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Summer Fayre ReviewBy Angela TownI would like to thank everyone who attended, helped organise or set up on the day or supportedyour group at their table/event and a huge thank you to all group leaders. The Oliva U3A is nothingwithout members, and as a member I’m extremely happy that so many seemed to appreciate myefforts for the Summer Fayre of 2019.The Sing and Play kicked of the event with their rendition of Gypsy Woman, followed quickly byYellow Submarine and having the words on the screen behind them gave everyone theopportunity to sing-a-long. This musical opening created a wonderful atmosphere to, what I canonly describe as, a lively and extremely social event.All the attending groups put in a lot of work to make their stall approachable and some hadquizzes or games. The leaders were there to chat about their groups and activities. The craft stallencouraged participation in card making, the travel group had wonderful displays of photographsfrom trips and events, the Photography groups had a fantastic ‘photo-booth’ with a table full ofprops to choose from. There were so many groups and so many activities, I cannot possiblymention them all, but I do thank them in helping to make the event so entertaining and enjoyable.And, while all the group leaders were plying their trade, the crowd was being entertained by theGuitar group, Line dancing, Flamenco, the Choir, the Sing and Play and poetry readings. Therewere cakes, wine, coffee as well as Riaz, from the cookery group, serving up small plates of lentildhal. Absolutely delicious! The aroma made me so hungry, I went back for two helpings.The presentations of gifts, flowers or cheques; to John and Jacquie Flannigan, Anna, Marissa,Rosa and eventually Yolanda went smoothly and the raffle winners eagerly collected one of themany prizes at the end, as well as the lucky winner of Mr Tom, the knitted cat.All in all, I think it was a most enjoyable event, and hopefully even more members will drop in nextyear.

With best wishes for a happy summer, I hope you enjoy this Summer Fayre Special Edition of TheVoice from Mick Goy.AngelaOliva U3A Group Coordinator and The Press and Publicity ---------------------------------Sing and Play started our entertainment at the Fayre.During the morning they played various songs in threeshort separate slots.Members were given a difficult choice, at the Fayre, whether tochoose Tea, Coffee orWine.Both were availableas complimentaryrefreshments;however memberscould make adonation to ourdesignated charityfor next year2019/20.There was a Cakemade some excellentthe Fayre. Along withraised a magnificenttable were members hadcakes and donated these tothe tea, coffee and wine we210 euros for the charity.

The walking Football Group laid out an area weremembers could practice their shooting skills. Thisphotograph shows a member trying to score a goal.The Poetry Group were the second group to entertain themembers at the Fayre. With the words on the large screenmembers were able to follow the poems as they were read.The group presented poems on two occasions during themorning.The Knit and Natter Group filled a large table with items theyhad produced. Half the table included items for sale at veryreasonable prices.With the second half of the table being for items they hadmade which were for demonstration only.Members had the opportunity to find out more aboutthe Bridge Group, here you can see members of thegroup playing a demonstration game.

The third group to entertain our members was the LineDancing Group. They demonstrated a number of dancesduring their three separate session.In addition, the Dancers had a table were members could findmore information about the Group.There was an opportunity to sample a dish of lentildhal prepared by the Cookery Group Leader. If youhad the opportunity to try this it looked good and tastedeven better.The Travel teams table was very informative giving informationon the trips organised during the year. They have asked thatmembers keep an eye on the event section on the website fornew Events and Trips that are being organising for the remainderof 2019.Our Guitar Group were the next entertainment of themorning. During their session they treated themembers to a number of well known songs. This wasan excellent display from a group who were onlyformed in February.

The Badminton Group were on hand to explain thefiner points of the game to members, here you can seeAlan Robinson the Group Leader explaining to amember some of these points.During the Morning I had the pleasure to make a number of presentations these were to peoplewho had been a great help to our U3A over the past 12 I presented two cheques toour designated charities.The first cheque was presented to Marisa thePresident of the local AECC (Cancer ResearchCharity) this cheque was for 1500 euros.The second cheque was presented to Rosa Mansell tohelp her continue her work in Tanzania with the MuklatMassai School. This cheque was for 300 euros. Sorrythere is no photograph available.Next was the presentation of flowers toAnna from the CPC and Yolanda fromthe Oliva Ayuntamiento both have beena great help in arranging both rooms atthe CPC for our Groups and thePolivalent for our General Meetings.Our final two presentations were to John and JacquieFlannigan, John retired from the position of Group Coordinator and the committee earlier this year due to a healthissue. Jacquie his wife was recognised for the help andassistance she gave to John regarding his U3A Group Coordinators work before he retired.

In the photo booth members wore different items for thephotographs as can be seen on the right, everyone whojoined in enjoyed the opportunity.This area proved a great success during the fayre.In addition to the dressing up there was also a moreserious side to the groups table. They ask the members tovote for their photograph of the year. The winner was thepicture on the left taken by Stefan Burr, congratulations foran excellent photograph.During the morning there were a number ofdemonstrations, the one on the right shows the FlamencoDancers performing.Members were invited to join in the Yoga demonstrationand the picture on the left shows one of their mini classes.

There was also an opportunity for members to learn somemoves of the Modern Jive. This is a very interesting dancewhich will also keep you fit.In addition to these demonstrations the meditation Group used a quiet area for their mini sessions.Unfortunately we do not have a picture of this.The History of Art Group were represented by theirGroup Leader and on their table, they ran a puzzlewhich was to recognise at least 10 out of 20 famousfaces.Both the Bowls and Petanque groups wererepresented and shared their groups activities andknowledge with interested members.The Choir were our fifth group to entertain themembers, they sang 3 songs during theirpresentation.Unfortunately their Director had an urgent hospitalappointment so Bob willingly stood in for the morning.

The Choir also presented their group with a table display which gavean in site into their group plus a book with photographs of their pastperformances for members to view.The craft group enjoyed showing members their skillsand encouraged some members to learn the art ofcard making.The Art group produced a display of the pictures theyhad painted during the year.There was also a group member painting the head of aZebra which was superb.All the paintings on display were of a high standard.In addition to the above groups there were two more who attended to highlight their groupactivities.The first was Advanced Spanish where you could find more information on the level membersattain plus with this information at hand decide if this would be suitable to join.

Secondly the IT Group had a demonstration table, this group is run to help and educate memberswho have computer and mobile device problems or just wish to know more about computersoftware and overcome difficulties.I apologise to these Group Leaders but unfortunately there was no photograph to upload.Before September when our new year commences visit the group pages on our website andcontact the Group Leader of the groups you are interested in joining.This years revised Summer Fayre (showcase) was a great success with the members whoattended enjoyed the new format. I wish to thank everyone who either manned a table givingmembers the information they were seeking or performed for the members. Everything you did,said, played, sang or danced during the morning was excellent. I wish to thank Angela fororganising the morning and everyone who helped her to make this a great success.If you didn't make the Summer Fayre this year you missed a great time, so it is time to makeyourself a promise to be there next year.Thank you and well done to everyone who gave their time to ensure this was a great occasion.Mick GoyPresident.

photograph shows a member trying to score a goal. The Poetry Group were the second group to entertain the members at the Fayre. With the words on the large screen members were able to follow the poems as they were read. The group presented poems on two occasions during the morning. The Knit and Natter Group filled a large table with items they