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Part Number D301258X012August 2019FloBoss 107 Flow Manager LCD User ManualRemote Automation Solutions

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FB107 LCD User ManualContentsChapter 1 – Introduction1.11.2Scope and Organization. 1-1Overview . 1-11.2.1 Display Mode . 1-41.2.2 Power Savings Mode . 1-51.2.3 Inactivity Time . 1-61.2.4 Touchpad and ROCLINK 800 Security . 1-6Chapter 2 – .82-1Configuring the Port Owner. 2-1Configuring Touchpad Options . 2-4Configuring Basic List Mode (BLM) . 2-5Configuring Standard or Normal Mode . 2-7Configuring Chart Mode . 2-8Configuring Touchpad Security . 2-9Chapter 3 – Using The Touchpad3.11-13-1Touchpad Screens . 3-13.1.1 Menu Screens . 3-13.1.2 Parameter Screens . 3-23.1.3 Dynamic Charts . 3-33.1.4 Operational Screens . 3-43.1.5 Touchpad Time Out . 3-4Logging On . 3-5User Lists . 3-8Meter Runs . 3-113.4.1 Displaying Meter Information . 3-123.4.2 Changing a Plate . 3-12Module Information . 3-133.5.1 Viewing I/O and Diagnostic Information . 3-143.5.2 Viewing RTD Information . 3-153.5.3 Viewing COMM Information . 3-163.5.4 Viewing Multiple Variable Sensor (MVS) Information . 3-163.5.5 Viewing Meter Information . 3-173.5.6 Viewing System Information. 3-183.5.7 Viewing Dual Variable Sensor (DVS) Information. 3-193.5.8 Calibrating a Point . 3-20Charts . 3-233.6.1 Viewing Historical Data . 3-243.6.2 Viewing Dynamic Data . 3-26PID Loops. 3-273.7.1 Setting Basic PID Loops . 3-283.7.2 Setting Advanced PID Loops . 3-30System Information . 3-313.8.1 Displaying System Information. 3-323.8.2 Saving a Configuration . 3-323.8.3 Performing a Warm Start . 3-333.8.4 Forcing End of Day . 3-34Revised August-2019iii

FB107 LCD User Manual3.8.5 Adjusting Touchpad Contrast .3-343.9 History .3-353.10 Logging Off .3-37Appendix A – Installing the TouchpadA.1IndexivA-1Touchpad Location . A-1I-1Revised August-2019

FB107 LCD User ManualChapter 1 – IntroductionThis chapter describes the structure of this manual and presents anoverview of the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) for the FloBoss 107Flow Manager.1.1 Scope and OrganizationThis document serves as the user manual for the FloBoss 107 FlowManager Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), which is intended for use withthe FloBoss 107 Flow Manager (“FB107”). This manual describes howto install, configure, and use the FB107 LCD (the “Touchpad”). Youinitially access and configure the Touchpad using ROCLINK 800Configuration software loaded on a personal computer runningWindows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit or 64-bit), orWindows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit). Once configured, the Touchpad providesaccess to many FB107 system parameters and functions.The chapters in this manual provide information in a sequenceappropriate for first-time users. Once you become familiar with thedevice and the procedures, the manual becomes a reference tool.This manual has the following major sections: Chapter 1 – IntroductionChapter 2 – ConfigurationChapter 3 – Using the TouchpadThis manual assumes that you are familiar with the FB107 and itsconfiguration. For more information, refer to the following specificationsheet and manuals: FloBoss 107 Flow Manager Instruction Manual(part D301232X012)FloBoss 107 LCD Specification Sheet (5.5:LCD)ROCLINK 800 Configuration Software User Manual (for FB107)(part D301249X012)1.2 OverviewThe Touchpad enables you to access FB107 process and operationalinformation and to view and change FB107 parameters. The Touchpadis a touch-sensitive liquid crystal display (LCD) screen. It fits behind aprotective covering that is mounted to an enclosure (see Figure 1-1).Revised August-2019Introduction1-1

FB107 LCD User ManualFigure 1-1. FB107 Touchpad, Enclosure-MountedNote: The Touchpad (with FB107) is designed to be mounted to anenclosure. Remote Automation Solutions has an enclosuredesigned for the Touchpad. If you choose to use your ownenclosure, contact your local sales representative for a templateand appropriate specifications.The Touchpad communicates with the FB107 through a dedicated RS232 connection located on the FB107 base unit (see Figure 1-2). TheTouchpad’s RS-232 connection is permanently configured with a baudrate of 19200, 1 stop bit, 1 start bit, 8 data bits, and no parity.1-2IntroductionRevised August-2019

FB107 LCD User ManualAADisplay connectionFigure 1-2. FB107 Base Unit, Display ConnectionThe Touchpad is a transreflective LCD. To maintain readability indirect sunlight, it reflects most of the sunlight and increases or decreasesthe brightness of its display based on the amount of light. This reducesyour need to manually adjust the screen. It also has a backlight toincrease readability during low-light use conditions or during criticaloperations (such as when you enter a PIN code). During idle periods,the backlight automatically enters a power-saving mode to conserveenergy.The Touchpad requires no manual calibration. Internal firmwareprovides the coordinates to assure display communications between theTouchpad and your FB107.Revised August-2019Introduction1-3

FB107 LCD User ManualKEY ACKTOUCH SCREENALARMTO ACTIVATEFigure 1-3. FB107 Touchpad with Open CoverTo use the Touchpad, you open its protective cover and touch thescreen. Two light-emitting diodes (LEDs) at the top of the Touchpadprovide visual signals on the Touchpad’s operational status. The greenLED indicates successful “touches”: each time you touch the screen, thegreen LED flashes to verify that the Touchpad has acknowledged yourentry. The green LED also can flash once every three seconds if youhave set the power savings mode (see Section 1.2.2). The red LEDsignals alarm or integrity issues, and coordinates with other visualTouchpad clues (such as an on-screen asterisk, i, or a) to identify thearea of concern. See Chapter 3, Using the Touchpad.1.2.1Display ModeThe Touchpad has two operational modes, Normal and Basic ListMode (BLM). When you open the cover, the Touchpad displays the“idle state display” (typically the Emerson Process Management logo):Figure 1-4. Touchpad “Idle State” Display1-4IntroductionRevised August-2019

FB107 LCD User ManualWhen you touch the screen, you see either a list of system parameters ora number grid.Figure 1-5. Initial Active Touchpad DisplaysBLM mode (indicated by the on-screen BLM List label) provides anauto-scrolling list of read-only parameters, which displays up to 48 userdefined parameters (refreshed once per second) without requiring a logon process. (At any time you can interrupt the auto-display and log onthrough the Touchpad.)Note: BLM mode also includes a dynamic chart mode. Technicians cantouch a parameter and the Touchpad displays a dynamic chartrelated to that parameter. See Chapter 3, Using the Touchpad,for further details on this feature.Normal mode requires a sign-in process before displaying anyinformation. Refer to Chapter 3, Using the Touchpad, for furtherinformation.1.2.2Power Savings ModeThe Touchpad also provides an optional power-savings mode, whichactivates whenever the idle state display occurs. (This power savingsmode works with either Normal or BLM display mode.) Select thisoption on the Advanced tab of the LCD Controller screen (see Figure 16).Revised August-2019Introduction1-5

FB107 LCD User ManualFigure 1-6. Power Savings ModesWhen you click Low Power (and then click Update to apply thechange), ROCLINK 800 performs a warm start and shuts down theTouchpad. While the Touchpad is blank, the green LED blinks onceevery three seconds to indicate the Touchpad is active. The Touchpad“awakens” when you touch it, and shows the idle state display. At thatpoint log on and proceed to use the Touchpad normally. Whenever theTouchpad “times out” and would normally show the idle state display,the Touchpad is blank. This reduces the energy required to continuallyshow the idle state display.1.2.3Inactivity TimeThe LCD is setup to remain ON indefinitely. Setting this optionoverrides the Inactivity Timer in the LCD. The Inactivity Timer isconfigurable and you can access this option on the “Advanced” tab ofthe LCD.1.2.4Touchpad and ROCLINK 800 SecurityROCLINK 800 security enables you can determine which user IDs canaccess which Touchpad features. You can define up to 16 user IDs, eachof which can have read-only, read-write, or no access to the four user1-6IntroductionRevised August-2019

FB107 LCD User Manuallists and standard features of the Touchpad. See Section 2.6,Configuring Touchpad Security.Revised August-2019Introduction1-7

FB107 LCD User Manual[This page is intentionally left blank.]1-8IntroductionRevised August-2019

FB107 LCD User ManualChapter 2 – ConfigurationThis chapter provides instructions for configuring Touchpad options.The FB107 is factory-configured to accept the Touchpad. Until youconnect the Touchpad to the FB107, the Display port displays anintegrity (“red I”) error (see Figure 2-1, Section 2-1).After connecting the Touchpad, you can configure additional displayoptions as well as Touchpad security (see Sections 2-2 through 2-6).2.1 Configuring the Port Owner1. Log onto and open ROCLINK 800. The FB107 graphic displays.Figure 2-1. FB107 Graphic Display2. Plug the connector for the Touchpad into the Display port on yourFB107 (see Figure 2-1). The Touchpad activates and displays themessage “Waiting for Comms ”Revised August-2019Configuration2-1

FB107 LCD User ManualFigure 2-2. Touchpad Activation3. Click the Display port on the FB107 graphic. The LCD Controllerscreen appears at the bottom of the FB107 graphic display.Note that the FB107 graphic highlights the Display port andremoves the integrity error on the display port.Figure 2-3. LCD Controller4. Select the Advanced tab. The Advanced screen displays.2-2ConfigurationRevised August-2019

FB107 LCD User ManualFigure 2-4. LCD Controller, Advanced tab5. Verify that LCD Master in the Port Owner frame is the port owner(this is the default value).Note: Figure 2-4 also shows the other default comm values (BaudRate, Parity, Data Bits, Stop Bits, and LCD Mode) for theFB107.6. Click Apply if you changed any values on this screen. ROCLINK800 performs a warm start, and the Touchpad displays the EmersonProcess Management logos.Figure 2-5. Emerson Process Management LogosProceed to Sections 2.2 through 2.6 to configure display options.Revised August-2019Configuration2-3

FB107 LCD User Manual2.2 Configuring Touchpad OptionsWhen configuring Touchpad options, you determine both the defaultdisplay mode (Sections 2.3 through 2.5) and which user IDs may accesswhich Touchpad features (Section 2.6).You use the Configure option on the ROCLINK menu bar to select oneof two possible default display modes for the Touchpad.Figure 2-6. ROCLINK 800 LCD User List Configuration OptionsOptionDescriptionStandardRequires you to first log onto the Touchpad. Displays(based on pre-defined ROCLINK 800 securityparameters) select system values and allows youmodify select system parameters.Note: This is also called “Normal” mode.Automatically displays up to 48 parameter values.Allows you (based on pre-defined ROCLINK 800security parameters) to log onto the Touchpad anddisplay select system values and modify selectsystem parameters.Requires you to first log onto the Touchpad.Displays, in a chart recorder format, historical ordynamic values for up to 16 user-defined parameters.BLMChartNote: For convenience, a dynamic charting functionis available for the parameters displayed inbasic list mode. However, this is not the fullfunction charting facility.2-4ConfigurationRevised August-2019

FB107 LCD User Manual2.3 Configuring Basic List Mode (BLM)In Basic List Mode (BLM), the Touchpad displays up to 48 parametervalues, automatically scrolling through the list at a speed you define.(The Touchpad displays up to two parameters per screen.) This modeallows service technicians to quickly review a dynamic display ofcurrent values without logging onto the Touchpad.1. Select the Advanced tab of the LCD Controller screen. TheAdvanced screen displays.Figure 2-7. ROCLINK 800 LCD User List Configuration Options2. Select BLM in the LCD Mode frame. Click Apply to save yourchange. ROCLINK 800 performs a warm start.3. Select Configure LCD User List BLM from the ROCLINK800 Menu bar. The LCD User List – BLM screen displays.Revised August-2019Configuration2-5

FB107 LCD User ManualFigure 2-8. LCD User List – BLM4. Complete the following fields to define the contents of the BLM list.FieldDescriptionTitleSets a 10-character alphanumeric identifier for thelist.Indicates the number of seconds the Touchpaddisplays each parameter set before scrolling tothe next parameter set. (The Touchpad displaysup to two parameters at a time.) Valid values are0 (do not scroll) to 255; the default is 4.Scroll TimeDeviceParameterTextUnitsNote: If you set this value to 0, you must use the and keys on the Touchpad tomanually scroll through the parametersdefined in the list.Sets the parameter that you want to display on theTouchpad. Click to display a Select TLP screenyou use to define the parameter.Sets a 10-character alphanumeric identifier for theparameter.Shows the engineering units for the associatedparameter.5. Click the 17-32 tab to define 16 additional parameters.6. Click the 33-48 tab to define 16 additional parameters.2-6ConfigurationRevised August-2019

FB107 LCD User Manual7. Click Apply if you make any changes to this screen.8. Click OK to close the LCD User List – BLM screen.9. Proceed to Chapter 3, Using the Touchpad.2.4 Configuring Standard or Normal ModeIn Standard or Normal mode, the Touchpad displays the EmersonProcess Management logos. When you touch the screen, a logon griddisplays. You then enter a PIN number to log on to the Touchpad.1. Select the Advanced tab of the LCD Controller screen. TheAdvanced screen displays.Figure 2-9. ROCLINK 800 LCD User List Configuration Options, Advanced tab2. Verify that Normal is selected in the LCD Mode frame. (This is thefactory default value for the Touchpad.)3. Click Apply if you have needed to change the setting. ROCLINK800 performs a warm start. The Touchpad now starts in Normalmode.Revised Augu

FB107 LCD User Manual 1-6 Introduction Revised August-2019 Figure 1-6. Power Savings Modes When you click Low Power (and then click Update to apply the change), ROCLINK 800 performs a warm start and shuts down the Touchpad. While the Touchpad is blank, the green LED blinks once every three seconds to indicate the Touchpad is active. The Touchpad