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1300 657 296MK DIAMOND AUSTRALIAworld class diamond tools & machineryMK Diamond AustraliaProduct

Quality Diamond Tools & Machinery Diamond Blades Concrete Saws Core Drilling Machines Core Bits Concrete Grinding Machines Concrete Grinding Tools Concrete Polishing Tools Cup Wheels Ductile Iron Blades Professional Diamond Blades Dust Extractors Diamond ChainsawsVisit our website to view the complete productrange of MK Diamond 657 296

Contractor Diamond BladesMK Diamond - Contractor Diamond BladesA complete range of economy diamond tools perfect for the general hardware,DIY and contractor market, providing quality and performance at anexcellent price.14”, 16”, 18” & 20”Contractor BladesGeneral purpose bladessuitable for Brick Sawsand Demolition SawsTurbo, Segmented& ContinuousA full range of Turbo, Segmented andContinuous Rim blades available in4”, 4.5”, 5”, 7”, 9” & 10”Available in Bulk PacksXtreme Diamond BladesMK Diamond - Xtreme BladesPremium diamond blades for Brick Saws, Demolition Saws and low horse powerFloor SawsGXP Combi BladeConcrete & Asphalt Combi Blade, Suitablefor Concrete, Asphalt, Hebel, Block andAsphalt over ConcreteSizes 14”, 16” 18” & 20”AXP Asphalt BladeAsphalt, Besser Block, ConcreteBlock, Limestone and Sandstone.Sizes 14”, 16”, 18” & 20”Silent Blades For Brick & Block SawsAXPS Block Blade - 14” & 20”BXPS Brick Blade - 14”Xtreme BXX Diamond BladesBXX Multi Purpose BladeThe one Diamond Blade that cuts it all from Granite to Bricks to ReinforcedConcrete with reinforced centre hubs, available in all sizes from 4” to 16”4” to 12” Blades have a10mm Segment Height14” & 16” Blades have a15mm segment HeightTPX-40 Diamond BladesTPX-40 Multi Purpose BladeTPX-40 multi purpose diamond blade has been designed for maximum life andspeed. A newly developed bond allows for cutting a wide variety of materialsincluding brick, granite, block, pavers, concrete and bluestone.Available in all sizes from 4” to 20”Noise ReductionThe laser welded segment over the gulletdesign helps to reduce noise by as muchas 10db while providing efficient removalof cutting debris1300 657 296 / CuttingThe additional core cutouts provideimproved cooling during deep cutting,which helps keep the core fromwarping or losing tension.

CONTRACTOR CONCRETE SAWSCX-3 Concrete Push SawThe CX-3 Concrete saw is compact, light weight and has beenengineered for manoeuvrability and reliability. The castaluminium blade guard and blade mounts on both the right andleft hand side of the saw and cuts within 1” of the wall or curb.Engine Kohler PetrolPower 7hpBlade Capacity 14” (350mm)Depth of Cut 140mmWeight 54 kg1613H Concrete Push SawThe 1613H Concrete saw features box steel chassis constructionto provide a ridged frame that wont flex during operation and apositive locking depth control mechanism. The cast aluminiumblade guard and blade mounts on both the right and left hand sideof the saw and cuts within 2” of the wall or curb.Engine Honda PetrolPower 13hpBlade Capacity 18” (460mm)Depth of Cut 168mmWeight 101 kg2024H Self Propelled Concrete sawThe 2024H Self propelled concrete saw uses a heavy duty hydrostatic transmission with variable speed drive. The cast aluminiumblade guard and blade mounts on both the right and left hand sideof the saw and cuts within 2” of the wall or curb.Engine Electric Start Honda PetrolPower 24hpBlade Capacity 20” (520mm)Depth of Cut 195mmWeight 181 kg* 2020KSP Propane powered saw available1300 657 296 /

PROFESSIONAL CONCRETE SAWSMK-3000 Road SawThe MK-3000 Road Saws are big performance saws insmall packages. They have been designed to takeadvantage of the new breed of high horsepower V-twin aircooled engines from Briggs & Stratton. They provide thecutting depth and power of traditional road saws with allthe advantages of a smaller, more manoeuvrable saw. Thesaw is fully self-propelled with an electric raise and lowermechanism.Engine V-twin VanguardPower 35hpBlade Capacity 30” (760mm)Depth of Cut 318mmWeight 350 kgMK-4000 Road SawThe MK-4000 heavy duty Road Saw has been engineeredfor operator convenience, improved accessibility formaintenance and better control during operations. TheMK-4000 has been designed for both front and rearpivoting and has easily removable rear and side panels toprovide easy accessibility for maintenance.Engine Turbo Diesel KubotaPower 44hpBlade Capacity 36” (915mm)Depth of Cut 380mmWeight 490 kgMK-6000 Road SawThe MK-6000 heavy-duty concrete saw has been engineered for operator convenience and better control duringoperations. The MK-6000 is configured for front pivotingand has easily removable rear and side panels to provideeasy accessibility for maintenance. The saw is powered bya Kubota 59HP, 4-cylinder, turbo-charged, liquid cooled,diesel fuelled engine. This 2434cc engine meets currentEPA Tier 3/Interim Tier 4 emissions regulations, which arethe most stringent in this class.Engine Turbo Diesel Kubota3 Speed gearbox available on bothMK4000 and MK6000 road saws1300 657 296 / 59hpBlade Capacity 42” (520mm)Depth of Cut 495mmWeight 825 kg

Handsaw BladesProfessional Handsaw BladesPremium diamond blades for use on 2-stroke, hydraulic and electric hand heldpower cutters in a variety of applications for the professional user.Handsaw Blade - GALXC-415Fast cutting 16” handsaw bladesuitable for extremely hardreinforced concrete.Hydraulic Blade - BXX-41016” Fast cutting turbo segment hydraulic handsaw blade with a 15mm high segmentHydraulic Blade - HSBH20T-52020” Split segment hydraulic handsaw bladewith flush mount bore.Ring Saw BladesRing Saw & Precut BladesPremium diamond blades for use on 2-stroke and hydraulic hand heldpower cutters and ring saws in a variety of applications for the professional user.Ring Saw Blade - RNGBLFast cutting ring saw blade suitable forboth 2-stroke and hydraulic ring saws,supplied with two drive wheelsPrecut Blade - PCHS-41016” Precut handsaw blade for ring sawapplications.Rollers & Drive RingRSER - Ring sawengagement rollerRSSR - Ring sawsupport rollerRSDWRing saw drive wheelConcrete Road Saw BladesProfessional Road Saw Blades - ConcretePremium diamond blades for use on petrol, diesel & 3 phase electric road saws in avariety of applications for the professional user available in size's from 18” to 56”RS05E3.6mm wide splitsegment concrete bladedesigned for 3 phaseelectric road saws,available in20”, 24” & 30”The RSP40 bond blades have a higher diamondconcentration then the RSP10 bond blades to allowfor use on higher horse power road saws.RSP103.6mm wide concreteblade designed for 35hproad saws, available in18”, 20”, 24” & 30”RSPX104.2mm wide concreteblade designed for highhorse power road saws.20”, 26”, 30”, 36” & 42”RSP403.6mm wide concreteblade designed for 44hproad saws, available in20” & 26”RSPX404.2mm wide concreteblade designed for 65hpto 84hp road saws20” & 26”Asphalt Road Saw BladesProfessional Road Saw Blades - AsphaltPremium diamond blades for use on petrol & diesel road saws in a variety ofapplications for the professional user available in size's from 14” to 42”RSP604.0mm wide asphalt blade designed for35hp road saws.RSP60-360/66mm wide loop blade suitable for 44 to65hp road saws10mm wide blades available on request1300 657 296 / wide asphalt blade designed for48hp to 84hp road sawsAll Asphalt blades available in14”, 20”, 24” & 30”

Specialty BladesDuctile Iron BladeTiger Tooth BladePremium grade blade for cuttingductile iron pipes.MK Diamond’s ductile ironblade’s unique electroplatecoating enables it to dissipateheat thereby eliminating therough edge caused by cutting as well as providing adeburring action that helps to reduce binding duringcutting. The deburring action also provides less dragand resistance than other ductile blades.Mk Diamond’s new VacuumBrazed Technology is the secretto the Fire Tiger Tooth’s effectiveness. Diamondparticles are fused directly to the steel core creatingthe strongest heat resistant bond available whencutting without water cooling. Available in the mostpopular sizes, the Fire Tiger Tooth can be used onangle grinders, circular saws and demolition saws.Crack Chaser BladeTuck Point BladeMK Diamondv-segment crack chasing bladesquickly rout and widen cracks inconcrete, when repairing andresealing concrete.MK Diamond tuck point bladesare used for fast an efficientmortar removal between bricksand blocks, and repair andcleaning in concrete applications.The v-segment crack chasing blades are 6.35mmwide and are available in 4”, 5” & 7” blades.The tuck point blades are 6.35mm wide and areavailable in 4”, 5” & 7” blades.DiamondX Metal Cutting BladesDiamondX is made with diamonds, the hardest natural material known to mankind. It is manufactured by aunique brazing technology that allows a high concentration of diamonds to be chemically and mechanicallybonded to a steel surface. The resulting tool life is far greater than standard abrasives such as aluminum oxide,zirconia alumina or silicon carbideBenefits over traditional abrasives* DiamondX delivers cost efficiencywith longer tool life* Less downtime changing wornabrasives disc* Reduced sparks, less debris and noodour* No reduction in tool size and shape* The same tool can be used on ferrous and non-ferrous metals as wellas ceramics and polymers1300 657 296 /

Contractor Cup WheelsMK Diamond - Contractor Diamond BladesA complete range of economy Diamond Tools perfect for the general hardware,DIY and contractor market, providing quality and performance.Double Row Cup WheelsContractor grade fast grinding cupwheel producing a smoother finishthan a turbo cup wheelAvailable in 4”, 5” & 7” discsArrow Professional Cup WheelsSegmented Turbo Cup WheelsContractor grade cup wheel with anaggressive stock removal rate for fastgrinding.Available in 4”, 5” & 7” discsArrow Cup WheelsContractor grade stripper cup wheel with arrow segments designed to removeglues, epoxy and paint. Available in 4”, 5” & 7” discsMK Diamond - Arrow Cup WheelsProfessional grade cup wheel with arrow shaped segments for fast aggressivegrinding and removal of all coatings and concrete.CWA-S Stripper16 grit disc designed for removal ofglues, epoxy and paintCWA-C Grinding Disc40 grit disc designed for fast andaggressive removal of concreteGold - 5 segment softSilver - 6 segment 20% harder than GoldRed - 6 Segment 20% harder than SilverBlack - 6 Segment 20% harder than RedBlue - 10 Segment SoftWhite - 10 Segment 20% harder than BlueBlue cup wheel also available in a 5” discRed cup wheel also available in a 5” discFull Bodied Cup WheelsFull Bodied Cup WheelsGeneral purpose turbo style cup wheel available in coarse and fine grits for grindingconcrete and removal of scratches in epoxy and polished concrete.Full Bodied CoarseCoarse grit disc designed for generalpurpose concrete grindingFull Bodied FineFine grit disc designed for removingscratches in concrete and epoxyAvailable in 4”, 5”, & 7” discsAvailable in 4”, 5”, & 7” discsPCD Cup WheelsShallow DishPCD Cup WheelsPCD cup wheel for fast removalof heavy glues, epoxy and paintswhen normal cup wheels wontdo the jobShallow Dish Cup WheelGeneral purpose cup wheeldesigned with a shallow dish foruse on grinding machines.Gold - Fine grit discBlue - Medium grit discRed - Coarse grit discAvailable in 5” & 7” discsAvailable in 7” discs1300 657 296 /” Cup Wheels10” Cup Wheel10” cup wheel available invarious grits for use on concrete floorgrindersRed - 16 grit medium stripper discBlack - 16 grit hard stripper discBlue - 40 grit medium grinding discWhite - 40 grit hard grinding disc

MK IXL Dust Shroud7” Dust Shroud withhinged front for grindingagainst walls and edges,perfect for controllingdust. Designed to fit most7” & 9” grinders.Comes with adaptors to suit Bosch,Makita, DeWalt, Metabo, Hitachi andMilwaukee 7” & 9” Grinders5” DUST SHROUDS ALSO AVAILABLECyclone Dust Extraction SystemThe IXL shroud’s snail shape designutilizes the air velocity created by therotating grinding wheel to efficientlychannel dust particles away from thework surface and into the vacuum port.This technology results in less airbornedust, less clean up and improvedgrinding efficiency.Concrete Grinding ShoesFloor Grinding Tools for all Leading BrandsA complete range of grinding shoes and individual grinding segmentsto suit all popular brands of concrete grindersRedi Lock & Contec Grinding ShoesSingle and double segment grinding segments on redilock and Contec screw on shoes in 4 bonds and 5 gritsto suit all applicationsGold - Soft bond grinding segmentWhite - Medium bond grinding segmentBlack - Hard bond grinding segmentSilver - Extra hard bond grinding segmentAvailable in 16, 25/30, 40/50, 80/100 & 120/140 GritsIndividual segments also available in the above bondsand gritsGrinding DisksGrinding Discs for all ApplicationsA complete range of grinding disks to suit all machines and applications from glue &epoxy removal to grinding trip hazards. All MK Diamond Australia grinding discscome pre drilled to suit most petrol and electric grinders.Segments are 12mm x 12mm x 40mmCretemower Discs6 segment 16 grit glue removal disc (Gold)16 & 12 segment 30 grit medium grinding disc (Silver)16 & 12 segment 30 grit hard grinding disc (Black)12 segment 80 grit fine grinding disc (Blue)Custom made discs available on application1300 657 296 /

Velcro Grinding PucksVelcro Backed Diamond PucksConcrete grinding puck with velcro backing for use on concretegrinders, available in 3” & 5” pucks in 3 bonds and 3 gritsGold - Soft bondWhite - Medium bondBlack - Hard bondAvailable in 25, 50 & 100 gritDiamond Grinding PlugsDiamond Grinding PlugsConcrete grinding diamond plugs available in a traditional style plugas well as a 16 grit stripper arrow plug.Traditional PlugArrow Stripper PlugGold - Soft bondWhite - Medium bondBlack - Hard bondAvailable in 25, 50 & 100 gritRed - 16 grit medium bondBlack - 16 grit hard bondDiamond Wedge BlocksDiamond Wedge BlockDiamond wedge blocks to suit all terrazzo grindingmachines available in a number of different grits.Red - 3 segment 30 grit contractor grade wedge blockGold - 4 segment 25 grit premium grade wedge blockBlue - 4 segment 80 grit premium grade wedge blockDiamond Corner ToolsDiamond Multi Tool PadDiamond pads designed to fit all multi tools for a multitude of usesAvailable in 6 gritsMetal Bond Pads100 grit200 grit400 gritResin Pads800 grit1500 grit3000 gritDiamond Corner ToolThe MK diamond corner tool is designed to grind those hard to reach places likecorners and stairs allowing you to get a professional finish, available in 3 grits.25 grit50 grit80 grit1300 657 296 /

Resin Hand Pads4” & 5” Resin Hand Polishing PadsResin hand polishing pads available in 4” & 5” pads used for polishingconcrete and stone products. The MK Range of hand pads are madewith white resin so they don't leave black marks.Hand Pad Grits50 grit800 grit100 grit 1500 grit200 grit 3000 grit400 grit 8500 gritBacking PadsRubber backing padsavailable in 4” & 5” to suitHeavy duty aluminium backing padavailable in 5”Globe Resin Pads4” Globe Resin Polishing PadsResin polishing pads for use on all concrete grinders for polishingconcrete and stone products.50 grit400 grit100 grit 800 grit200 grit 1500 grit3000 grit9” Polishing DiscPP230 Resin Polishing Pad9” resin polishing disc for use on all concrete grinders for polishingconcrete and stone products.50 grit400 grit100 grit 800 grit200 grit 1500grit3000 gritRD Disc Polishing PadRD Disc Resin Polishing PadsRD technology is a very versatile diamond tool, delivering quality gloss onalmost any material, including concrete, terrazzo, granite, marble andtravertine tile! All of this while working DRY! The RD disc is a great choice forfloor polishing with edge grinding machines.RD Disc Grits40 grit400 grit60 grit800 grit120 grit 1500 grit200 grit 3000 gritRD Disc Sizes7.5” Dry disc9” Dry disc11” Dry disc17” Dry DiscDeep Seal LithiumDeepSeal Lithium is unique blend of silicate and siliconate polymer technologythat penetrates deep into concrete surfaces and chemically reacts with theconcrete matrix and the surrounding atmosphere to produce an extremely denseand durable sealed floor. The result is concrete that resists wear and tear fromabrasion, repels water and other chemicals, and reduces the appearance of tyremarks and stains.1300 657 296 /

Tile SawsMK-212 Tile SawThe MK-212 Professional Tile and Stone Saw is built rugged and portable for useon any jobsite. The powerful 2 HP direct drive motor is fully enclosed for greaterprotection. The adjustable built-in miter system allows cuts at all angles from 45 to90 . The plunge cutting head has pivoting blade guard for easy blade changes.Blade Capacity 10” (250mm) DiscsDepth of Cut 51mm / Length of Cut 914mmDiagonal Cut 610mm / Depth of cut at 45 Degrees 38mmWeight 103kgIncludesMK-415 blade / Water pumpRip Guide / 12” Adjustable Cutting GuideMK-101-24 Tile SawThe MK-101-24 Tile Saw is built rugged and portable for use on any jobsite. Thepowerful 2 HP motor is fully enclosed for greater protection. Blade shaft lock foreasy blade removal.Blade Capacity 10” (250mm) DiscsDepth of Cut 76mm / Length of Cut 610mmDiagonal Cut 460mmWeight 59kgIncludesMK-415 blade / Water pumpRip Guide / Adjustable Cutting Guide / Folding StandTile BladesContractor ContinuousRim BladesContractor grade Continuous Rim blade for fastsmooth cutting of tilesSizes 4”, 4.5”, 5”, 7”, 9” & 10”MK-225 Hot DogPorcelain BladesPremium grade thin-rim blade for fast smooth cuttingof porcelain & vitreous tile. Blades are 1.2mm thickSizes 4”, 5”, 6”, 7”, 8”, 9”, 10”, 12” & 14”1300 657 296 / Rim MeshTile BladeThin Rim Mesh blade for fast smooth cutting ofGranite, Hard Stone Products and Porcelain Tiles.Sizes 4’ and 5”MK-415 PremiumPorcelain BladesSupreme grade, super hi-rim blades for productionwork with porcelain & vitreous tile.Sizes 7”, 8”, 10”, 12” and 14”

Early Entry Concrete BladesEarly Entry Green Concrete BladesPremium diamond blades for use on all Soff-cut saws for early entryconcrete sawing.Diameter & Width5" (125mm) x 2mmGC-10 Soft BondMKGC10-125GC-35 Medium BondGC-55 Hard BondMKGC35-125MKGC55-1255.5" (140mm) x 2mmMKGC10-140MKGC35-140MKGC55-1406" (150mm) x 2.4mmMKGC10-150MKGC35-150MKGC55-1507" (180mm) x 2.4mmMKGC10-180MKGC35-180MKGC55-1808" (200mm) x 2.4mmMKGC10-200MKGC35-200MKGC55-2009" (230mm) x 2.4mmMKGC10-230MKGC35-230MKGC55-23010" (250mm) x 2.4mmMKGC10-250/2.4MKGC35-250/2.4MKGC55-250/2.410" (250mm) x 512 x (305mm) 3.2mmMKGC10-305/3.2MKGC35-305/3.2MKGC55-305/3.212" (305mm) x 513.375" (340mm) x 375" (340mm) x 514" (355mm) x 3.2mm14" (355mm) x KGC35-355/6.35MKGC55-355/3.2MKGC55-355/6.35Toolgal Diamond ChainToolgal Diamond ChainA complete range of Toolgal Diamond Chain to suit all hydraulic andpetrol concrete chainsaws is now available from MK Diamond AustraliaIncluding Toolgal hydraulic power packs and chain saws.Toolgal Diamond ChainVariety and VersatilitySAWSHARK offers chain to suit both hydraulic and 2-strokediamond chain saws in 3 bonds to suit all applications.Great White (KR70 bond) - Ideal chain for most applicationsBlue Shark (5HBBM bond) - Suitable for the most demandingApplications, capable of cutting concrete with heavy reinforced steeland very hard aggregate.Tiger Shark (RT bond) - Classic abrasive chain designed to work inall abrasive materials with excellent speed and life.For more information on therange of Toolgal hydraulicchainsaws and hydraulicpower packs contact yourlocal MK Diamond AustraliaRepresentative 1300 657 296Guide bars available to suit all diamond chain saws1300 657 296 /

Core Drilling / Eibenstock Made in GermanyETN 130/3PETN 152/3P*All aluminium housing*3-speed oil-bath gearbox for optimal lubrication*Electronics - soft start, overload indication, overloadcut-off and thermal control, cut off carbon brushes*All aluminium housing*3-speed oil-bath gearbox for optimal lubrication*Electronics - soft start, overload indication, overloadcut-off and thermal control, cut off carbon brushesPower 1800 wattsPower 1900 wattsMax Drilling Capacity 152mmMax Drilling Capacity 152mm3 Speed 600/1300/2800 rpm3 Speed 550/1250/2750 rpmWeight 8.2kgWeight 8.2kgDrill Stand To Suit - 09622Drill Stand To Suit - 09638DBE 250DBE 350 E*Cut off carbon brushes*2-speed oil-bath gearbox for optimal lubrication*Electronics - soft start, overload indication, overloadcut-off and thermal control*Cut off carbon brushes*3-speed oil-bath gearbox for optimal lubrication*Electronics - soft start, overload indication, overloadcut-off and thermal controlPower 2500 wattsPower 3000 wattsMax Drilling Capacity 250mmMax Drilling Capacity 350mm2 Speed 360/850 rpm3 Speed 230/500/1030 rpmWeight 26kgWeight 31kgDrill Stand - IncludedDrill Stand - Included1300 657 296 /

Core DrillingCore Bits and SegmentsIndividual core bitsegments available forretippingPremium fast cutting core bits from16mm to 456mm450mm Standard drilling length1 1/4” Back end FittingQuality seamless thick wall tubing12mm High segmentsCrown Bit 5mm29mm48mmSegment Bit Standard Sizes52mm102mm 152mm 305mm58mm108mm 160mm 356mm64mm115mm 166mm 407mm70mm120mm 178mm 455mm76mm127mm 204mm83mm140mm 225mm89mm146mm 254mmComplete retipping serviceavailable Australia wide,using only the bestequipment and materials.Fastening KitLarger diameter and extended length bits availableDrilling ExtensionsMK Diamond Hand DrillDrilling extensions fordrilling with standardcore bits available inboth 1 1/4” UNCthreads and 1/2” gasthreads in the followingsizes.150mm long300mm longHand held core drill3 Speed1800 WattsOil Bath Gearbox120mm CapacityMK Diamond Drill StandsFastening kit for fixing in toconcrete for anchoringdrilling rigs. Comes with10 x Anchors1 x Setting tool1 x Tightening screw withextra large wing nut andwasher.Vacuum BasesVacuum bases used inconjunction with vacuumpumps as a fasteningsystem for drilling rigswhen traditional anchorscan't be used.Vacuum Pump & TankStandardHand DrillStandPremiumHand DrillStandVacuum BaseAngle BaseStandardDrillStand1300 657 296 / pump with inbuilt tankused in conjunction withvacuum bases as a fasteningsystem for drilling rigs whentraditional anchors can't beused.

CONCRETE GRINDERSCub folds for easy transportCUB GrinderMKSG-9 ScarifierCompact, light weight, direct drive grinder ideal for smallfloor preparation work. Can be used for both wet or drygrinding, uses a floating head dust shroud to control dustwhen dry grinding. Has three height settings for differentsize operators, with a level adjustment on the rear wheels toproduce a flat surface.MK Scarifiers have been designed to leave a clean,textured or rough finish on any type of concrete or asphaltsurface. Drums available to provide cleaning, texturing,levelling, grooving and paint removal. The unique engage/disengage lever allows the operator to raise and lower thedrum without losing the depth setting. Drums areinterchangeable and provide for fast and easy changeover.CMG Single Phase Electric MotorEngine Honda PetrolPower 3hpPower 9hpMotor RPM 1450Drum Dimensions 6” x 8” (152 x 203mm)Grinding Plate 250mm Crete Mower Disc / Alpha ShoeWeight 77 kgWeight 47 kgComes complete with Drum & CuttersMKSDG-11 Single Disc CretemowerMKDDG-11 Double DiscThe MK SDG Single Disc Grinder is excellent forsmoothing rough areas and other surface irregularities,feathering patches and cleaning industrial floors. Fronttapered nose provides enhanced visibility. Removablehandles and nose weight provide for easy transportationand storage. Water control valve is included for wetgrinding.The MK DDG Dual Disc Grinder has been designed withtwo counter-rotating heads that prevent pulling.Ergonomically designed handles provide improvedhandling and comfort. Vacuum port allows for dust-freedry grinding. Water control valve is included for wetgrinding.Engine Honda PetrolEngine Honda PetrolPower 11hpPower 11hpBlade Capacity 10” (250mm)DiscBlade Capacity 2 x 10” (250mm) DiscsWeight 90 kgWeight 108 kg3 Phase Electric SDG model also availablePropane DDG model also available1300 657 296 /

CONCRETE GRINDERS & VACUUMSRevolution GrinderThe new 18 hp propane Revolution was developed with theprofessional floor contracting company in mind. It is an efficientand highly manoeuvrable surface preparation grinder andpolishing machine. With its large 40" inch two-head system andmassive down pressure it will take on any project from small jobsin tight spaces, to large commercial open areas jobs. The 40”wide, low profile grinding deck is perfect for fast results inwarehouses, retail spaces, schools, and other high-trafficfacilities. Whether you grind wet or dry, or on old or new surfacesfrom concrete to marble, the Revolution is an efficient andproductive machine.Contec Tornado Vac 15HP 3 Phase motorAir Flow 2700 l/minFilter Area 6m2Contec Omega 700 11kw 3 phase motorRevolutions 0 - 1000 rpmWeight 185kgWhether fine dust or rough material,the CONTEC dust collectors impressby their high performance and multiple applications. Using plastic bags,this system ensures that dust can nolonger escape into the environment atany stage of the process. Dust freehandling is especially important whenworking with contaminated material.Pullman Ermator VacuumsPullman-Ermator HEPA Dust Extractorsare equipped with tested and certifiedHEPA filters that trap the smallest, mostdangerous-to-breath dust particles andprevents them from being released inthe air. A HEPA Dust Extractor not onlyexhausts perfectly clean air, it is farmore efficient for the fast recovery ofbulk dry dust, debris and other buildingmaterials found on every Construction,Abatement and Restoration jobsite.They can also be connected to electricalpower tools to extract the freshly cutand friable concrete dust, considered tobe the most hazardous to constructionworkers.Makita 447L Vacuum46 litre vacuum perfect for use withhand tools when edging. The Makita447 utilizes an extreme clean systemthat cleans the filter as you use thevacuum.1300 657 296 / machine, many applications: Ideal for the preparation of concrete, screeds,self levellers and asphalt Easy grinding of high density floors Polishing of Terrazzo and Natural Stone Cleaning and maintenance of tiles and coatingsOverview: Use the speed control for aggressive grindingor soft polishing and cleaning Perfect ergonomics for operator comfortand easy handling Uniform grinding pressure Easy transport Flexible tool brackets 700mm working width Powered by 11kW motor Speed up to 1000 rpm Extensive range of tools

WET VACSCS30L Wet VacCommercial wet vac30 litre stainless steeldrum1000 watt single phasemotorComes with trolley CS60L Wet Vac Commercial wet vac60 litre stainless steeldrum2000 watt single phasetwin motor vacComes with trolleyVac ToolsCS90L Wet Vac Commercial wet vac90 litre plastic drum2000 watt single phasetwin motor vacComes with trolleyAll wet vacs come with thefollowing 40mm accessories HoseS WandDry Floor ToolSqueegee ToolCrevice ToolLIQUID HAMMERLiquid Hammer – Heavy Duty Concrete RemoverThe Only Way To Safely Remove Concrete!BEFORELiquid Hammer is not corrosive,so it’s user and equipment safe.The unique formula is foamedonto the concrete surface whereit is absorbed and broken downinto a paste that you can brush orwash off.Clean concrete, cement andmortar off your tools, machineryand vehicles.And do it safely!1300 657 296 /

Quality Diamond Tools & MachineryMK Diamond AustraliaHead Office3C Kia Court, Preston, Victoria 3072 AustraliaPO Box 8454 Northland VIC 3072Phone – 1300 657 296 or 03 9484 5034Fax – 03 9484 5039MK Diamond AustraliaQueensland Office47 Moss St, Slacks Creek QLD 4127Phone – 1300 657 296 or 07 3808 4248Fax – 07 3808 5382Visit our website to view the complete productrange of MK Diamond 657 296

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Core Drilling Machines . Concrete Polishing Tools Cup Wheels Ductile Iron Blades Professional Diamond Blades Dust Extractors Diamond Chainsaws Visit our website to view the complete product range of MK Diamond Australia 1300 657 296 Quality Diamond Tools & Machinery. Xtreme