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2102 RINGSP.-37316-97813LLR CAION OTACDUITYEMUNMOCU/A.EDICHITW:TASTERREGIDON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT OURONLINE CLASSES!Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, wehave taken steps to ensure public safety andyour comfort in these classes. As such, we aredelighted to once again offer several ONLINECommunity Education classes in addition toour in-person classes. These classes will meetusing Zoom during the scheduled dates andtimes. Instructions detailing how to accessand use Zoom will be emailed to studentsprior to the first class.COVID-19 NOTICEDuring these unprecedented times, we remaincommitted to protecting the health and safetyof our guests. For this reason, Wichita StateUniversity has taken the following actions toreduce the risk of COVID-19 at the MetropolitanComplex:-Class capacity will be limited based on state ofKansas and Sedgwick County guidance at thetime of the first class meeting.-All students, faculty, staff and visitors toWichita State University and the MetropolitanComplex are expected to wear face coverings atall times.-Guests are expected to maintain 6 feet of socialdistancing.-All classroom spaces, common areas and publicspaces will be disinfected on a frequent basis.-There will be hand sanitizing units at each mainentrance to the facility.*COVID-19 is a complex, challenging, and fluid situationwhich continues to evolve rapidly. All information onthese pages is subject to change as deemed necessary byUniversity leadership in accordance with guidance andrecommendations issued by federal, state, and local publichealth and government officials.HMC HUGHES METROPOLITAN COMPLEX5015 E. 29TH ST. NORTH, WICHITA, KS 67220SOUTH WSU SOUTH3821 E. HARRY STREET, SUITE B105WICHITA, KS 672182ARTS & CRAFTSADOBE PHOTOSHOP: A PRACTICALAPPROACH TO SHOOTING, EDITINGAND FINALIZING PHOTOSThis course is designed for photographers with basicto intermediate level photography skills. Studentswill learn to shoot and then creatively finalize images.Topics to be covered include camera functions, basiccolor correcting, cropping, retouching and finalizingimages using some advanced techniques with layering.Students will have the opportunity to shoot onlocation and apply techniques learned in class to createamazing and one-of-a-kind works of art.Instructor: Brian Duram, Duram PhotographyLocation Classes BeginsDayTimeHMC63/4Th6-8pCost 79BANGLES AND BEADSDo you love jewelry and wearing bracelets? Wouldyou like to learn how to make your own? If so, thisclass is perfect for you! Join us for some creativity andculturally inspired art making. We will learn aboutAfrican and Indian traditions through handmadewearable art/jewelry inspired by the Maasai tribebeading tradition (from central and Southern Kenyaand Northern Tanzania) and Indian paper mache withcolorful combinations. You will get to choose your owncolor combinations and adornments and learn how tomake paper beads for future projects. This will be amake and take experience. At the end of class you willtake home your own handcrafted bracelet! No priorexperience required. Cost includes supplies.Instructor: Marie Taylor, Valley Center Art Teacher, OatK12Teachers Art Facebook Group Administrator and Power tothe Girls Online Workshop InstructorLocation Classes BeginsDayTimeCostSOUTH14/15Th7-9p 54BASIC CALLIGRAPHYDuring this two-hour class, you will learn all the basicsof dip-pen/pointed-pen calligraphy and letter forms ofthe traditional and modern-day calligraphy. Studentswill get a solid introduction into using their calligraphytools, setting up their workspace and supplies, formingbasic strokes of all the upper and lowercase letterforms, and how to develop good writing habits. Emilee,a calligrapher and artist for 12 years, has taughthundreds of students around the Wichita-area thisbeautiful returning art form! Cost includes supplies.Instructor: Emilee Stucky, Emilime DesignsLocation Classes BeginsDayTimeHMC12/27Sat10a-12pCost 84

BUSINESS & FINANCEHOW TO FINANCE A COLLEGEEDUCATIONWSU is offering a FREE financial-aid planningseminar. Whether you are a high schoolstudent, a parent planning your child’seducation or an adult learner, this is youropportunity to learn what types of financialassistance are available and how to qualify.WSU staff will remain on-site followingthe presentation to answer questions.Reservations are required: (316) 978-3731.Instructor: WSU Office of Financial Aid StaffLocation Classes Begins Day Time CostHMC12/13 Sat 10-11:30a FREESUCCESSFUL GRANTWRITING 101Understand the “must haves” in every fundableconcept. Learn how and where to find grantmakers interested in you, the grant seeker,and your idea. Learn how to create a proposalcapable of securing funds for your departmentor organization. This class will help beginnershone the skills needed to begin research andprepare fundable proposals.Instructor: Robert Hull, Co-founder & Past Presidentof the Kansas Professional Grant AssociationLocation Classes Begins Day Time CostONLINE42/2T7-9p 119CAREER & TECHNOLOGYDIGITAL LITERACYDigital literacy refers to an individual’s ability tofind, evaluate, and compose clear informationthrough writing and other media on variousdigital platforms. This course is designed tohelp you learn how to effectively use devices,software, and the internet to collaboratewith others and discover, use, and createinformation. During this class, we will cover thebasics from how to access the internet, to websearches, social media and beyond.Instructor: Erik McCall, Accessible DocumentSpecialist, Media Resources Center,Wichita State UniversityLocation Classes Begins Day Time CostHMC63/2T7-9p 89INTRODUCTION TOMICROSOFT OFFICELearn the basic functionality of MicrosoftWord, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook in thisoverview course. You will learn how to create,edit and format documents using MicrosoftWord. You will have the opportunity to applyyour knowledge in class as you work withtables, document styles and layout pages.You will learn how to enter, navigate, modify,move, copy, format and print data in Excel.You will learn how to create and edit slides,use drawing tools, clip art, charts and graphs,while adding transitions, animation and soundusing Microsoft PowerPoint. The class willconclude with a presentation on MicrosoftOutlook. In this session, you will learn howto set up and manage email, calendars andcontacts in Outlook. Cost includes text.Instructor: Jeremy Webster, Media ResourcesCenter, Wichita State UniversityLocation Classes Begins Day Time CostHMC62/3W6-9p 149CULINARYBISCUITS, SCONES ANDSHORTCAKE, OH MY!In this 2-day class we will make and discussclassic Buttermilk Biscuits, Cheddar DillBiscuits, Raspberry Almond Scones, andStrawberry Shortcake. Chef Hannah willanswer questions and will share how to getfluffy delicious biscuits every time!Instructor: Hannah Pease, Chef, Little Batch CompanyLocation Classes Begins Day Time CostONLINE2 3/1 & 3/2 M & T 6-7p 44COMFORT FOOD 101: PREPARINGTHE PERFECT SUNDAY BRUNCHWhen only comfort food will do, the go to ishomemade chicken and waffles! Making truesouthern fried chicken is not easy, but whendone properly, not much compares. We willdiscuss what parts of the chicken are bestfor each preparation and how to always get acrunchy exterior when frying. We will also goover sides, as we make our own hash browns.In addition, we will make sauces including aspicy honey butter and a smoked maple syrup.Brunch is a great start to your day especiallywhen paired with a mimosa!Instructor: Rebecca Pensyl, Chef, Little Batch CompanyLocation Classes Begins Day Time CostONLINE13/2T6-7:30p 49DESSERT FOR TWOIn this two-day class, we will be making acrème brulee and a chocolate soufflé. Acrème brulee is a rich custard topped with acaramelized sugar top. A chocolate souffléis an egg-based cake, which received itsname from how it rises in the oven. In pastry,these desserts can be intimidating. We willslowly cover each dessert together resultingin perfect silky custard and a rich, elegantsoufflé. In addition, we will pair sauces andtroubleshoot each dessert.Instructor: Rebecca Pensyl, Chef, Little Batch CompanyLocation Classes Begins Day Time CostONLINE22/9 & 2/10 T & W 6-8p 54HOMEBREWING 101So, you want to make your own beer at home?Come learn how to do it with the pros! JoinRick Goehring, Head Brewer for Walnut RiverBrewing Company, for two days of hands-onexperience where we will brew and bottle abatch of beer. This class will go over all theequipment needed to get started, how to useit, and the basic procedures and techniquesyou’ll need to know to make great beer. Thefirst week, we will brew a beer using an extractkit that most homebrewers typically startwith. The second week will include bottling andconditioning of the beer. You will get a portionto take home with you at the end of the classand we will raffle off the equipment we usedto make our beer so that one lucky student canget started right away! You must be at least 21years of age to enroll.Instructor: Rick Goehring, Walnut RiverBrewing CompanyLocation Classes Begins Day Time CostWRBC24/11& 4/25 Sun 12-5p 84INTRODUCTION TO SPECIALTYCOFFEEWhether you are a coffee novice, enthusiast orbudding barista, this class is for you. Join localcoffee aficionado Andrew Gough as we exploreall things coffee! This four-week class includesIntroduction to Specialty Coffee—the historyof coffee and a tour of the Reverie Café androasting plant; Coffee: Art and Science—coffeeextraction, origins and brewing; Coffee ShopEtiquette—roasting and roasts, café orderingand experience; and Home Brewing Made Easy—essentials of great coffee at home, grinder,coffee and water (and patience), pairingfood and coffee and entertaining with coffee.Students will sample and taste a variety ofcoffees/espressos each week.Instructor: Andrew Gough, Reverie Coffee RoastersLocation Classes Begins Day Time CostRCR44/3Sat9-11a 84INTERNATIONAL WINECOUNTRY FUNThis course will provide an overview ofSpain and Italy’s growing regions and winesproduced. We will learn about the grapevarieties and winemaker technique that makethese two countries leaders in the GlobalWine Market. Both countries are unique withexceptional terroir and a modern approach towine making. More importantly the exportationof some of their finest wines has provided uswith some of the best wines at your local winemerchant. You’ll enjoy a thoughtful educationalpresentation followed by a tasting of 7 winesfrom each country. You must be at least 21years of age to enroll.Instructor: Guy Bower, Level-1 Sommelier, Host ofThe Good Life radio program on KNSS, FoundingChairman, Wichita Chapter of the AmericanInstitute of Wine & FoodLocation Classes Begins Day Time CostHMC23/1M7-9p 89MEXICAN COOKINGHave you ever dreamed about your favoritefood truck becoming an actual restaurant?That is exactly what Manny did. His food truckwas so popular that he turned it into the wellknown Mexi-Kan restaurant in Derby, Kansas. Ifyou are interested in learning about some greatMexican style recipes or in participating in a funclass with family or friends, this class will beperfect for you! You will get the opportunity tocreate and enjoy a meal alongside Manny andlearn his tips to creating a great Mexican meal.You will leave the class with a printout of allrecipes! Come ready to cook a meal as a group,with Manny’s guidance, and enjoy a full meal atthe end as a reward! What a fun way to jazz upa weeknight dinner! Cost includes supplies.Instructor: Manuel Aviles, Owner, Mexi-KanLocation Classes Begins Day Time Cost14/22 Th 5:30-7:30p 89HAYSVILLEHMC HUGHES METROPOLITAN COMPLEX5015 E. 29TH ST. NORTH, WICHITA, KS 67220WRBC WALNUT RIVER BREWING COMPANY111 W. LOCUST AVE, EL DORADO, KS 67042RCR REVERIE COFFEE ROASTERS2206 E. DOUGLAS AVE., WICHITA, KS 67214HAYSVILLE WSU HAYSVILLE106 STEWART AVENUE, HAYSVILLE, KS 670603

MORNING BUNSMorning Buns are a great start to any day. Made with alight and airy sweet dough, then swirled with a cinnamonsugar-orange zest mixture and finished with morecinnamon and sanding sugar when they come out of theoven. Easy and simple for anyone wanting to surprise theirloved ones or themselves with a special treat!Instructor: Rebecca Pensyl, Chef, Little Batch CompanyLocation Classes BeginsDayTimeCostONLINE12/2T6-7:30p 49PASTA PARTYIn this 2-day class, we will make and discuss two typesof pasta. Day one we will make a Classic Spaghetti andMeatballs with a spicy twist. We will go through the processof making fresh pasta dough, sauce, and meatballs. On daytwo, we will make a decadent Goat Cheese and SpinachTortellini with a Brown Butter Lemon Sauce!Instructor: Hannah Pease, Chef, Little Batch CompanyLocation Classes BeginsONLINE23/8 & 3/9DayM&TTime6-8pCost 54PÂTE À CHOUXUsing very few ingredients, this light French pastry is veryversatile. We will cover cream puffs, eclairs, St. Honore,Paris-Brest, and so much more. We will also cover fillingsand toppings to go along with each dessert!Instructor: Rebecca Pensyl, Chef, Little Batch CompanyLocation Classes BeginsDayTimeCostONLINE13/1M6-7:30p 39Restaurant food so often just tastes better than whatwe can make at home. But what if you could makesome of Wichita’s best restaurant recipes in your ownkitchen? This online cooking class, lead by Denise Neilof the Wichita Eagle’s Dining with Denise column, willhelp you make things like Tanya’s Soup Kitchen’s chickencurry over rice and bread pudding, Luciano’s pork loin inmushroom sauce, Larkspur’s seared ahi tuna and more.Instructor: Denise Neil, Restaurant & EntertainmentWriter, Wichita EagleBegins3/1DayMTime6-8pCost 129ROMANTIC DINNER FOR 2Want to impress that special someone? Learn how toprepare a romantic meal for two including cocktail andwine pairings! We will prepare the classic cocktail French75, along with a fresh Winter Salad, a smashed roastedSweet Potato, and the crowning jewel.2 perfectlycooked Filet Mignon! This is the ideal romantic date nightmeal or a meal you can make anytime you are feelingparticularly fancy! Not to worry, we will also be discussingthe perfect wine to go with your delicious meal!Instructor: Hannah Pease, Chef, Little Batch CompanyLocation ClassesONLINE1Begins2/3DayWTime6-8pCost 49SPRING PIESIn this class, we will make and discuss two very differentbut delicious pies. The first is a lime and fresh fruit tartand the second is a Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb Crostata.These pies are bright and fruity, perfect for the comingspring season!Instructor: Hannah Pease, Chef, Little Batch CompanyLocation ClassesBeginsDayONLINE23/30 & 3/31 T&W4Time6-8pWere you one of many this past holiday season whopurchased or was gifted this miracle kitchen gadget,but are too overwhelmed to use it? Whether it is oldwar stories of exploding pressure cookers told by yourgrandmother or just feeling overwhelmed by all thebuttons, this class is for you. Together with otherpressure cooking newbies, we will tame your instantpot/multi-cooker so that you can dazzle your family andfriends with home-cooked meals made in a fraction ofthe time! Please come to class with your electric pressurecooker and an appetite to learn and to eat!Instructor: Tricia Thomas, Cooking InstructorLocation ClassesHMC2Cost 54Begins4/8DayThTime7-9pCost 59VARIETAL COMPARISONThis course will provide an in-depth overviewof a specific grape variety, its origins, history and flavorprofile. We will discuss the factors that dictate price toinclude vineyard location and pedigree, label recognitionand track record, awards and 100-point number ratingsas well as availability based on production. Each classwill include a thoughtful guided tasting of 6 or 7 wineshighlighting the differences and similarities and thereasoning behind both. You must be at least 21 years ofage to enroll.Instructor: Guy Bower, Level-1 Sommelier, Host of TheGood Life radio program on KNSS, Founding Chairman,Wichita Chapter of the American Institute of Wine & FoodLocation ClassesHMC2RECIPES FROM YOUR FAVORITEWICHITA RESTAURANTSLocation ClassesONLINE6TAME YOUR ELECTRIC PRESSURE COOKERBegins3/22DayMTime7-9pCost 89VEGAN COOKINGWhether you are a vegan, curious about vegan cooking,or interested in trying new foods, this vegan cookingclass can get you started. You will gain hands-onexperience in creating delicious, healthy, and fun, newmeals that anyone, including (dare I say) carnivores, canenjoy. You will learn tips and tricks to create nutritiousvegan meals, help harvest, prepare and sample dishes,and you will walk away with some great new recipes. Ascrumptious vegan dinner is included in this fun learningexperience! Bon appetite! Cost includes supplies.Instructor: Charolett Knapic, Owner Beautiful Day CafeLocation ClassesBDC1Begins4/28DayTimeCostW 5:30-7:30p 49HMC HUGHES METROPOLITAN COMPLEX5015 E. 29TH ST. NORTH, WICHITA, KS 67220BDC BEAUTIFUL DAY CAFE2516 E. CENTRAL AVE. WICHITA, KS 67214SOUTH WSU SOUTH3821 E. HARRY STREET, SUITE B105, WICHITA, KS 67218WRBC WALNUT RIVER BREWING COMPANY111 W. LOCUST AVE, EL DORADO, KS 67042RCR REVERIE COFFEE ROASTERS2206 E. DOUGLAS AVE., WICHITA, KS 67214HAYSVILLE WSU HAYSVILLE106 STEWART AVENUE, HAYSVILLE, KS 67060WEST WSU WEST CAMPUS3801 N. Walker Ave, Maize, KS 67101

HISTORY &CURRENT EVENTSAMERICAN SILENT FILMSRecent years have seen an internationalresurgence of interest in the fabulous threedecade history of silent films. In this class, wewill revisit that history as it played out in theUnited States, from the earliest experimentswith moving images in the 1890s to thedazzling visual riches of the “high silent”period of the 1920s. Each week we’ll see oneor more films from that golden era, featuringthe great silent comedians like Charlie Chaplinand Buster Keaton, major movie stars such asMary Pickford, and the directorial wizardry ofJohn Ford and King Vidor, as well as delvinginto the story behind the scenes. For thosealready familiar with the silent era, or forthose just discovering it for the first time, thiswill be both a fascinating slice of history and amemorable cinematic banquet.Instructor: J.B. Kaufman, Film Historian & AuthorLocation Classes Begins DayHMC63/3WTime6-8pCost 89GREAT DECISIONS 2021Join our weekly conversations as we engagein an exciting and intellectually stimulatingdiscussion of challenging current global issuesand their implications for America today andin the future. Lectures, readings and expertcommentators provided in video programsdeveloped by the Foreign Policy Association,will provide context for our lively discussions.Topics include The Role of InternationalOrganizations in a Global Pandemic, GlobalSupply Chains and National Security, Chinaand Africa, Korean Peninsula, Persian GulfSecurity, Brexit and the European Union, TheFight over the Melting Arctic and The End ofGlobalization?Instructor: Dr. John Dreifort, Professor of History,Wichita State University & Executive Secretaryof the Wichita Committee on Foreign PolicyLocation Classes Begins DayTimeCostHMC102/4Th 1:30-3:30p 157The Arkansas River defines Wichita, but it hasmeant different things at different times. Ithas been a potential route of commerce, adividing line, an industrial sewer, a playground,a haven of vice, an upscale residential area, agreenspace, and center of development. Joinus as we explore this river and what it hasmeant to the city then and now.Instructor: Dr. Jay Price, Chair & Professor,Department of History, Wichita State UniversityDaySatTime10a-1pLocation Classes Begins DayONLINE63/4ThTime7-9pCost 89SUCCESSFUL AGING: THEORY,RESEARCH & PRACTICALAPPLICATIONSThe term “successful aging” has been used forthe past 30 years to stimulate theory, researchand action around how quality of life andhealth can be maximized as we age. We willreview current research on the biomedical andsocial-psychological aspects of aging and focuson demonstrations of how lifestyle changesand strategies can influence the course ofaging. We’ll review how the aging of U.S.society over the past 100

essentials of great coffee at home, grinder, coffee and water (and patience), pairing food and coffee and entertaining with coffee. Students will sample and taste a variety of coffees/espressos each week. Instructor: Andrew Gough, Reverie Coffee Roasters INTERNATIONAL WINE COUNTRY FUN This course will provide an overview of