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New Puppy Owner’s Information SheetFood:Purina Puppy Chow Complete. DO NOT USE LARGE BREEDPups are usually feed “free choice” for the first 3 to 4 months depending on if at healthyweight. I usually move my pups to adult at 7 months to 1 year or sooner if he/she isgaining weight. Your puppy is currently eating dry Purina Puppy Chow Complete. Ifyou choose to change the food please follow the schedule below:Day 1 80% Puppy chow 20% New foodDay 2 60% Puppy chow 40% New foodDay 3 40% Puppy chow 60% New foodDay 4 20% Puppy chow 80% New foodNOTE: If puppy shows any signs of vomiting or diarrhea try slowing down thechange to 8 days. If still not stopped switch back to Puppy chow.Purina Pro Plan Savor or Focus Puppy formula is a great higher end Dog food.Please use the formula above to switch. They also have a great Weightmanagement food that Jackson and Jilly are currently on for weight loss. We seea steady slow weight loss with this food and everyone else tries to steal it so itmust be tasty!

Toys:Squeaky toys, rattling toys, and those with bells are great fun. Most such toys are alsodestructible, so monitor your puppy if he has moved into a destructive phase. Squeakersand nylon pieces are better in the toy and as a part of the toy than in your puppy – sodon’t let him chew and swallow any pieces. Kong makes some stronger fabric squeakertoys that can be found at Petsmart.

Toys made of hard rubber are sturdy and come in various shapes and sizes. Insert abiscuit treat or peanut butter into rubber toys with holes to get him to work for the prize(Kong Brand)No antlers, bones (pork or cow) and rawhides during at least the first 6 months. Insteadpurchase edible chews that are safe for puppies. (Purina Busy Bones or Nylabones aregreat)They currently like to sleep with and on stuffed toys. At this age the “non-stuffing” softtoys with the “crinkle” inside usually are not destroyed as easy and they love the noise.These as well as “teething” toys can be found at Petsmart.Rotate the toys puppy plays with each week, otherwise, he may get bored and ignorethem in favor of something new, like your shoes! Also, make sure every member of yourfamily spends a little one-on-one time playing with puppy, so they can form a specialbond with one another.

Crate Training:This is my preferred way of house breaking as well as getting thru the first year of gettinginto trouble. It is very important to fit the dog to the crate. If the crate is too big thepuppy will potty inside the crate. My favorite crate is the new model of PetmateCompass It has a very easy door to open as well as extra vent holes. Finally they fixedthe bars on the door so they are too small for the dog’s mouth to get stuck. I have 2sizes, one for first 4 to 5 months and one for their adult size. Amazon has great prices onthis line. 24.6x 16.85 x 15 first crate.I have found most puppies at this age are more comfortable in the plastic training/evr dg crate training for puppiesThere are many websites that can help with your potty training. You can also contact mefor advice. Remember puppies can only hold their bladder for 1 hr per month of age. Forexample a 3 month old can hold it up to 3 hrs. If up and playing your new pup will needto go about every 15 to 25 min at 8 weeks old. They are unable to control their bowelstill after 3 months old. Your pup some be immediately taken outside to potty as soon ashe/she wakes up, you take them out of the crate, before/after/during playtimes, aftermeals.My dogs are given a “key word” to know when to potty. More info on how to train withkey words on 2nd tips/housetraining puppies.html

// Beagles are scent hounds, if they smell pee then they will pee again in samespot. Use an enzyme cleaner to break down the “accident” scent and prevent accidents inthe same spot. There are many brands and formulas for hard floors or fabric/carpet.Vaccines/Parasites/Vet clinics:At 6 weeks your pup received his/her Spectra 5-way Puppy shot. Your pup will have tocontinue his vaccines either with a vet or given at home (see Health Vaccination Recordenclosed in your puppy folder). Rabies shots MUST be given by a vet. Most countieshave Vet clinics for reduced cost rabies shots in the spring and fall. The Spectra 7 wayshot has now been replaced with Spectra 9 or 10 way shot.Your pup has been dewormed with a Pyrantel Pamoate wormer (Nemex 2) that is safe foryoung pups and Dams. This was done at 2, 4, 6 weeks. Your vet may choose to performanother treatment or do fecal test.Flea & tick treatments. I am recommending a new product that is currently being used inmy area with great success at the Beagle clubs. It is not messy or washes off when thedog gets wet. Don’t have to worry about petting your dog and getting it on you either. Itis more expensive in the beginning but instead of lasting for 1 month it last 8 to 12

months. Seresto Collar by Bayer. Cost is 40 to 50 online at Amazon which I have foundas the cheapest.Low cost spay/neuter at the Jessica Beath Clinic. It islocated in Ashland, Va near Richmond.Spay 60.00Neuter 50.00They also do some low cost procedures as well as vaccinations.If your pup displays behaviors you are not happy with correct them immediately. If itscute now will it be cute when he is full grown? If you wait it will worsen and continue. Ifhe/she is mouthy, DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO CHEW ON YOUR HANDS OR FEET.Immediately saying “ouch” loudly at this young age will cause them to stop then redirectthem to a toy to chew on.We all know they will cry during the first week or so at their new home. If you brought atowel/blanket/toy where the scent of the litter/dam was rubbed on it, place it inside thecrate where they will sleep. I have found a stuffed animal for them to cuddle with alsohelps. An empty aluminum coke can with a few pennies placed inside with tape over thehole makes a great noise maker that will startle them making them stop barking/whining.

Then say “quiet”. It takes time but it will work. Your puppy will have to be taken outsideduring the night to go potty during the first month. Most will be able to sleep through thenight at by 3.5 to 4 months old.Please contact me with questions or concerns at [email protected] I love toreceive updates on my puppies at any time. I would greatly appreciate at least a pictureof them at 1 year old to check their conformation/color.Enjoy your new fur baby!

Day 2 60% Puppy chow 40% New food Day 3 40% Puppy chow 60% New food Day 4 20% Puppy chow 80% New food NOTE: If puppy shows any signs of vomiting or diarrhea try slowing down the change to 8 days. If still not stopped switch back to Puppy chow. Purina Pro Plan Savor or Focus Puppy formula is a great higher end Dog food.