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PUBLIC AUCTION5 0F 81 0F 2New as2012(8) GANESH Swiss Type CNC Turning CentersPlant ClosedANGSTROMNew as2012(2) OHIO BROACH CNC Vertical Shapers / Broaches1 0F 2New as2013AUTOMOTIVE GROUP8229 Tyler Blvd. in Mentor, Ohio 44060THURSDAY, DEC. 5thStarting at 10AM ESTINSPECTION: Day Prior to Auction from 9AM-4PM(2) TOYODA GE4P-50CNC Hyd. Universal Cylindrical OD CNC Grinders1 0F 21 0F 5(2) ANDERSON COOK 350S & 330S Hydraulic Spline Rollers(5) CINCINNATI & MICRON CNC Centerless Grinders100 Surface Combustion Heat Treat Dept,w/(7) ALLCASE & FORCE-AIRE Power Convection FurnacesMetrology Lab & Inspection Equipment1 0F 7(100 ) STANLEY VIDMAR Modular Cabinetsw/Machine Parts & AccessoriesP.O. Box 369 I Ross, Ohio 45061Phone: 513/738-3311 I Fax: 513/738-0221www.myronbowling.comNew as2012(7) YALE & TOYOTA Forklifts to 12,000-lb. Capacity171 Monroe Ave. NW, Suite 500 Grand Rapids, MI 49503877.37.HILCO 1 616.732.1800 fax: 1 616.732.7100www.hilcoind.com

New as20123 0F 5GANESH KSL-5210TCNC Swiss Type Turning Center2008(5) GANESH Cyclone 32NCY 4-Axis CNC Swiss Type Turning Centers2006GANESH Cyclone 32CS 3-Axis Swiss Type CNC LatheGANESH Cyclone 32 4-Axis CNC Lathes2005CITIZEN Cincom A16 CNC Swiss LatheHYUNDAI HIT-200 CNC Turning CenterMAZAK Quick Turn 250-HP-UNIVCNC Turning Center2 0F 3MAZAK QT300 CNC Turning CenterDAEWOO Puma 200MSC CNC Turning Center(3) OMNITURN GT-75 3-Axis CNC Lathes1 0F 2(2) CHIRON DZ 12 W Vertical Machining CentersIEMCA Bar Feeds2(5) EDGE Patriot Bar Feeds

2013TOYODA GE4P-50CNC Hydraulic Universal Cylindrical OD CNC GrinderCINCINNATI CNC Centerless GrinderCINCINNATI 340-20 Twin-GripCenterless GrinderCNC TURNINGCENTERS / SWISSTYPE CNC(5) 2012 & 2011 GANESH Cyclone32NCY 4-Axis Swiss Type CNCTurning Center, Edge Patriot BarFeed, Pendant Control, Live Tooling, Outfeed Incline Chip Conveyors,Mist Buster Moister Systems, S/Ns,NYC011006 - 10/12, NCY000802 08/11, NCY011033 - 10/12, NCY011004- 1012, NCY011005 - 10/12GANESH KSL-5210T CNC SwissType CNC Turning Center, Fanuc OIMate-TD Control, Chip Conveyor, ColletChuck, 10-Position Index Tool Holder,Tailstock2008 GANESH Cyclone 32 4-AxisSwiss Type CNC Turning Center, S/NCY970505, Edge Patriot 338 Bar Feed,TOYODA GE4P-50CNC HydraulicUniversal Cylindrical OD CNC GrinderMICRON CNC Centerless GrinderMICRON MD-600III-4W CNC Centerless GrinderMICRON MD-600III CNC Centerless GrinderCINCINNATI 220-8 CNC Centerless GrinderPendant Control, Live Tooling, 3-3/4”Tooling2006 GANESH Cyclone 32CS 3-AxisSwiss Type CNC Turning Center, S/NCB950701, Iemca Bar Feed, PendantControl, 6 Bar, Model Boss 332, TypeLl, Programmable Control, (3) 4-PointTool Holders2005 CITIZEN Cincom A16 Swiss TypeCNC Turning CenterHYUNDAI HIT-200 CNC TurningCenter, Siemens Sinumerik Control, 8”3 Jaw Chuck, 12 Position Tool Holder,2” Bar Through Spindle, Tailstock2000 MAZAK Quick Turn 250-HPUNIV CNC Turning Center, MazatrolPC-Fusion 640 CNC Control, 10” 3-JawChuck, 12-Position Tool Indexer, Outfeed Chip Conveyor, Tailstock2000 MAZAK QT300 CNC Turning Center, Mazatrol PC-FUSIONCNC 64T Control, 10” 3-Jaw Chuck,12-Position Tool Indexer, Outfeed ChipConveyor, Tailstock1997 DAEWOO Puma 200MSC CNCTurning Center, Fanuc Series 18-TCNC Control, Iemca Tal 6 Auto BarFeed, 12-Position Tool Indexer, Tailstock, 6” 3-Jaw Chuck, 2” Bar ThroughSpindle(2) KITAKO V-MT4 CNC TurningCenter(3) OMNITURN GT-75 3-Axis CNCLathes, Omni Turn CNC Control, XTravel 12”, 4” 3-Jaw Chuck, 1-1/8”Bar Through SpindleANDERSON COOK 350S Hyd. Spline RollerSPLINE ROLLERSANDERSON COOK Hyd. SplineRoller, Model 350S, S/N 287, 16-Position Index Rotary Table, Auto Loader,Over ArmANDERSON COOK Hyd. SplineRoller, Model 330S, S/N 229, RotaryLoader, 16-Position Index Rotary Table,Coolant System, Automatic(12) Crates of ANDERSON COOKSpline Roller ToolingCNC GRINDERS2013 TOYODA Hyd. UniversalCylindrical OD CNC Grinder, ModelGE4P-50, JETEKT CNC Control, 121/2” Between Center, 75 PSI WheelSpindle Bearing Pressure, Wash Coolant System1998 TOYODA Hyd. UniversalCylindrical OD CNC Grinder, ModelGE4P-50, GC32 CNC Control, E9 Marposs, Precision Meter, 12 1/2” BetweenCenter, Wash Coolant System1999 MICRON CNC CenterlessGrinder, Fanuc CNC Control, PartsFeeder, 2,700 M/Min, 455 mm WheelDia., Hydraulic, Custom Fluids Recovery System, 3.0T1999 MICRON CNC CenterlessGrinder, Model MD-600III-4W, SBSDynamic Balancing System, FanucPowermate CNC Control, 2,700 m/Min,Grinding Wheel 610 mm Dia. x 405 mmW. x 304.8 mm Bore, Regulating Wheel330 x 405 x 203.2 mm, Rotary Feed3ANDERSON COOK 330S Hyd. Spline RollerTable, 6.8T1992 MICRON CNC CenterlessGrinder, Model MD-600III, FanucSeries O-GC CNC Control, Hydraulic, Rotary Bin Feed Hopper, 2300m/Min, Grinding Wheel 610 x 305 x 304,Regulator Wheel 330 x 305 x 203, MCC& Power Distribution PanelCINCINNATI CNC Centerless Grinderw/GCH Rebuild w/Magnetic Media FilterCINCINNATI CNC Centerless Grinder,Model 220-8, S/N 350300078-0032,CNC Control, Magnetic Media FilterCNC MACHINING /DRILL & TAP(2) CHIRON DZ12W CNC Vertical Machining Centers, MagnumHigh Speed, GE Fanuc 21i-M 3-AxisCNC Control, Hydraulic, Dual Head,18-Position Tool Holder, Outfeed ChipConveyor, Kurt 6” Machine Vise(2) KIRA VTC30 Elite Drill & TapMachines, Haas 2-Axis Power Spindle& Control, Fanuc 21-M CNC Control,10-Postion Tool Index, 12-1/2” x 19-1/2”Table, TailstockBROTHER TC-32B CNC TappingMachineSHAPERS, HONES& BROACHES(2) 2012 OHIO BROACH CNC VerticalShapers / Broaches, Model OBMVM-16-2X, S/N 1-139973-12 & S/N

20001 0F 2ACME-GRIDLEY 8-Spindle Automatic Screw Machine w/PIETRO CUCCHI Bar Loader(2) DAVENPORT 5-Spindle Automatic Screw Machines1 0F 22 0F 4(4) ACME-GRIDLEY 8-Spindle Automatic Screw Machines2012(2) OHIO BROACH CNC Vertical Shapers / BroachesSURFACE COMBUSTION HEAT TREAT SYSTEM W/(7) ALLCASE & FORCE-AIRE POWER CONVECTION FURNACESTHIELENHAUS SF125-H8A Microfinish Hone4CINCINNATI 415-15 DT Horizontal Mill

LARGE ASSORTMENT OF METROLOGY LAB & INSPECTION EQUIPMENTWALSH 170-Gallon Parts Washer2-139973-12, CNC Control, DualTroyke Power Chucks, 40” x 16” TableTHIELENHAUS Microfinish Hone,Model SF125-H8A, Super Macro FinishGrind/Hone, (7) Adj. Heads, Performance Feeders, Hydraulic6-Spindle Hone w/Wash CoolantSystemENGIS Bore Finishing SystemSCREW MACHINESACME-GRIDLEY 8-Spindle AutomaticScrew Machine, Model Plurimandrino,Pietro Cucchi Bar Stock Feed Loaders, 13’ Capacity, 1-3/4” - 1-1/2” Dia.Capacity(4) ACME-GRIDLEY 8-Spindle Automatic Screw Machines, PMC UniopControl, Coolant System(2) DAVENPORT 5-Spindle AutomaticScrew Machine, Model Noise Tamer,3/4” Capacity(2) ACME GRIDLEY Screw MachinesDAVENPORT LatheScrew Machine Tooling & Parts IN (3)STANLEY VIDMAR Cabinets & SteelCabinetPallet Racking w/Parts for AutomaticScrew Machines, Clutches, EtcHEAT TREATSURFACE COMBUSTION Heat TreatSystem, (7) ALLCASE & FORCEAIRE Power Convection Furnaces,1,400 -1750 Temp, 390,000 - 600,000BTU/Hour, S/Ns BC-41451-1, BX-LEWIS/ACME Fab Parts Washer System38492-1, BX-366001-1, BX-37470-1,Becker Dunk Spray Washer, SurfaceCasemate Controls(2) TOCCO Induction HardenersMASCO MACHINES Heat Treat TunnelsTOOLROOMJORGENSON Magnetic SeparatorSystem w/Debris Elevator Conveyor(3) CINCINNATI Centerless GrindersCINCINNATI Twin-Grip CenterlessGrinder, Model 340-20, DE, S/N350520H81-0029THOMPSON Hydraulic SurfaceGrinder, 18” x 6” PMC, 32” x 8” Table,Wide EnvelopeHARIG 618W Precision Hand FeedSurface Grinder, 17” x 6” PMCCINCINNATI Surface GrinderROYAL MASTER GrinderCINCINNATI Horizontal Mill, Model415-15 DT, 4-Die, 76-1/2” x 15” Table,6” Machine Vise w/Chip Pan, WashSystemBISHOP SS11-CNC Sleeve Slot Generating MachineMultiple-Spindle Horizontal / AngleDrill Machines & Control StationsDual 12-Station Multi-Angle DrillMachine & Single StationDELTA Vertical Drill, 300-4,700 RPM,18” x 12” TableWILTON Bench Top Vertical Drill PressCRAFTSMAN 8” Table SawOld HOBART Welder on Cart Oxy/Acetylene Torch Cart WeldingCK CONCEPTS Pass-Through Parts WasherCurtainsArbor Press (2) 8” Double End Pedestal Grinders BRIDGEPORT VerticalMill Base & Table (No Head)INSPECTIONVIEW Bazic 8 CMM MachineMICRO-VU, JONES & LAMSON, OGP& STARRET Optical ComparatorsFEDERAL Formscan 3300 GeometricGaging SystemPrecision Balance TesterMAGNUSON Miji-Lif 175-GallonWasherLECO GP-160 Bowl / Wheel WashTurntable MachineCP Laboratory Oven, Model 4015-54LAB CON Enclosed Chemical SprayBoothLECO Video Camera w/LECD TV(3) UNIVERSAL Punch ConcentricityHorizontal GaugesPMC Contou-Reader, Trace, Retract& RecordGranite Surface PlateLots of Assorted Precision Inspection Items - Microscopes PressureGauges Micrometers Analyzers Much More(70 ) Snap Gauges & FixturesREPRO TECHNOLOGY Blue Liner5000 Blueprint Plotter Blueprint Cabinets & Filing CabinetsPARTS WASHERSWALSH 170-Gallon Parts Washer,515” x 9” Window, Chain Belt w/PowerConveyor Loop System, 12’ Tunnel1995 LEWIS/ACME Fab Parts WasherSystem, Wash Tank, Rinse Tank,Coalescer, Dryer, MCC Cabinet MicronAuto Dip Tank, Outfeed ConveyorMICRON 20” x 31” x 17” Auto Dip TankCLEANVY 2-Stage Wash SystemCK CONCEPTS Pass-Through PartsWasherASSEMBLY MACHINESPROMESS 52-Station AutomatedAssembly System, Dual Rotary SeatFeeders, Dual Fanuc LR Mate 100-IHigh Speed Robot Arms, Allen-BradleyData Liner Control, Xycom Programmable Control, MCCAssembly Machine, SYNTON PartsHandling System, 16-Position RotaryTable, (13) Assembly Heads & RotaryFeed Bin, Set, Test & Leak ControlFORKLIFTS2011 YALE 12,000-lb. Forklift, ModelGLC120VX, LPG, 92”/185” 3-StageMast, Solid Tires, Sideshift2012 TOYOTA 8,000-lb. Forklift,Model 7FGCU35, LPG, 92”/199”3-Stage Mast, Solid Non-Marking Tires,4-Way Hyd. ValveYALE 6,400-lb. Forklift, 187” LiftHeight, 3-Stage Mast, 36V, Sideshift,Solid Tires, 42” ForksYALE 5,000-lb. Forklift, 189” LiftHeight, 3-Stage Mast, 36V, Sideshift

2011PROMESS 52-Station Automated Assembly SystemYALE GLC120VX 12,000-lb. Forklift2012 1 0F 2TOYOTA 7FGCU35 8,000-lb. Forklift(2) YALE 6,400-lb.& 5,000-lb. Forklifts2014YALE 4,000-lb. ForkliftYALE 3,650-lb. ForkliftMINUTEMAN TSS-82 Powerboss Floor SweeperCLUB CAR Precedent Electric Golf CartMRO / PARTS CRIB – (100 ) STANLEY VIDMAR MODULAR CABINETS W/BEARINGS,MACHINE PARTS & ACCESSORIES, GASKETS, COLLETS, TOOLING, MOTORS & PUMPS TO 50-HP100 100 (90 ) Bundles of 12’ /- x 1/2”-2” Dia. Bar StockCHEVROLET G31405 Cargo Van6

1 0F 2(2) 10’ x 20’ Modular BuildingsMAYFRAN INTERNATIONALChip Processing SystemHIGHLIGHT Synergy 2.2.5Rotary Stretch Wrapper(2) 500-Gallon Sump SuckerPump SystemsLarge Scrap Opportunity1 0F 2Welding & Assembly CellYALE 4,000-lb. Forklift, 194” LiftHeight, 84” 3-Stage Mast, 36V, Sideshift, Vertical Rotary Fork Attachment,Clearview, Solid Tread TiresYALE 3,650-lb. Forklift, 189” LiftHeight, 3-Stage Mast, 36V, Sideshift,Dual Center Rear WheelTOYOTA 3,000-lb. Forklift, Model5FGC15, 3-Stage Mast, Solid Tires,6,189 HoursMINUTEMAN Powerboss LPG FloorSweeper, Model CSS-82TAYLOR-DUNN 3-Wheel Electric Personnel Cart, 24V On-Board Charger,Pneumatic Tires2014 CLUB CAR Precedent ElectricGolf Cart, 48V Charger, 4-PassengerFold Down Seat, Lift Kit, Headlights /Brake-lights, New 14” Wheels & AllTerrain Tires5-Ton Telescoping Forklift BoomHydraulic Platform Lift(2) Free-Standing Jib CranesMRO / PARTS CRIB(100 ) STANLEY VIDMAR ModularTool Cabinets w/support for every machine in building - Bearings Hardware Electrical Fuses CNC MachineParts CNC Controls Motors Pumps Plumbing Supplies Probes Belts Gaskets Fuses Reamers Taps Drill Bits Clamps Sleeves Collets Machine Accessories Tooling Tooling Refractometers1 0F 2(2) TOCCO Induction HardenersMOTORS & PUMPS(30 ) LEESON, BALDOR & GE Electric Motors & Pumps to 50-HP(2) 500-Gallon Sump Sucker PumpSystemsHydraulic Pump Unit(15) Crates of New BULL FORGEPump Hubs (over 1,000 pcs)(2) Centrifugal PumpsMISCELLANEOUS2000 CHEVROLET Cargo Van, ModelG31405, Automatic, 2WD, Vinyl Seats,9,500 GVWR(2) 10’ x 20’ Modular Buildings(2) RX Generators, Honeywell BurnerControlMAYFRAN INTERNATIONAL ChipProcessing System w/Shredder,Screw Conveyor, Wringer, Hopper,Rotary Parts Separator, 25-HP, MCC w/Uniop ControlHIGHLIGHT Synergy 2.2.5 RotaryStretch Wrapper, 4’ x 4’ DiamondTable, Variable Carriage Speeds, AutoBanding, 71,434 Cycles on CounterKOCH Reclamation SystemBUDZAR Ice Chiller w/Magnetic Separator & Custom Fluid Recovery SystemTORIT Dust Collector & Others(2) Spare Auger Screw for ShredderBanding Carts STERLING AutomaticStrapper Hand Held Power Bander(2) ENGIS Honing Machines1996 IMECO Chiller Unit, Model EFC-(2) ENGIS Honing MachinesC 233-3(2) HANKISON Air Dryers(2) Vertical Air Receiving TanksKIRBY Slotter(5) MAGNUS & Other Automated PartWashersWESTWARD 10-Ton Hydraulic RamSystem KitRecycling SystemBar FeedBAR STOCK (50 ) Bundles of 12’ /x 1/2” - 2” Dia. Bars Stainless Steel Aluminum(37) Bundles of 2,000-lb. - 4,000-lb./Bundle, 12’ x 1/2” - 5/8” Dia.Old Floor Scrubber(8) STANLEY-VIDMAR Modular ToolCabinets(2) STANLEY 11-Drawer Vidmar Modular Tool Cabinets(7) STANLEY-VIDMAR Modular BaseTool Cabinets(6) LISTA Base Cabinets & (7) LISTAModular Tool Cabinets(7) STANLEY VIDMAR Modular ToolCabinet w/Tooling, Clamps, Drill Bits,Teflon Drill Rods, Tools, Assorted ShopRepair ItemsAE Digital Platform Scale CantileverRack w/A-6 & CRS Steel Flat, Round &Angle Stock(7) Pallets of Finished Product 10RSteel Shafts – Clean Material(4) Sections of KEYSTONE 12’ x 8’ x30” Pallet Racking(17) Sections of Teardrop & AssortedPallet Racking7Barrell Vac Systems(20 ) Steel 37” x 46” Step Down ChipPans(10 ) CECOR Portable Steel DumpingContainersCorrugated Boxes & Plastic StorageDividers (300 ) Assorted PlasticParts Bins Incline Chip Conveyors Wire Baskets & Steel Material Tubs Inconel Heat Treat Baskets (19)Assorted Size & Capacity Die Lift Carts Die Spindle Tip Cart Scissor LiftTable 54” x 54” Electric Scissor LiftTable, 1/2” Steel Top (10) 8’ TowableBar Carts, (4) Supports/Cart ForkliftsDumpster Shovel Step Up PlatformsTHERMONIC Heat Treat HydraulicPallet JacksLarge Selection of Assorted Metal &Plastic CartsLarge Quantity of Portable ConveyorCartsFlammable Storage Cabinets(4) AMEREX 50-lb. Fire ExtinguisherCarts, Pneumatic TiresChip Carts w/Bar DeflectorsBag House FiltersMan BasketENERPAC ZW3 HPUPneumatic Hose ReelsBearing PullersLifting ClampsBench Top Pipe ClampsPrecision Roller StandsEmployee Lockers Combination Safe Assorted HD Steel Tables Fans to42” LaddersLarge Inventory of LEXMARK Printers Office Desks & Chairs Conference Table & Chairs Decorative Cabinets Credenzas Office Equipment Wall Art Filing Cabinets Monitors Laptops Cubicles Supplies PowerBack-Up Supplies Cables Phones Light Duty Racking Picnic Tables Breakroom Table & Chairs PostageScalesLARGE SCRAPOPPORTUNITY

5 0F 8New as20121 0F 5Plant ClosedANGSTROMAUTOMOTIVE GROUP8229 Tyler Blvd. in Mentor, OhioTHURSDAY, DEC. 5thStarting at 10AM EST(8) GANESH Swiss Type CNC Turning CentersINSPECTION: Day Prior to Auction from 9AM-4PM Auction conducted by:FIRST CLASS MAILMYRON BOWLING AUCTIONEERS, INC.P. O. Box 369, Ross, Ohio 450611 0F 2(5) CINCINNATI & MICRONCNC Centerless GrindersPRESORTEDFIRST CLASS MAILU.S. POSTAGEPAIDCINCINNATI, OHPERMIT NO. 5714New as2013(2) TOYODA GE4P-50CNC HydraulicUniversal Cylindrical OD CNC GrindersLARGE PRECISION TURNING & MACHINED COMPONENTS FACILITY1 0F 2DO YOU HAVE ASSETSTO SELL IN MEXICO?1 0F 2We have a sales office in Mexico City.Whether you’re selling a few items or yourentire operation, your choice in an auctioneercan make all the difference.Contact: Christopher Lee 513/[email protected](2) ANDERSON COOKHydraulic Spline Rollers(2) 2012 OHIO BROACHCNC Vertical Shapers / BroachesThinking about having an auction? Call one of us.FOLLOW US ONFor Informationon UpcomingAuctionsTERMS & CONDITIONSTERMS OF SALE: Copies of Terms of Sale will be posted at the auction. Additional terms may be announced duringthe auction. We make every effort to accurately describe each item in the auction; however, a mistake may occur.Buyers must take responsibility to thoroughly inspect the items on which they intend to bid. Each item will be sold“As is, where is.” There is absolutely no warranty or guarantee of any kind either written or implied. Occasionally,additional information may come to light regarding any and all items being sold during the auction. When this occursthe new information takes precedence.BUYER’S PREMIUM: 15% ONSITE 18% ONLINE w/bidspotter.comINSPECTION: THE DAY BEFORE THE AUCTION FROM 9AM TO 4PMMyron Bowling513/604-4957Joe Oliver513/604-4958Kevin Gamm513/235-6430Greg Hengehold513/520-7636Christopher Lee513/720-1687Tom Bowling513/738-3311UNABLE TO ATTEND?Bid Online in Real Time atRegister: You must register as an online bidder through Bidspotter.com, 24 hours prior to the auction start timeto allow sufficient time to be approved. You’ll find the Bidspotter link on the specific auction page on our Website.Deposit: A deposit of 25% of your anticipated purchase or a bank letter of guarantee is required to bid online.Mail deposit check to: Myron Bowling Auctioneers, P.O. Box 369, Ross, Ohio 45061. Call 513/738-3311 for wireinstructions. Fax your bank letter of guarantee to 513/738-0221.Approval: Once the registration process has been completed and your deposit received, you will be notifiedthrough an automated Bidspotter email, that you are approved to bid.ALL ONLINE BIDS ARE SUBJECT TO A 18% BUYER’S PREMIUMP.O. Box 369 I Ross, Ohio 45061Phone: 513/738-3311 I Fax: 513/738-0221www.myronbowling.comREMOVAL & PAYMENT: Machinery removal is the responsibility of the buyer. All equipment must be removedin accordance with the specific auction timeline and terms of sale. See the specific auction web page for details.Anyone (rigger or buyer), using a powered vehicle to remove items must have a certificate of insurance on file withMyron Bowling Auctioneers in the amount of 1,000,000.00. Item removal generally begins at the conclusion of theauction and after payment in full is received by cash, wire transfer, or company check (if approved by the auctioncompany or bank letter of guarantee). All checks should be made payable to Myron Bowling Auctioneers. Taxes willbe charged unless you have provided a proper written exemption from your state.SAMPLE BANK LETTER: Dear Sirs, (BANK NAME) irrevocably guarantees payment in full to Myron BowlingAuctioneers by (BUSINESS NAME) drawn on account (NUMBER) up to the amount of (DOLLARS) to purchaseitems at your (AUCTION NAME). This letter of guarantee is valid until (MONTH, DAY, YEAR). Regards, (BANKREPRESENTATIVE, TITLE, BANK NAME).COMPLETE TERMS & CONDITIONScan be found at myronbowling.com, or call 513/738-3311 if you have questionsMyron C. Bowling - 62197620939 Myron Bowling Auctioneers, Inc. - 63198514949Tim Pfister - 2011000029 John Sharpe - 2002000001 Hilco Industrial - 2011000151171 Monroe Ave. NW, Suite 500 Grand Rapids, MI 49503877.37.HILCO 1 616.732.1800 fax: 1 616.732.7100www.hilcoind.com

CINCINNATI Twin-Grip Centerless Grinder, Model 340-20, DE, S/N 350520H81-0029 THOMPSON Hydraulic Surface Grinder, 18” x 6” PMC, 32” x 8” Table, Wide Envelope HARIG 618W Precision Hand Feed Surface Grinder, 17” x 6” PMC CINCINNATI Surface Grinder ROYAL MASTER