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Army Cadet ForceFieldcraft TacticalAide Memoire2020 (Version 6))B HirstTAM

B HirstTAM

ContentsSection 1 - OrdersSheetPageQuick Attack Orders Slate (QAOS)1-1Warning Order1–3Quick Battle Orders1–5Route Cards1 - 10Section 2 - Slate CardsSheetPageSituation Report2-1Patrol Report2-2SALTA Report2-4Contact Report2-5MIST (AT) Report2-6MEDEVAC (9 Liner) Report2-710 Liner (EOD) Report2-8Section 3 - Commander CardsSheetPageSection Commanders Card3-12ICs Card3-2Section 4 – Aide MemoiresSheetPageSentry Orders4-1Sentry Roster4-2Sentry Challenging Procedure4-3Range Card4-4Fire Control Orders4-5Section Battle Drills4-7Platoon Battle Drills4-9Patrol Harbours4 - 12Ambush4 - 14Types of Patrol4 - 16Training In Built up Area (TIBUA)4 - 18Personal Field Kit Check List4 - 22Tactical Check List4 - 23B HirstTAM

ContentsSection 5 – Skill At ArmsSheetPageWeapon Safe Handling Rules5-1Charicteristics of the L98A2 Cadet GP Rifle5-1Weapon Cleaning Kit5-2Types of Ammunition5-3Marksmanship Principles5-4Aiming Off and Miss Drills5-5Section 6 – Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)SheetPageGeneral6-1Patrol Base Defence6-2Patrols (RECCE and Standing )6-3O Group6-3Prep Moves6-4Route Out6-4Action at FRV6-5Action at Objective6-6Withdrawal to FRV6-7Route Back6-7Section 7 – Organisation & GroupingSheetPageStructure of Platoon7-1Platoon Commander7-2Radio Operator7-2Platoon Sergeant7-3Runner7-3Rifleman7-3Section Commander7-4Section 2IC7-4B HirstTAM

QUICK ATTACK ORDERS SLATE (QAOS)Time (mins)This card is a prompt for reacting to contact. Advanceto Contact orders must be delivered beforehand.01 Orders in Min/NowLocation0203EnemyUse SketchA.SOMStrengthB.TypesObstaclesC.D.Left 1 up / Left 2 up / Frontal / Right 1 Up / Right 2 upTask OrganisationA.04Orbat Changes(e.g. Gun Group)C/S05060708Loc (Ref Point)Axis / Dir (mils ReserveB Hirst1-1TAM

QUICK ATTACK ORDERS SLATE (QAOS)Co-Ord InstructionsA. LocB. OOMA. LocB. AxisA. LocB. Secured byA. TimeB. Signal09 Assy Area10 LD11 FUP12 Left Bdry13 Right Bdry14 H hourA. TargetB. TimeC. TypeA. TargetB. TimeC. Type15 Direct Fire Support16 Indirect Fire Support17 Switch Fire SignalA. Radio/Smoke/Mini flare/Panel/IR Flash/IR Strobe/LLM18 Combat IDA. Mini flare/Panel/IR Flash/IR Strobe/LLM/Cyalume19 FSCMA. Restricted Fire Lines / No Fire Lines20 LOEA. LocCSS21 Change To CASEVACA.22 RVA.B.A.23 Command24 Summary25 Questions26 Confirm TimeB Hirst1-2TAM

WARNING ORDER (SKETCH ON REVERSE)SituationGround O COKAEnemyFriendly ForcesProbable MissionOwn Main EffortTimingsH HrNMBOtherO GroupLocationTimeCSSChanges to SOPsMedOtherAcknowledgeB Hirst1-3TAM

Sketch / NotesB Hirst1-4TAM

Security ofOrders Group(O’ Group)QUICK BATTLE ORDERS (QBOs)LocationSentriesAction onAttackAdministrationIntroductionsSeating Pl anMap FoldsModelDescriptionFirst LightWeatherLast LightForecastMoon StateVisibilityPRELIMINARIESTask ORG1GROUNDB HirstGround in General and Grain of the terrain:Ridges and re-entrants:Observation posts:Undergrowth and Cover:No-Go and Slow Areas:Dead Ground and darkness/poor Visibility:1-5TAM

QUICK BATTLE ORDERS ions2 up & Comd’sIntentSITUATIONFriendly21 up Comd’sintent and maineffortLocations ofneighbouringforces whichmay impactmissionCiviliansFire SupportFriendly /UnfriendlyLocations /TasksTo:In order to:IntentScheme ofMovement3MISSIONMainEffortOutline ofPhasesB HirstThis will be a 5 phase operation:1. Prep Moves2. Route Out3. Action in FRV4. Action on OBJ5. Wit

SENTRY ROSTER B Hirst 4 - 2 TAM Ser Time of Duty Sentry Ser Time of Duty Sentry 1 0000-0100 24 1200-1300 2 0030-0130 25 1230-1330 3 0100-0200 26 1300-1400 4 0130-0230 27 1330-1430 5 0200-0300 28 1400-1500 6 0230-0330 29 1430-1530 7 0300-0400 30 1500-1600 8 0330-0430 31 1530-1630