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NATIONAL RALLY TO SUPPORTFRANCISCO K1K0'MARTINEZ"The struggle for control of land is thebasis for the survival of all people."Francisco MartinezSaturday, January 24, (1981St. Leanders Parish Hal IEast 6th & Norwood Sts.Pueblo, ColoradoSpeakers * * Boxing * * Cultural EntertainmentMeals Provided . . . Housing Available - Bring A Sleeping BagFirst of three federal trials startsin Pueblo, ColoradoJanuary 27, 1981Send Contributions To: Francisco Martinez Defense CommitteeP.O. Box 753 Alamosa, CO 81101 303-589-2420Direct All Inquiries To:Black ElkRita MonteroMarcos MartinezJose LopezJuan Antonio CorretjerErnesto ChaconManuel BacaReyes Lopez TijerinaPaulio DelgadoDario MadridFrancisco CocaAlberto GuruleBenito RodriguezJose CalderonRicardo RomeroBea RoybalCelia VigilSylvia ZapataLennox Hinds, AttorneyKiko Martinez Rally CommitteeP.O. Box 5034 Pueblo, CO 81002 303-544-9231Jose Medina, AttorneyDr. Arnold ChavezJerry Otero, AttorneyHerman MartinezRita Melgares, AttorneySander Karp, AttorneyJeffery Goldstein, AttorneyFather Patrick ValdezFather Delbert BlongBruce Ellison, AttorneyLeonard Weinglass, AttorneyKenneth Padilla, AttorneyPaul Sales, AttorneyBrown Beretsdel Valle del Rio Grande,TXLand Rights Council, Chama, COLa Gente Por La Raza, Pueblo, COLa Raza Legal AllianceNational Lawyers GuildCommittee To Free R ice/ PointdexterCentro Ricardo Falcon, Ft. Lupton, COColegio Jacinto Trevino, TXUnited Mexican American Students,Boulder, COUnited Mexican American Students,Alamosa, COCentro L.U.I.S., Denver, COWestern Slope Action Coalition,Fruita, COM.E.Ch.A., Tempe, AZEl Com ite Contra La Represicin deColoradoBlack Hills AllianceOme-Xicana, Pueblo, COAztlen Boycott Coors CommitteeMovimiento de LiberaciOn Nacional,Chicago, ILNational Committee To Free PuertoRican Prisoners Of WarNew Movement For Puerto RicanIndependence

MANIFESTACION NACIONAL ENAPOYO DEFRANCISCO'KIKO' POLICE SORPrr'' 55041-/VriaMARTINEZ"La lucha para la tierra es fundamentalpara la sobrevivencia de un pueblo."Francisco Martinez24 de enero 1981 - SabadoSt. Leanders Parish HallCal les Norwood y 6 al estePueblo, ColoradoOradores * * Boxeo * * Entretenimiento CulturalHabra alojamiento y alimientosEl primero de los tres juicios federales empezarci el dia27 de enero, 1981, en Pueblo, ColoradoMande Sus Donaciones A: Francisco Martinez Defense CommitteeP.O. Box 753 Alamosa, CO 81101 303-589-2420Para Aclaraciones Dirigense A: Kiko Martinez Rally CommitteeP.O. Box 5034 Pueblo, CO 81002 303-544-9231Black ElkRita MonteroMarcos MartinezJose LopezJuan Antonio CorretjerErnesto ChaconManuel BacaReyes Lopez TijerinaPaul io DelgadoDario MadridFrancisco CocaAlberto GuruleBenito RodriguezJose CalderonRicardo RomeroBea RoybalCelia VigilSylvia ZapataLennox Hinds, AttorneyJose Medina, AttorneyDr. Arnold ChavezJerry Otero, AttorneyHerman MartinezRita Melgares. AttorneySander Karp, AttorneyJeffery Goldstein, AttorneyFather Patrick ValdezFather Delbert BlongBruce Ellison, AttorneyLeonard Weinglass, AttorneyKenneth Padilla, AttorneyPaul Salas, AttorneyBrown Beretsdel Valle del Rio Grande,TXLand Rights Council, Chama, COLa Gente Por La Raza, Pueblo, COLa Raza Legal AllianceNational Lawyers GuildCommittee To Free Rice/ PointdexterCentro Ricardo Falcon, Ft. Lupton, COColegio Jacinto Trevino, TXUnited Mexican American Students,Boulder, COUnited Mexican American Students,Alamosa, COCentro L.U.I.S., Denver, COWestern Slope Action Coalition,Fruita, COM.E.Ch.A., Tempe, AZEl Com ite Contra La Represicin deColoradoBlack Hills AllianceOme-Xicana, Pueblo, COAztlan Boycott Coors CommitteeMovimiento de LiberaciOn Nacional,Chicago, ILNational Committee To Free PuertoRican Prisoners Of WarNew Movement For Puerto RicanIndependence

Francisco 'Kiko' Martinez Rally CommitteeJanuary 16, 1981Dear Friends and Supporters:We are writing to inform you of some of the details for the National Rallyin support of Francisco 'Kiko' Martinez set for Saturday, Jan. 24, here in Pueblo.The following week, Kiko will face the first of three federal trials oncharges alleging he sent explosives through the mails in 1973. The trial willalso be here.International, national and regional speakers and activists are expected toattend the afternoon and evening rally.The community of Pueblo and supporters of Kiko urge you to attend this allimportant support building rally.*********RALLY SCHEDULE: JANUARY 24, 1981PUEBLO, COLORADO, AZTLAN10:30 a.m. - Registration and Lunch12:00 p.m. - Speakers and cultural entertainment5:30 p.m. - Dinner and Entertainment7:00 p.m. - Amateur Boxing Smoker/SpeakersSunday Noon - LunchOther activities are being scheduled in conjunction with the rally and trials. Fundraising dances and cultural functions are planned.The rally will be held at St. Leanders Parish Hall at E. 6th and NorwoodSts. Directions:-Coming in on 1-25 North and South.Take U.S. Highway 50 By-Pass East.Travel to second traffic light, turn right. Follow Norwood St. (south) about12 blocks to E. 6th St.-Coming in on U.S. Highway 50 By-Pass,.-At second traffic light ). turn left.Follow Norwood St. (south) about 12 blocks to E. 6th St.Housing - It is important for us to know how many persons are coming fromyour area for the rally or the trial so we can best accomodate you. Sleepingbags and warm clothing will be necessary. We will provide housing and somemeals, however supporters should bring some money for incidental costs.Finally, we encourage you to conduct fundraising activities in support ofKiko in your community as legal and organizing costs are mounting. Also, donations of food and money for the rally are needed.!Viva Kiko Martinez!Sinceramente,Francisco Kiko Martinez Rally CommitteeP.O. Box 5034Pueblo, Colorado 81002303-544-9231

t-. BIZARRE CASE'ft's been 10-years since Chicanos An Colorado came.under attack from the U.S. governMent with its grand .jiffies, military, and bloodthirsty police. Our peoplewere fighting for their lives, seeking employment. equal education, adequate housing, food and dignity. The confe.-. was in the middle of the Vietnam War.Our. kininit -.ill were being sent to combat areas asfast as the% . old get them through hoot camp. The few - Chs aiio.)10 teught their way into schools were fight.rig like hell. mostly lust to stay in school and increaseChicano enrollment. Meanwhile, the'White Kids were.h ind draft deferments. The ChiCano troops were dying in Vietnam at a ratemuch higher than the provocators In the early '70's t bteliver Boulder area was hit Ky. bombs of undmined origii: The public was terrified of the- ingsrand denian led answers.7,' In re ponse police started their Chicanos. intimidationmuiene. On March 17. 1973%lat. .1(1.1kked by Denvertin., dead. In late 0-- even new spaperest raordmar sought in- and 'Martinez Hours From Freedom When' CaughtBy PRA , 'pens er Po,Franke ''an 1r.about theease. asked thathis name' itil rS t o lei Ili;. .'airs W riternot ht used for 'fear 01 sanction titpli ,intoct mint c 7. who is in their stmennts for provulthe detail. charges)i ars as a about the, m d." 0111 a lel- al ruli.e.".w mart. wh,difivienic not k of to 'ran the wrong way Instead in fleeingriesthe few )artls hal* Insrtillici-Customs agents base.nn authority, ht.ii , 1 * .S.ther a struggle vetved severalAlti 'sub."Is were . )s.cNa0i.4„ A icati:Tis: . ,,MISeRita %hinter. and Friedastnearin. the supoena against' - ntar was,quashedtsde ould.erIROfBet, it was convened to harass thefamilies and the give the impression that the'wasC hicano community.0mehov:linked to the murders.on an intorma tionwitchhunt into theact iv itok la ('mono ac the Iwo titthe skate;at "Rig Brother- policeeSiSfOrb;c1.974,use we pomvythe t of dqueredmotive.eethc nforgrievedwhiocIfy.k bitsdtan ceJetense committee alsohatgrand auT waSttio con,:mdtt,„ exed with E.' 14 1we lastrklay [miming. Asst. G. S. Al 'sewothe:hoVvskirtrrotannaileF .A:liniinda:7)htW.d.411g.lbnenu:iswinnsad e:t.dut dropped.Ch 1.1. Si fr,,Ptinf o.Y ) - sae:ar: . 1f0ier:.tenizir:d,'44,tinaz'17tr.t narkt c'Weve.wcZec 1):,pr. A ''s diedewherwhereheJ' people.eir homes saidhope h. me heeared f. - pusyoung pet.sae shouldWith Ki atsappearance. .crazy. our people's legal problem:behind Kiko was another brillianttit. work of Kiko, No one can renissue of Francisco Martinez. ' he saiaattack on his older brother.' Wand Pnez. then 24. started his shortpeopleworked hard. ha.always defended them',ple.soon developed theany 'gain from his pi.workdone and refl. ,on.defend hie '.s. "1 O .efendlomati .4b elievea"timPL: nneda n,.'nfroters"y ainny.cteasit,S.tPC7;) aud r-"Po"grh.ze6 0Move.Lde s lid1/4re&Si„ern bconvened yo find out who wasresponsible for the deaths of oursin brothers and sisters. but ratherswered any questions. Thesupoenis had been sersed againstGuadalupe- Granado.Teran.dest0,1:jointoft4cettieitar.h casedtsipokpenopo erec.,;s: 3geot,0: 'siert ne:c roeNkeWheelcununwregularsect rd ef t.n :Atter nragainst 6OSninefklft*M:lihionhings' which1.8„L/. , hasnnssedBcal; ft, 7,-, atra .c - :nwetthe Houldekilledhe six(MI*t.o:, .3 4thwiprf Grand Jury probe(muraleral Grand Jury calledseveral week's ago to investigate1.1 i ' f.Chicanos1c./th,s .:v.01 itv vivexism.ew nunq** ,* 4.4 peas.044:43.4.44MI .44*sir. Leo 0d711.5 mi,* .* .psr.* i iiavi 304 f CI.*bend7.rdMao, as a threat against 1. 1, 04C . shoned in an atteinpi iu get in.formation.I he ilinnietoinhiedM MAI nil' alt, rin) Fred Penaon behalf in a groupin-Francisco,Realizing that many ofus will be harassed, jailed, intimidated andkilled in our defense ofour principles, we standready to defend thatwhich rightfully belongsto us as human beings.Los Vatos del Centro enFruits, Artlan, would liketo express our support foryou and the world we willleave for our children.Many of us do not knowno but we know of yourour) struggle to help Isgente.Here, live everywheren the world, we are put insuspended animation.Waiting to be led into thenext world that we believeto be freedom. for ourpeople and other peopleof earth in the same situation. Let's go for It!Hoping to see you soonin our barrio where thecommunications must beper hapsred l Jr- 1411matewp,dll Id11.1iland - Chicanopreorganisations including UNIAStit;Boulder). Crusade ilia Justice.Plato: Valley Action Center. and- C MAS LOP student director. -- vemviJuan 1.spnomi. neon,When the hearing was held,kings.Pena objected to questioning bywas rLB AID MK) Wiggins who beganquestioningabout theec, relationship 1.% 1th au:NH:thing vic UM, L. S. District Judge Fred. Winner ruled this proper unitthe scope . it t h e request forkinetion as tiled. Pena v.tea additional leave tonarrowed brie,. A hearing will heheld on the new nattiest this week.The ' DenverChicanoLiberation Odense Ciiintnitteeheld a press ,,,, r.:cnce last weekto dismiss the grand yurys tactics.The defense committee chargedthat the grand Jury, was a witchhunt against Chicano actiVitsts. ,ho. committee also chargedthat the grand Jury -which met oneday to investigate two recent' Boukk-r car bombings. "Was notr!kik Viet k

otit,4144bala in . rii 11. "VPFEIFFERBy JAYton. sadrtinet, allied of amailses',.beging ch arged withF rancisco Eagenioyear manliest envier pournmg a bomb to a Denvlcwoman, has beenarrested in Vitoria while attempting to retsicto the United States I rom Me o.Martinet teas being held in the U.S. mar;." DAIS'".Upon Those Ruins We Will Ita MovsammtTan Thousand Times:: A1 , ! '1:"A 09:4,.1-Z. BOMBED CAR IN BOULDERand Martinezkill'' orders' the stateany in-Bomb suspect is reported sightedBy CECILJONESMartinez' brother. IleyesPaut Martinez. attorney, was among three persons kit in Nar sSia0Law enforcement authorities said Monday Boulder when a car they were in was)/that Franke Eugenio Martinez. wanted since May 27, The Boulder Police th-par.last October for allegedly sending bombs sued a report saying the cr'through the U.S. mails, was probably present when the occupants ofeluting a barroom brawl in a Monte Vista lay. detonated the Aug. 7. maintain the threeIf the report is true. as the U.S Postal In. wing conspiAREA SC(- The San Iscoured by oautumn - becawhere his familyfrom !Ante Vista.ficials to seek more information about Diaz. Diaz'photo was given to a captain in U.S. army Intelligencewho was enroute to a FBI-sponsored conference InDenver, to show it to Colorado polite.upAn agent of the Colorado Bureau of Investigationrecognized Martinez from the photo. Immigration of''Icials were notified, a fingerprintexpert was called'rorn Phoenix. and federal agentssaid the prints of atched Those of Martinez'mo ral magistrate then set a 1 million bond onspection Service believes it is. Martinez' brief Theappearance an the El Toro Restaurant and FraLounge in downtown Monte Vista is one of thefew, it not the only time the bombing sushas been sighted since he became the toa massive interstate manhunt last OctMartinez, a 26-year-old activistAverly with Colorado Ruralvarnished from Denversquad matched histhe wrapping ofter PoliceInNosalsowith IBoardWheel. rwas a diary, written in English, about the writer's*growing up in Alamos& This prompted the border of-- And he was later transported to Denver.vent out that Martinez had been arrested. supporters began organizing camto educate the public to his inno ds for his legal defense. A thes. some considered to be the.their services to him at no'am was formed. Padilla. rag trials by Waker Ge-anSImesa.A rhea&alerted atm.when a teamteck out the report.DOWNthe plate down to our satinle to the conclusion he t notateen there but is not there at this time."postal inspector who asked not to he Merit it"No one in (Monte Vista' knew wethere." he added "We don't go in with ris 17 miles(Continued on page 10)National Rally n Solidarity WithI FRANCISCOMARTINEZSt. Leander's Parish Hall, East i oth & Norwood,January 24, 1981, PUE12:00 NoonCOLORADO, AZTLANNational and International Speakers, Anatuer Boxing and Live. EntertainmentFor information, Call: (303) 544-9231SUPPORT KIKO, DONATE TO HIS DEFENSE!

Francisco Kik& MartinezChange at What Cost?Social change, what is the cost? In the finalanalysis that is the question each of us must face.Sometimes some people ask the question be,-fore they engage in activity they feel might initiate social change. That is the privilege of theperson of leisure; though I am inclined to believethat most often most of us respond or react to asituation that we feel threatens our survival.When dealing with issues of survival, few of usare privileged enough to have the leisure. time necessary for deep intellectual discussions. Survival is the situation based on the necessityto pursue a given activity. As humans, our survival depends on the factors that cultivate our body,/ spirit and intellect. Physical survival is the key tospiritual and intellectual survival. That which controls our physical survival has in its hands ourspiritual and intellectual survival. Physical survival is premised on the availability of materialresources for food, clothing and shelter. Havingresolved these necessities, consumption becomesa question of convenience, and not survival.The availability of material resources and thepurpose for which they are used is determined by those who control the raw material. Raw materials come from the earth - their only source.That is the importance of the land. To be able to t, ,be in more control of our destiny, we must controlthe natural resources.:4 The challenge facing us is, to change the presentorder of control of the earth's resources. The fureell zbeing'of Mankind lies in a more just and iittable.disiribuiion -of those natural resources,e: present. Order has exhausted it's utility ' .only folloWS, that those who benefit most fromWE NEED YOUR HELP! .THIS IS AN INFORMATION NEWSLETTER .DESIGNED TO AID 'COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS IN THEIR EFFORTS IN SUPPORT OF THEFRANCISCO "KIKO", MARTINEZ DEFENSECOMMITTEE. THE CENTERFOLD IS A POSTER ANNOUNCING THE JANUARY 24 NATIONAL RALLY TO BE PLACED ON WALLS &WINDOWS. 'THE SAMPLE PETITON PRE—SENTED HERE SHOULD BE COPIED ANDCIRCULATED THROUGHOUT YOUR COM —MUNITY, AND THE SAMPLE LETTER CAN BECOPIED AND 'MAILED TO THE ADDRESSESENCLOSED. AT THE SAME TIME, YOU AREENCOURAGED TO RAISE FUNDS, ATTENDTHE NATIONAL RALLY AND TRIALS THATBEGIN JANUARY 27 IN PUEBLO. ONLYTHROUGH COMMUNITY SUPPORT WILLKIKO BE ABtE TO PROCLAIM HIS INNOCENCE. KIKO VIVE YSIGUE! , 1111111the present order, struggle for its survival. Likewise, those who are exploited most have the greatest interest in social change so that their aspirations and goals might be realized.In between those who benefit most from a givenorder and those who benefit least, lies in the majority who vacillate in their allegiances. In goodtimes they ally themselves with their masters.During lean periods they are capable of turningagainst their masters. For them it is a questionof convenience.I feel that we are enteringa period of survivaland not of convenience. People will be forced toally themselves with those forces that they feelwill enable them to survive. We are witnessing atrend where people relying on ideas and institutions that at one time might have served a purpose of survival are now finding them archaic andnot in mankind's progress. Should these forcesprevail, we will endure another dark chapter inhistory.It is our right and duty to project those idealsa principles we feel will enable. mankind torvive the present situation and prepare us forfuture where a more just and equitable order ofxpectation of natural resources is linked to theroduction of goods that take into account man' d's general welfare and not the pocketbooks ofa few. Education will be a right where knowledgeis valued for it's enlightment of an individual andnot as a rare commodity on the market. A , societywhere house and fecreation are the right of ourpersons and not the privilege of a few. It would bea society where the material aspects oflife wouldCont'd on back page5

Every year we witness an Increase in the number of deaths at the hands of the police. With few exception's most ofthe victims are members of national minorities: In years gone by the ire of the community would not necessarilybe enraged by police murders. Today in nearly every community, people have lost respect for the guardians of society. The guardians of society have been perverted into centurions at the disposal of the vested interests. The peoplein most communities are sick apd tired of police cOrruption, abuse and brutality. Chicanos feel that way. Ask thecitizens of Longmont, Colorado, where two Chicano youths were murdered by police in 1980.Government agencies and programs have been looted by private interests and pressure groups. These interestsare not representative of all sectors of the American public. They are the ones who are capable of blackmail, threats,coercion and subornation. Elected public officials are notorio 1 s for their reputation as corrupt, vice afflicted and syncophantic pupils of the ruling sectors. The inner fight going on in cliques who rule and wield power shows us only thebarest detail of the inefficiency, corruption, vice, compromise and diplomacy that goes on behind our backs, against. our interests, contrary-to our will and without our consent. The litany commences in the White House and goes on atevery level of government down to the local level. Those in positions of authority in the government plot and planevery move in coordination with the , interests of the ruling sectors.We have no choice but to exercise our human and democratic rights. We have and must exercise our right td speakOur minds, to actively advocate our ideas. We must pursue our right to gain access to those material resources thatwill enable us to implement our ideas, our right to the basic necessities of life in an industrialized society.We are not mere creatures whose bodies demand only alimentation and sustenance. We also have minds andspirits who need nourishment. We crave intellectual, cultural and aesthetic stimulation and development. Ourspirits require a meaningful state of existence. Without that we cannot survive. Survival is a law of life, we have noalternative. To struggle for the material, intellectual and spiritual necessities of life is our inalienable right and duty!SUPPORT KIKO'S STRUGGLE TO SURVIVE. A VICTORY FOR KIKO IS EVERYONE'S VICTORY!! IF KIKOSURVIVES WE ALL SURVIVE!!Francisco E. Martinez Defense CommitteeP.O. Box 753Alamosa, Colorado 81101Send Letters Of Support.f Following is a sample letter that can be copiedandsent to the addresses listed below.)may,.ear-S ir:- I am writing on behalf of Franke Eugenio Martinez, the Chicano lawyer who has worked onmany issues of concern to me, such as prisonreform, democracy on campus, and the right ofpeople to act to change conditions in their dailylives that are unfair or unjust.At this time I would like to formally request thatyou do everything in your power to see that Mr.Martinez receives a fair and impartial trial, andthat he have the opportunity to present the bestlegal defense possible through the exercise ofhuman and democratic rights as guaranteed inthe U.S. Constitution.I know that the charges filed against Mr. Martinez are listed as "the people" vs. Mr. Martinez.I am part of "the people" and believe thus farthe government has acted unfairly in the way theU.S. Attorneys and the Denver District Attorneyare proceeding. I ask you is it justice for one manto face the same charges in state and federalcourt? Is a "rush to judgement" order just thatleaves Mr. Martinez little time to adequately prepare for his defense?I am disgusted with the way the media hashandled Mr. Martinez' situation, portraying himas a mad man, and fanatic when I know him tobe a brilliant,\Intelligent individual, committedto the betterment of his people.I am certain that Mr. Martinez is innocent ofany wrongdoing, and in fact I believe this situation to be a frameup on the part of the government in an attempt to discredit and neutralizecommunity activists advocating social change.I also feel it is incumbent on you to question theconduct of various police agencies in the casethrough harassment of Mr. Martinez' family,friends and supporters, destruction of evidence,and various inconsistencies in police version ofthe case.The eyes of the community and the world arewatching you.Sincerely,SEND COPIES TO:Dale TooleyDenver District AttorneyWestside County BuildingDenver, ColoradoU.S. Attorney Joseph DolanFederal Building19th and Stout StreetsDenver, Colo. 80294Judge Alvin LichtensteinCourtroom 16City and County Bldg.14th and Bannock StreetsDenver, ColoradoJudge Fred M. WinnerU.S. Courthouse19th and Stout StreetsDenver, Colo. 80294Letters can also be sent to the U.S. AttorneyGeneral, Department of Justice in Washington,D.C., to congressmen, senators and other electedofficials.

The United States of America VS. Franke E. MartinezFrancisco "Kiko" Marfinez is accused in both federal and state courts with three alleged bomb incidents. Thesethree alleged transactions are the basis for the five trials Kiko now faces: Three in the federal courts and two instate courts. On January 27, 1981, the first federal trial in which Kiko stands accused begins.In recent court proceedings there have been several significant developments. During a preliminary hearing in oneof the state cases, one count of conspiracy was dismissed. The government failed to substantiate its allegation thatthere was a conspiracy between Kiko and "persons unknown." During this same proceeding the police were -forcedto reveal that the physical evidence in one of the alleged bombs had been "accidentally destroyed." This "accidental" destruction is of grave prejudice to Kiko as the defense will be unable to inspect the phYsical evidence in orderto prepares Kiko's defense. A motion to dismiss the case because of the destroyed evidence was denied by FederalJudge Fred Winner as he ruled that the destruction of the evidence only affected its credibility and was insufficientto dismiss the case. Courts are in conflict on this issue.POLICE FABRICATE CASE AGAINST KIKODuring the hysteria whipped up by the print and electronic media in conspiracy with police in 1973, Denyer,bombsquad chief Shaughnessy stated that the police had "irrefutable" evidence against Kiko. Pail of the irrefutableevidence was a woman who allegedly identified Kiko as the person to whom she sold several pocket watchesi,weeksbefore the bombs were discovered. The police used this "evidence" as part of their campaign to discredit and convict Kiko in the media before due process was permitted to run its course. Recent discovery by Kiko's attorneys re- --veals that this woman failed to identify Kiko! Furthermore, she identified another person, as .the one to whom sheallegedly sold some pocket watches. The government in its continuing efforts to coverup the fabricated case against Kiko is now trying to introduceevidence of "similar acts and events" to convict : Kiko. These similar acts and events involve other alleged andunproved bomb-related transactions. Curiously enough, that evidence has all been destroyed! One of the allegedacts arose as a result of a series of mass arrests of Chicanos and Indios in Scottsbluff, Neb., in January, 1973. Thesecharges against Kiko were dismissed! Yet the government is trying to introduce that incident in this case. It clearthat the government is trying to bolster its flimsy case by discrediting and eliminating Kiko due to his activity as alawyer and community activist which made him identifiable and a target for elimination or neutralization.Kiko is being denied the equal protection of the law and due process as a consequence of the manner in which tnegovernment has proceeded in this case from the beginning. The prosecutor, who has at his disposal all of the resources of the government, abuses that authority when he subpoenas witnesses from far away places and never callsthem to testify at hearings. The defense is limited in its capacity to do so because of the expense involved and thefact that with the exception of one person, all witnesses are police or government employees. - This makes themhostile and unwilling to give statements or interviews to the defense, which is hampering preparations for trial. Inlight of this fact, it isn't surprising that with almost every bit of information discovered in the ca se, the olice fabrication is exposed more and more.The prosecution by reason of its pretrial tactics gives every indication that a large part of its case will rest on theallegations they will make that Kiko fled to avoid being prosecuted. According to some theories, flight is an indication of guilt. But here are more reasonable explanations.Consider for example, the hysteria whipped up by the media in collusion with the police in 1973. For many daysthe headlines, front page stories, and film clips were shown to the public creating a very unfavorable and prejudicialclimate for Kiko. History is full of examples where persons and groups were forced to leave their homes to survive.The government offered a 3,000 reward for Kiko while the Denver Post through its Secret Witness Program uppedthe ante another 2,500. A price was put on Kiko's head! Federal, state and local police combed the Chicano communities searching for Kiko. Friends and members of Kiko's family were spyed on, harrassed and subjected toother forms of government overreaching and abuse.Discovery of police reports and other government documents has revealed that many modern day bounty huntersgave detailed accounts of Kiko's activity which would tend to indicate they had some knowledge about Kiko. Otherswere nothing more than persons who saw dollar signs anytime they saw a person who even slightly resembled Kiko.Fortunately, none of them were able to give the police the information they needed. To catch Kiko at a disadvantageand shoot him, were police department directives. The questions were to be asked later.A shoot-first, ask-questions-later situation which continued after Kiko's disappearance took the Jives of six activists, including that of Reyes Martinez, Kiko's brother. To this day many sectors of the community are unwilling toaccept the government's version of the deaths. Why is that despite government statements that Chicanos and theirsupporters are responsible for the alleged bombings, only Chicanos have been the victims? Why is that none of thebombs Kiko is accused of mailing ever exploded? Why is it when members of the Denver police are found in posession of large caches of arms, including explosives, that the media relegate the story to insignificant, back page articles? Is the corrupt and mistrusted Denver police department above planting evidence or fabricating a case? Recentnews events substantiate this statement. Why is that only when Chicanos are alleged to be involved in bombings orother alleged acts of violence do the media toot their horns loud and in an alarming manner? Isn't it time that thereal perpetrators of violence be unmasked and made accountable to the people?POLICE ENGAGE IN SYSTEMATIC REPRESSION OF COMMUNITY ACTIVISTSPolice-motivated frameups, planted evidence and terror campaigns against community activists have become commonplace in the U.S. The democratic principles contained in the constitution have become meaningless and inoperative when persons who exercise their rights of ffee speech, lawful assembly, and petition for redress of grievancesare subjected to vindictive prosecutions and prosecutorial misconduct.'

CHRONOLOGY OF EVENTSJune, 1971: Kiko graduates from the University of Minnesota School of Law. Receives recognition for work as tutorand with legal aid society.October, 1971: Admitted to the Colorado Bar after protesting inflammatory and derogatory statement about American Indians contain

Dr. Arnold Chavez Colegio Jacinto Trevino, TX Jerry Otero, Attorney United Mexican American Students, Herman Martinez Boulder, CO Rita Melgares, Attorney United Mexican American Students, Sander Karp, Attorney Alamosa, CO Jeffery Goldstein, Attorney Centro L.U.I.S., Denver,