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Leica Builder SeriesNo boundaries – anyone,anywhere, anytime

Multiple tasks – one product.Still using a measuring tape or an optical theodolite? Do you need a tool thatfulfils all measuring tasks on your construction site with ease, regardless ofyour profession? The Leica Builder does it all for you – trouble-free, accuratelyand much quicker. Simply discover the Leica Builder for your task.The unique Builder setup methodboosts your daily workflow.It’s as easy as that .1 Follow the Setup Wizard to level theBuilder2 Define your Control Line3 Enter desired Offset values from planand follow display to set out or recordthe point(s)Optional externaldata collectionConnect the optionalLeica DX-10 datacollector to use withother standardsoftware programs.

1. Batter BoardsBuilder does it all: Setting outboards, transfer alignmentsto / from boards or simplystoring all board data in thebuilder.2. Line LayoutColumns, formwork, greenhouses, racking, fencing lines,structures or terraces. Buildertakes reference lines, alignment andcurves in its stride.Your benefits: Precise transfer – directly from plansto the jobsite No tapes, strings, or plumbing-uprequired Re-setting damaged / missing boardstake minutesYour benefits: Simple alignment of structures alongthe lines Easy transfer of line and offset valuesfrom the plan Straightforward layout in inclinedterrain3. VolumesHow much yd³ did you reallymove today? Cutting toformation, mass haul, cut / fills,stockpile monitoring– keep right on top of your earthworksprogress with Builder.Your benefits: No more rough-guessing of truckloads Fast and accurate volume determination Digital readout provides precise, easyto read datazyxzyxLeica Laser TechnologyExcellent signal strength and pinpointaccuracy, where you need it most.Your benefits: “Know what’s being measured” Precise measurement to corners andedges tooData exchange via USB Stick orBluetoothYour benefits: Handy removable data storage Cable-free and fast connection New plan loadable simply on sitePowerSite SoftwareProfessionals praise the Builder’son-board programs designed to be theright tool for every job.Your benefits: A solution for every application Amazing ease of use Versatile and fast to learn

4. ChecksIs that formwork vertical?Sufficient clearance betweencrane and roof? Are those wallsparallel? Is the drainage at theright grade? Are this true 90 ?5. As-Builtz yCarpenters, landscapers, stagexbuilders, architects, utilitiescompanies, steel and façadeconstructors – all use Builder to recordas-builts quickly and accurately.6. AreaHow many roof tiles? Want tobe doubly-sure how muchasphalt to order for the parkinglot? Will those windows fit? Builder hasthe answer in ft².Your benefits: Checks on site, precise andimmediate Measure to non-accessiblepoints Hardly possible with plumb bob andtapeYour benefits: Stores “as built” data for client records,e.g. for future reconstruction Data storage in the Builder or externallyvia interface Easy integration in the CAD planningprocessYour benefits: Ideal for tender preparation forsurfaces of all kind Facts immediately on the spot 1-person mode via reflectorlessmeasuring saves cost and time Simple capturing of inclined surfaces7. Height TransferTransfer of reference heights,define datum lines, markingground floor elevations,checking remote heights – also verticallythe Builder is powerful.zYour benefits: Height transfer in one work step Height differences are no problem Only 1 person requiredyxzyxzyxSimple, clear & intuitive GraphicalInterface and best-in-class displaytechnologySetup with Control Line or coordinatesExisting axis form the reference line forthe Builder.Multilingual supportthe world is getting smaller, Builder isprepared.Your benefits: Graphical assistance thanks to spaciousdisplay Class-leading visibility, in all lightconditions Graphic supports daily work flowYour benefits: Same procedure as known fromworking with the tape Work with line and offset valuesstraight from the plan Free choice of setup positionsYour benefits: Switch between 3 languages of yourchoice No errors due to linguistic misunderstandings 25 languages available

Builder SpecificationsBuilder 100Builder 200Builder 300Builder 400Builder 500Full Power Site Software Accuracy up to 1.5 mm @ 100 m distance Wireless Communication -30 C ready Full RedDot range Prism Measurement Mode Full internal memory MEAS / REC Switch Key Cell-phone style use Extended RedDot range – Industrial USB Memory StickUSB Type A and mini BVolumes CalculationData Im/ Export to USB Stick Call up plan data & record points Direct DXF download 1-person Station Serial Interface Tracking Mode Laser Pointer Switch Key PC / Handheld Interface Laser Distance Measure Control Line Setup Free Choice Setup Theft Protection Pit Stop Alert 3 Languages Leveling Aid Sector Beep Dual Axis Compensator End-less Drives Laser Plummet Display Heating and Illumination Li-lon Batteries Set Delivery 9"/5"/3"Data Storage / CommunicationInternal Memory [points]Angle MeasurementAccuracy/OptionDistance MeasurementLaser Pointer– – without reflector (90% reflective)–80 m/260 ft120 m/395 ft15 m/50 ft250 m/820 ftto reflective tape (60 mm x 90 mm)–250 m/820 ft250 m/820 ftto glass prism–Laser Dot Size––15 m/50 ft250 m/820 ft500 m/1640 ft500 m/1640 ft(3500 m/(3500 m/–11500 ft)11500 ft)at 30 m; approx. 7 x 10 mm, at 50 m; approx. 8 x 20 mm /at 100 ft: approx. 1/4 x 3/8 inch, at 165 ft: approx 5/16 x 3/4 inchGeneralWeight incl. Battery and Tribrach4,4 kg/9.7 lbs5,1 kg/11.2 lbsOperating Temperature-20 C to 50 C / -4 F to 122 FBattery Type/LifeLi-Ion/approx. 20 hours¹EnvironmentalKeyboardSwitch KeyIP55StandardFull Alphanumericsingle functiondual function¹ Single Meaurement every 30 second at 25 C / 77 F with GEb221. Battery time may be shorter if battery is not new

Whether you have to precisely layout a construction site, perform controlmeasurements, collect height and angle data, align concrete forms,install ceilings and partitions, lay gravity flow pipe, locate undergroundservices or complete site preparation and earthworks – Leica Geosystemsoffers the right instrument, construction laser or machine controlinstallation specifically designed for your construction application.Easy-to-use, jobsite tough, accurate and reliable – Leica Geosystemsinstruments and lasers ensure the efficient use of your materials andresources. High quality products, such as optical and electronic levels,construction lasers, total stations and machine automation systems,provide fast results, keep you working and increase your profitability.When it has to be right.Illustrations, descriptions and technical data are not binding. All rights reserved.Printed in Switzerland – Copyright Leica Geosystems AG, Heerbrugg, Switzerland, 2009.773692enUS – II.10 – RDVTotal Quality Management –our commitment to totalcustomer satisfaction.Ask your local Leica Geosystemsdealer for more informationabout our TQM program.Laser plummet:Laser class 2 in accordancewith IEC 60825-1resp. EN 60825-1Distance meter:(PinPoint 200/300/400/500)Laser class 3R in accordancewith IEC 60825-1resp. EN 60825-1The Bluetooth word mark andlogos are owned by BluetoothSIG, Inc. and any use of suchmarks by Leica Geosystems AG isunder license.Leica Geosystems AGHeerbrugg, Switzerlandwww.leica-geosystems.comLeica RedLineTailor-madeSite SolutionsLeica Rugby 260SG,270SG, 280DGEasy to use gradelasersLeica Sprinter FamilyOne ButtonDigital LevelsLeica Piper 100 / 200The world s mostversatile pipe laserLeica DIGISYSTEMTMSafe and fast locationof undergroundservicesKuker-Ranken Inc.Seattle - 1-800-454-1310Tacoma - 1-888-562-3082Portland - 800- 472-7007Salt Lake City - 844-702-7329Las Vegas - 844-420-1687www.krinc.net

Precise transfer– directly from plans to the jobsite No tapes, strings, or plumbing-up required Re-setting damaged/ missing boards take minutes 2. Line Layout Columns, formwork, green-houses, racking, fencing lines, structures or