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! WARNINGThe engine exhaust from this product contains chemicalsknown to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defectsor other reproductive harm.engi90-8M0055693 21140/50/60 FourStrokeEPA Emissions RegulationsOutboards sold by Mercury Marine in the United States arecertified to the United States Environmental ProtectionAgency as conforming to the requirements of the regulationsfor the control of air pollution from new outboard motors. Thiscertification is contingent on certain adjustments being set tofactory standards. For this reason, the factory procedure forservicing the product must be strictly followed and, whereverpracticable, returned to the original intent of the design.Maintenance, replacement, or repair of the emissioncontrol devices and systems may be performed by anymarine engine repair establishment or individual.Engines are labeled with an Emission Control Informationdecal as permanent evidence of EPA certification. 2011 Mercury MarineThank Youfor your purchase of one of the finest outboards available. Youhave made a sound investment in boating pleasure. Youroutboard has been manufactured by Mercury Marine, a worldleader in marine technology and outboard manufacturingsince 1939. These years of experience have been committedto the goal of producing the finest quality products. This led toMercury Marine's reputation for strict quality control,excellence, durability, lasting performance, and being the bestat providing after the sale support.Please read this manual carefully before operating youroutboard. This manual has been prepared to assist you in theoperation, safe use, and care of your outboard.All of us at Mercury Marine took pride in building your outboardand wish you many years of happy and safe boating.Again, thank you for your confidence in Mercury Marine.

Warranty MessageThe product you have purchased comes with a limited warrantyfrom Mercury Marine, the terms of the warranty are set forth in theWarranty Information section of this manual. The warrantystatement contains a description of what is covered, what is notcovered, the duration of coverage, how to best obtain warrantycoverage, important disclaimers and limitations of damages,and other related information. Please review this importantinformation.The description and specifications contained herein were in effectat the time this manual was approved for printing. Mercury Marine,whose policy is one of continued improvement, reserves the rightto discontinue models at any time, to change specifications,designs, methods, or procedures without notice and withoutincurring obligation.Mercury Marine, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin U.S.A.Litho in U.S.A. 2011, Mercury MarineMercury, Mercury Marine, MerCruiser, Mercury MerCruiser,Mercury Racing, Mercury Precision Parts, Mercury Propellers,Mariner, Quicksilver, #1 On The Water, Alpha, Bravo, Pro Max,OptiMax, Sport‑Jet, K‑Planes, MerCathode, RideGuide,SmartCraft, Zero Effort, M with Waves logo, Mercury with Waveslogo, and SmartCraft logo are all registered trademarks ofBrunswick Corporation. Mercury Product Protection logo is aregistered service mark of Brunswick Corporation.Mercury Premier ServiceMercury evaluates the service performance of its dealers andassigns its highest rating of "Mercury Premier" to thosedemonstrating an exceptional commitment to service.Earning a Mercury Premier Service rating means a dealer: Achieves a high 12 month service CSI (Customer SatisfactionIndex) score for warranty service. Possesses all necessary service tools, test equipment,manuals, and parts books. Employs at least one Certified or Master technician.iieng

Provides timely service for all Mercury Marine customers.Offers extended service hours and mobile service, whenappropriate.Uses, displays, and stocks adequate inventory of genuineMercury Precision Parts.Offers a clean, neat shop with well organized tools and serviceliterature.Declaration of Conformity 30/40/50/60 4‑Stroke ‑ ForRecreational Craft Propulsion Engines with the Requirementsof Directive 94/25/EC as amended by 2003/44/ECName of engine manufacturer: Mercury Marine Technology Suzhou Co., Ltd.Address: No 200 Suhong Middle Road, Suzhou Industrial ParkTown: SuzhouPost Code: 215021Country: CHINAName of Authorized Representative: Brunswick Marine in EMEA Inc.Address: Parc Industriel de Petit‑RechainTown: VerviersPost Code: 4800Country: BelgiumName of Notified Body for exhaust emission assessment: Det NorskeVeritas ASAddress: Veritasveien 1Town: HovikPost Code:1322Country:NorwayID Number: 0575Name of Notified Body for noise emission assessment: Det Norske VeritasASAddress: Veritasveien 1Town: HovikPost Code:1322Country:NorwayID Number: 0575Conformity assessmentmodule used for exhaustemissions: B C B D B E B F GConformity assessmentmodule used for noiseemissions: A Aa G H HOther Community Directives applied: Safety of Machinery Directive 98/37/EC; Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/ECengiii

Description of Engines and Essential RequirementsEngine TypeFuel TypeCombustion Cycle z or sterndrive withintegral exhaust Diesel 2 stroke Outboard engine Petrol 4 strokeIdentification of Engines Covered by This Declaration ofConformityName of engine familyUnique engine identificationnumber: starting serialnumberEC Module Hcertificate number30, 40 hp 3 cylinderOP401000, or 1C010000RCD-H-240, 50, 60 hp 4 cylinder OP401000, or normativedocument/methodtechnicalfilePlease specify inmore detail(* mandatorystandard)Annex 1.B—Exhaust EmissionsB.1 engineidentification B.2 exhaustemissionrequirements * * EN ISO8178‑1:1996B.3 durability * EN ISO8178‑1:1996B.4 owner'smanual EN ISO 8665: 1995Annex 1.C—Noise EmissionsC.1 Noise emissionlevels * *EN ISO 14509C.2 Owner'smanual Owner's manualThis declaration of conformity is issued under the sole responsibility of themanufacturer. I declare on behalf of the engine manufacturer that the enginesmentioned preceding complies with all applicable essential requirements in theway specified.iveng

Name / function:Mark D. Schwabero, President, MercuryOutboardDate and place of issue:July 24, 2008Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USAengv


WARRANTY INFORMATIONWarranty Registration.1Transfer of Warranty.1Transfer of Mercury Product Protection (Extended ServiceCoverage) Plan United States and Canada. 2FourStroke Outboard Limited Warranty.3FourStroke Outboard Limited Warranty.6FourStroke Outboard Limited Warranty.103 Year Limited Warranty Against Corrosion.13Warranty Coverage and Exclusions.17U.S. EPA Emissions Limited Warranty.19Emission Control System Components.19California Emissions Limited Warranty.20California Air Resources Board Explanation of Your CaliforniaEmission Control Warranty Statement. 24Emission Certification Star Label.25engvii

GENERAL INFORMATIONBoater's Responsibilities.27Before Operating Your Outboard.27Boat Horsepower Capacity.28High‑Speed and High‑Performance Boat Operation.28Outboard Remote Control Models .28Remote Steering Notice. 29Lanyard Stop Switch.30Protecting People in the Water.33Passenger Safety Message ‑ Pontoon Boats and Deck Boats. 34Wave and Wake Jumping.35Impact with Underwater Hazards. 36Safety Instructions for Hand‑Tilled Outboards.37Exhaust Emissions.38Selecting Accessories for Your Outboard.41Safe Boating Suggestions.41Recording Serial Number.4340/50/60 FourStroke Specifications.43Component Identification.45TRANSPORTINGTrailering Boat/Outboard .46Transporting Portable Fuel Tanks.47FUEL & OILFuel Recommendations.48Low Permeation Fuel Hose Requirement .50EPA Pressurized Portable Fuel Tank Requirements.50Fuel Demand Valve (FDV) Requirement.50Mercury Marine's Pressurized Portable Fuel Tank.51Filling Fuel Tank.52Engine Oil Recommendations.53Checking and Adding Engine Oil.53viiieng

FEATURES & CONTROLSRemote Control Features.55Warning System.56Power Trim and Tilt.58Throttle Grip Friction Adjustment ‑ Tiller Handle Models.62Steering Friction Adjustment ‑ Tiller Handle Models. 62Trim Tab Adjustment.63OPERATIONPrestarting Check List.65Operating in Freezing Temperatures.65Operating in Saltwater or Polluted Water.65Pre‑Starting Instructions.66Engine Break‑in Procedure. 67Starting the Engine ‑ Remote Control Models.67Starting the Engine ‑ Tiller Handle Models.70Gear Shifting .73Stopping the Engine .74Emergency Starting .75engix

MAINTENANCEOutboard Care.77EPA Emissions Regulations.77Inspection and Maintenance Schedule.78Flushing the Cooling System.80Top Cowl Removal and Installation.82Exterior Care.82Battery Inspection .83Fuel System.83Steering Link Rod Fasteners.85Corrosion Control Anode.86Propeller Replacement ‑ 87.3 mm(3‑7/16 in.) Diameter Gearcase.87Propeller Replacement ‑ 108 mm(4‑1/4 in.) Diameter Gearcase.90Spark Plug Inspection and Replacement. 94Fuse Replacement. 95Timing Belt Inspection. 96Lubrication Points.97Checking Power Trim Fluid.100Changing Engine Oil .100Gearcase Lubrication ‑ For 87.3 mm(3‑7/16 in.) DiameterGearcase.102Gearcase Lubrication ‑ For 108 mm(4‑1/4 in.) Diameter Gearcase.104Submerged Outboard.106STORAGEStorage Preparation. 107Protecting External Outboard Components.108Protecting Internal Engine Components.108Gearcase.108Positioning Outboard for Storage.108Battery Storage.109xeng

TROUBLESHOOTINGStarter Motor Will Not Crank the Engine (Electric Start Models)110Engine Will Not Start.110Engine Runs Erratically.111Performance Loss.111Battery Will Not Hold Charge.111OWNER SERVICE ASSISTANCELocal Repair Service.113Service Away from Home.113Parts and Accessories Inquiries.113Service Assistance.113Mercury Marine Service Offices.114OUTBOARD INSTALLATIONInstallation Information.116Fuel Hose Connection ‑ Remote Control Models.126Electrical Connections and Control Cable Installation.127Propeller Installation.135Trim Tab Adjustment.140Trim‑In Stop Adjustment ‑ Power Trim Models.141MAINTENANCE LOGMaintenance Log.142engxi


WARRANTY INFORMATIONWarranty RegistrationUNITED STATES AND CANADATo be eligible for warranty coverage, the product must beregistered with Mercury Marine.At the time of sale, the selling dealer should complete the warrantyregistration and immediately submit it to Mercury Marine viaMercNET, e‑mail, or mail. Upon receipt of this warrantyregistration, Mercury Marine will record the registration.A copy of the warranty registration should be provided to you byyour selling dealer.NOTE: Registration lists must be maintained by Mercury Marineand any dealer on marine products sold in the United States,should a safety recall notification under the Federal Safety Act berequired.You may change your address at any time, including at time ofwarranty claim, by calling Mercury Marine or sending a letter or faxwith your name, old address, new address, and engine serialnumber to Mercury Marine’s warranty registration department.Your dealer can also process this change of information.Mercury MarineAttn: Warranty Registration DepartmentW6250 W. Pioneer RoadP.O. Box 1939Fond du Lac, WI 54936-1939920-929-5054Fax 1 920 929 5893OUTSIDE UNITED STATES AND CANADAFor products purchased outside the United States and Canada,contact the distributor in your country, or the Marine Power ServiceCenter closest to you.Transfer of WarrantyUNITED STATES AND CANADAThe limited warranty is transferable to a subsequent purchaser, butonly for the remainder of the unused portion of the limited warranty.This will not apply to products used for commercial applications.eng1

WARRANTY INFORMATIONTo transfer the warranty to the subsequent owner, send or fax acopy of the bill of sale or purchase agreement, new owner’s name,address, and engine serial number to Mercury Marine’s warrantyregistration department. In the United States and Canada, mail to:Mercury MarineAttn: Warranty Registration DepartmentW6250 W. Pioneer RoadP.O. Box 1939Fond du Lac, WI 54936-1939920-929-5054Fax 1 920 929 5893Upon processing the transfer of warranty, Mercury Marine willrecord the new owner's information.There is no charge for this service.OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES AND CANADAFor products purchased outside the United States and Canada,contact the distributor in your country, or the Marine Power ServiceCenter closest to you.Transfer of Mercury Product Protection (ExtendedService Coverage) Plan United States and CanadaThe remaining coverage period of the Product Protection Plan istransferable to the subsequent purchaser of the engine within thirty(30) days from the date of sale. Contracts not transferred withinthirty (30) days of the subsequent purchase will no longer be validand the product will no longer be eligible for coverage under theterms of the contract.To transfer the plan to the subsequent owner, contact MercuryProduct Protection or an authorized dealer to receive a Requestfor Transfer form. Submit to Mercury Product Protection a receipt/bill of sale, a completed Request of Transfer form, and a checkpayable to Mercury Marine in the amount of 50.00 (per engine)to cover the transfer fee.Plan coverage is not transferable from one product to anotherproduct or for non‑eligible applications.The Certified Pre‑Owned engine plans are not transferable.2eng

WARRANTY INFORMATIONFor help or assistance, contact Mercury Product ProtectionDepartment at 1‑888‑427‑5373 from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CST,Monday–Friday or email mpp [email protected] Outboard Limited WarrantyUNITED STATES AND CANADAOutside the United States and Canada ‑ Check with your localdistributor.WHAT IS COVERED: Mercury Marine warrants its new productsto be free of defects in material and workmanship during the perioddescribed below.DURATION OF COVERAGE: This Limited Warranty providescoverage for three (3) years from the date the product is first soldto a recreational use retail purchaser, or the date on which theproduct is first put into service, whichever occurs first. Commercialusers of these products receive warranty coverage of one (1) yearfrom the date of first retail sale, or one (1) year from the date onwhich the product was first put into service, whichever occurs first.Commercial use is defined as any work or employment related useof the product, or any use of the product which generates income,for any part of the warranty period, even if the product is onlyoccasionally used for such purposes. The repair or replacement ofparts, or the performance of service under this warranty, does notextend the life of this warranty beyond its original expiration date.Unexpired warranty coverage can be transferred from onerecreational use customer to a subsequent recreational usecustomer upon proper reregistration of the product. Unexpiredwarranty coverage cannot be transferred either to or from acommercial use customer. Warranty coverage may be terminatedfor used repossessed product; or product purchased at auction,

Mercury Marine's reputation for strict quality control, excellence, durability, lasting performance, and being the best at providing after the sale support. Please read this manual carefully before operating your outboard. This manual has been prepared to assist you in the operation, safe use, and care of your outboard.