enables the IndraDrive Cs tomeet today’s higher requirements for openness and consistency. sercos, PROFINET IO, EtherNet/IP and EtherCatare available even in the first expansion level. These Ethernet-based interfaces are connected via uni-versal communication hardware which is easily configured by means ofsoftware.Rexroth has thus given users a high degree of flexibility incommunication with minimal engineering work. Combinedwith the new multiple encoder interface for evaluating allstandard encoder types and an additional vacant slot, it ispossible to confidently cover very specific drive tasks. WithIEC-compliant motion logic and industry-specific technologyfunctions the IndraDrive Cs is ideally suitable for a widevariety of IndraDrive Cs is theintelligent and multiprotocol-capable compact drive system toincrease the efficiencyof machines and plants.

3The drives – universal and intelligentMultiple EthernetTechnical featuresThe new communications interface with multiple protocolff 2 series for direct connection to 110 - 230 VAC orcompatibility enables IndraDrive Cs to be used on a univer-200 - 500 VAC linesal basis with a wide range of Ethernet-based communica-ff suitable for motors with continuous outputs oftion protocols – without even requiring any changes to the0.05 to 9 kWhardware.ff complete range of scalable drivesIndraDrive Cs supports the following protocols:ff compatible with the IndraDrive familyff sercos IIIff digital inputs/outputs and analog input on boardff PROFINET IOff intelligent operating panel with programmingff EtherNet/IPmodule functionff EtherCatff IEC-compliant motion logic (optional)Alternativily, IndraDrive Cs can also be equipped with aff integrated safety technology STO (Safe Torque Off) andconventional communication interface such as PROFIBUS,SBC (Safe Brake Control) – category 4, PL e accordingfor EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL 3 according to EN 62061(Safe Motion in preparation)Multiple EncoderWith its multiple encoder interface, IndraDrive Cs is able tosupport all standard encoder types – which gives you totalfreedom to select the encoder and motor system of yourchoice.IndraDrive Cs supports the following encoder types:ff EnDat 2.1 absolute encodersff Hiperface absolute encodersff absolute encoders from Rexroth MSM motorsff 1 Vpp incremental signalsff 5 V TTL incremental signalsff SSI encoderff Resolver

4196196size ions size sions size 326826821322070Performance data22070Mains connection voltage150Dimensions sizeContinuouscurrent[Aeff]Maximumcurrent[Aeff]DC bus continuous powerwithout/with 00[V]HCS01.1E-W0003-A-021)3 AC 110 230 VHCS01.1E-W0018-A-02HCS01.1E-W0005-A-031)3 AC 200 500 VOperation with single-phase power supply, derating at HCS01.1E-W0013 and -W0018

5The motors – dynamic and compactThe maintenance-free MSM motors are available in five sizes with continuousmechanical outputs of up to 750 W. Thanks to their high power density in combination with a short length and minimal flange size they are suitable for use in awide variety of applications. The motors designed to protection category IP54 areequipped with an absolute encoder and can be supplied optionally either with orwithout a holding brake. They are absolutely ideal for use on IndraDrive Cs driveswith 3 AC 230 V line input.DimensionsØDØFHØEØGCMotor196MSM max[Nm]nmax[rpm]A[mm]50B without/with 1MSM 019B215 1000.320.955,0003892/12225830453.451MSM 13MSM 031C4001.33.85,0006098.5/135301450704.573MSM 041B7502.47.14,50080112/14935197090693IP54(shaft IP40)For higher mains connectionvoltages and continuous ratings of up220to 9 kW, please choose from our 70comprehensive range of IndraDyn motors.50220

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With the new, compact IndraDrive Cs drive system, Rexroth is expanding the lower power range of the IndraDrive drive platform that has enjoyed worldwide success. In addition to its space-saving design and outstanding performance data the IndraDrive Cs also offers an extensive range of Ether-net-based communic