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Rev. 8/2018KENNETH E. GOODPASTERCURRICULUM VITAESHORT BIO: Kenneth Goodpaster earned his A.B. in mathematics from theUniversity of Notre Dame and his A.M. and Ph.D. in philosophy at the University ofMichigan. Goodpaster taught graduate and undergraduate philosophy at theUniversity of Notre Dame throughout the 1970's before joining the Harvard BusinessSchool faculty in 1980, where he developed the ethics curriculum. In 1990Goodpaster left Harvard to accept the David and Barbara Koch Endowed Chair inBusiness Ethics at the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN. At St. Thomas, he hastaught in undergraduate, MBA and executive educational programs – where he isProfessor Emeritus.CURRENT AND FORMER POSITIONSDavid and Barbara Koch Professor of Business Ethics - EmeritusUniversity of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN (2014-present)David and Barbara Koch Professor of Business Ethics,University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN (1989-2014)Visiting Professor,Harvard University,Graduate School of Business Administration (1989-90)Associate Professor,Harvard University,Graduate School of Business Administration (1982-89)Post-Doctoral Research Fellow and Lecturer,Harvard University,Graduate School of Business Administration (1980-82)Instructor and Assistant Professor,University of Notre Dame, Department of Philosophy (1971-80)EDUCATIONA.B. (Mathematics)University of Notre Dame, 1967 (maxima cum laude)A.M. (Philosophy)University of Michigan, 1969Ph.D. (Philosophy)University of Michigan, 1973Post-doctoral Study(Environmental Ethics)Oxford University, U.K., 1976Area of Special Graduate Study: Ethics (with William K. Frankena, C. L.Stevenson, R. B. Brandt, R. M. Hare, and Elizabeth Beardsley)

2PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONSAND RESPONSIBILITIESBoard of Trustees, The Church of St. Thomas More, Archdiocese of St. Paul andMinneapolis (2005-present)Editorial Board, Business Ethics Quarterly (2007-2016)Editorial Board, Human Values(Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta)Occasional Reviewer, Journal of Business EthicsMember, Society for Business Ethics(Charter member, past Executive Chairman)Founding Member, International Society for Business, Economics, and Ethics (ISBEE)BOOKS (chronological order)Perspectives on Morality: Essays by W.K. Frankena, (University of Notre Dame Press,1976).Ethics and Problems of the 21st Century, (University of Notre Dame Press, 1979).Regulation, Values, and the Public Interest, (University of Notre Dame Press, 1980).Ethics in Management, (Harvard Business School, 1984). Course Module (9-985001), Teacher's Manual (5-985-003), Follow-Up Cases (1-985-002), VideoSupplement of 10 half-hour programs (9-886-020).Policies and Persons: A Casebook in Business Ethics, with John B. Matthews andLaura L. Nash, (McGraw-Hill, 1985). Teacher's Manual and Follow-Up Cases included.Policies and Persons: A Casebook in Business Ethics, with John B. Matthews andLaura L. Nash, (McGraw-Hill, 1991). Revised 2nd Edition.Policies and Persons: A Casebook in Business Ethics, with Laura L. Nash, (McGrawHill, 1998). Revised 3rd Edition.Managerial Decision Making and Ethical Values, Course Module (2313) andInstructor's Manual (2321), with Thomas R. Piper, (Harvard Business SchoolPublishing Division, 1989).Ethical Aspects of Business: An Introduction, with Dawn R. Elm (Houghton MifflinCoursewise Web Textbook, 1999).Business Ethics: Policies and Persons, with Laura L. Nash and Henri-Claude deBettignies, (McGraw-Hill, 2006). Revised 4th Edition.

3Business Ethics: Policies and Persons, with Laura L. Nash and Henri-Claude deBettignies, (McGraw-Hill, 2006). Revised 4th Edition Instructor’s Manual (CD).Conscience and Corporate Culture, (UK: Wiley-Blackwell Publishers, 2007).Goodpaster, K., Executive Editor, Corporate Responsibility: The AmericanExperience. Cambridge University Press. (2012).ARTICLES (chronological order)"Morality and Dialogue," The Southern Journal of Philosophy, XIII (Spring, 1975), pp.55-70."Does Recent Moral Philosophy Rest on a Mistake?" The Personalist, LVII (Summer,1976), pp. 221-29."An Ethical Analysis of Power Company Decision Making," (with K. M. Sayre) inValues in the Electric Power Industry, University of Notre Dame Press, 1977, pp.238-88."Ethics, Education, and the Environment," in Environmental Education Today, VolumeII, ed. by Schoenfield and Disinger, Ohio State University Press, 1978, pp. 252-56."From Egoism to Environmentalism," in Goodpaster and Sayre, eds., Ethics andProblems of the 21st Century, University of Notre Dame Press, 1979, pp. 21-35."Morality and Organizations," in Proceedings of the Second National Conference onBusiness Ethics, Bentley College, 1978. (Reprinted in Donaldson and Werhane, eds.,Ethical Issues in Business: A Philosophical Approach, Prentice-Hall, 1979 and 1983.)"On Being Morally Considerable," Journal of Philosophy, LXXV (June, 1978), pp. 30825. (Reprinted in Scherer and Attig, eds., Ethics and the Environment, Prentice-Hall,1983; in Oksanen and Rauhala-Hayes, eds., YMPARISTO-filosofia, Gaudeamus, 1997[Finland]; in R. Kerry Turner and Ian Bateman, eds., Managing the Environment forSustainable Growth, Volume: Environmental Ethics and Philosophy (Edward ElgarPublishing Limited, 2001; and in Environmental Ethics: Readings in Theory andApplication, Louis P. Pojman, ed., Wadsworth Publishing Company, 1998 and 2001,pp. 112-118.)"Ethics and Business," in Syllabi for the Teaching of Management Ethics, Society forValues in Higher Education, 1979, pp. 13-56."Morality as a System of Categorical Imperatives," Journal of Value Inquiry, XV(1981), pp. 179-97."Kohlbergian Theory: A Philosophical Counterinvitation," Ethics, 92 (April, 1982), pp.491-98."Is Teaching Ethics 'Making' or 'Doing'?" Hastings Center Report, 12 (February,1982), pp. 37-39.

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